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The Lizard People of the NWO

[I like the fire here. This is some great stuff. And remember, just because someone doesn't think reptilian entities exist in some form or another, does NOT mean they don't. Keep an open mind. There are a LOT of influences floating around here on many planes of existence. For me, there is way too much evidence through the ages that they and an array of other entitles do exist. But as she says, these scenes will make you wonder - definitely a couple of good examples of negatively charged, seriously agendized creatures. Enjoy the clip. - Zen (Hat tip: Rollo)]

From video creator Betsy McGee: I’M NOT SAYING that lizard people exist, but I can understand why some people think they do…

Thanks as always to the great David Dees for sharing his talent and his great work with anyone trying to spread the truth (http://www.deesillustration.com).

BEFORE YOU COMMENT, know this: If you’re here with pancake theories, piledriver theories, naughty Muslim theories, or even just general nastiness, I will block you IMMEDIATELY. I will also delete your comment, so don’t spend too much time trying to be brilliant.

If you don’t like my videos, that is more than fine – I’m sure I wouldn’t like yours, either. Go watch the ones you DO like. No one can help you here.



      • * Ida…Believe it or Not/True Facts:…Male iguanas emit the same ‘carbon copy’ scent pheromones… as female humans release during menstruation…Hmmmmmmmmm?!?.
        …….So ladies….best to be informed if you’re ever around bears or iguanas, when nature cycles…lol

  1. I see Lizards everyday scurrying on the ground in front of me and crawling on the Palm Trees next to my deck. Our outside cat gets a few of them, but the lizards do eat a lot of bugs.

    The freakiest one was the guy sitting at a bar having a drink 10 feet from me – His head keep flashing back and forth from human to lizard like. He was not a nice person is all I can say.

    Lizard people exist – Their true form comes out when they are frustrated or angry. Tell them to Piss Off.

    • I had one morph before my eyes. I don’t drink or smoke. Sober 100% of the time.
      The question that is still unanswered is:why me? I am no threat and no one cares what I think.
      The person who morphed had a reason for their appearance that day, I still haven’t uncovered it.
      At the time, it frightened me and that also confused me, such a gut reaction. I dream of travelling the universe and meeting new entities, I must not have negative reactions like that. It is possible that others in the universe may not be human in appearance. I would not like to insult anyone and not have them insult me because I do not look like them. A dilemma for sure. Are there any loving lizard folks? Or are they all negative?

      • I’ve heard there’s a variety like with humans, but don’t know. You must have a proclivity for perception perhaps. Many have experienced that but they get hooted down of course.

  2. Same here Doc…I’ll just quote Alex’s most eloquent affirmation on this piece.


    • We need light hearts to soar. When you soar the eggs could be in danger. Maybe we should stick to floating. Humor is everything, or we would just go crazy.

  3. After all the humour above (which is good) and the obvious reluctance to comment either way by most – I will say clearly: I believe they or at least another species of sorts who ‘rule’ over us in secret certainly exist. No doubt in my mind. I don’t know any human beings in my personal life that could come even close to the terrible atrocities that have been committed throughout the ages by ‘who-knows-who” upon our fellow humans? An ‘emotion-less’ entity with no conscience so-to-speak, one who has manipulated us so cunningly that we have forgotten ‘who we truly are’, explains alot of the disorder and evil that has and still does infiltrate our lives on earth in general. To me, it explains hierarchical and fear-based religion, it explains rule by the few over the many, it explains wars, control, need for power, greed, racism, sexism…in fact all the damn political ‘isms’…It explains alot! Personally I believe in the inherent goodness of man, I know that our true power lies in love – why would we give that away so easily, knowing it is our strength & salvation, unless another ‘entity’ of sorts had interfered …….?

    • We gave it away because we are afraid of the terrorists. They are everywhere! They think for themselves! And they speak the truth. This must be stopped. The lizards use fear to control us mammals.

  4. Zen! I almost always stumble upon you in my travels on Rense. Brilliant. I’ve wondered the same things any more about “them”. I wonder, as my wife also how else can these freaks survive what will come from Fukishima as they keep the world’s attention diverted from forcing the complete abandonment of all things nuclear POWER oh! that’s their god. Corexit in Gulf, all planned by “them. Something to ponder. Regards!

  5. I don’t believe there are lizard people anymore. Just those who sold out to the dark side and are awarded richly in this life for it, and energized by it. Their souls have been utterly darkened, they have no more feeling in them. Also these people tend to start changing in behavior and appearance to the demons which inhabit them. Ever just look at some of these characters in government, Rothschild, Crowley… talk about just ugly deformed looking people.

  6. I suspect, for reasons I won’t describe here, that reptillians live under the Tibetan plateau. Would anyone like to join me in a documented expedition to find them?

