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The Mayan Countdown

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by Chautauqua
It won’t be long now.  Just over 90 days until the end of the Mayan calendar arrives.  Normally such well publicized “apocalyptic” dates come and go without much serious notice from me.  My friends all warned me not to buy a ten thousand dollar computer software program in 1999, but I did; just wasn’t too worried about Y2K, and was, by that time, immune to the media hype which always swarms around such events.


It’s different this time


The Mayans were all about TIME, hence the infamous calendar getting so much press lately.  I began studying the Mayan calendar some 15 years or so ago, by reading the works of Jose Arguelles, especially a book called “The Mayan Factor”.  Over the years Arguelles and other Mayan experts have added greatly to our understanding of this lost culture.  The one thing I brought away from these studies was that all the chaos and destruction were side effects, and not the whole deal…which is all about the evolution of humankind from childhood to adolescence…not the end of mankind, but rather the end of doing all the wrong things for the wrong reasons; the end of greed! A new great Age.

The calendar speaks to the ending of one cosmic era, and the beginning of the next, and all the changes, including earth changes that will result from it.  This era change has been going on for some decades now, with the last 25 years seeing most of the eye-popping stuff, a time known as “The Quickening”.  Now the lamestream media knows one thing better than anything else, and that is how to sell fear…and the 2012 Mayan Calendar is like Christmas to them.  As is their style, they will milk it for all it’s worth, and then some.  What they won’t tell you however are two things.  First that it isn’t at all about the end of everything…and second; the year 2012 is the year the calendar ends, not us.  The year 2012 was marked as the time when all these changes that have been happening for decades would culminate, not begin.
So, the calendar is all about the evolution of mankind, a time when humanities spiritual vibration hits critical mass, and we are on our way to the next step, the next phase of our evolution as a species.  The problem is that the psychopaths in power have spent the last 25 years or so tirelessly coming up with various nasty ways to “arrest” humanities collective vibration, preventing us from reaching that threshold of evolution; and keeping us as their economic slaves on a prison planet.  Chemtrails, GWEN towers, HAARP, and at least a dozen other DARPA programs all designed for that one goal.  (Then came the news that DARPA wanted to assimilate Google.)
If you only look with attention span of the average news cycle, you naturally will come to the conclusion that yes the world is about to end.  (Isn’t it always?) Only when we look with new eyes, taking in the broad landscape of time, do we see all this escalating chaos in proper perspective.  You’re gonna need that to deal with what all this chaos is leading up to.  An entire paradigm is collapsing under the weight of its own corruption, and unfortunately most of us are more dependent than we like upon its decaying infrastructure.  The trick, I suppose, if there is one ~ is thru awareness; don’t be there when the heavy stuff comes down.
The Mayans were onto something
The Mayans were obsessed with time.  They charted the heavens for countless generations to arrive at mathematical solutions as accurate as any modern technology. They knew what they were doing.  Being able to accurately predict the current state of the human condition wasn’t really so difficult when you understand as they did, that such chaos, violence and upheaval always occurs at the end of every long count, like clockwork. Cycles and patterns: Creation ~ Chaos ~ Renewal.
It’s quite likely that they also knew something else that we have only recently come to realize. Five times in the last 500 million years one catastrophic event or another has wiped out the dominant species on Earth.  Like a cosmic shuffling of the deck, to give other life forms a shot at the big chair.   Roughly every 100 million years or so, the Earth is hit with some form of extinction level event.  The most recent of which conveniently wiped out the dinosaurs, leaving the way clear for us mammals to get a foothold, then a stranglehold on this planet.
That was 65 million years ago
The first five of these great extinctions were all naturally occurring events.  There is mounting evidence and concern that the sixth extinction will be man made, and thus could manifest any time after the tipping point is reached.  (Does anyone have a tipping point app for their iphone?)   The thing is, and this is key…”It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”, and as we learned in ‘Jurassic Park’, Nature will find a way….a way to facilitate humanities spiritual evolution despite all that is being done to stop it.
Enter Fukushima!
The accumulated radiation and fallout from that still erupting nuclear volcano is going to have its worst & longest lasting effects on our children, and their children, and their grand children many times over. There will be cancers, leukemia, and God only knows what other insidious diseases in near epidemic numbers as the years go by.  There will also be birth defects, deformities, and genetic mutations. Infinite diversity with infinite complexity.   Then there is the impact on the global food chain to consider after the untold millions upon millions of gallons of radioactive waste water being dumped directly into the Pacific Ocean for 18 months now.
Consider what the future of Japan will look like as the health care costs start piling up and the cost of caring for the deformed, mutated children further burdens an already crippled national economy.  It is an economy which can no longer feed itself from the sea, nor export radioactive goods and products.
Now, extrapolate these effects to the rest of the world, because what melts down in Japan doesn’t stay in Japan.  The computer models for the global distribution of just the airborne radiation are frightening…which is precisely why they are always scrubbed from the net, sometimes within minutes, (no doubt by DARPA and Google.)  I doubt if we’re going to see a real life “Godzilla” as Fukushima radiation permeates the ecosystem we live in, but I’d give good odds that “Nature will find a way…” and somewhere, sometime, the cosmic dice are gonna hit, allowing humanities DNA to adapt, overcome, and evolve ~ maybe.
So here we are 90 some days out from the end of the mysterious Mayan calendar, and the end of The great Age of Pisces ~ the time referred to by the Hindu as the Kali Yuga, Translated as “The Age of the Demon” & “The Age of Vice.”

