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The Manufactured Singularity: Human Obsolescence


by Zen Gardner

The so-called elites, the psychopathic power mad robber barons, have gone to great lengths to prepare for some catastrophe. The existence of underground facilities has been known for decades. They’ve bragged openly about one of their seed vaults in Norway, as well as their massive underground storage facilities in the US where the mega wealthy store their valuable art and possessions, and corporate and government interests store their archives and valuable assets.

Drivers delivering goods to these installations have even filmed them. Search DUMBs or Deep Underground Military Bases and you’ll get an eyeful if this is news to you.

The long known NORAD military facility buried in the mountains of Colorado and the Weather Mountain facility outside of Washington DC are but small tips of a massive iceberg of a vast underground network.

The question is, what are they preparing for?


Reason 1: Man Made Disasters

The original explanation the public is given is to protect the continuity of government and its infrastructure in the case of all out nuclear war. We’ve been indoctrinated with this basic fallout shelter idea since the first atomic bombs were mercilessly dropped on the innocents in Hiroshima and then incomprehensibly on a second city, Nagasaki.

Hard to believe we live in a world capable of such barbarism. And those who perpetrated this atrocity were written into history as the good guys, saving the world from peril after peril unto this very day we’re witnessing as the script plays out.

But soon after the first “peace bringing” atomic bombing, it was the Russians we were to be afraid of whose ICBMs on parade streamed across our TV sets as Russian soldiers goose stepped behind. Surely these were the devils of the world we needed to fear.


War and More War – Bring On 9/11

You might have noticed the tactic remains the same, just the enemy shifts to keep the ball rolling in the right direction. The Russian threat justified the massive military industrial complex that even Eisenhower warned Americans about as he left office. This also started the space program and its ultimate militarization.

In order to keep moving towards global hegemony these same power mad psychopaths actually scripted what needed to be done next and put it right under our noses with something called The Project for A New American Century. Here’s some excerpts from their 2000 “report” clearly outlining the true cause, people and real reasons behind 9/11:

In September of 2000, PNAC…issued its white paper on “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for the New Century.”  The PNAC report was quite frank about why the U.S. would want to move toward imperialist militarism, a Pax Americana, because with the Soviet Union out of the picture, now is the time most “conducive to American interests and ideals… The challenge of this coming century is to preserve and enhance this ‘American peace’.” And how to preserve and enhance the Pax Americana? The answer is to “fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major-theater wars.” (Source)

I’ll elaborate a little more on this since it’s such a key document, one of  many such documents that clearly state the objectives and agenda they’re now fulfilling. Be sure to read the chilling conclusion at the bottom.

Among the key conclusions of PNAC’s defense strategy document (Rebuilding America’s Defenses) were the following [4]:

  • “Develop and deploy global missile defenses to defend the American homeland and American allies, and to provide a secure basis for U.S. power projection around the world.”
  • “Control the new ‘international commons’ of space and ‘cyberspace,’ and pave the way for the creation of a new military service–U.S. Space Forces–with the mission of space control.”
  • “Increase defense spending, adding $15 billion to $20 billion to total defense spending annually.”
  • “Exploit the ‘revolution in military affairs‘ [transformation to high-tech, unmanned weaponry] to insure the long-term superiority of U.S. conventional forces.”
  • “Need to develop a new family of nuclear weapons designed to address new sets of military requirements” complaining that the U.S. has “virtually ceased development of safer and more effective nuclear weapons.”
  • “Facing up to the realities of multiple constabulary missions that will require a permanent allocation of U.S. forces.”
  • “America must defend its homeland” by “reconfiguring its nuclear force” and by missile defense systems that “counteract the effects of the proliferation of ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction.”
  • “Need for a larger U.S. security perimeter” and the U.S. “should seek to establish a network of ‘deployment bases’ or ‘forward operating bases’ to increase the reach of current and future forces,” citing the need to move beyond Western Europe and Northeast Asia to increased permanent military presence in Southeast Asia and “other regions of East Asia.” Necessary “to cope with the rise of China to great-power status.”
  • Redirecting the U.S. Air Force to move “toward a global first-strike force.”
  • End the Clinton administration‘s “devotion” to the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty.
  • North Korea, Iran, Iraq, or similar states [should not be allowed] to undermine American leadership, intimidate American allies, or threaten the American homeland itself.”
  • “Main military missions” necessary to “preserve Pax Americana” and a “unipolar 21st century” are the following: “secure and expand zones of democratic peace, deter rise of new great-power competitor, defend key regions (Europe, East Asia, Middle East), and exploit transformation of war.”

