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The Importance of Selfless Networking


by Zen Gardner

If we’re in this at all we’re in it all the way. Once you’ve woken up you know the situation is both urgent and fully under control at the same time. It doesn’t reconcile in the carnal, natural mind but it makes total sense to consciousness.

Paradoxes seem to abound, but it better not mean paralysis.

To the truly awake it means action in some form. To sit and try to transcend it all or explain everything away in esoteric gibberish and do nothing about our condition within the extemporaneously unfolding world we find ourselves I think is foolish, irresponsible, escapist and even cowardly.

What Can We Do?

I hear this all the time. This is part of the process, finding what each of us is supposed to do. But first of all the motivation needs to be there, a real motivation and nothing coerced or fabricated as is done within the many matrices of this super-imposed world.

It’s all important that people choose for themselves to want to find the loving Truth. That’s part of the great mandala of life, as many just won’t wake up to, aren’t ready to face, or can’t see for one reason or another.

Guess it’s next time around for them. Or something. Just don’t waste time on the non-hearing and non-heeding.

There’s nothing we can do in many cases. Although very big cosmic shifts and radical social changes can break that game up in a heartbeat.

Good thing they’re on the menu, ha!

Knowledge is Empowerment

Information is king. Information and true knowledge empower. We cannot force people to understand or grasp anything, but we can make information available in a palatable form in a spirit of love and compassion. Just as you would raise a toddler, we need to lead by example and be willing to take the extra step to help others gain a safe foothold when possible in this predicament called life in which we find ourselves.

It’s funny. This “information” idea is so easily tampered with. The authoritarian tone of the usurping self-appointed world “authorities’ is what baffles even kids from the start. I remember every time I’d hear an arrogant “spouter” go off, thinking, “How does he know?”. This was especially true in University, when these paisley tied hipsters would have a dictatorial control over a huge auditorium of nubian students and just gloat in their unquestioned authority to shove just about anything they wanted down our little virgin gullets.

Novice matrix ivory tower initiates who passed a conforming entrance exam they didn’t realize. Poor dupes. Poor students.

Yet some of us “got it” in spite of the imposed idiocy.

All Part of the Process

We grow up through what we grow up through. It’s just that. We each face what we face. But face it we must. And more than that, we follow our heart to where it calls us next.

And follow we must. Or die.

Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve come thru some serious challenges and paradigm shifts you thought you’d never survive, or looking back seem like they’re from someone else’s life.

They were.

I’ve had at least 5 lives this time around. 5 distinct major life changes, each better than the previous one. And within those lives many other changes as well, as I’m sure is the case with many of you. The point is we keep moving on, keep changing, keep growing, keep learning, keep progressing, keep ejecting things we’ve accumulated, keep realizing just how amazingly simple and wonderful it all is!

“To attain knowledge, add things everyday. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” – Lao Tsu

(hat tip Mark..;)

Use It–Feed and Help Each Other!

Responding and Networking

To my point. As we grow and progress we come across all kinds of wonderful and amazing information. Some of it is down right disturbing, some incredibly liberating, some things we throw on the back burner for later perusal and consideration.

And everything in between.

But we find food. Sometimes it’s food you know will feed someone’s research you read about somewhere. You may not know the person or team, but you know this might help them or be of interest.

So send it to them!

You meet someone online you interact with for some reason. They’re really into a subject you just spent a week down the rabbit hole investigating, and you think of this blogger you read something from whom you know would love to know about this guy.

Hook them up!

Someone really touches your heart with something they wrote, or their sincerity and truthfulness or life story really got to you?

Write them and tell them–send a thank you and how it helped you!!

Share the love!

We Are the Difference We Want to Make – So Don’t Delay!

It’s that simple. Some people want to “bogart” contacts so they can get hits or “the scoop”. All I can say is never, ever….ever selfishly hoard or withhold anything. Share ideas, share leads, share links, share everything you can. You never know but that your little tidbit of information may be exactly what is needed or the door opener to a new realm that some researcher was looking for that will continue to help unfold the mystery before us and empower millions to awaken!

Or just keep them keeping on!

Be the synchronicity.

All we have to do is unselfishly share. You never know what a difference you can make with just one comment, one thank you, one idea, one expression of appreciation. Each of us are hungry sensitive souls who thrive on love and encouragement.