    • Underground anyway, but there may be various ancient and modern, artifical and natural entrances to their realm. I may know of one in Northern Australia.

    • Dear friend I believe you do not need to travel to the Tibetan plateau to find lizards. If Washington D. C. is closer to you and less expensive for you, I believe you will find what you are looking for there. Good luck to you!

  7. I agree, Shelley. Maybe it’s because I have read a lot of David Icke’s work. From a historical perspective, it makes perfect sense with so many depictions of reptilian “Gods”, many of whom ‘impregnated’ human females. Also there are representations of seemingly advanced technology in supposedly primitive cultures of ancient times (e.g., spaceships in Pyramids). The most incredible example that really struck me was the ancient Genetic Disk with the phases of fertilization and fetal development from Colombia dating from 6 thousand years ago (obviously prior to the invention of the microscope).

    Also Betsy mentions Darwin in the video – in my former life I taught 8th grade in a government school, and was tasked with teaching the Theory of Evolution. It probably should have been more rightly termed the Darwin’s Religious Dogma of Evolution, because even though it made no mathematical or logical sense, it was taught as absolute law. I believe the reason for this was multifaceted: 1) to provide justification for oppressing others a.k.a. social darwinism; 2) to provide cover for the real mechanism of our impossibly rapid ‘evolution’: genetic manipulation or engineering by a technologically advanced (presumably reptilian) race; and 3) to deny humans their divine consciousness by telling the dirty lie that we were created through random deleterious mutations (never mind that mathematically there wasn’t enough time in the whole lifespan of the Earth, let alone during a miniscule 4 million year period). Instead of divine beings of Light and Love, we became a random mistake that would eventually parasitize the Earth. There we go – another reason to teach Evolution – if we are nothing more than a parasitic mistake, then it’s fine to kill most of us off, or at least the ones who are the least fit (i.e., not elite)!

    • Basically, the gov’t tale about how/why the towers collapsed;namely that the weight of the building above the impact zone of each building, once weakened, cause the catastrophic failure/collapse – pancake collapse. Ever see a stack of pancakes on your breakfast plate? Each one ‘stacked’ on top of the other?

      Of course, as usual, just a few tiny problems with that theory – impossible as it violates the very fundamental laws of physics (see AE911 Truth if you want more technical information/explanation).

      As it relates to ‘pancakes’ – did you see any pancaked floors (one stacked on top of the other and the other and…) at ground zero (like we have seen with other building collapses following earthquakes, as an example)? Nope, no floors to be seen. No floors, no concrete, no reinforcing steel, no galvanized steel pans, no nothing. The buildings were beyond massive, then a few seconds later – poof all gone. Not possible if they pancaked as in a strictly structural failure.

      By the way, a ‘piledriver theory’ simply relates back to a similar description. Technically speaking, basically means that when engineers/contractors design/drive piles (long, slender high-capacity deep foundation elements) into the ground (used to support heavy/tall buildings, structures, etc), they do so using equipment that pounds the top of the pile over and over, driving it into the ground with tremendous force. Relate it back to the pancake theory – a large weight (the top of the building) ‘pounding’ the rest of the building into the ground, or into itself as it collapses.

      Just more big, fantastic lies on top of the original big lie. Funny enough, some average Joe knew “exactly” what happened, technically speaking (per the officlal story), as soon as it happened. Betsy has it in her videos, but search the web for the full act: “9/11 Eyewitness – FOX Freelancer Harley Guy Mark Walsh”.

      Yeah, he knew all about the “pancake collapse”. Engineer, architect? Nope, Mark was just an average Joe who knew much more that the average Joe should have in mere hours (or years for that matter). Cool, calm and collected. No script here.

      A few days, weeks, months after 9/11 no one would pick up on Mark’s magnificent performance. Years later, well, that’s a different story . . .

      • Tells all about the “suggestibility” of the current “mind”, if it even is that any more. Programming is a piece of cake, and they are celebrating that sick reality….BUT…we’re waking up…

      • Slightly off topic but in regards to 9/11 above, most of the common ‘logical’ theories put forward by so called independent engineers (ie thermite) are another example of a control system within a control system. In other words, a second dish served up for those who couldn’t stomach the official version. Most analysis overlooks a basic question – Where did the towers go? The rubble should have piled up to around 40 stories high… Watch Dr Judy Wood’s lecture on youtube if you are interested.

  8. Of course, none other than Jesus called the Jews “the children of the serpent”, later modified to be the children of Satan, not quite so “anti-Semitic.” That, along with the word “vipers”, also used to describe the Jews.

    Sounds pretty Reptilian, to me. Now, if we can only get so-called “Christians” to actually LISTEN to the guy they claim to follow…….. we might bring these creatures to justice.

    Great website, BTW.

  9. I don’t believe in the reptile theory either however, if it turned out to be true I don’t think I would be surprised. I respect David Icke, I think he has done a lot of good and important work, but I still need more proof on the lizard people.

