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The Lighter Side of Doom


by Zen Gardner

Ever heard of Vinny Eastwood out of New Zealand? The guy’s a riot, with a compassionate drive and full of wonderful truths. His radio show is called “The Lighter Side of Genocide“. His motto–“if you can’t stand back and laugh at all this insanity it will drive you nuts!”


That’s a very big part of my life.

If I can’t have a good laugh at all this, my foolish self included, I’m done. For that reason I have a hard time with people who take themselves too seriously,  or get all bummed out so badly by everything that they can’t stand back and see the big, ridiculous picture.

It’s a farce! A nasty one, agreed, but it’s ridiculous. That’s why it has to implode and everything will all start over, in some way, shape or form. No sweat.

Besides, as Universe would have it, we’re eternal spirit and have nothing to fear…;)…now that’s something to smile about!

“Laugh and the world laughs with you…cry, and you’ll cry alone.” David Icke gets it…;)

The Power of Humor

I found this regarding the hidden power of humor from a psychological viewpoint:

“Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said, “A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes.” Despite the buffoonish imagery that comes to mind when one considers the joker, the clown or the pie-in-the-face comedian, humor is more than mere silliness. It is an advanced intellectual means of developing new perspectives and coping with extreme circumstances.

A maltreated animal has two potential responses to an abusive master: attack to stop the abuse, or cower/flee to avoid it. He cannot disarm the bully with a witty remark or ironically imitate his master behind his back for his own amusement. One of the first government actions in Nazi Germany was the establishment of a law against treacherous attacks on the state and party that made anti-Nazi humor an act of treason, and there was a reason for this. Research has shown that humor is the most effective means of preventing the indoctrination of brainwashing.”

How’s that?! It’s a mind control deterrent! Laugh on, people…it’s protecting you!

It goes on:

“Used as both a shield and a weapon, humor has the power to soothe the most wounded and threaten the most evil. These qualities speak to its inherent potential — a potential that has not yet been entirely tapped or even recognized. Holocaust survivor Emil Fackenheim said, “We kept our morale through humor,” and many other survivors of the Holocaust, POW camps, torture and abuse have shared his sentiment. The stories of these survivors and findings of modern medical research support the notion that humor is an extremely effective tool for managing our advanced awareness and for creating new perspectives to cope with otherwise unbearable environments or circumstances. [emphasis mine]

Evidence for the direct benefits of humor lie in studies of the body’s chemical reaction to laughter. Among other things, laughter has been shown to reduce stress, boost the immune system and enhance brain chemistry through the release of serotonin and endorphins. Many popular antidepressants target the neurotransmitter serotonin by either blocking its reuptake or increasing production, but one can “self-medicate” using one’s own serotonin supply by watching a funny movie, going to a comedy show or playing a fun game. For the rejected lover or laid off worker, this self-induced boost of serotonin activates a neurochemical reaction that enhances their ability to tolerate the stress response and think creatively of coping options. Humor is a very effective means of dealing with overwhelming emotion and taking control of a situation.

Hunter “Patch” Adams, the physician portrayed by Robin Williams in the movie bearing his name, continues to use laughter as a primary tool in his treatment of patients, to great success. He is just one example of many who have witnessed and reported first-hand accounts of how essential humor is to both physical and emotional health”. Source

The Power of Knowing the Happy Ending…

Just making an obvious point here. And hopefully a good reminder for us all. We need to stay happy and on top of all this craziness. No, we can’t minimize the dangers, but if we can’t see beyond it all we’re not seeing it right in the first place.

Humor is the perfect litmus test.

I have to admit, I’m that way. Super stiff and serious downers bum me out from the start, whatever facts or issues they bring to the table. One pass and I’m done. They can take their bummer elsewhere, no matter how true.

That type of approach is just not right. Your conscience tells you flat out. Of course, society is full of mechanisms to make you doubt your innate wisdom and understanding that would make you beware of such influences. That’s what they try to do, so you’ll be on a low-level vibration too. Don’t fall for it.

Trust your heart.