According to the PNAC report, “The American peace has proven itself peaceful, stable, and durable. Yet no moment in international politics can be frozen in time: even a global Pax Americana will not preserve itself.” To preserve this “American peace” through the 21st century, the PNAC report concludes that the global order “must have a secure foundation on unquestioned U.S. military preeminence.” The report struck a prescient note when it observed that “the process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event–like a new Pearl Harbor.” (emphasis mine) Source

There You Have It

Pretty blatant, wouldn’t you say? And they pulled it off. History, if the planet survives, will note that 9/11 was the lynchpin that led to a never before seen proliferation of hellish wars and the attempted establishment of a world wide draconic dystopian State under military, biological and technological controls never before seen on earth.

Notice in that list all the buzz words and issues that abound today. “Homeland protection” “global order” “control space and cyberspace” “North Korea, Iran and Iraq” “weapons of mass destruction” etc. Remember, this was issued BEFORE 9/11, as incredible as that may seem reading this “script” by this self appointed think tank.

The Orwellian reversals of truth just in that summary are almost beyond belief. “PAX (peace) Americana” to “secure and defend zones of democratic peace.” Right. And complaining that the US has “virtually ceased development of safer and more effective nuclear weapons.” Safer nuclear weapons? Deadly oxymoronic.

Everyone involved in this entire operation, the scheming and planning and its continued execution should be tried as traitors to nations and mankind, and for conspiracy to mass murder and collusion in the ongoing genocide and decimation of the planet.   They’ll meet their demise. Karma knows no rank in a fabricated power structure.


Hence, They Build DUMBs.  They Know War Is Imminent Because They’re Causing It

World War 3 is well under way. These many scattered fronts they designed and are now fighting on constitutes a world war. What’s confused the public is this terrorism meme. They really think it’s true. Well, it partly is. If there’s not enough mayhem and panic the PTBs unleash their lettered agencies and black ops forces to do something. A horrific bombing or some type of dramatic target to reinforce their story.

They’ve also so angered and riled up the populations they’re massacring that people do take action. They’ve seen their loved ones raped, strafed and bombed. Would you want to fight back? Trouble is, they’re just playing into the big picture they want the world to see.

And There’s More: As far as man made mass murder and destruction, they also have bioweapons to deploy, EMP weapons that can stop a civilization in its tracks , EMF weaponry anti-human and control useage, weather and earthquake weapons, and are massively poisoning our food, water and atmosphere at such a rate a man made global near extinction is easily possible.

So, with a nuclear war of some magnitude seemingly inevitable, and a host of other insane mechanisms at their disposal, they’ve built shelters for themselves and those they deem worthy to live.

That’s one reason.


Reason 2: Natural Disasters

We’re getting this one in our faces big time lately. Some of the media reports are true, and much of it is hyped up for a purpose.

The threat of earth changes is on the rise due to the galactic alignment we’re currently in, the solar maximum we’re experiencing and other influences from our electric universe that seem to be stepping up. The earth is also reportedly experiencing a continual expansion which when accelerated brings drastic changes in earth movement as well as movement in the iron magma core, affecting the magnetosphere and climate.

Again, all interacting with other influences, natural and unfortunately man made.

Talk of a pole shift due to these magnetic changes is constant. And with good reason. Geological evidence points to rapid shifts in the past that brought massive earth changes. With the earth so much more populated and built upon, such a shift would have catastrophic consequences. Especially with 80% of our population reportedly living on or near ocean shores.


The threat of planetary and other space bodies influencing and even hitting our planet is ever present. When you think about an entire belt of asteroids in our solar system in orbit between Mars and Jupiter just waiting to be knocked into motion like billiard balls getting hit with a cue ball from outer space you get the idea how tenuous our existence on earth really is.

Geologists believe some of these asteroid events were virtually extinction level in our distant past:

In 2009, geologists found that impact didn’t lead to mass extinction 65 million years ago.

Now a new study from the University of Colorado Boulder indicates that the Manhattan-sized asteroid that crashed into a region of Mexico in the dinosaur days could have triggered a global firestorm that would have burned every twig, bush and tree on Earth and led to the extinction of 80 percent of all Earth’s species.

The collision would have vaporized huge amounts of rock that were then blown high above Earth’s atmosphere, as the team – led by Douglas Robertson of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) showed using models.

The re-entering ejected material would have heated the upper atmosphere enough to glow red for several hours at roughly 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit — about the temperature of an oven broiler element — killing every living thing not sheltered underground or underwater. (Source)

Again, good reason to build underground bases if you have the means and manpower to do so. Although in many of these scenarios you wonder first if they’d survive any way, and second, do you really want to live underground?

These disaster scenarios are rife in Hollywood and sensational TV programs. You’ll soon understand why.