Remember that.

We are the change. Don’t delay. React, respond, reply.

The long overdue back flush against the tyranny of false and manipulative information needs to get jacked up!

Let’s step it up people! Em-power to the people…pass the love around or it’s almost no good to anyone.

Now’s the time.


Much love, Zen



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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! I love your site and look forward to reading new posts from you daily. This post was meant for me <3
    Much love and light to you, Zen

  2. Hey ZG,
    These are some nice thoughts. I totally agree with you. Meditating for insight daily, I am more rapidly having insights at a quickening pace, in at least a small part, due to the internet. I think sharing info is a helluva way to help many, just like us.
    In fact, I’d like to offer you something. I’ve always been impressed by your pictures on this site. My wife and kids are going to Chengdu for 5 weeks to decorate her parents new house, and this has left me with a nice block of free time. On July 1st I am going down to Thailand, and then to Nepal for a month. I’m actually going to Nepal to scout out some investment ideas, but also check out some meditation centers, and monasteries. I’m going to be taking heaps of pix, and I wonder if you would be interested in me sending them to you, and maybe you could put some of them to good use on this site?

  3. Zen, there seems to be a certain desperation in trying to shape the world to the way you want it. This is totally understandable as IMHO, this is the process we all have to go thru. The world is what it is and is perfect in its own way. To think otherwise is to go against the very force that is creating the universe. Let things play out, and interfere if you must, but realize that if you are fighting against destiny, destiny will bulldoze through, whatever you do.

    FWIW, I sometimes feel the way you do, but I’ve learned from experience that certain things, which we label bad, are necessary for we do not know the endgame and how it will play out and what is the ultimate purpose.


  4. Your message
    Helpful message Zen !

    As for paralysis, I can relate to that,
    if you have ever suffered from sleep paralysis, as I experienced after quitting a stressful job several years ago, or struggled to wake up from being anaesthetised, then you will know what it is like to go into sensory overload,
    it shakes you to the core, acutley aware of your surroundings, but unable to interact, or even picking up on sounds or sights that logically you know are not there, memory imprints I call it,

    but it does wake you up inwardly for sure and start questioning and researching !!

    Great pictures and Gandhi’s message always good…

  5. Hi , i do that regularly, sending stuff i know about to people i stumble over when it seems their research could do with just that thing, issue, device i know or have. Unfortunately most of them are submerged in their own importance (ego), research and development they don t even bother to check what this is about. And be sure i often got some mind boggling devices i send off. But the 10-20% who care, have a good look and respond and if it s only a short email saying thank you, make it up. The time for secrets is over. The time for competition is over. The time to work alone is over. If we cooperate we can and will achieve results so far off the chart we d never even imagined. It is so empowering and wonderful to see that all the obstacles we find in our lives are more or less put there in place by a small selfish minority and can be transformed, bypassed or turned around so easy once we work together unselfishly. Free food, free energy and free transport is just around the corner, dare to have a peek and it ll draw you to it like the lamp in the dark captures the moths. Have a nice day, cheers, Mike

  6. TX! Very inspiring! And so true!

    It’s strange sometimes: You meet someone while you are going for a walk, start a talk and mysteriously the subject comes to something the other one has in mind for some time but had not the chance or courage to talk about this to others. Maybe a questions he/she ponders for weeks and can’t _see_ an answer. (It’s there. Tune in or try another sense. 😉 )

    Not seldom these are religious or spiritual topics or the question if there’s something beyond politics that is controlling it.
    Other times it’s that simple that the other one needs someone to talk to, share some time.
    People get happy just because of a smile from someone. It costs nothing but is priceless. (Try it! 😉 )

    In some way I get used to this. But it’s every time exciting again. It’s great to see people waking up. And the feeling of getting connected – WOW! :)

    Those “strangers” really show courage by opening their hearts, talking about very personal things to someone they just met… in a (still) selfish world.
    I think it’s some kind of “hunger” or need they feel in their souls that makes them act this way. The need of love. No money or other material things can quench this need. These things merely make us more and more hungry.

    Get connected!

  7. As always Zen, spot on with this message!!! Networking will be what saves us in the end. I have always been a networker and over the years have witnessed wonderful change because of it. If everyone were doing it we ourselves would become the worlds fastest computer….Thanks for this!

