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If you are waiting for the economic collapse, you’re too  late – it’s already happened.  And it’s TWCTM (Those Who Control the Money) who did it.  They pulled the rug right out from under themselves.   We are living in a world of complete economic fantasy, using numbers that are unfathomable, unconscionable, and  un-repayable.

Those of you who already know this, bear with me for the sake of those who don’t, but here’s a quick primer on big-picture economics in the U.S.:  Congress tells the Treasury that it needs some amount of money.  The treasury asks the Federal Reserve Bank (“the Fed” – a privately held company, not a U.S. Government agency) to print/issue an amount of money.  The Treasury issues Treasury  Notes (a.k.a. T-Bills) to cover that amount of money and these Notes are sold to other countries who are, in effect, loaning us that money until the maturity date of the note.  (Lately, though, other countries are less than enthusiastically buying up our T-bills.  The biggest purchaser is now the Fed, themselves.)

That’s why it’s called a “Note” – it’s a loan.  Every dollar in circulation since 1913 is a loan. On top of the principle, the Fed requires a payment of interest for this “service” they provide.  The purchasers of the T-bills also collect an interest payment as motivation to loan us money.  Who is ultimately responsible for the loans and interest for every penny used in the United States?  YOU ARE.  No matter what they do with the money, no matter in who’s pocket it winds up, YOU GET THE BILL.   And don’t think the bill is paid by Income Taxes – that only pays a fraction of the interest due!

Why do you get the bill?  Because each and every T-Bill is sold with “the full faith and credit of the American people”.  That’s you, and everything you own.  It’s not the U.S. Government (a private corporation), but the people who live within its borders.  The government gets to order and spend the money any way they see fit (after all,  you have given them permission to do so) but is not responsible to pay the debt – you are.

Now that you know you own it, how much do you think you owe?  Forget the $16 trillion National Debt and its interest.   According to usdebtclock.org, on the morning of November 13th, 2012, U.S. “unfunded liabilities” alone (Social Security payments, Medicare/Medicaid and prescription drugs that must be paid, but have no fund from which to be paid) are over $121,400,000,000,000 ($121.4 Trillion).  That alone makes each and every citizen of the U.S. – man, woman and child – liable for over $1,060,000 ($1.06 Million).  I don’t know about you, but my first reaction was, “Good luck getting it from me!”  The average person’s lifetime income is around $600,000.  It does not compute.  The total National Assets equal only $87,425,000,000,000 ($87.425 Trillion).  Even if all U.S. assets were sold off, we’d still owe “a boatload”.

“A boatload” is not a real number.  But is $87 Trillion or $121 Trillion or $16 Trillion a real number either?  The money that TWCTM so preciously guard and shuffle from country to country, good ol’ boy to good ol’ boy, at their wish or whim – and on the backs of the people –  is measured in numbers that are so ludicrous that they are now totally meaningless.  I mean, what could you do with that much money?

When the amount of money in circulation (which is supposed to be equivalent to a country’s actual worth – not its credit rating) is greater than all its assets, it is no longer real.  Factor in inflation all you want, the whole system is imaginary!

The whole system exists only by your voluntary acquiescence, your belief in the value of the piece of paper (or, rather, plastic) and the numbers it represents.  This is how it controls you.  Each penny that is added to “your debt” tightens the noose of control just a little bit more  – if you believe it.  You are being enslaved bit by bit, until the time comes that they will no longer need your acquiescence, because they will have obtained all the marbles.

“QE Infinity” gives the Fed $43 Billion each month, to do with as it pleases, with no oversight (as we have seen in the past).  Under the guise of “rescuing” banks who have written bad mortgages, it is using that money to buy up all mortgages in America (good and bad mortgages are bundled together when they are sold to the Fed).  That means the Fed will own most of the residential and commercial land in this country.  Your deeds are being shuffled around like so many “Monopoly” game properties.  Why are they buying all these mortgages?  Because it’s time to foreclose on America to clear our “debt” owed to the Fed and to our creditors from other countries.   Just like the Wicked Witch of the West, we are being liquidated.

Don’t let the distractions, the fear, or the incalculable, meaningless numbers stop you from preparing for your future and your family’s.  Even an extra bag of beans or rice every trip to the store will get you ahead of it.   Marc Farber, Jim Rogers and other well-known pundits are expecting hyperinflation by spring.  What will you do if you have to go to your local “superstore” for your food allotment, which you can only have if you take your inoculations?

Right now there are millions protesting throughout Europe because their governments can no longer provide the “services” they always did – food subsidies, housing subsidies, pensions, etc.  The euphemism is “Austerity” –  and it’s coming soon to a neighborhood near you.  Be ready.


Dan and Sheila are the authors of Surviving Survivalism – How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock and hosts of the free podcast, “Still Surviving with Dan and Sheila”, both available at  http://survivingsurvivalism.com/  For information about their survival community, or for other questions, they can be reached at surviving@lavabit.com



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  1. Right to the point. I wish the people I send this too would read it, it would open up their minds. I sent this to a dozen unsuspecting minds..

    • It just takes reaching the right person at teh right time so we have to keep trying.
      Didnt kalki predict that once a critical mass of 64 000 enlightened souls is reached the collective would then all gain the enlightenment. 100th monkey is proof that can happen.

      Were getting there. 36 days to go!

  2. Bible classes told me “The meek will inherit the Earth” Nobody could explain to me what ‘meek’ meant and inheriting the Earth was not what a child was concerned with. I just understood, when I read this that it is time those in so-called developed nations start looking to the Third World, to see how they live without state support. You just might be surprised what is possible. It’s the ‘have-nots’ who will survive when those who are supported by the system are left in the lurch.
    Being aware, in tune with natural energy cycles and compassionate have always been crucial.