Reason 3: Man Made “Natural Disasters”

This brings in the insanity issue once again. The Globalists are trying to cover every possible angle in their maniacal drive to control earth and no doubt make it a base to conquer other planets. These types are driven by entities that think massively long term and have agendas that are inconceivable to most humans.

In progress right now is a gargantuan geoengineering program with multiple purposes. After decades of spraying metallic and otherwise particulates in our atmosphere, black budget psychopaths are actually able to steer the earth’s weather via manipulating the jet stream and other eddies in our weather patterns toward their devised purpose as facilities like HAARP infuse massive electromagnetic pulses into the now metallic mush that we call our sky.

The result? As the atmosphere crumbles from the breakdown in natural cycles, the breakdown in the ozone layer and other effects from the metallic haze is also precipitating the release of massive amounts of methane from the ocean floor.


Geoengineering is the “elephant in the room” that is completely ignored or outright denied by nearly all climate change/environmental groups and organizations. It is of course a given that all governmental organizations deny the glaring reality of the ongoing geoengineering programs. This is in spite of the fact that the very same agencies and administration officials are actively proposing global geoengineering programs be implemented immediately, again, as if they have not long since been fully deployed.

Atmospheric saturation with geoengineering nano particles, and the ever more apparent jet stream manipulation with ionosphere heater facilities like HAARP, are literally decimating Earth’s life sustaining systems. (more at GeoengineeringWatch.org)

Plasma Weapons and Man Made Asteroids

The space weapons program has been going at breakneck speed for decades. No, we’re not told what they’re doing, just smatterings of older technology and other token spin offs compared to what they’re really up to. Like the rest of the massive amounts of sequestered information, it’s a matter of “national security”.


The star wars program was not discontinued, contrary to what we were told. Space based weaponry apparently now includes plasma weapons that can shoot balls of energy at a target. Many colored “asteroids” have been seen around the planet, slightly reported by the press. What’s weird is many of these never land. Many are even silent. Test shots?

The asteroid “threat” is what Carol Rosin was told by her rocket scientist boss Wernher von Braun to be the next to last false enemy to keep justifying the weaponization of space..and of course the rest of their insane agenda. See this from a talk Carol Rosin gave:

The strategy that Wernher Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told that they had “killer satellites”. We were told that they were coming to get us and control us — that they were “Commies.”

Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a lot about terrorism. Then we were going to identify third-world country “crazies.” We now call them Nations of Concern. But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons.

The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. Asteroids-against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons.

And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare.

And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card.

“And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.” (Source)

So again, whether they shoot them at us to scare us, or they’re real, might be nice to have a fully equipped and supplied deep underground bunker.


Endgame – An Engineered Singularity

The term singularity has a few meanings, one of which is the takeover of humanity by artificial intelligence. I find that a very clever manipulation in that it implies an inescapable, unavoidable move into a fully non human technologically controlled world grid. How convenient.

There will come a day when technology and biology will become so intrinsically linked that we will no longer be able to function in society without the aid of synthetic enhancement. This ‘step forward’ in evolution has been coined ‘The Singularity’. This is the pioneering vision by Raymond Kurzweil, inventor, author and futurist. The main tenet of Kurzeweil’s theory is while technology is increasing exponentially, biology only increases incrementally. With the ever-increasing symbiosis with technology, in a few decades it will not be possible physically to keep up with the demands of technology without incorporating nanotechnology and synthetic bioenhancement into our bodies. (Source)

The move into transhumanism has been accelerating until we’re now virtually already living in a Skynet scenario as portrayed in the Terminator movie. One only has to look at drone technology and its rapid deployment, or DAARP’s robot soldier plans to know this is true, never mind the Orwellian surveillance grid. The use of chip implants is already in progress.

All that awaits is to make it all mandatory under a total police state umbrella.

The other definition of singularity, its original sense before the term was hijacked by social engineers, has to do with such a rapid increase in knowledge and information that mankind takes a huge evolutionary step and moves into a type of other dimensional understanding and reality. A massive change in consciousness.

In other words, a good and profoundly empowering change.


Do the dark entities and their minions know this and are trying to head it off at the pass with their orchestrated attempts to engineer their own singularity? One in which humankind is drastically reduced in numbers and absolutely subjugated?  Does this also explain our deliberately toxified environment to try to thwart our awakening and thus empowerment by dumbing down and attempting to biologically and electronically control our bodies and minds?

Is all this leading to a massive depopulation program leaving them in charge of a transhuman drone like slave labor force working at their beck and call?

You be the judge. But don’t wait too long to decide. If it’s true the plan is not just at your doorstep, it’s in your living room, your car, your TV, your refrigerator.

Time to make up your mind and act accordingly.