Just watch out when humor and satire start getting outlawed. Already it’s very close.

And no matter what, stay frikking happy! In spite of it all! If you’ve truly woken up, the realities of the eternal Truth and Love behind this illusion should be filling your soul daily. Reinforce that Truth if it wears thin.

Stay inspired. Sorry if too much heavy stuff gets dumped on you, but learn to deal with it while staying happy.

Humor is a great medicine. In fact, it’s vital!

Much love,




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  1. Well then, I’m certain I am going to be just fine, Especially after hearing on NPR the other day the the DOJ will not be prosecuting Goldman Sachs for financial fraud due to a lack of evidence… : /
    Damn near spit coffee all over my windshield.

  2. this article is so true. with the storm of the world’s happenings raging around us we can’t let it get us down. i choose to appreciate nature and the natural world around me, concentrate on making my family happy and myself too and try to make every personal interaction i have with someone throughout my day a positive experience for them, whether i know them or not. chemtrails used to get me down, and they do to some extent but now i have extended my view to the ‘out there and back here’ and just see them for the flea bites they are on the skin of mother nature. they have a rough job trying to control the earth and bring her under their bidding. they will do what they do. i will laugh, smile and be happy every day that the creator lets me remain here!

  3. I love Vinny Eastwood. Also light hearted conspiracy: FreemanTv.com podcasts, Joe Rogan and Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero. Great blog. We mustn’t lose our sense of humor!

  4. Yes, and don’t trust ’em if their laughing isn’t deep, all-out from the belly.

    Rivers running silently down the face is the same thing.

    Belly laughter and belly weeping. And belly sleepdreams.

  5. Awwwwww, thank you so much for this post.

    I sorely need it, even if it’s just to keep it in mind and try to practice it as little as I can. Usually I would be totally there with you, but ongoing chronic health issues that I am getting to the middle of and which are taxing my system are right now making it difficult for me not to fall into doom and gloom. Time to cut back on the detox … again. Perspective and balance – sometimes it takes a little to realise they’re out of alignment :)

    I love these quotes from Wittgenstein and are now even more interested in reading him.

    I had a belly laugh the other night. It truly was the most delicious part of the meal I was eating.

  6. from ‘the wisdom of jokes’ by a.jodorowsky:

    A Frenchman and a Belgian are watching a movie.

    “I’ll bet you a hundred francs the cowboy on the white horse is going to fall off his horse,” says the Frenchman.

    “You’re on,” accepts the Belgian.

    Ten minutes later, the cowboy falls off his horse.

    “Ok,” the Belgian concedes, “looks like you win a hundred francs.”

    “Actually, I already saw the movie,” confesses the Frenchman.

    “Me too, but I never would have imagined that the cowboy was going to fall off his horse the second time I watched the movie.”


  7. here’s another good one:

    Two Jewish mothers are chatting:

    “My son is a marvelous doctor,” affirms the first. “You absolutely must go and see him!”

    “But there’s nothing wrong with me,” replies the other. “Why must I go?”

    “He’s such a good doctor,” the first proudly proclaims, “that even if you don’t have anything wrong, he’ll find something wrong with you.”

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Maw4Xg-6RAw
    patch adams at utrecht
    the end is beautiful when he deals lovingly and directly with a whiny condescending mistress of ceremonies
    he is a master worth studying

    norman cousins wrote much of the same only not so funny

    every humorist wrote and read much the same
    didn’t pryor say something along the lines of humor is saying out loud what is the most horrible truth in a manner that everyone gets relief that it’s out there with a minimum of pain bringing it out

    if nothing else think of belushi’s samurai deli

    thank you zen
    some of the most workable ideas so far

  9. btw – from a previous post on the cabal ruling classists setting up shop in their new capitals while sucking the resources out of all other places and peoples….
    freeman tv video was posted where he referenced derren brown’s video “heist”
    horribly brilliant and clear about how easily we are and have been played managed trained taught set up whatever.