Personally that sounds pretty good to me, the end of demons and vice at precisely the point where all the really cool things associated with the Age of Aquarius are supposed to begin.  This is the show I signed up for, and I managed to get a really good seat.  What is about to happen is epic in the original sense of the word.  All these powerful forces of the universe showing up on the same stage at the same time.  Yeah I know, its gonna get noisy, some fights will break out, and there’ll be a hell of a mess afterward; but things are going to work out alright.  You may ask “How do I know that?” Well …Nostradamus said so!

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  1. Yes its going to be an extraordinary time at the very least for all who will be living in these times.In essence we are very lucky or unlucky to put it crudely depending where we are conscious wise.I remember in the past sometime ago that a certain sage mentioned (not sure who) that the earth is one of, if not the only form of life where Karma is created and dissolved depending of course on how one lived their life.So in these particular times one might be tested more so than previous lives.
    God Bless

  2. so very true timedriver…I cannot place the source of that ‘Earth/Karma’ quote, but I’ve heard it before. Not sure whether karma is universal or not, but I do believe Earth is a school in which we are all enrolled, so it might make sense that karma might only be needed here. It’s easy to live your spiritual beliefs when times are good and you’re in the flow. As you pointed out, it’s when everything is upside down that we most need to fall back on those spiritual beliefs to get us through. Peace, good health & clarity, C.

  3. Perhaps I’m missing something, but my reality contemplates no catastrophe, nor grandchildren malformed and dying slow deaths. But then “hell of a mess” Nostradamus was never one of my faves! The end of the Mayan Calendar is, as I understand it, the end of the energies that come to enlighten humanity. At that point, choices have been made, and the reality is created as in “each to their own”. There is no fear, while at the same time there is nothing to cause fear. That I must believe, otherwise what was the last 62 years of holding love/light all about? Mmmm? Love, A.

    • Altea; You have fear right where it belongs. Fear is a lie the ego tells itself, or as Frank Herbert so eloquently put it in “Dune” – “Fear is the mind-killer” As for the rest, I can only say we won’t have too long to wait to see how the universe unfolds on these issues. ~ In the light, C.

    • I agree. I see it too as an end to deception. Not that deception wont be attempted, as we know it will since this entire jacked up world works on that exact premise: deceive people, en masse, and get away with it. This is what that power of this end of age has culminated into. In order to rise on the pyramid one has to be compromised and compromise people along the way, always to personal profit and without empathy for life in any form. The ‘each to their own’ concept exists now, it is just on an opposite level of what it should be. Currently, each are to their own in a corporate manner, dog eat dog, take what you can and eff the rest.

      The change will be each to their own, but to their own will be complete 100% acceptance of liability for self in all manners, namely security, health, spirit, and growth of intellect. The opposite of the current state of mankind, which is to pass the responsibility of all these things onto other corporate entities in exchange for all of your life force.

      I always look to indigenous peoples as a model. If a man (made male or female) cannot maintain self and serve life with empathy and love, then that man is cast to the wilderness where that lesson will surely be learned the hardest way imaginable.

      As we develop our tribes, and it will be difficult to do, we must constantly cast out the deceivers and elevate those true in heart, mind and soul. And, we must honor all life as congruent to and necessary to our selves.

  4. Hahaha, most of you with positive views are correct. Have been watching and reading on 2012 too. What is more important is to laugh and think the Golden age is arriving, we will have a wonderful beautiful world without the controllers. Just imagine that without the “controllers”. hahaha

  5. This appears to be a well thought out plan used to repeatedly bash predictive programming in our heads about “something wonderful” happening (ie. 2001). It is likely that the date, which certainly has occult associations, is in actuality just being used to prepare us each for what we individually believe to be the inevitable outcome of this change. For the Illuminati is could be the finalization of the NWO. For Christians it could be the rapture. For those that believe in aliens it could be full disclosure. Whatever.