Epilogue – Choose Your World

This isn’t to instill fear in anyone. These events are unfolding before our eyes and we need to acknowledge them and understand their significance and where they are taking us and our loved ones. Having natural challenges is part of natural living. Having engineered challenges due to the greed and Machiavellian designs of a few is another thing.

We must see this for what it is and take action in whatever way each of us is called. We cannot go on “business as usual” in the face of such dire threats and manipulation. Knowing and understanding our real enemy is paramount, as distressing as it may seem.

Would you rather be warned about an approaching tornado, or would that be an inconvenience to your way of life?  If you lived in tornado alley would you build a bunker to save your family?

These entities did. They know what’s coming because if it doesn’t come naturally before they get to execute their plan, they’re gonna make sure it happens. And they have a place to flee.

Unless Universe turns them on their heads before they get there. Or maybe once they’re nicely sealed in what turn out to be tombs of their own making.


But so what? That just shows their fear based mentality. It’s not ours, although we should take whatever precautions are reasonable. Most of all we need to stay conscious and operating in the new cosmic realm. Learning the language of the heart, transmitting empowerment, love and kindness wherever we can.

That transmission and conscious awareness can take many forms. Activism as you’re called to do so, sharing information at the least. It may mean picking up from where you are and moving to a safer location. It may not. But we can’t ignore the voices and nudges that synchronicity is throwing at us.

That is our number one job – get the message being given us and acting on it.

Therein lies the revolution of the Spirit.

Love always, Zen

[Hat tip: Edna at Earth-Heal..tx for the spark!]



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  1. Eureka Great post!
    Dumb dumbdumd duuuuuuuuuumb! Peg that one spot Mr sun shine.. BIN “US Plans To Intervene In Korea, 90,000 Soldiers In 56 Days; North Korea Readies Missiles” hummmm

  2. I used to worry about all those DUMB’s until one day It hit me that once they all scurry for their hidy-holes, all we have to do is seal them in. Problem solved.

    • Always wondered if the inner earth reptilians are gonna have the last word with these dupes and invite them to a big barbecue down there. Having someone for dinner takes a whole new twist… 😉

      • Something none of us are currently aware of, or even conscious of might be just around the corner~something unexpected even by the slime lords we love to hate, the black swan…yup a barbeque sounds appropriate. Iguana, done to a turn!

        • Had a dream two nights ago – it was my last dream before I awoke. I don’t remember a lot of the dream, but two “guys” were doing CPR on a young Natalie Portman. When I woke up, the words “Black Swan” were repeated over and over in my head. It was strange – I don’t know what to make of this dream, but I suspect a black swan is near.

      • lights dim…last act…scene 666…camera pans out….revealing a long line of “elites” making their way into the ‘banquet hall’. Mood is jovial until someone begins to scream……It’s a Cook Book !
        It’s a Cook Book !…….lol

        • LOL! “It’s what’s for dinner!” “The secret’s in the sauce!” Oh so many apt commercial lines they’ve dished out to us..they could be playing over the underground PA system. “Now THAT’s a spicy meat-a-ball!” “The other white meat..” and on. It’s not just payback, it’s playback time!

          • lol sorry Zen; I just couldn’t resist a little Twilight Zone humor. So when the elites start scrambling off the line and are trying to find the exit doors… ya think…the reptiles will be screaming….”Where’s the Beef”?….

          • 😉 and “what’s the hurry?” and “where ya goin, fat boy? Forget about the war you started up top?” “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” 😉 Karma do bite down hard when it’s time…

    • That would be the ultimate reverse prank! haha… just pretend the whole time to go along with their charade and at the the precise moment they really think they got us, just seal them up for good :-)

    • The DUMBS and the Dumber. Keep a watchful eye on the gathering storm inside the military…lots of shuffling going on. Like it hit Chaut…same here…in their hidy holes. First class tickets will gain admittance, the sorting out has been done for the coup…tidy situation for elimination. A coup topside would be pretty messy in my book. DUmBs would make excellent de-lousing showers.

  3. WOW Zen, you are on a Roll light-soul! You are glowing hotter more every day, I am feeling your warmth from here; boy that’s true love! Transparent clear and to the point, typical Zen way! Truly awesome disclosure of truth, really. Chautauqua’s post yesterday (Archons) is the force behind these master evil idiots of our race (kinda hybrids really). The irony here is Archons prey on us for our souls/bodies, these monsters ricking havoc on us (NOW gang) made a pack with the Dark to gain control of us through shared Technologies/wisdom, and share living spaces in the DUMB’s with their masters. Once they are having their “POW-WOW” many miles down, the Dark will snack on them like a bunch of wolves on a sheep, and it ain’t gonna be just their souls either! Henry-boy (Satan’s right-hand man) and his choir (including their families), will get what they been wishing for us 10 times worse. Phil Schneider and so many more have exposed their end game time and again. This post is not about fear and doom, it’s exactly the opposite! Zen thanks you as always for righting this digested-disclosure post.

