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The Heart People

I have dealt with a lot of people’s personal issues around the globe. Somehow a pattern has emerged that has me standing in awe, thinking: Yes, there is hope for the radiant “heart”-people.

There is so much fighting on the internal scale for the heart people, it’s an internal alignment to what I conceive to be the shift. The real shift.
The Heart people are somehow radiating and connecting from continent to continent. It’s the heart driven neural network of the Heart people, generous people, people who are “givers” and not by any means “takers”. They just love way beyond new age clichés, because it is with every fiber of their being.

They touched down from cosmos somewhere to fulfill what ever karma or destiny they are here to impact into the turmoil and deprivation of the ghoulish Matrix.
So brave warriors of the new dawn, so fragile, so humble, and yet ever so strong.

It seems like, and I´ve touched upon the subject before, the internal shift is very much speeding up, and that would somehow cause a diversion between being in the heart and finding one´s true path in this life.

The internal shift would be the higher emotional shift of the higher inner feelings, aligning with the psychical aspect that goes into body and the external physical surroundings.

If you are one of the heart people, you could very well be in that situation. And why wouldn’t you be a heart person? All other options are frankly not that attractive.

Here are some issues that for me prove that pattern:


– Sadness
– Not feeling plugged into life
– Bewildered
– What I refer to as: “ That roundabout feeling”: which path to take?
– Various symptoms of the “Stockholm Syndrome”; being a financial, emotional or psychical hostage.
– Internal and external ghoulish fights.
– Very sensitive emotional immune system that often inflates into the physical.

Not all at same, you might have one or two. Some actually have all.


– High-vibrational healing skills
– High vibrational intuitive skills
– Plugged very much into the emotional GPS
– Highly creative skills.

If I focus on the skills, I can certainly understand the difficulty of manifesting them at the present. As these people do. But, they will prevail.
They are bringing water to the desert people caught in the matrix. That’s the job now. Just do it discretely and persistent and silently, and the collective consciousness will shift your way. You can’t force it, right, but you can affect it.

And that’s also your job right now.

You won’t get applauded, you won’t get paid much and that’s just really the matrix echo anyway.
So be happy, be humble, be vigilant. And don’t fall into low vibrational traps. You are not in that place anymore.

The heart people actually have shifted.

They are not in queue, and that extra mile they have traveled is not in anyway crowded right now. They have set out, and are moving more and more rapidly towards their true potential and the catharsis of letting that manifest in a very explicit way.

The Matrix should very much be afraid of that movement, and it is.That’s why it’s coming down on the heart people so hard.

I have met these heart people from all corners of the world over the last month.
If you are one of those I have had the honor of meeting, I have to tell you:

From the streets of Cape Town to Bollywood, to the plains of Canada, the beautiful mountains of Switzerland , the Australian outback, the jungles of Brazil :

You are not alone. You are loving and loved. Celestial forces surround you. You are protected. You are soon to meet your fellow peers. You are a movement that hasn’t gathered yet. And that is actually good tactics, since the Matrix can dissolve a gathering, but has no idea how to dissolve a high-frequency neural heart based network, zapping through the un-manifested realms of higher altitudes.

Your day will come, where you will radiate through the darkness of the Matrix, blinding the perverted and profoundly sick power ghouls.

There is hope for our downtrodden souls yet. There is hope for this beautiful place we call earth. You being here proves that fact.

Look for the heart people.

They would be the ones holding the key to the kingdom. That key is in their hands.

Find them, and if you can’t; They will find you. Be sure to open the door.

You don’t want to miss their ever so gentle touch on your longing soul.


©2012 Soren Dreier




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    • Love is a four letter word

      It is often misused, misplaced, misapplied, distorted, ignored and misnamed.
      Often what is called love is not.
      There is love and absence of love,
      that is all.

      Love cannot turn into hate.
      Hatred is not the opposite of love,
      rather a focus of suppressed anger.

      Lust is not the same as love;
      it is a form of emotional excitement and
      can be a powerful means of expanding the pleasures of love.