  8. Absolutely! Deeming themselves wise, they became as fools. These priests of the baal universities have been chosen, groomed and rewarded for their obedience to the obviously lying orthodoxy, whose model of reality can be twisted and flexed to any hypothesis and it’s stark opposite too. That’s sophistry.

    Now, they’re confusing infinite gravity with zero gravity. Dig a whole to China and drop a ball in it, and tell me where it settles. There is zero gravity somewhere in there, the algebraic sum of all the forces of gravity. And for every celestial body. including the center of the milky way. Kinda pops the black holes, doesn’t it? I’ll make that rhetorical, so as not to turn your blog into a science forum, which would attract every pop science trekkie klingon from uranus and their cousins.

    If the image of the beast is endorsing it, it’s bullshit. That provides some direction, right there. It’s born no fruit. Stop deferring authority to them and get back in your labs, you weekend pointy heads.

    Build a camera with an adjustable phase and frequency. I’d like to see what’s hiding in the frequency of matter.

    Did the sun blink out for just a split second, the other day?

  9. Thanks so much. Incidentally I just did that yesterday, posted and posted a link on a forum that has nothing to do with such things and the response was very encouraging. Nothing happens by chance and I get the proof every single day. Love your blog.

  10. Great post. Nodding my head, philosophically and experientially, to everything you have said.

    One of my own guiding quotes has always been from an awake psychiatrist (cannot, for the life of me, remember who it was) in which he states:
    “When you begin to awaken inside an insane society, which is what society is, YOU will feel insane. And, others will interpret and treat you as though you are insane. You must be willing to go all the way to the edge of that insanity. And then you must return. When you do, you will become extremely valuable to society.”

    It takes courage and integrity to do that. In the end, however, we do not die with our things, we die with our integrity.

    A very nice “send us up” piece, Zen. Much appreciated.

  11. You are so incredibly prescient, Zen! I could not agree more, or articulate better, your point about the profound impact we may make by cross-pollinating ideas between those we connect with, online especially….well done. As always!

  12. hey Zen, I´m living my third live, it´s funny to see that others like you have the same approach we live many lives in this one.
    And 2. part of my live phylosophy is to pass the info. I don´t know if it´s due to my gemini aspect or what, i like dig into the info and pass it to that who needs it and it´s great. Love as information always spreads and multiplies.

  13. I’ve been reading your articles for a couple of months now & I very much enjoy them. You always wrap it up with a little message of hope & love which is nice. This article however, i find very encouraging & positive & today it has made want to say thank you.. So.. Thankyou :) peace, love, & happiness to you & your readers & everyone else.. We are one. X

  14. Encouraging but unrealistic. Trust no-one is still the best advice. Nobody really cares is still the biggest truth. The bulk of humanity is evil and WILL not change. Blogs like these are watering holes for decent people. That is as blessed as we will ever be. While EGO reigns, knowledge is not truth but who can say it most impressively. People want truths that they are comfortable with. They are not ready for the truth. How can they be ready for the truth when they persist in being part of the problem. Only beasts have any kind of life on this planet. They do not let good people alone! Only war will clear things up…a spiritual war!

    • “No! I said, this would be reasonable. I do not advise the reason. I said, the victory cannot be gained with weapons. I still hope for the victory, but not by weapons.”

      “Despair, or folly? It is not despair, for despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt. We do not. It is wisdom to recognise necessity, when all other courses have been weighed, though as folly it may appear to those who cling to false hope. Well, let folly be our cloak, a veil before the eyes of the Enemy! For he is very wise, and weighs all things to a nicety in the scales of his malice. But the only measure that he knows is desire, desire for power; and so he judges all hearts. Into his heart the thought will not enter that any will refuse it, that having the Ring we may seek to destroy it. If we seek this, we shall put him out of reckoning. ”

      – Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings

  15. Please be aware that being does not require doing. Being here in the flesh (incarnated with each one’s unique frequency pattern) and anchored into this 3D earth plane, is already doing enough. Whatever else one wishes to add in loving service to the whole on top of being here, is an added bonus but there is neither requirement to do so nor is such “perceived” inaction cowardice, escapist, foolish or irresponsible. Each to their own and each “be” but not necessarily “do” the change you wish to see. Working on perfecting oneself instead of the external world of distraction for example, is far more powerful and far-reaching than drumming up all sorts of anti-whatever movements that cause more resistance than bring about peace. To achieve peace one must be peace. That seems a lot simpler than it is easy. That is however, where true lasting change begins. There is no point in resisting what we do not want. Whatever is out there is there because we all collectively put it there and so it could not be otherwise and has a purpose and reason for being so. If nothing else, it teaches us about what does not feel right to our Higher sense of Self. To collectively un-put it there, we need to change within, not without. So instead of racing out there to create a change externally that is not reflected by a change within, does nothing but create more resistance, more war and more hostility all around. Stop and contemplate who you are (true Self), what you stand for (purpose) and what you project from within you (intention). Then change what you don’t like or what does not resonate as Highest Truth within and your outer world will automatically become a reflection of that. This process, if approached with diligence and daily practice will take as little as 3 weeks for any visible change to take place in your experience of life. As long as there is war within you, you cannot experience peace without. Love, blessings and true freedom to ALL THAT IS.

  16. You are a really good man Zen…(in my opinion)…but you need to do just a bit more research as to what kind of a person Ghandi really was & is attributed / purported to have said. The true character of this sexually twisted , Hitler loving… wife beating …hierarchical promulgator of the caste system (his profound prejudice of the untouchables)…his vilification of the south African Blacks…he was a very complicated man…just so you know.

  17. Given the possible scenario of electrical blackouts, perhaps it is time to get the InnerNet up and running again.
    People used to communicate this way but thee system has gone into disrepair. It is still latent in your RNA/DNA. It just needs reactivating.
    Removing toxins from your mind and body, or at least reducing their intake and getting some meditation exercise (practice) can get the InnerNet up and running again.

    All that metal and programming can be over-ridden…
    just Remember what you always knew.

    Helen J.

  18. Thankyou for this Zen :) I’ve had a few people reply to Youttube comments I leave when something affects me deeply, and to get that feedback, touched me in a way I never expected from a ‘simple text box’.
    Nameste x

  19. As You know, Zen, I am out to do something, having found a solution. The next step is raising awareness of the solution to the tipping point. And so, though I am way down on the comments list here, I will post the link to the essay which offers the solution I see:


    I ask everyOne who reads this to check out the essay at the link, and share it widely. Permission is granted to repost, even to call it Your own work, as long as it is not changed. The solution, not Me, is what is important.

  20. great post. i know what you mean about going through different stages in this life. sometimes it does feel as though i have lived several different lives and you wonder how you ended up where you are. then you realize that it is all somehow meant to be this way.

  21. Hi zen,
    I enjoyed your post. I feel that poetry forums should be overflowing right now. These are the right conditions for poetry and poets to flourish without cost.
    Warmest regards,

    Growing Myself.

    It is not easy just wishing it so.
    Yet quite simple believing it to be.
    This mighty oak I am trying to grow,
    must be nurtured by the essence of me.

    Planted deep in faith’s definitive clay.
    Resolute against the mightiest storm.
    Those winds of shame that blew childhood away,
    can’t change my desire never to conform.

    But when fear creeps through ancesteral roots,
    and branches tremble in tortuous breeze,
    often I am stripped of ripening fruits.
    Given back to doubt’s cancerous disease.

    Apples and atoms blend into the earth.
    Where unfulfilled dreams mulch into rebirth.

  22. Zen, thanks for this site, it’s valuable in a number of different ways. A lot of what you say makes good sense, to me. Whether I agree or disagree with this or that particular point in this or that particular post, is irrelevant. What is relevant is that, as you say, we need to continue increasing the levels and openness of communication, keep exchanging and voicing ideas and opinions.

    “Just wondering” is essential reading, which is why it’s on the blogroll (“other domains”) at cosmic rapture, my little blog not quite in the same league, but walking fundamentally in the same direction. You might even want to link back.

  23. People should help each other every day and sharing is most important…you have a good mind…it works and lots and lots of knowledge…thank you for sharing and writing

  24. Thank you Zen!
    This is such a wonderful place, thank you for your writing and insight.
    I’m going through the archives so I can read everything :-)
    Lots of Love from Parramatta, Australia

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