  4. TPTB are no match for spiritually aware human beings.
    I know that I have been here[ before [maybe it was Mars] at a time similar to this. Religion tells us that Michael and his angels prevailed against the dragon, But it was LIE. We lost the last war in heaven against the Archons.
    This is a repeating programme, so we’re here again, and against all odds we are going to win this time.

    As far as natural disasters go, look up Luther Burbank and how his greenhouses were protected from earthquake damage. Two years ago a tornado came through the south gate of our sundance ground and out through the north. Every camp was flattened, and there was considerable damage to the arbor, but the gates with their prayer flags and our sacred tree with its prayer flags was not harmed.
    I thought about what had happened for a long time, because by rights, those liitle strips of coloured cotton should have been ripped off and blown away. I have come to the conclusion that we were given a sign.
    The sundance ground is a circle and there are four gates, one in each direction, with the tree in the middle it creates a four sided pyramid, one going up and its opposite, one going down. We have the platonic solid of Air, the fourth estate: the Heartfield. Eight faces and six point =14 = 5, the number of mankind.
    Twelve years of good people praying together, plus the geometric created a fourth dimensional vehicle and it protected us.
    I have octahedral grids all along the river, we’ll see how it goes.

    These left brained people are really stupid, they have forgotten the elemental world. I Titan! They exist folks and they are super pissed. Watch out TPTB.
    Keep in the Heart and spread the word.

    One Love528hz

    • OH my goodness Elva ! Funny you should mention the ‘elementals’ ! I’ve been having dreams about them for 2 months now; intense ones too. Been writing them down because they have been communicating with me and telling me things and I can’t figure out why they’ve picked me to talk to.

      These dreams began right before the Aurora shootings…then they subsided…now they’re back again.
      …and yes…the ‘elementals’ are very very upset ! I was shown a place like a dungeon in England where some are being kept and tortured ! I thought this place might be under Windsor Castle but I’m not sure. England has so many castles it could be any one of them. But in one dream; what made me think it was Windsor Castle was the fact that a secret meeting was going on with the ‘elites’ and of course her queenness was present…I couldn’t see the rest of them (who were present). There is a lot more but
      I won’t take up Zen’s blog here. I do know that elementals will be contacting more and more of us hue-mans of the light and yes they are gathering and they are upset.
      Thank you for talking about this here and confirming things for me.
      Love and Hugs to you

        • Thanx Zen. That could be the place. I didn’t see it from the outside. I was just transported directly to the underground chambers and dungeon ( I know that sounds crazy). Everything wasn’t revealed to me; but I do know that killing off or trying to kill off the elementals is the first step (well one of many many besides chemtrails and killing the quality of our air and blocking our sun etal..)…but it’s part of their steps to transform Gaia into an inorganic dead zone…or dead rock.

          I’m not certain why; but for some odd reason the Aurora shooting incident is some how tied into this (my first dream and visit by this elemental) and it set something off. Maybe that’s what I was witnessing? Them planning it? I don’t know. All I do get from what these dreams and messages give me is that they are hell bent on destroying not just us…but Gaia.

          I sound brave here when I say…”Hell no ! Not on my watch”… I am really not that brave but I do feel that in my ‘heart’…so I guess if push came to shove…I would stand up. Meeting this elemental did change something deep inside of me. One never knows the courage one harbors in them until the ‘call’ comes. If and when that day ever comes….We’ll all stand up and do the best we can for ourselves and for Gaia….of that…. I’m sure.
          love and hugs

          • So much is high sorcery beyond our experience, knowledge and understanding that we can’t fully comprehend it. But we can know that it exists.
            Stay in the safe zone and trust you’re being understood and protected is my best advice.

        • While I just read this blog it is realllllllllllllly thundering loudly and lots of lightning above my home must be an omen…hmmmmmmmmmmm Great post Z, brilliant you put it all together the way you did…nice read, I didnt need a dictionary,,,getting better:)) I like the nudge part, people should always listen to those….like Yoda says, fear not, go with the force….

    • yes elva!
      the power of creation by the heart exceeds the head´s creatures.
      the elementals are with us in our efforts to heal and harmonize.
      they are sooo thankful and pleased by someone caring about the natural realm, be it collecting trash, recognition by direct communication, thankfulness, singing with the birds and for the plants, little sacrifices or whatever. this also may be a reason why they are so under attack.
      a lot of deseases and havoc is caused by us and created by them who are -as you nicely said- superpissed by ignorance and destructive ways of the socalled civilisation, which actually equals organized barbarism. get in touch with them and your garden will flourish, you find your ways and nourishment in the wilderness and you get direct help and wisdom.
      everybody knows Findhorn.