      Love is the creative energy, the dance of light within,
      the quiet warmth of being, acceptance without conditions,
      an inner calm, the still small voice,
      the physical world, the spiritual world,
      awareness of unity with each other,
      the essence of all.
      Love flows, never still,
      always in motion.
      Love cannot be held or contained,
      only experienced and shared.
      It is the living expression of source,
      in, around, and through us all.
      You are love.
      I am love.
      God is love.
      We are love.

  1. Truly wonderful message. Yes, there is still hope. The perception being generated of mass human genocide is the tell.

    Lets see – I am a world leader.
    I have the answer. I have the plan. Why we will just kill them all, yea that will do it. Good luck with that.

    As Elvis Presley said – “The truth is like the sun. You can hide from it for a while, but it ain’t going away.”

    Love to all

      • Twelve

        I used to get a construction newspaper called “The Daily Journal”. It always had a quote on the lower corner of the front page. Buddha and many others made up many of them. I cut out the best ones. Elvis made it.

        Here’s a few more –

        Swami Beyondananda – As we go through life thinking heavy thoughts, thought particles tend to get caught between the ears, causing a condition called truth decay. So be sure to use mental floss twice a day. And when you’re tempted to practice tantrum yoga, remember, don’t get even, get odd.

        Oscar Wilde – Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.

        Anonymous – Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

        Thomas Jefferson – In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.

        Joseph Addison – Content thyself to be obscurely good. When vice prevails, and impious men bear sway, the post of honor is a private station.

        Sir Winston Churchill – We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

        Will Rogers – After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him. The moral: When you’re full of bull, keep your mouth shut.

        Archibald MacLeish – There are those who will say that the liberation of humanity, the freedom of man and mind is nothing but a dream. they are right. It is the American Dream.

        Sydney J. Harris – The three hardest tasks in the world are neither physical feats nor intellectual achievements, but moral acts: to return love for hate, to include the excluded, and to say, “I was wrong”.

        These are some of my best ones.


          • I really like that one too. That’s why I saved it for last. I have to admit though, they all speak to me on different levels, even the funnier ones. Let’s not forget humor. It’s really important right now.


  2. Zen: A perfect message for today and very, very true. Thank you for sharing a highly appropriate affirmation for those of us participating in the October 21 Meditation action. Blessings and Light to All Here at your wonderful website! Freddie

  3. Thanks Zen and Soren for the beautiful article. I like reading things that validate what I have been feeling inside. Synchronicity!
    I believe that the more we are validated, the stronger we grow and the more people will wake up. I credit my awakening in part, to that phenomenon.

    Of course its never just that one thing, but being awake now and seeing all the work thats been done for me, I have to credit those who have come before me. Then when I consider that I have lived past lives, I guess I can credit myself too. ;)
    Love to all my Heart people friends!

  4. Another awseome post. Thankyou for this. Yes there are some beautiful people in this world so we will continue to nurture and tend and cultivate and learn from one and other until the garden of heart people is world wide.

  5. Soren; Reading your words this morning sent many waves of Truth Chills rippling over my skin. Some call it goose flesh, I prefer truth chills because it only seems to happen in the presence of great truth. I think a ton of us needed those words today, deepest thanks, and Zen, thank you for the connection.

  6. Soren, you just answered a whole lifetime of “why” for me. Struggles: honestly sometimes it feels like I ping pong through those. Skills: gave me the most comfort I have felt in a long time of being gifted with a highly sensitive emotional make up, from heart, mind, skin and awareness. It is rather disconcerting and a “down right pain in the ass” at times. Empathy and Compassion can overwhelm the whole system at times, especially when no one around you is in the least effected by what you can sense.
    I have been a “giver” all my life, of myself and my time, items I have created with ideas and my hands, and what I feel has been the most benefiticial to others, my “energy”.
    Bewilderment is an apt description of how I feel about humanity and the world in general at times, this comes from much thought on why others don’t necessarily “feel” or “perceive” as I have most of my life, more so in the last 20 odd years. Part of my makeup as a giver is the need to express it and put it out there, not necessarily for myself but for others I suppose, that might be the real gift I am giving.

