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The Illusion of Choice


And if that’s not clear enough, here’s some vintage George Carlin to pound the point home. An election day two-fer…after all, that’s all the choices we get. – Z


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  1. It’s really astonishing just how aware,awake, and astute Carlin was. Where ever you are George, I hope everything is great!

  2. It makes me laugh..the vacuous, mindless crap the MMM spew out about it all being “too close to call”…..it was decided along time ago

    but then again perhaps the reality some folks live in will give them exactly what they want…me include!

  3. He was so onto it, George Carlin. What’s the deal with all the people hollering and cheering in the audience about being warlike? WTF? That’s just evil.

  4. It has already been decided that Obama will win. The globalists want America to fall flat on its face so they can buy us out for pennies on the dollar!

  5. Men need to get their balls and brains back. All that comes with a sense of purpose in life, a sense of purpose which the system desperately tries to hide from you.

    • very keen observation

      question…when did the first “Jew” pop up on the radar screen…?

      cain, canaan, esau…


      or are the proselyte JAPHETIC / ASHKENAZIM proselytes to talmudic judaism really all 12 tribes…?

      isn’t that where all the money went [blood & treasure] 900 trillion & 300 million souls…in the last century to the “Jewish” narrative

  6. In the history of American elections, never ever was your votes counted. The leaders were “selected” not “elected” for the last 200 years or so. US elections are one of the biggest farce, jokes, drama the world has ever seen. People should not waste there time in this facade. The decision to run this world are not taken in this dimension itself. Non-human rule humans for a million years now.

  7. I will never forget George as the Hippy Dippy Weatherman. He turned my mind upside down, made me laugh, and helped me hope. Save me a seat, George, Love, A.

  8. George Carlin: “When’s the last white people we bombed…The Germans…And that’s only because they were trying to cut in on our action…They wanted to dominate the world.”


  9. Ron Paul did not get the lamestream press, he deserved to have. Ron should have been the next President. He needed to own all the tv and radio stations first, and newspapers in every state, and do breakfast, lunch and dinner with the entire Electoral College which is the institution that officially elects the President and Vice President of the United States every four years…
    Real freedom means work hard and have a work ethic…. The miracle of life is the sacred place in your heart. Be Free, Be Self Sufficient and Bring Peace to yourself in more ways than you can imagine, help those in need and remember, who you are and why you came to our planet to reincarnate in 2012! What do you bring, what do you offer, what will you be remembered for and make sure you have plenty of courage and strength when you’ve lost all you have and all you have is LOVE! We are Light Orbs having an earth experience and if you aren’t living in the Light, you are living in Darkness. Bring Light to our planet and Light to others. Turn off the tv raise your vibration to greater mass awareness, 100th monkey in prayer for world peace.

  10. The following is a message to all those american moronic fools who voted for King Kong… excuse me… for Burrak Aboma. “King Kong will push you right into World War III. Happy radioactive days to you!”

  11. George told truth,just like Bill Hicks and this is why their videos endure,and help inform people waking up to the planet of lies we all live upon.

  12. As many people that have put the truth out , why hasn.t everyone gotten it and Stopped the Elite? It doesn’t make sense that we’re still letting these Bastards abuse us.

  13. Choice is an illusion as is free will. The human brain cannot generate random numbers, nor can it make decisions without bias and prejudice. When asked, most people believe they can pick numbers at random. They cannot; therefore they lack free will.

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