    further thought on how this training is continuing even and perhaps as part of our awake and aware ride here and everywhere

    party on jung

  10. Great post indeed!!. as publisher & author William W. Atkinson states “The law in the mental world, as in the physical, is that “Positives overcome Negatives….And, remember, first,last, and all the time that: Positives Neutralize and Destroy Negatives.” and to paraphrase his statement..positive or good feeling thought relieves from any negative feeling or vibration because we are in many ways are really a vibrational beings so to speak. We react to emotions whether positive or negative, that is why the PTB’s are creating this mess (P-R-S) to harvest from us and yes David Icke is truly right about this matter (in fact I learned a lot from David’s books). We empower the cabal if we FEAR (a negative vibration) and that is what many people do. We need to remember who we truly are we are,we’re here to spread joy, and harmony a catalyst of gratitude,joy,peace,being-free and love..a creator of our own reality or experience.
    Thanks a lot..


  11. Juxtaposition is the nexus of humor….”What do you call a naked hippie, sitting in a tree, having a puff???

    ……..branch manager……hahahahahahahahahahahah
    (Jimmie Buffett-“If we weren’t all crazy-we’d all go insane”

    • “Juxtaposition is the nexus of humor”

      and I might add ….

      Laughter is applauding a Lie or the deprecation of oneself or another.

      Really notice what you laugh at or find funny. It is often used to scorn the Truth or debase another. It can make the bitter taste sweet.

      Life is serious, it’s not a joke. Laughter is a medicine, it sedates the soul and can cause healing. However, like all things, it can have negative side effects when used in excess.

      Why do we seek laughter ? To overcome sorrow ?
      To diminish the Truth ? In disbelief ?

      I made a funny further down the Replys, but it’s a Lie. Had I replied with the Truth, it wouldn’t even have evoked a smile. Take note and don’t be sedated by laughter.

      “Sorrow is better than laughter, because a sad face is good for the heart” …Eccl 7:3

      Sorrow leads to action, Mirth and Pleasure leads to complacency.

      [:-)=[=<$ Step on the Snake !

  12. Seems humor is how you look at it…

    ‘The old shaman said carefully, “You didn’t just see two men go through upside down on a broomstick, shouting and screaming at each other, did you?” The boy looked at him levelly. “Certainly not,” he said. The old man heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness for that,” he said. “Neither did I.”‘
    – Rincewind and Twoflower take up broomstick flying, (Terry Pratchett, The Light Fantastic)

    ‘The druid stiffened. “*Nice?*” he said. “A triumph of the silicon chunk, a miracle of mod-ern masonic technology — *nice*?” “Oh, yes,” said Twoflower, to whom sarcasm was merely a seven letter word beginning with S.’
    – Terry Pratchett, The Light Fantastic

    Much Love and fun! ;D

  13. In the book and film “the secret” a woman with cancer refuses modern medicine and vows only to watch comedies with her husband for three months, guess what, full recovery to the astoundment of the “professionals”! But what do they know anyway hahahaha
    Great work as always Zen

    • The Laughter frequency probably puts the body in an alkaline state – as opposed to the acidic properties of bile, vitriol and venom.

      When you laugh, you can feel yourself self-medicating – it feels like each and every one of our trillions of cells is putting up its ‘hands’ and singing ‘Hallelujah’.

  14. c’mon zen – i do appreciate most of your material, but….you portray yourself as a “truth sayer”, yet you covertly perpetuate the “holocaust” hoax; playing on peoples programming regarding this momentous scam for emotional impact? most curious and inconsistent.

      • I did as you advised. You do address the fact that the holocaust concept is extensively used as a propaganda and manipulative tool. You do not address the fact that the holocaust story was invented for exactly that purpose; it’s a myth spun by the Zionist’s to control the goyum. You use the word in a manner that indicates that you actually believe this myth. Complete your due-diligence sir.

      • Well, I think I speak for the majority when I say: “We don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. You know WE love you, Zen!

  15. Yes, Zen! Thanks for the reminder. Praise George Carlin and Bill Hicks! May their indispensable use of humor forever remain among us and continue to inspire us keep a healthy perspecitve. Not surprisingly, TPTB use it to ridicule and dismiss us “conspiracy theorists” through the unawakened masses. I have to give them credit: it works (for a while).