  10. I Understand anyone who thinks they exist , just due to the fact that SOMEONE or SOMETHING has to be behind all these atrocities throughout history. Man can be pretty nasty , but the degree of barbarity over the years that man has been on earth smacks of a Malevelant evil beyond mans ability. People who are thinking THIS WORLD is the hereall are the ones that are insane.The Veil is coming down…

  11. The human is made up of 12 humanoid & 1 reptilian genetics. This is why we have a reptlilian brain stem & skin that peels. These global elite simply have MORE reptilian genetics…to the point of shapeshifting. This comes about as cold blood genetics are not compatible with warm blood…at a certain point you must have one or the other.

  12. The tables are turning on these perverted creeps. Their lies are being exposed and they are now becoming a laughing stock – we are entering into a danger period, they didn’t get to bomb Syria and these people are like spoiled brats, their tantrums will reverberate through the whole planet except this time the whole planet will be watching them and nothing but nothing they can do will remain unseen. Their actions are actually assisting the awakening, and that’s the most ironic part about it.

  13. Our brains can be dissected into three distinct evolutionary steps, the reptilian brain, the limbic brain, and the neocortex brain, home of the homo-sapiens. The reptilian brain is the oldest part of our brain. I’m sure many of you know this and like I assumed the primitive reptilian brain handles primarily the autonomic functions of the body. But, then it dawned on me, what if the reptilian brain in its original state had all the functionality of which the neocortex has today, thereby the reptilian brain had conscious self recognition. At the time of its evolution as the first step to the current human brain it was required to be aware of its surrounding, it was more than the autonomic brain, it was the whole brain and had a consciousness, one driven by survival above all means. I think the people we see as possible reptiles in human disguise are humans who have a consciousness that connects the current neocortex directly to our innate reptilian consciousness, by passing any connection to the limbic brain, depraving their logic of compassion and empathy in order to fulfill the requirements of the reptilian mind in our brain to survive at all cost. People like that are human; only for them it is like having a generator and light bulb, but no wire to connect the two.

  14. I was surprised to read, (paraphrasing from memory). ‘ If you don’t like my videos, that is more than fine. I’m sure I wouldn’t like yours either.’. What is that? Seems like something a child would say that is being defensive which usually arises out of pain and/or sadness. I’m not trying to be rude. I’m sharing my experience. I do not know you or your website. I was excited to see Zen Gardener, great name. But what I read threw me. As a science/logic based person a comment like that pushed me away. Maybe what I saw I took out of context. Maybe the name isjust a name and not a practice or a path. Again, no offense, just an observation and feedback.I wish you well, Jon

    • Hi Jon. Just my 2 cents: I hear what you are saying. I’ve reacted similarly to things like this. I believe it is because we have been so very well trained by our uber-wealthy controllers to react negatively to each other, a la divide and conquer, versus to those who rule over us.

      Interestingly, David Icke and Gerald Celente have had interesting comments on this regarding the use of language; people would villify them for using swear words in their blogs/ videos, yet these same people won’t hold the tyrants accountable for destroying their lives and the planet we all live on. If the scales were truly balanced, in a sane world, if people reacted so negatively to swear words, one would think we would have been rioting by the hundreds of millions in the streets to counter the true evil in this world. But no….Think about that paradox. More divide and conquer.

      In this upside down world, we’ve been trained to apologize for being right, back-peddle for using logic, and runaway from truth. What I see Betsy doing is being “aggressive” and non-apologetic and I personally love it. But yes, in the old frame of mind, initially it comes off a bit odd, as we’re not used to seeing many people speak truth unapologetically. Even if she countered a bit heavy, look at the overall message and her witty, intelligent remarks in the videos she has created. It’s refreshing to see someone on youtube who is so witty, articulate and intelligent.

      All the best~

  15. I know all bout REPTILIANS. Lindsey Graham is one for sure. You can be sure those who call for more bombs and plenty more war are warlike reptilians playing the game they love most. Pelosi is a reptoid with rapid eye blink blink and a lick of the lips every now and than.

    Repticlous creatures are magnetic sexualy.

  16. If someone is sure they are seeing a reptilian or ET, what they are seeing is a demon. These people are demon possessed. It is a battle between God and Satan. In the end, God will win, and yes, we will be without the very people that has caused humanity much grief and pain. Those who appear to rule the world are Satanists.

    • Annon ,read your Bible :) Satan , challenger or Ha Satan the challenger is a force used by the Universe or God to allow you to make decisions about right / wrong / good over evil enough of a challenge to make it a meaningful choice . This is not an opposing force for you but one which allows you to move forward in your spiritual quest or journey . Please don’t buy into this fundamental control mechanism , you are worth so much more than this , and deserve like all of us to be free and equal with the Universe xxxxKitty xxxx

  17. Her videos on the connection between 9/11, the Rockefellers, and the fiat currency are truly thought-provoking and, if indeed true, beyond this world. It’s the old dot connecting thing – one alone – nothing to see here, move right along. Two, hmmm….. This many, seriously – wow.