    Thanks Soren for my tears of understanding while reading your article and to Zen for putting it out there for us all.
    Love and Gratitude to all, but especially to Water and Earth.

  7. Thank you, Soren, and Zen for posting. I, too, needed to hear these words. Those of us who have been holding this energy for a long “time” are getting pretty worn out, but Twelve, it’s comments like yours that keep us going, thank you! We are almost there, we can feel it, and soon we will see the results. Methinks the biggest evidence of this will happen as a result of David Icke’s Wembley presentation. We are, whether we know it or not, united in this effort and the webs of love/light we have now criss-crossed around this planet are activating. Think turning the power on after eons of Darkness, think crawling out of that cave and seeing the shadows for what they really are. Soon. Love to this Zen network of activation. A.

    • Wow Altea, you really touched me there. I sort of feel like a goofy new kid in the club sometimes so its really nice to see that I am giving back to those that are giving me so much.
      I know that youre right about us all being united in this effort- its one fo those truths that I just feel in my bones.
      Right now I am literally vibrating inside so strongly that I can feel it. I think the collective is getting new members.

  8. Thank you for the beautiful and uplifting message, always feels great to know there are others who may be going through similar experiences in life. The comments here add to the pleasure :D Love to all!

    • We all deserve and appreciate all the loving encouragement and affirmation we can get. We’re in the midst of a lot of degrading influences. We’re each seemingly alone in our particular situations, but these messages prove how much we are actually essentially extremely united in such fundamental and powerful ways. Never forget that. Love, Zen

  9. Very cool, this feeling. I can’t wait for Wembley. I’m sorry I missed the October 21 Meditation action that Freddie spoke of, I wasn’t aware of it.
    I have been a healthcare provider my whole adult life which utilizes my healing skills. I’m intuitive by nature and take great pleasure in art/creative projects of any kind. What I notice ever increasingly is the amount of sadness I feel especially in regards to the animal kingdom and Mother Earth.
    I enjoyed Soren’s article alot, thanks Zen

  10. I would like to think that I am doing good, for someone somewhere. Then I realized that If got the I out of the way it would work even better. it’s teamwork not I work on both sides. To others that need it all the way to our source. teamwork try to be less

    • In Thai, the Heart/Mind – Jit-Jai, are same-same… in fact the Mind is the Heart, that is the seat of consciousness is in the Hadyavattu, the Heart… the brain is more like a stomach (ha! I’ve given myself away here…) with bad digestion….. This is ancient Buddhist Teaching…. Have a Happy Peaceful Heart Dear Friends!

  11. We have to be shown what love is,so we will know how much God loves us.That’s the journey.
    Along the way some bad actors took advantage of her ultimate love For the time being anyway.

    Peace.And we’re all on one time…the infinite consciousness time

  12. I usually disown anything that emanates from the ‘blood-pump”. The denizen that revels in the warm fuzzy feelings and other emotional gymnastics that are perceived in the blood-pump region is a manipulator and dark side con artist.

    But here, I see that you mean the love that is Soul. this includes all the attributes of caring, compassion, empathy, altruism, understanding and I-care-so-I-will-help-not -hurt-you kind of intent or outlook.

    The way you have defined it leads me to admit that, heck, I am a ‘heart’ person too! And, I have a lot of company on Zen’s site…..soon to be one of the most popular sites on the web. Thanks for getting to the ‘heart’ of life!

    • Anon, read around the site a while. Read the comments. You’ll find kindred spirits who face similar challenges and are alive and kicking and loving the challenge! You may have been isolated a bit too long and need a nice warm bath in some good old love and kindness. It’s there. Always. Keep on…just a spark can ignite a mighty fire!! Love, Zen

  13. Zen you are such a beautiful writer and so gift ed with words- thank you sooo soo much for all you do. this site http://augureye.blogspot.com/ lead me to a search on Soren Dreier and The Heart People – and I came back to you….I love it….sync….. Welcome to the shift! http://www.earthcam.com/ Greetings all Heart People!
    I’ve always been a heart person, they are very sensitive. and their motto – Mean People Suck……Namaste!

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