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The Human Condition

“A man has no reason to be ashamed of having an ape for his grandfather. If there were an ancestor whom I should feel shame in recalling, it would be a man of restless intellect, who, not content with success in his own sphere of activity, plunges into scientific questions with which he has no real acquaintance, only to obscure them by an aimless rhetoric, and distract the attention of his hearer’s from the point of issue by eloquent digressions and skilled appeals to religious prejudice.”  – Charles Darwin.


by Elva Thompson


If you ask most people how many brains humans have, they will probably tell you that we have one, divided into two halves, the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. Paul Maclean, chief of the Laboratory of Brain Evolution and behaviour of the National Institute of Mental Health recently advocated that the forebrain comprises of three separately evolved interconnected biological computers each with its own separate reality, memory and specialised function. These three he called the Triune Brain. The oldest and most primitive brain is the Reptile Complex. It is similar in shape to the head of a golf club [the spine being the handle and the brain being the club]. Wrapped around it like an arm is the mammalian or Limbic system. The third is the lately acquired neo-cortex which synthesises the two, creating a third condition which is individual reality.

The ancient reptilian or dinosaur brain is a paradox for mankind. It is the seat of aggression, violence, domination, sexual compulsion, cruelty, ritualistic and cold blooded behaviour. It is the beast in man. The dinosaur brain governs all aspects of automative function and basic instincts. Without the R. Complex we could not survive in the physical world and when our emotional reality is governed by the reptile brain it becomes violent and psychotic.

The insane geneticist Yahweh, upgraded an ape that walked in oneness with the true creator. And this Yahweh/Jehovah who so many call god had and has  a malevolent agenda for mankind. ‘Now you have become as god, knowing good and evil.’ This statement from Yahweh, implies that before  he got his claws on us, we did not know evil, and  were not separated from our creator. The instincts of the Reptile Brain have been programmed into our hard drive, and because of this, we commit acts of barbarism [regressive behaviour] against the planet, the creatures and each other. In this way, we are a carbon copy, in miniature of the giants, the nefillim…the changeling of faerie stories: mankind.

The ‘upgrade’ separated us from the true God; Oneness. And the fall was imprisonment or entrainment to a very limited range of vibrations, called the Third Dimension and its five physical element fields.The Archon intelligence behind this force is very sophisticated, and it has technology light years from our own. It is capable of attacking our D.N.A. with EMFs [electromagnetic frequency waves] that can produce states of fear and anxiety. It can create holographic events, such as the projection of religious figures in different cultures, thereby fueling ‘holy wars’ and plagues.

The  reptile mind is part of our nature. It cannot be removed, subjugated, or ignored. It is a master of sabotage and once we become aware of its irrational wants and desires, we realise where our unwanted thoughts and self destructive urges originate. Once we become aware of these impulses in our everyday life, the next step is to consciously upgrade our reptilian essence.


[Animation from Wikipedia. Note the Reptilian head formation in the cut-away. - Ed.]

Our physical world and its civilizations reflect the inner struggle of the beast/angel. If the human mind can be coerced en masse into a fearful separatist mode, then the outlook for our species is very grim, indeed. We will sink into the R.Complex and become a T. Rex in human form and out true Heart based nature[mammalian] will be extinguished.
Each one of has a choice. We can either act out our dinosauric [demonic] promptings, or we can  recognise the source of our aberrant and self destructive behaviour.  By making the right decisions based on heart/mind as opposed to mind/heart we can overcome the limitations of the reptile mind and ascend to our true God like state.

Love is the Law.

Part of the genetic interference was to subluxate the human atlas, the first cervical. Atlas holds up the world and if it’s lopsided, guess what?
Get your head on straight. It impedes the signals from the R. Complex. You can find information on the web.  Look up AtlasProfilax.

Much Love 936hz.




  1. Great post Elva! Always an interesting subject. More we comprehend our organic computer, more we can become all that we can be.

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