  3. Tony Soprano said it best, “It’s all f$ckin Bullsh$t.” So let it all amuse you my dear ones, these poor bastards haven’t a clue (TPTW).. The powers that were…the jokes gonna be on you in the end and the end is now. PEACE

  4. I made an effort last year when the first rumored economic collapse didn’t happen, to try to keep an extra store of food, y’know for the unforseen, now I’ve taken to only buying milk jugs with twist off caps to store my own water too, can’t put an underground drum on property that isn’t mine, but at least I’m making an effort. Not that I have any real contacts or hope should it all turn to hell, but at least I’m ready for a “routine” problem. Any little thing you can do is a help for yourself.

    • Good luck my friend..Ive been doing the same thing since the first bailout.Also consider protecting those commodities from the hordes when TSHF.What were seeing in Europe right now will be on our doorstep very soon.
      God Bless

  5. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. I hope it will be not has bad has they say. But ya everybody should be aware. I have picked up books from gardening to canning to what wild flowers to eat and use for medicines the last couple of years I have property to go to if I have to leave the city which everybody should be contiplating if it gets ugly
    Cheers and lots of hugs to everybody

  6. It’s always a good idea to have extra food and supplies on hand to last throughout an emergency of, say, a month. This brings some peace of mind and is common sense and responsible (if you have dependents), like saving money for a rainy day instead of spending it all immediately. I’ve always been a bit of a squirrel in this regard.

    But I can’t help but wonder if those who are taking it to extremes are influenced by things they have seen in movies or on TV at some time. I haven’t seen a film for many years, and have no TV, so maybe that is why I worry less? I know if I watched certain disaster films I would ‘get the fear’, and this is partly why they are made.

    My general feeling is that when times get really tough, people pull together and work together. People in Europe are mad at their government – not their fellow man.

    If the shit does hit the fan in a very big way, I imagine, like Ron above says, a knowledge of edible plants and flowers would be very beneficial. Also, ease of mobility and lack of worldly possessions can be a strength rather than a weakness.

    It’s very sad to hear of people prepping for a doomsday scenario. Sad that it’s come to this, I mean.

    • “People in Europe are mad at their government – not their fellow man.”- so true and such a good point Indigo.

      I agree with everything you said. I think the doomsday prep is another money grab (think how much these outdoor supply stores etc. are making) and its also a distraction. If we are so busy fearing it we wont see how wonderful we are.

  7. For the most part, the message rings true. The part I take exception to (though I don’t believe the author was trying to be accusative), is that I owe a debt based on what some organization claims or does. Nowhere in my recollection did I ever contract with any bank or government or any other corporate entity allowing them to borrow and spend their debt money based on my good name. In the legal systems of these fraudulent organizations, they readily bring forth other papers, known as statutes, to indicate that I indeed owe of the debt. These are just further forms of hearsay, as I never contracted with any of that paper, or the frauds that signed those, to be law over me. Other papers are brought forth called constitutions. Again, I never contracted with those papers; you cannot find my signature or witnessed agreement to those documents or the binding restrictions written therein. Lawyers, whose greatest proficiency is deception, coercion, and usurpation of wealth and property, are the masters of these de facto arguments.

    This is not an easy concept for people to take in. We as Americans have been indoctrinated from birth to salute a flag and sing a song and pledge allegiance to strangers before almighty God. We have been coerced to assume the liabilities for corporations that offer no reward or take any liability in return. We have been programmed to accept our lives as contractually obligated to politicians and bankers based on some archived document written by men long dead, men that never signed it themselves.

    Basic contract requires 4 things: complete disclosure in terms that are understood by all parties involved, agreement by all parties involved indicated by mark or within the presence of witnesses, absolutely zero coercion via threat or other manipulations for agreement, and that any change in contract be mutually agreed upon using the previous three requirements as a guide.

    Not a single law, including the constitution, meets any of these requirements. All law with the exception of the constitution is written in legalese, a language alien to all except those that have sworn oath to the BAR. Nobody has signed any statute other than titled bureaucrats (all titles are fictional), and few if any ever have the opportunity to see an original copy even when charged in a court. All law is coercive, completely up to interpretation by BAR lawyers, and in conflict with every other law, most notably the constitution. Changes are constantly made to the constitution and social contract in general sans amendment or agreement. There are so many statutes, codes and orders that the only safe thing to say is that everything is against the law. When everything is against the law then men are slaves.

    There is no such thing as a representative democracy. Living men cannot be represented by corpus organizations and their titled, fictional authorities. The exception to this is IF THEY CHOOSE TO. If a man complies that he is indebted without measure, and is under the authorities of laws he cannot possibly comprehend, then he is a slave to those things. If a man allows strangers to be his re-presentatives then he is subject to the insidious and murderous theft of those strangers. Government will presume the compliance of every single man as long as that man doesn’t say otherwise.

    You cannot be born into debt or binding control in a real world. It is no different than being born on a plantation and therefore the property of the slave master. We are either living, breathing men, and children of the Almighty Creator, or we are the property, no matter the degree, of liars and coercive deceivers.

    The most telling fraud of the debt is that each man owes 100% of it. If everyone else says no way and you are the patriotic dupe that says you’ll comply, then guess what? You individually now owe all 16 trillion or 16 quadrillion, the number doesn’t matter. The entire purpose of the whole system, top to bottom, is to keep men working to the benefit of greedy, filthy dirty rotten hoarders of wealth. All of the beneficiaries are psychopaths, meaning they cannot manifest the higher emotions of love and light. Those that can know love are easy prey, until they stop thinking 2 dimensionally behind a TV screen and start thinking critically behind a pen.

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