    • Elva~If you haven’t already seen it, check out “the Human History Movie” from Spirit Science (YouTube channel) It might fill in some gaps in the memory banks. I could see the sundance grounds so well from your description, I felt like a witness instead of a reader. I always thought that by this time we’d all be living in places like findhorn…guess we gotta take out the trash before rebuilding paradise.~Blessings.

  5. *sigh* I’m a little tired of my emotional roller coaster. Crap! In the last hour, I’ve gone from jubilant to crushed.Hah!

    • Hi Zen,
      I am running a Findhorn experiment in my garden this year. A lot of the hunt saboteurs used to go up to Scotland and help out, but when the management started putting slug pellets in the garden, my friends all left. The experiment with the elementals was only to last for seven years, then the Great God Pan departed. Back in the eighties I was doing a talk at a very posh joint in Winchester [england] on Man’s Relationship to the Animal Kingdom. There were a lot of bloodsports supporters there and they tried to give me a hard time. After it was all over, Eilleen Caddy came over to me and told me a strange thing. She said while I was verbally sledgehammering my opponents, she had seen an indian chief in a double trailer war bonnet standing behind me. I have to be honest, I didn’t know what to make of it.

      After that, my life fell apart and two years later, I was living without electricity and water on Rosebud Indian Reservation with a traditional Lakota night cult singer. I have thought about what Eilleen told me that day many times. It was pre-destined for me to come here to America. As a result, I have had some great teachers. Norbert Running, Diane Crow Dog, Leonard Crow Dog, and my adopted father was Lorenzo Eagle Road, the last great spirit caller on this rez.
      I have a lot of information about elementals, their colours, their tones and their geometrics. back in 2003, I was diagnosed with cancer. I went on the P.H. Miracle, raw and green and it saved my life. I also repatterned myself using tuning forks and I had an elemental attach to me. I understand that every human being has eight elementals that deal with the five sense reality.

      I have a beautiful photo of our sundance tree with the prayer ties, taken after the four day dance, which I will send you. The caption reads: The Sacred Tree Still Lives. There is a saying from Black Elk with it and it is very beautiful. It would make a great tribute to Splits the Sky. Where do I send it?

      One Love528hz

  6. This is the ultimate and final test for humanity prior before ascension. Whether we’ll pass or fail depend on how unity ( we stand ) and divided ( we fall ) we all are.

  7. P. S. Other races in the universe ( eg. the brotherhood of light, pleaidian.) encounter similar test too before move up to advance civilization. Supreme evil is introduced to facilitate the growth of our consciousness, without it freewill is not possible. Realize the problem ( you just told us ) and know the solution ( I don’t know yet, please tell me zen ) :-)

  8. An amazing post, and I say that as one who has long been aware of what is going on. The detail here makes this far more convincing that most efforts to raise awareness I have seen.

    I’ll be linking to it from everywhere I can.

    • Tx Ed. Yes, this one has legs. I knew it as it was coming out. I could have made it a link fest to further substantiate a lot of other details but hopefully it’ll make people hungry to dig for more. In the attention deficit world we live in it has to hit hard and fast and I try not to go on too long, but this thing had a mind of its own, ha! Thanks for the encouraging comment. All the best, keep on keeping on!! – Z

  9. “And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

    And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:..”

  10. This odd experience occurred this morning. I woke from a sound sleep at 3:40 am unable to go back to sleep. Got up, made a pot of coffee and opened the patio door to let some cool fresh air in leaving the vertical levalor type blinds closed. As I sat with my cup reading “Archons and Chemtrails for the 3rd time I heard footsteps on the concrete walkway outside that runs through the apartment complex. I equated the sound to a woman in high heels, kind of a clicking like they were tap shoes . As the sound of the steps grew fainter I couldn’t hold back my curiosity and peered through the blinds. Near one of the lampposts close to the parking lot 200’ away I saw a tall thin figure that looked like a male. Felt the neck hairs stand up. The figure stood for a minute then went left out of sight. At light I went out and stood by the lamppost to get a feel for this guys height. I’d estimate 7’ and he couldn’t have been over 150 pounds. Any thoughts as to what the hell it was?

    • Of course…same ones you had… 😉 There’s gonna be a lot of weirdness, there’s like tears in the fabric and we’re seeing more and more of this stuff. I call them shadow people, you see them occasionally out of the corner of your eye, just a fleeting look…but that was pretty freaky! Keep your camera handy. It was trying to intimidate you. Be sure to never fear them, they feed on that…you can get help from Universe various ways…look into it. Be sure to cleanse yourself and premises regularly, whatever discipline or form of assertion or prayer you use. Always in complete knowing they can’t harm you. They just try to rattle us and distract us. They’re a lower life form. Shoo them like flies with absolute authority.