    Think these videos of hers are truly hidden gems.


      • I remember hearing someone(s), somewhere (WhatReallyHappened.com?) theorizing that the towers were built to collapse, i.e. with explosives built in during construction. Think one theory was that the metal pans that the concrete of each floor was poured into were coated/painted (the underside) with some type of thermetic paint, which could easily have been “designed” into the building as rust-proofing, fire-proofing, etc. without anyone questioning it as it was/is a standard construction technique.

        At first glance, this seems incredible and impossible. But think about it again with an open mind after watching her videos. If all of that were true, then . . . If one proceeds down the rabbit hole, one obvious question might be technology – the buildings were designed in the 60′s. Of course, we all know how our friends have had technology that is centuries beyond what is claimed. So…. just a thought.

        It’s certainly possible and would explain how incredibly symmetrical and similar both collapses were, both from one tower to one another and from the top to the bottom of each tower. Just sayin’. Either way, it was explosive and was not this beyond ridiculous explanation of fires, weakened structural members postulated by our benevolent rulers.

        On this note, one final thought. For those still grappling with explaining to those who won’t listen how it is 100% impossible that those towers collapsed the way we were told, here’s a new one for you: Ask your fellow human being how it is possible that two towers that were impacted with two completely different sized aircraft, having completely different weights, and carrying completely different levels of fuel, impacting completely different areas of each building, at completely different heights (remember therefore the weight above each impact zone was completely different), at completely different impact angles (therefore impacting completely different structural members) at completely different impact speeds somehow, super-magically resulted in these two buildings collapsing in the EXACT SAME MANNER, and in the SAME COLLAPSE SPEED/TIME (yeah – plus or minus 1-2 seconds for buildings 1/4 mile high is the same time) through the path of most resistance.

        So, explanation please? I know, I know, you’ll get back to me on that one….I’ll be waiting.

        • Good point…and how about the planes just cutting into the building like they were paper – those were steel exoskeletons – they should have had all kinds of stuff crumple and bounce off those things – went thru like hot knife in butter.

          • Yup. Frank DeMartini said it in early 2001. Any impact by an airliner would be akin to, in his words, puncturing a screen door with a pencil. Upon impact, any columns or supporting structural elements that might have even possibly been structurally compromised, the load they were caryying would be immediately upon impact redestributed to other structural members of the building. Those buildings were so overdesigned it was unreal.

            As he went on to say, they could have sustained multiple airliner impacts and remained standing. And that’s why they did not collapse upon impact. Same as in 1993 – after that massive bomb took out a significant number of supporting elements, the load simply got redistributed to other unaffected structural elements. No collapse.

            Oh, and fire – yeah, quite a few buildings throughout the world that were literal towering infernos – burning for dozens of hours, engulfed in flames (unlike the towers where the fires were all but completely burned out before the collapse). Did ANY of them collapse. Nope. Search the web and you will never come up with any modern high rise building that collapsed from fire – no matter how hot nor how long it burned. And how many hours did the towers burn for before collapsing? Yup…..

            Please, someone bring me back to the 17th or 18th or even 19th century when intelligent people roamed the earth. My god, how did we get here? Oh wait, I know….

            Frank deMartini (RIP):

          • Yes. Nothing makes sense, nor should it because it’s all lies.

            and ps, I want to clarify my comment above about ‘intelligent’ people. It’s my belief we are all massively intelligent, but we have been so dumb-downed, poisoned, and destroyed with mis and false education thorughout the last few centuries it’s almost beyond belief. Ironic isn’t it that the same family that brought us those towers that were designed to one day come down, were the same ones largely responsible for a simlar implosion – of our education system, and minds.

            Breaks my heart, just thinking of this, and what this world could have been if we had been left alone to brilliantly create a magnificent world as we were always intended to. Just think about what we could have created… well, now it’s time isn’t it? Ok, just had to get that out, I’ve commented enough on this thread now…

  18. there is a possibility of their existence and that is all that can be said about it as there isn’t any definite answer to the question.The only other thought is that the universe is possibly very old and with reptiles possibly being here near it’s creation that some may have survived and just be as old making them quite advanced.

    • “that is all that can be said about it as there isn’t any definite answer to the question”….danger Will Robinson…that’s according to your understanding and experience. Never diss other peoples’ realms of experience just because it doesn’t intersect with yours……………….yet!

  19. apologies if it came across as a diss ,that was not the intention ,enjoy reading the writings on here and that is all that will be occurring from now on ,first time replier and last reply until there is more understanding

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