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The Master Shift – 12.12.12 – Global Unity Moment



On 12.12.12 we are asking the entire world to be a part of a global meditation where everyone can focus on positive thoughts for our planet and ourselves at the EXACT SAME MOMENT. The links to the meditation will be available on our website on 12.12.12
The Meditation will be done TWICE on 12.12.12 – one for each hemisphere.

Website: www.themastershift.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/themastershift@themastershift

Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi versions all available in our video section. Just click on our username.

Children from around the world sent in their videos holding up our logo for world unity and our global meditation on 12.12.12!!





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  1. Sorry to be a wet blanket, but some research into the people behind this makes me want to take a pass. My radar went off, just like with KONY 2012. Too slick, “Logo focused”, even the voice on the video didn’t resonate. There appears to be some agenda to me. That’s just my opinion.

  2. I just see it as a notice to make sure your thoughts are on a positive track throughout Wed. 12-12-12 and especially at 9:30 pm. I do this regularly throughout the day. Smiling helps those around you be happier. As to the organization behind it, who cares, they are delivering a message- but I do not intend to follow any agenda they might be on.

    • So why not join in to something like this? I know the answer. We’re not “joiners”. Never have been. It’s generational. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong.
      But despite the inclination, we’re not in the least bit bound by whatever “spiritual” tendencies are going on. We’re infinite consciousness having an experience called “us”, “me”, “I”.
      If that’s not freaky enough, we can change that at any given time. THAT’S freedom. THAT’S peace.
      So why not contribute to a good thing?

      • I have always been a renegade. I like to dance to my own beat, not what the crowd thinks I should do. if you tell me I was born under the Scorpio sign and certain stars alignments and I am destined to to something within specific parameters – I will tell you I can and will rearrange and/or change the stars and go my own path. For this one time, for the sake of the people on Earth, I will focus my attention at 9:30 pm on peace and love – unless I am involved with something else.

        I would have loved to experienced David Icke 15 years ago in Chicago with 8 or so people in the room, I couldn’t handle the thousands at Wembly Stadium – It’s an Energy Thing. I am a one on one and small group person- I don’t text. – I use the phone if I have to – in person is the best.

        I intend to contribute to the Good Thing at 9:30 pm today – then I will go back to creating my own experience as I know you and hopefully the rest of humanity hopefully will do.

  3. thanks for posting zen!

    this has me excited. there was a similar meditation that was held at 11.11.11. that was a beautiful time and the light that was flooded into our planet has only intensified. i will definately be taking part in this meditation and spreading awareness to it amongst my loved ones.
    clara, regardless of what the agena may or may not be, if there is one. the idea is beautiful. mankind uniting. the power of meditation and world meditation supersedes any agenda that could be associated with it.

    love to you friend. to you zen and to all who read this.
    may our world know peace.

  4. Peace Love and Happiness.
    Its just a dream.
    Infinite consciousness having an experience.
    No ME No YOU No US
    Just ONE

  5. Personally, I think this is a most beneficial thing to do. Always have. It’s all about energy. When something happens (is engineered to happen) that shakes the world with grief/fear/pain, I think the negative energy produced is a factor, and is fed upon, and benefits some entity in some way – I just think of it as ‘evil’ for want of a better word. Therefore, the opposite must be true. Nothing makes more sense to me.

    If there are 24 standard time zones in the world, and it became common practice to meditate, or just sit quietly radiating loving intention at the same time every day, then in theory one in 24 people could be linking up at any given hour. Better than 100th Monkey. Imagine the compound effect. It would snowball things in the right direction. (I wouldn’t be tuning in to a website though. I think it would be better to turn off computers and use heart and brain-waves only.)

    Religious Muslims do this – five specific times a day they face Mecca and pray, alone but together.

    It would be the most wonderful thing ever if every human could experience Oneness every day.

  6. I wouldnt be able to listen to music if I worried about evil intentions. lol
    Besides, the power of love is stronger than evil so if people who were awakened like us participate we can cancel out the negativity.
    Love you all!

  7. Makes me wonder why the shooings happened in Oregon last night…needed to send out some negative shock waves…they are sooo desperate. Keep smiling and showing love 24-7

    • Expect a lot of gun/shooting stories. They’re building the case for gun control, as always. And notice how many things happen in Oregon? Must have a CIA black ops node up there.

  8. Facebook sucks Z…………….dont you know that by now….or do you?
    Why would you want anyone to go to that cookie monsta?
    Global Healing go here:
    Beginning 12 12 12 LIVE! 24 Hour Broadcast Marathon
    Quantum University is running a 24-hour-marathon for FREE of the best lectures ever given at the World Congress of Quantum Medicine 2010, 2011, and 2012 on December 12th and 15th on Quantum World TV. Get healed, heal the world One Thought At A time…

  9. Hi all, this is Michael from The Master Shift. I just wanted to let you all know that the only thing we we use the email subscribe box for was to keep people updated on the meditation. I’m not sure if you felt you had something lose, but if you didn’t participate you missed out on a wonderful and free meditation. I don’t expect you all to like my voice, but we put this whole thing together with no budget, so we had to work with what we had! We hope you will join us in the future.

    • Thanks Michael. Way to go the way you all took action, I always admire that. People are naturally cautious and skeptical so maybe you should have said something then in retrospect, but no biggie. Love never fails. Period. Keep on! Much love, Zen

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