    • Hey Joe–humor is incredibly powerful..it’s very Zen in its power to liberate. Weird the snide comments, eh..never understand that. Love, Z

  16. Thanks, Zen.

    We all need at times, to be reminded to laugh at the travesty our political system has become. It’s a tregedy for sure, but we cannot allow the creeps running the show to rob us of our sense of humor too.

    Here is my contribution to side-splitting humor: Well, it split my side…

    Sign on a plumbers’s truck: “A flush is better than a full house!”

    Talk about George Orwell and his double-speak! Now, don’t you poker player wanna bees, go putting all your money on the flush in your hand! lol

  17. Your articles that often Demonize all things related to Germany,
    National Socialism & Hitler only go to show your
    Intellectual dishonesty in that it is simply a regurgitation
    of propaganda from the Jewish controlled media
    that you often cite in your postings.. If you want to
    maintain any credibility then I suggest that you
    spend more time in study of factual history!!

        • yeah, I see that. Thanks. Still ticks me off…ha! Never anything to show, always tear down people. Obvious as can be, giving them a break. If they’re sincere they’ll get it.

      • Z, lets go back when there were just 12 of us in the zgarden posse, I’m kidding, sort of. You write the truth in a compassionate style and some of the stuff I read lately in comments, either makes no sense or pokes a critical stick for no reason. Most comments here are beautiful and thoughtfully written.

        • TT–Ha–“poke a critical stick for no reason”…ha…true..but just insecure…defensive people still finding the Truth and having issues…hopefully they’ll come around..not to me, the Truth…;)) Love you, Zen

  18. It’s a real challenge for sure, trying to stay positive and lighthearted in the face of a monsstrosity that’s is a killing machine.

  19. I enjoy a good laugh. Only looking older photo’s of victims of war, only a fool would laugh. Whatever message the idiot that posted (this type of government psyop approved technique for keeping Americans zoned out can easily be witnessed on TV)
    I would cry with laughter and joy at America falling on
    it’s own sword of mass deception and Hawkeye style of fate. Curse you to hell America, the devil trianlge lives next door to you, you insane idiots.

  20. Hitler’s Germany did not “persecute” Jews,did not enact “gun control”,
    did not practice Eugenics to create an all white race, Did not commit
    Genocide or a Holocaust, he was not a homicidal maniac, he removed
    the International bankers & communist’s to prevent the cultaral &
    economic destruction of Germany. His strike against the Bolshevik’s
    was pre-emptive to prevent those horrors from consuming Christian
    Europe. He tried to warn the world about Freemasonry/ Illuminati.
    And more than once, your post’s have compared the “NWO” to
    the quote ” NAZI”S”. Ditto for David Icke! That’s what………..

  21. Across the years I have come to realize that we can choose our state of mind. We make choices. It takes training but it can be done. I used to react to things that I can laugh at today. One day, a few years ago, I was visiting New Mexico and sorta got lost. Was feeling anger coming cause I so hate getting lost while driving. Anyhow looking for road signs for direction, I saw a sign that said…Gallup 2 miles! Hahaha it was the next town but oh my gosh that made me laugh so much. I went from almost complete despair to total laughter in less than 5 seconds. It just goes to show….So I drove (didn’t gallop) there haha and was able to get direction. Thanks Zen, we needed a bit of lightening up!

    • Good story Mich–getting lost ain’t what it used to be! 😉 Same with me, I used to be a real uptight driver before my wake up. Now when something seems to “go wrong” it’s a cool adventure…not always, but way more often than not…;) And road signs crack me up too. How about “End Construction”..or “No U Turn”…I always answer back..”No! U Turn!” Ha!

  22. Another quote from the late Brendan Gill echoes your point perfectly Zen…”There exists not a single shred of evidence to indicate that Life is at all serious.” I make humor a mandatory part of my daily regimen because my need to be well informed is at odds with my need to remain sane. I make a point of watching Jon Stewart’s Daily Show just before bedtime, helps keep things in perspective during the all important sleep cycle.

