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The Little Sweeties and the Golden Age

Now What?
What do you do after you wake up and you become aware that at least some of the most-alarming conspiracy theories are actually conspiracy facts?

Write letters to government officials trying to convince them to grow up?
Fight the system?
Get your guns and shoot the baddies?
Turn your back on everything, buy gold, retreat into the hills and hunker down?

Maybe some of my readers are familiar with the old board game, “Sorry”.  As long as we react to whatever is being put out there in the world by the “elites”, then we are choosing to play another sad game of “Sorry” in the 3-D world with these imbeciles.  So if the current game of “Sorry” continues, we can expect economic catastrophes, wars, environmental ruination, species extinction, food manipulation, forced deadly vaccinations, manufactured diseases, terrorist events, etc. Unfortunately for humanity, the “elites” don’t play fair, the game is stacked against us, and they cheat (NSA spying anyone?  And what about drones?) to try to ensure that humanity will lose every single time.

I recommend that rather than continue playing this iteration of “Sorry” that we clear the board of playing pieces, toss away the board, and start playing a much higher energy game that the “elites” cannot even begin to play until they clean up their hearts and act appropriately.  And I’m going to expound on exactly how to do this further on down this article.

Your Mind

Most people remain asleep as they’ve been so thoroughly programmed and indoctrinated.  I was talking to my brother recently and asked him if he was concerned about GMOs in the food.  He replied that they’ve probably been putting GMOs in food for years so it wasn’t important, and what was he he going to do about it anyway?

Now I love my brother, but that’s thinking like a sheep.  He was unaware and probably would not like to learn that GMOs have been shown to cause sterility in two to three generations, nor would he want to know that GMOs are linked to significant health problems.  In like fashion sheeple (people who act like sheep) rationalize that there is no reason to get worked up about the NSA spying on everyone, because they’ve been doing it for years and it hasn’t made much difference in their own life, so who cares what the NSA does?

People like these feel powerless and don’t use their minds.  I hope that you are different – I hope that you want to change the world and are looking for ways to do just that.

But you’re going to have to start using YOUR mind.

Don Juan (via Carlos Castaneda) said that most people have never used their minds.


Ponder that for a few seconds – Is it possible that in your entire life up to this point that you have NEVER used your mind?  It is possible that you have identified so completely with the reactive foreign installation that is endlessly chattering gibberish in your head that you don’t even know what you really think or who you really are?

The foreign installation that sits somewhere between your ears – is a reactive, judgmental, eternally dissatisfied, creepy entity.  The good news is that that entity is definitely not you.  But you have to disown it and disconnect!

It’s easy to know when the foreign installation is talking – it’s loud, it’s damning, it’s self-righteous, it’s fearful, and it’s always running telling you how bad other people were to you, or how bad you are.  How many times have you found yourself ruminating about something lousy that occurred 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years ago?  That is the foreign installation at work – because it is designed to keep you in constant turmoil.

Every single hostile and damaging thought that you have had is not yours.  I know that’s radical but take it from me – These thoughts are from the foreign installation.  People who have traversed the gap and have met themselves are by nature quiet, contemplative, creative, kind, sweet, understanding, helpful, and nice.  And another thing – all these self-realized people are unique – maybe even delightfully weird.

Your real mind speaks in quiet whispers – often with deep thoughts or questions wondering about some aspect of nature or reality.  Your real mind comes alive in peak experiences when the chattering stops, but since your real mind has never been used, it often remains quiet at those times.

Reject the false, chattering, foreign installation and embrace your real mind.  This is usually easiest to achieve with quiet and calm practices after you have completely forgiven everyone who has ever hurt you, and yourself for hurting others.

Completely forgiven them – as in no anger or blame at all.


It’s a path, and for some it may be more difficult than others.  But it’s definitely a path worth traveling and completing.  Work at understanding that everyone, including those that may have hurt you – We were all born into a sewer of emotions and energetic excrement that polluted us so thoroughly that confusion, perversion and insanity became the norm for human life on this planet.

When you forgive others, and more importantly – yourself, then huge swaths of energy and knowledge become available.  If you have severe challenges with forgiveness, then seek professional counseling to help you grieve and let go.  Life is not about what happened to you or what you did back then – it’s about the choices you make now, and as you proceed forward.

One of the important reasons for forgiveness is that until you forgive, you are liable to seek some sort of revenge or punishment.  And this characteristic is the opposite of a realized person.  I can’t think of any one action more important for most of us than to achieve peace with regard to our entire past.

You’ll know you have forgiven your past when you honestly wish all those “horrible” people of your past well, with a quick and safe trip through their karmic lessons.

