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The Heart of Unity Consciousness

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by Chautauqua, Contributor
 So, here we all are in the afterglow of what should have been a celebration on a planetary scale, humanity’s coming of age party at the end of the Mayan calendar.  Was it everything you expected, or were you disappointed?  It depends.  If you viewed things intellectually thru the brain, you may well have concluded it was just another non-event like Y2K, or a dozen other such doomsday scenarios of the last couple decades.  If however, you viewed the recent pinnacle of the shift of the ages thru your heart, an entirely different reality was revealed, and is still unfolding around you.
Have you noticed that people are more polite and courteous just recently, and maybe even a bit happier?  Have you had a really significant recent spiritual experience or vision when you least expected it?  Has your inner voice been advocating a letting go or releasing of restrictive old interactions which no longer serve your growth?  Have you been increasingly aware of this being the perfect time for new beginnings?  Congratulations if you answered yes to some or all of those questions, as you are operating from your heart, and bringing the brain along for company: as it should be.
Another thing that’s becoming more apparent all the time is that we are now definitely out beyond the reach of history.  What does that mean, you may ask, well it means that unlike the ‘before times’ we cannot look back to or fall back upon history to guide us in this new epoch we’ve entered.  It really is the dead past!  People everywhere are awakening to the harsh cold reality that all the old edifices are crumbling under the weight of their own corruption, at the precise time when those Piscean energies which supported them have disappeared under the brilliant dawn of the Aquarian age!
 Our hearts are full of this wonderful buoyant new energy which at times can give the impression of being ready to just burst out a set of wings and take flight…we get that taste and feel…and we want more, we want it to expand and carry us along with it, yet we find we are still tethered to that old dead paradigm through emotions, memory and programming.  Lots and lots of old, obsolete, limiting programming.  Lots of memories too, both good and bad, and with the emotional charge still attached to them.  Yes, we have lots of attachments, and there will never be a time when those lines of tethering energy are easier to sever than right now.  Many of us are naturally reluctant to cut those ties for in a way they have helped shape who we have become, yet in order to become more, we must cut away the ties that bind.  If this is something you are currently dealing with, it may help to remember that when you sever those energetic and emotional ties to another person both of you are free from that ‘contract’ and liberated, whether you remain in each others lives or not.  What a wonderful gift to give someone, and yourself.
 We have left behind the formative chrysalis of third dimensional reality to discover we are no longer the caterpillars which entered but are now a free and beautiful winged entity…well nearly free, still a few more strands to cut before flying free; but with that new found sense of beauty and serenity, there is no going back.  We are on our way.  Maybe we don’t have a rand McNally road atlas, but we’ll all figure it out together along the way.  Unfortunately all that is vile, ugly and evil about this world didn’t magically disappear overnight two weeks ago.  Although that would have been acceptable to me, I really didn’t expect it to happen.  We certainly seem to have an awful lot of cleanup work ahead of us.  Those who have used humanity as a renewable resource for so long are on their way out, I think even they can see that now, which is going to make them more dangerous and unpredictable to be sure.  Rest assured “they” will continue to attempt to hijack this great awakening, just as Hitler vainly attempted to save his Third Reich even when he knew Germany was defeated.  After all, “they” are all psychopathic sycophants and dilatants so don’t expect them to go down without a goodly amount of chaos, but go down they will even if it take a decade, or a generation, their day is done.
I believe that unity consciousness is our destiny as evolving, spiritual beings, and that the gateway is through the human heart.  We’re learning things about the heart we never knew or suspected, like the fact the heart sends more information to the brain than vice versa!  How about the fact that the heart creates its own electromagnetic field which can extend out to fifteen feet and influence the emotions and energy of those around us, a kind of morphic field, and a new way to communicate!
We Are All One
Unity consciousness is so much more that embracing the concept that we are all connected to the collective consciousness of humanity.  It is embracing the reality that we are one with the universal mind, the source.  When we look into the eyes of a lover, friend or enemy we are not seeing our brother or sister, we are seeing ourselves; reflected and deflected thru filters and layers of understanding and remembering.  The ultimate goal in all this, I believe, is for all of humanity to remember that all there really is, is Love.
I always find it oddly ironic that the master plan of the psychopaths in power is really just an evil distortion of unity consciousness.  While we envision a peaceful future where humanity has embodied the spiritual resonance of heart centered unity, co-operation and love; “they” would eagerly turn us into the Borg collective with their transhuman agenda.
