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The Greatest Speech Ever Made – Charlie Chaplin



As profound as it can get. And again, it’s timeless. Seems every generation for eons has faced the same enemy. Anyone getting the point? Let’s hope so. – Zen

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  1. Absolute wow. I am stunned with love for humanity and all of Gaia’s kingdoms. How many times must we act upon our consciously choosing love and sending it worldwide? Answer: Until enough. Yes, we are in the Now, but this Now is soul weary. We need a new Now. Thank you, Zen, from my heart. Love, A.

  2. Such a speech — like Zen, the way of liberation — best taken for its good points, ignoring those that have served the NWO so well over the years: Democracy, let us unite, let us fight. Where’s the Love?

  3. This speech is a personal favorite. Thank you, Zen. =) Unprecedented really. The first time I heard it I was astounded as it could have been written for today, the times we are in. Like you say, timeless.

  4. There were some great words spoken in this video. However, we don’t need to “fight” for anything. What you fight, you become yourself. We need a population of human beings who are awake and choose to not feed the monster that is enslaving them. This involves remembering? who you really are – a Divine Being. Humans are capable of so much good. The problem is we have been indoctrinated since birth to beLIEve in, and support by our own slavery, a system that is consuming us and enriching evil. Time to Wake Up from the collective trance. Love one another!

    • Agree with you, Benny, about the ‘fight’ aspect. I had to stop the video because all that shouting was vibration-lowering for me.

      • Yes IndigoViolet, I think is is very important for everyone to realize that the real problem is our own consciense. If we stop living as victims, the tyranny will stop. Quite simply, if there are no Slaves, then there can be no Masters. Our Consciousness vibrationa level has to increase and the rest will follow. Cheers!

  5. it is a great speech…what a beautiful man he was. i love his films with the tramp too…so humble ,sweet… but still so funny :)

  6. Only one problem I have with this speech….the word democracy. Democracy is a style of government in which the majority can make the rules and force the minority to obey those rules. It is not the style of government I would choose. I choose a true Republic based on Liberty and Freedom for all as equals. I wish he had said that instead.

  7. Listen to the video carefully. You will hear that this is but an early version of the New World Order’s agenda and speaking points for collectivism.

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