The New Human

The following are some of the delightful characteristics of the man and woman of the New Age.  The more completely your life reflects these ideals, the more power and the more influence you will have in the upcoming world:

1)  Confident in your status as God’s beloved offspring
2)  Pure in your open heart with corresponding harmonious actions
3)  Harmless to all and encouraging of life
4)  Naturally uplifting to all you meet
5)  Fully connected to your innocence
6) Totally aligned with Positivity and Goodness
7)  Judgementless (Not a word, but not surprisingly there is no word that is the antonym of the tendency to label and judge others.)
8)  Peaceful and aligned with birth and creativity.
9) Harbor a burning desire to co-create magnificence with the Loving Universe

Now examining those qualities honestly and looking at ourselves and our lives on a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest level) most of us would be 1’s, 2’s with maybe a few 3’s.  Still, these qualities are what we can aspire to manifest in our lives through various practices and focused efforts.  And, there are definite benefits to doing so.

The Little Goodies and the Microbial Net

Let’s get down to the details.  How are we going to affect change on this planet, get rid of all the horrors, and manifest paradise?

My previous blog introduced the concept of Remote Transformation (RT) as a tool to physically change objects using our focused minds.  Now we’ll learn another powerful tool in our arsenal to manifest paradise on Earth.

Microbes are everywhere – countless trillions of microbes are in your body, in the water, in the air, under the ground.  Microbes are the most ancient life on our planet and are so small that millions can fit through the eye of a needle.  There are many trillions of microbes in your body.  You are actually more microbes than you are “human”.

Masaru Emoto, in a brilliant demonstration which you can do yourself, took two containers of cooked rice.  One of the containers was labeled with the words, “Thank you” and the other container with “You Idiot”.  He would then repeat this phrase to each container of rice every day and thirty days later the differences were astounding.  The container with rice that was thanked was healthy and lightly fermented while the other container with the cursed rice was visibly rotting away.

What caused this effect was the microbes.  The microbes obeyed the commands of the people conducting the test – eradicating the rice that they hated and maintaining the container that was bestowed with human love.

Surprisingly, this is what microbes do – they naturally obey the commands of people.  And the more aware, tuned in and loving the person is, the faster and more powerfully the microbes will obey their commands.  Here is a portion of Chapter 9 of the book entitled, “Who Are We” by Vladimir Megre – a little 5-year-old girl is talking to her father about how she destroyed some missles:

“Eaten up?  What’s been eaten up?”
            “Those square projectiles.  They’re almost all eaten up.  As soon as they realized I couldn’t stand those projectiles, they got into action and began to eat them up very fast.”
            “Who are they?”
            “You know, the ‘little ones’.  They are everywhere around us and inside us.  They are good.  Kostia calls them bacteria, or micro-organisms, but I’ve got my own name for them, a better name – I call them my ‘little ones’, my ‘goodies’.  They like that name better.  I play with them sometimes.  People pay hardly any attention to them, but they always try to do good for everyone.  When Man is joyful – they feel good too from the joyful energy; when Man is angry or hurts something living – a lot of them perish.  Others rush in to replace them.  But sometimes the others don’t manage to replace the ones that have died – and Man’s body becomes ill.”
            “But you are here Dashenka.  And the projectiles are far away in various countries, hidden underground.  How is it possible for – well, those ‘little ones’ of yours in other lands – to find out so quickly about what you desire?”
            “You see, they tell everything to each other very fast along a chain, a lot faster than the electrons that run in your computer.”

And that last sentence introduces us to the Microbial Net.  This net of microbes spans the globe and is in everything underground, on the ground and above ground.  And these microbes are easily controllable by those people with pure childlike qualities described above for the New Humans.  Now perhaps we can understand more deeply the ancient exhortation to become as children.  Because if we become as children then we gain access to the power to use microbes to create heaven on Earth.




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  1. Excellent example of the power of our words. Have an illness or a pain? Visualize the tiny smiley microbes fixing the situation and use words of encouragement.

  2. Hey Zen,
    Thanks for linking to my article.
    And I also wanted to say thanks to those readers who left comments. We’re all in this together, and together – with the Loving Universe – we will succeed!

  3. I have heard of this process before in some research. I think what we are really talking about here are not so much “Sweeties”, but rather, “Elementals”.

    Yes, Elementals are very real, conscious (everything in the Universe is Conscious), and everywhere. They do respond to conscious intent / emotional energies – both positive and negative.

    That said, I think this could actually work wonders if many people knew how to properly communicate. I was advised to never “command” elementals to “perform” for you. You may get some unpleasant surprises; however, they apparently love co-creation and are quite receptive to loving requests.

    Perhaps it’s worth a try!

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