I am reminded of an old butter commercial where the tag line was, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!”  The powers that be are now in the process of learning that lesson.  In their utter arrogance they actually thought they could use an assortment of high tech scientific hardware and other pacification technologies to put humanity in a state of arrested development, below the threshold of evolution, and keep us there as perpetual slaves.  Just how deranged do you have to be to think you can derail a process you don’t understand and cannot control?  As for the rest of us, well we are learning an important lesson as well…about blindly allowing a band of criminal psychopaths to rise up and take control of this world as we waited for someone to save us.  We’re learning that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for!
 The system now crumbling down around us does not contain the mechanisms of reform. This system was never meant to be equable, its very structure precludes fairness and equality in favor of enriching the select elites and their slavering followers who always seem to think their co-operation will be rewarded.  The whole thing is just a house of cards, ready to collapse.  The elites are currently propping up the facade for a little longer as they attempt to wring every ounce of treasure & resource possible out of it before stepping away, and letting it all crash down for good.  None of these people are the least bit invested in ‘saving’ their system…or us.  They intend to be safely tucked away somewhere when the final crash happens, believing the rest of us will be too consumed with survival to form a posse & hunt them down.  They are so very pleased with themselves.  They think they will never be held accountable for their crimes against Earth and her passengers; and they might just be right.  However, if they are wrong, and one day must face us and answer for their actions, how we deal with it will define us, and our destiny as a race.
 If the Neocon war crimes trial ever begins we had better be ready to embrace them with unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion, after all, they are very sick in the head.  If we fail to do so, and instead favor treating them as they have treated us, then we have learned nothing, and failed our greatest test as a species.  If we have truly embraced unity consciousness then we will just know in our hearts how to best deal with the situation.  It must begin here and now, in our hearts.  We need to cultivate and explore the resonance of unity consciousness, to make it a fundamental part of our souls.  We need to remember that we are all one, that separation is an illusion, and revenge is never sought by a loving, compassionate heart.  There is an old saying that seeking revenge is like drinking poison believing that it will kill your enemy.  I wonder, have we come far enough down the path to see that, to really understand it?  As Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”  Certainly, those who would stand trial need to be held accountable for all they have done.  Their souls are contaminated, distorted, and decidedly dark.  Instead of punishing them with pain & deprivation we must seek to re-habilitate these souls, to save them, as it were, and ourselves.  The reason is really simple, we all came here together, a group soul complex, and as we continue our sojourn back home to source, we must return as a unified whole, with no one left behind. (1)  That alone kinda makes the case for unity consciousness, it isn’t just a choice or option, it’s a requirement, and the sooner everyone “gets it” the sooner we all can return home.
 I believe we each have the cellular or genetic memory of being in unity consciousness.  Before the great experiment that brought us here, we lived in that very resonance, we know it…it’s us!  We have forgotten, on purpose, we agreed to it as part of the experiment; and now that we are beginning the group soul migration back home, we must remember that being in unity consciousness is our natural state of being.  I wonder if the reason some people are so irritable and negative is because deep in their heart they remember being in unity consciousness, and they don’t remember how to get back into the flow of universal energy which is unity consciousness.  That’s why its so very important for the rest of us to be pathfinders and way showers right now, to help with this great awakening every way we can.
Think for a moment about that electromagnetic field your heart generates, extending several feet in all directions…it can and does affect the thoughts and emotions of those in proximity to us.  Suppose we fill our hearts with the vibration of unconditional love and unity consciousness and pass that along silently to everyone we meet as our hearts communicate with the hearts all around us.  Now imagine that spreading from person to person…all around the planet, like a wonderful virus called love, sound good to you too?  If it helps, just think of it as homework: the work we must do to get all of us home.  Perhaps where using words doesn’t get the message across as we’d like, maybe filling our hearts with love & unity will convey the message faster and better, not unlike that new smart phone app that lets you instantly transfer data to another phone simply by being in proximity.
 It is no longer just a brave new world we are living in; it’s a brave new universe as we begin to understand that indeed, we are the universe.  The atoms that comprise our bodies and brains were created billions of years ago in a supernova explosion, so in every sense of things, we are star stuff, as Carl Sagan put it.  To put it another way, we are the universe trying to understand itself by expressing as human life.  So, the next time you perceive that the universe is holding you back and telling you how small and insignificant you are, just wink at the universe and say, “Dude, I AM You!”
That is the Heart of Unity Consciousness.
Welcome to the World of the Fifth Sun.
…and please be good to each other!