    • My mum has deal with them many times, she’s a medium and people often contact her for help. She’s now a bit old and doesn’t do tht so much but yeah, as Zen told you, those entities are called “shadow people” although they go with many different names. Do not fear them, but make sure you have your house “cleaned” (not talking about the floor, furniture and windows) and aired, and if you are scared or dell their presence around too often, elevate your thoughts to the cosmos, there are many beings in the light that are happy to help us in those situations.

  11. I’ve been printing the articles like these posted by Zen and whatever else I feel may open other people up who may not come across these ideas normally , then leaving them at a ‘free library’ where people leave/take books from .

  12. Thank you, dear Zen. This was a most timely post. I have been watching and praying and meditating for years about the insanity of human actions on this beautiful Earth. My prayer has been “May the Heart of Mankind be opened. May Humanity remember who we really are.” We are Divine Beings. Eternal Souls of the Universe. Any yet, alas, the evidence points to mass amnesia. Zen, we have been here before. Collectively as human beings. And here we are again, at the cross roads.. Guidance tells me to hold to the Light. Be Compassionate. Be Loving. Be rooted in Truth. We are not alone. We are the Living Beings of Love and Light. It is our task to live this. Now. And support and nourish all that is true in this time and place. Expand your light. Do not feed the darkness.

  13. Many thanks to you Zen. Brilliantly Poignant Article! I will share. Lock the Wicked Ones in the burial chambers of their own construct with the scaly beasts they worship lol fantastic.

  14. As far as Elementals I would like to share an encounter I experienced. I was doing battle, I believe on the Eastern Front, the sky a dark grey. My company and I fought through the rubble of a European city and when overrun by multitudes of advancing foes took shelter within a bombed out building. I recall standing on a grand piano that was covered in a dusty cloth sheet. My companions and I retreated to the basement of the building, I behind a dry bar. The enemy again overran us. We fired our last rounds and those of us left standing took flight in separate directions. I opened an old wooden door leading to the buildings foundation, a dirt floor and a man hole covered with rotted two by fours lay before me as a putrid stale musty air filled my nostrills. I jumped crashing through the two by fours to the ground some eight to ten feet below. I found myself in the middle of a tunnel, before me a beautiful feminine light entity in white robes and behind me reptilian dinosaur creatures. I walked toward the light and she greated me. She spoke words to me I don’t remember what they were, but they mattered. She gifted I with great powers of light. From my hands I could now shoot devastating orbs and beams of energy. I sprinted toward the reptiles , fired a shot of energy and as the beast dropped motionless to the ground I ran back toward the light Entity. Again she spoke to me. She spoke in my head. “Remain True”. I was given a duty to search the land beyond the next doorway for an artifact and only permitted to use my new powers against Evil. I agreed and she disapeared.I opened the door stepped through and found I was out in the open, outside the rear of the bombed out buiding, sun shining brightly. I searched nearby hills and ruins, other people were about the landscape as well. Then I awoke peacefully.

  15. im gonna try this one day, buy a whole heap of cheap seed packets, beans,and zucchinis and other things that grow easily.Then im gona plant them in everyones front garden at night he he

    • As a kid I used to take a pea shooter and take a mouthfuls of pea beans and spray them in gardens and on lawns…few days later sprouts everywhere! Not everyone was pleased but it was amazing to behold. Image always stuck with me. In Brazil they rapid shoot tree seeds by helicopter into deforested areas that are hard to reach. Apparently works.

  16. Great post Zen! Perhaps they’re unknowingly sealing their own fate…Hubris and naivete eventually leads one to demise.
    Reminded me of a song from Iron Maiden’s newer album

    “When The Wild Wind Blows”

    Have you heard what they said on the news today?
    Have you heard what is coming to us all?
    That the world as we know it will be coming to an end
    Have you heard, have you heard?

    He sees them in the distance where the darkened clouds roll
    He could feel tension in the atmosphere
    He would look in the mirror, see an old man now
    Does it matter they survive somehow?

    They said there’s nothing can be done about the situation
    They said there’s nothing you can do at all
    To sit and wait around for something to occur
    Did you know, did you know?

