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The Green Beautiful


You’ll soon see why this delightful film was banned in the EU. Well worth the watch, this inspiring tale is chock full of Love and Truth…and fun! Love, Zen

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  1. I watched this movie in August, and smiled for an month after! Beautiful Green is a beautiful work of creative joy.

  2. Wow… I KNEW I was not crazy.
    Never heard of this film before but it is now near, if not at, the top of my “best” list.
    Thank you, Zen!!
    Sharing with everyone I can think of.

  3. I adore this quirky film! I’ve been shamelessly recommending it to friends lately.
    Thank you, Zen, for just being you;)

    • “‘The Green Planet’ is broadcasted only rarely on free TV (probably due to its explosive nature). Since June 2009, however, the German version of the movie is available on YouTube in full length.

      Buying ‘The Green Planet’
      As of December 2010 only the French version can be found.
      Update April 2012: The German version of ‘The Green Planet’ is still not to buy.
      On inquiry to the production company StudioCanal, we received the info that no re-release is planned in Germany.”


      In the German version (on YT) a subtitle says that the collection campaign-TV-scene is censored in France.
      I can’t remember that I’d seen or heard of this movie until this post. So: Banned by means of oblivion.

  4. I just loved this video… It’s incredible.

    The thing that I found exceptional is how it shows the innate powers of mind being used for both personal and collective good. On the other planet, which could also be here if we choose it, compassionate co-creation with nature and the shared mind of the collective is a given – not something odd, suspicious or considered mystical hogwash. Many here talk of how we are being harmed by political decisions, pollutants, conditioning, chemical additives and so much more. Yes, I see that all around me and I am aware of how those things have weakened me physically and at times depleted my resolve to work for the good of all. There are split seconds where I see the ‘I’d rather go back to sleep’ thought forming or the ‘Little me’ attitude beginning yet again. However awareness has been trained to disempower such thoughts and attitudes and so they cannot take over any more.

    Even with the onslaught of chemical, digital, mechanical and psychological forms of harassment and other devious forms of attack as well, we all have a secret shield that prevents them from doing any harm. It’s called being aware and choosing those situations that are beneficial for you as a sentient being and as a part of the collective too

    Sometimes I feel people confuse awakening with getting data that you didn’t have before or seeing wider trends than you previously knew about. It’s all very cognitive and analytical. That’s great but there’s more. There’s being inwardly aware of how the information and sensations that come to you are taken in and reacted to. That’s where your freedom lies. That’s where you can really choose. You can choose to follow the modes of action you have been continually ‘educated’ to follow and conditioned and hypnotized to follow – or not.

    When you have that inner awareness, at least some of time, you are no longer controlled by other. Even if you feel fear sometimes or emotional pain sometimes, you know you have a way to transcend them. That gives you strength and the ability to navigate through the minefields and distractions that we live among. From that inner awareness and together, we can create our own beautiful green world.

    • Exactly right. I simply call it being conscious. We can step back and enjoy that detached viewpoint any time we want. Information helps people develop a hunger for that state and explaining it can help people find it, but it’s ultimately a very personal decision and requires a truly open heart.
      But there is a lot of “undoing” that has to take place at some level to keep the old mental ruts from steering us back to wrong understandings and attitudes. Seeing the vastness of the big lie called this world’s society and all it’s based on is a large part of that, but really it’s not a requirement, as once people experience real conscious awareness the rest becomes quite obvious.
      All part of the experience. Enjoy the ride! Thanks for another great comment..keep on..love you! – Zen

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