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  1. Mayan Calendar? This device should be called the Olmec or Atlantean calendar as my long years of research suggests. This was not created by some loin cloth wearing civilisation but from a far earlier great age from Humans much more advanced than us. Also I don’t agree with what I have learnt from my visions that we are a hive like mind and are all one. We are all existential multidimensional creatures who have the ability to connect, I concur, as we desire outside of any singularity.

  2. Just after 12/12/12 I felt amazing and then crashed under the weight of seasonal flu..
    I still dont feel 100% but something has happened..I have come to the knowing…deep in my heart that I have been in a victim mentality for the last god knows how long….

    I am under the act of ceasing the pervasive “blame game” and starting out on something different, however I also realise to ask myself “HOW am im going to do” it is resistant language…
    Its almost like I can hear my inner dialogue muttering away, but know its not me…not there for the believing and I have also realized I have been living the ideal of progress and not actually doing much about it..really….
    As eloquently put in a tarot read I did for myself..one I havent done for a long time..it suggested that once the student is ready..the master will show himself/herself

    Thanks Zen!

  3. Just wondering whether my insights/comments are welcome on this site or not. Can you confirm whether I have been censored for sharing a perspective somewhat different with the above? I don’t comment much but thats okay if you don’t like what I say then tell me, I won’t bother to reply again. Peace!

      • ditto Zen, Just wondering whether my insights/comments are welcome on this site or not. dont you like Steve Quayles site….and the link….also you rock on utube brother you are one great history buff….:))))))))) haaaaa….how can you stand it, or stomach it Zen….is your stomach made of medal….I cant go that near all those creeps…..not this lifetime brother….maybe its your karma, cause you sure know how to spot the ugly evil……….:)) just doing the edits would make me barf….keep in the light….keep in the music, keep in the love……Bright Star, oh no, you are not simple….in fact, if you were the Next President I’d say the world world have a future….

  4. Wonderful post, Chautauqua. So many synchronicities happening. Here’s Stuart Wide’s post today. I was just thinking of the “field of dreams” and you and Stuart bring it all together. I.e. “Dude, I Am You!”


    Times are good and getting better, linear time disregarded, energies felt and acted upon. So heart-felt.

    Zen, my man, I’m so glad the site is back to being what it is! Love, A.

    • Hi Althea, & blessings for the new epoch. The synchros are just crazy…I pretty much avoided the cyber world for the first week after 12-21,,,didn’t go back on line until posting this article, after which I began catching up on my reading. I saw a couple of similar references when I read Stuart’s piece, and said Hmmm. Within a day it happened a couple more times with different posts. More evidence to prove the one-ness of us all. Yes, these new energies are really something, so positive and life affirming…and then of course there’s the dreams…..Blessings all around in this new age.

  5. so felt an internal shift! more joy, love, energy and enthusiasm… People everywhere I go are happier!!

    • Hey there Peeks~ Yup, very glad we all made it thru the Pocky Lips intact; the only casualties seem to be stuff that was already dying! The only question I really have is when are we gonna see some posts from you? I know it’s in there…leaks out nearly every time we hear from you, eagerly anticipating the day you turn it loose brother. :) and thanks for the comment!