    Another thing to remember is that “they” fear us, and most of all they fear us all being awake at the same time, hence the many and varied “submission technologies” currently being deployed. When folks such as yourself begin finding a growing audience, agents of the great shining lie will always show up to damage the vibe any way they can, and it seems you’ve attracted a few…and THAT is hilarious in itself…it shows how very desperate they have become. History shows that dictators & tyrants always fail…every time. What we have here is two worlds: one being born, the other dying, the one we give our energy to is the reality we manifest, personally I vote for levity and love. Keep your light shining zen, no matter how many insects it attracts.

    • Chau–gr8 quote and thanks for the note. So true about their ridiculous “submission technologies”…as real as they are, when you wake up to them they have no power…if only we could get that across to more people. Like you said, they’re caving in and always will..as for us, like the saying, our attitude determines our altitude..ha! As for the gnats, they serve their purpose to remind us of the reality we’re up against. We’ve all fallen for that quick to criticise and find fault thinking in some form I guess. But I’m as surprised as you to find it here where you’d expect a higher level of awareness. People need to realize what prompts their thoughts…the mental and spiritual warfare is no joke. While some of the trolls may be consciously doing what they do, most are channeling the enemy’s signals and think it’s cute and it feeds their pride. Let’s hope reading words with love and truth is changing them and they’ll start working for the Light side…;)). Those who don’t have their own reward…I’d hate to be in those shoes… Much love, Zen

  23. Thanlk you Zen. I needed that! My wife says that I am “consumed” with all this negativity about what is currently going on in our Country. Maybe, rightfully so.
    I try and live my life….one day at a time but…
    If it looks like a duck, walks like duck and sounds like a duck…

  24. Mullah Nasruddin jokes are very inspiring!

    Once, a man found Mulla Nasruddin searching for something on the ground outside his house. On being asked, Nasruddin replied that he was looking for his key. The man also joined in the search and in due course asked Mulla: ”Where exactly did you drop it?”

    Mulla answered: ”In my house.”
    ”Then why are you looking here?” the man asked.
    ”There is more light here than in my house,” replied Mulla.

    Nasruddin used to stand in the street on market-days, to be pointed out as an idiot. No matter how often people offered him a large and a small coin, he always chose the smaller piece.
    One day a kindly man said to him:

    – Nasruddin, you should take the bigger coin. Then you will have more money and people will no longer be able to make a laughing stock of you.

    – That may be true, said Nasruddin, but if I always take the larger, people will stop offering me money to prove that I am more idiotic than they are. Then I would have no money at all.

  25. Thanks Zen! Laughter is a blessing! This one is probably better told vis a vie. But here go’s…

    Late one night in an asylum. A man is rudely awakened and disturbed by his cell mate. His cellmate kept loudly proclaiming ” I am Napolean! I am great!” He he kept repeating this more loudly each time.The roommate asked him to please stop. But he just shouted more boisterously: “I am the great Napolean!” Then suddenly,another inmate responded from the next room:
    “No he isn’t”
    The man asked, “How do you know?”
    from the next room:
    “I know because I am God!”

    There is a lot of awesome humor to be found on youtube. This is my favorite on the subject of japanese pranks: ( there are many others)

    LOL, what would you think if this happened to you? I wonder what was going through the mind of the man who was walking by the red car?

    Wish I could the original “Candid camera” series. There was alot of great humor in that program. George Carlin was amazing. I really miss him! Another program that used alot of humor was “The Carol Burnette Show.”
    So much so, that many times the actors were laughing as they attempted to do their skits.

    This is classic. How to prank a telemarketer:

    Laughing at oneself is always a good thing. We are invited to laugh with her. Shes having fun with technology:

    Recently I had a very very funny dream. I was laughing so hard during the dream I woke myself up. And I could not quit laughing. Its not the first time this has happened in my life. My ex used to always ask me what was so funny in my dreams. Its a great way to wake up! With happy tears, breathless. :)

    I love laughter that brings tears. Tears of joy! :)

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