    They’ve been preparing for some weeks now
    For when the crucial moment comes
    To take their refuge in the shelter
    Let them prepare for what will come

    They make a tea and sit there waiting
    They’re in the shelter feeling snug
    Not long to wait for absolution
    Don’t make a fuss; just sit and wait

    Can’t believe all the lying,
    All the screams are denying
    That the moments of truth have begun

    Can’t you see it on the TV?
    Don’t believe them in the last bit
    Now the days of our ending have begun

    Say a prayer when it’s all over
    Survivors unite all as one
    Got to try and help each other
    Got the will to overcome

    I can’t believe all the lying,
    All the screens are denying
    That the moments of truth have begun

    Can’t you see it on the TV?
    Don’t believe them in the last bit
    Now the days of our ending have begun

    When they found them, had their arms wrapped around each other
    Their tins of poison laying near by their clothes
    The day they both mistook an earthquake for the fallout,
    Just another when the wild wind blows…

  17. I am uncertain about the status of the Mount Weather facility; I was under the impression that it is either de-commed or on a standby condition. I recall an airline inbound to Dulles International crashed (in bad weather!) in the 1970s.

    I worked at a de-commed Federal Reserve facility in Culpeper, Virginia for a few years. It was supplied to house a hundred Fed higher-ups with food and water for a year, in the event of a nuclear war. It was billions in “start again” dollars in all denominations, and took up two enormous locked rooms, with safe doors over a foot thick. When I worked there, it had been turned into a film storage facility for the Library of Congress. It was cold, damp and extremely ghost-ridden. On several occasions I clearly heard footsteps behind me, but I never saw anything.

  18. Too much information is devolves into propaganda. Only certifiable depraved insiders know the real state of affairs and what is or is not truth and fact. Ultimately they can wound but not destroy we the children, and they WILL lose. Decent Humanity has an ally so omnipotent all it “needs” is for us to “ask” for it. Little children is what we must be, not sophisticated “adults”. Ciao my brethren. Now pray. Now focus on knowing what THEY are and see them flee from the brightness. No fear.

  19. What all keep missing.
    The chemtrails/weather modification (or sun)…are causing a draught…loss of water for the population. This leads to a decrease of crops which feed the population. The main issue is water shortage, and this leads to all other shortages
    .Plus, I do not think dumbs can survive.
    Change what you can, except what you must, and have the intelengence to know the difference.
    Love can build a bridge, between your heart and mine, don’t you think its time, don’t you think its time!!!!!!!!!!
    We Can do this people..
    Bell helicopter is warning its employees of a comet in September or October….keep an eye on it please.

  20. Courage is a defining moment and that moment is likely now. The Iron Mountain Report requires heart intelligent human beings to courageously transform deception, control, and manipulation into coherence, and a greater destiny for our species.

    What Wernher Von Braun taught Dr. Carol Rosin is in ‘Report From Iron Mountain’. Excerpt page 61-62: Proposed for consideration, as replacements for the non military functions of war.

    POLITICAL a) An omnipresent, virtually omnipotent international police force b) An established and recognized extraterrestrial menace c) Massive global environmental pollution d) Fictitious alternate enemies. DECEPTION #1 ECO-SCAM

    Problem: allow pollution to deliberately get worse until
    Reaction: it can be manipulated by the controlled media into a world crisis
    Solution: world crisis requires world government to protect world citizens [all citizens disarmed, one world government in full control of all land, resources, food [GMOs], humans, UN Agenda 21.

    SOCIOLOGICAL: CONTROL FUNCTION a) Programs generally derived from the Peace Corps model b) A modern, sophisticated form of slavery.
    MOTIVATIONAL FUNCTION a) Intensified environmental pollution. b) New religions or other mythologies c) Socially oriented blood games d) Combination forms.
    ECOLOGICAL A comprehensive program of applied eugenics.
    CULTURAL No replacement institution offered. SCIENTIFIC The secondary requirements of the space research, social welfare, and / or eugenics programs.


    Is anyone familiar with The Terra Papers? http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/esp_vida_alien_20a.htm

    Mankind’s Hope – Royal Blood
    The battle lines have been drawn for a coming galactic war for the domination of planet Earth.

    As long as mankind seeks salvation “out there,” he paves the way for beings vying to become his Overlords. But mankind has another option.

    Though born of beasts and bred to serve, mankind was created by the genetic scientists, Prince EA and Princess Nin-Hur-Sag using their own DNA and their own royal blood. This royal line of Sirian Blood entitles mankind to claim Earth its own. This is the story that has been suppressed, the truth that was kept hidden.

    As long as mankind accepts Overlords and Gods, we accept an existence of servitude. When we finally remember that our own kingdom has been taken away, when we finally look to ourselves as our own Overlord or God, then and only then will we be free of extraterrestrials.

    The author asks the reader to investigate for himself the information presented here. Accept none of it, challenge all of it. Decide for yourself if the words of Bek’Ti are true.

    You are your own god,
    you are the master of your destiny,
    if you can remember The Truth.

    Bless us all! Thank you Zen!

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