  6. I was very inspired by you message here! Not to mention the integrity of the entirety of ZenGardner, I am grateful. In the midst of so many threatening future theories of potential Martial Law, genocide, negative hypnotizing mechanisms, food unconsciousness, etc. it is easy to get caught up in these dilemmas and thus loose/misplace one’s presence of our True Natural Wisdom. Living and speaking from the Heart is the way to/through liberation of limiting forces besieging our reality. Your insight is deeply healing to me in this relative time of chaos. So Thank you and please continue. You are reaching people who may be spiritually stagnant or loosing Hope in this present humanity display.

    Love always,
    Hail and Farewell,
    Julian: Portland, OR.

  7. I was grumbling about all the chem spraying going on today, and then read this..thank you. For me, part of the grand awakening process has been a greater understanding of this innate power of creation each of us possess. Now, when I meditate, I do so with intention (after blissing out for awhile) The knowledge that my loving intent actually has effect in the world gives me joy. Then the joy feeds the power of loving intention. So many of us are singing our hearts to the cosmos, it’s like a choir of angels. Blessed be.

  8. Thank you Chautauqua for this insightful and inspiring piece.

    So very glad you and the site are up and running again Zen!

    I have one observation which is not intended to be critical of the ideas in this article, only a caution for the readers not to get lazy, not to fall back on the sleepy “OK the tide has turned, It’s all going to be alright now’ mindset. Spread out across the globe, working quietly in the background for Truth, so many are tired. Constantly vigilant for possible attacks or challenges of various kinds, stressed out and isolated, it’s easy to get lazy and leave things up to the seemingly benign ‘different reality [that] was revealed, and is still unfolding around you.’

    The tide IS turning, however the nature of tides is to rise and fall constantly as they go in and out. Be wary and aware and stand strong in your compassionate awareness.

    Awake and Aware, we can surf whatever oncoming tide presents itself and emerge stronger for the ride.

    • Soliel~ Your tide analogy is spot on, wish I had thought to toss that in there. I remember another tide we tried to surf to a better more conscious society some 45 years ago and just as we thought it had crested…it was destroyed by ignorance, fear & hate; rolling back upon all the heartbroken dreamers. It’s gonna be different this time because the love in our hearts is bigger than before….and we have the internet. There shall be no turning back this time because the paradigm we ‘surrendered’ to is itself dying…nowhere to go but onward & upward!

      • Are you alluding to hippies!? No of fence intended, but in my life, hippies have been the biggest joke of the 20th century. All fashion, intoxication, smut, and the most superficial understanding of everything they built their image on. These people must have been the useful idiots we always hear of.

  9. I really like the electromagnetic aura of the heartbeat image. I like to think we can all ‘project’ love even much farther than that. I often times try to send my light, as brightly as I can, into places that need it most, like corporate places of economic power, just to put it there.
    The dichotomy of that is the never-ending advertisement of drama and dire circumstance that is constantly channeled using programming into our minds. This is what makes people genuinely crazy. It’s also the blocker to the knowing and projection of love.
    Imagine if someone came up to you and asked you to voluntarily submit to a clinical trial. The trial would occur for an undetermined amount of time, and during it you would be constantly exposed to negative stories about events you have no control over. In those stories, there would always be a ‘bad guy’ or group, and always a ‘good guy group’. The good guys would require a significant portion of your attention, wealth, labor and spiritual energy to beat the bad guys. Once a bad guy was defeated or nearly defeated in a single story, a new story would appear in its place requiring the same amount of dedicated attention. At any one time as many as 20 of these stories could be in any stage of reveal at any time. While some stories would have a happy ending, and some an unhappy ending, most would just end without any further reporting as soon as your attention waned to the desired degree. The stories would come at you in the form of video, audio, or writing, or as a combination of any of the three. Even though the stories are all fictional accounts of what may or not be real events, in every instance the greatest coordinated effort will be put forth to make you, the receiver, a believer. In between the telling of stories, breaks would be allowed wherein commercial advertisements would allow for distraction and further influence your willingness to part with your wealth, labor and spiritual energy.
    This clinical trial will be called, “news”…

  10. Thank you for this great and inspiring post Chautauqua.
    I’ve seen it no less than 3 different places today, can it be a coincidence? :-))
    Love to all

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