    The only thing I know for sure right now is that the occultists like to utilize many means of taking advantage of us and the situation at hand through energies they take from astronomical events (ie. 12/21 – Winter Solstice could be one) or numerology symbolism (12+21 = 33) & (1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2 = 11), and on 12/21/2012 Pluto will be in retrograde. Pluto is the God of the Underworld and retrograde means the appearance of a planet going backwards in the sky in relation to the earth to a point of re-birth (Earth destroyed by the God of the Underworld?) as a Global sacrifice for the NWO. Don’t put it past them.

    There are many more astrological ties to that day. We can be assured of 1 thing they never wait for signs from the heavens to start something good for us. So we need to stop them yesterday.

    • I think they use these numerical dates and principles as a mans to cast their spells on the masses. They are up against that which is not divided by numbers and signals. Many call it love, but even that world has been bastardized to the extreme. The spells, the numbers, the dates, are always in an attempt to deceive and get away with it. The means and form of the deception are never completely concealed, as I don’t think they can be for the spell to operate at maximum efficiency, but the deception is of key import. It ties into the old adage ‘hidden in plain sight’. 911 is perhaps the best example we have currently, but I would add the Aurora Batman shootings as another prime example.

      I feel that a great many dates since 911 have been passed over, as have their false intentions. The main reason for this is that people have sniffed the crimes out ahead of time. If the deception is revealed, even in part, beforehand, then after the crime is perpetrated men can go back and see the revealment, and the spell is crushed. We as aware men must constantly be in search of their fraudulent action, and cry aloud that it is the evil intent of hell on earth.

    • I invision the whole universe as a giant thought process. Each of us is a small aggregate of the electromagnetic energy that makes the whole. So, the larger the aggregate of thought/energy that flows along the same line of vision, the more materially manifest is the aggregate of that energy so that it can be seen as reality even by those who are not at present feeding into it.

      If more people were to begin to feed into an aggregate of thought/energy/manifestation, of positivity, beauty, peace, freedom from want, and tranquility, the more possibly these qualities might manifest materially.

      Those who see existence as free and liberated , also happen to see unlimited potential. Such a view is free of greed and fear. That’s why the very successful are seen to say things like “If I had known the obstacles I would encounter I would have been too afraid to tackle the project in the first place.” Once committed one simply finds a way to overcome obstacle after obstacle because they are not shut down by fear.

      People unshackled by fear and greed are able to treat each other civilly and magnanimously instead of with competition for what others invision as a universe limited in resources.

      Thinking of the universe as a thought process of unlimited potential, it might be entirely possible for a more pleasant reality to manifest materially if enough of us feed into such positive thought.

      This is why the 1% ers make such an effort to brainwash us into feeding into their own view of existence. so they can bask in their own existential scenario in which they are kings, rulers, the wealthy all encompassing ones destined to rule and the whole bundle of lies they feed us. Too many of us buy into THEIR view of existence so we pay them homage.

      At any rate, I am going to keep picturing such a free and liberated existence because I don’t like what I see all around me and I don’t want to keep feeding into it. I have decided long ago, that I do not believe in “The Divine Right of Kings” and I have quit feeding into such nonsense.

      We as a civilization must not give up the vision of beauty, liberty and civility we all seem to hope for with less and less force as the reality of our existence gets more and more clouded by the thought force of the more nihilistic among us.

  6. To witness a phenomenon that happens once in 26 000 years, makes me feel lucky to be alive! I have made my peace with the Universe, so what ever happens, happens! I have said it before and I will say it again:
    FEAR NO EVIL!!!!

    They may be able to strip you of your flesh, but they can not taint your soul if you do not allow it!

    Peace and Protection!!!!
    See you all in the Age of Aquarius
    Lots of Love

  7. “Tipping Point App” – LOL you kill me! I consider myself an Apocaloptimist too and plus Bob Marley said it as well, “Everything’s gonna be Alright” :) <3

  8. An absolutely fascinating time to be alive. I concur, this is what most of us volunteered for, to be here at this point in TIME, if TIME exists at all. According to the Mayans, everything is running concurrent, the past, the present and the future. No separation, no straight line, a COIL if you will, circular and cyclical.

    Will be lighting a fire to welcome the Fall Equinox Sept 21, will give thanks for the bounty and blessings that Mother Earth has seen fit to bestow upon us this momentus year.

    An aside, being born an Aquarian, it is an honour to be present for this Age’s birth. Peace, Love, and Awareness in 2012.

  9. Thanks for the great work you do. I feel the video linked to below will be
    extremely helpful to many of your viewers. Entitled “The Occult Aspects of 911″,
    this information has never been presented before and it is like opening up the gates
    in terms of revealing the dark, underlying occult symbolism which propels the
    monsters who orchestrated the 911 atrocities. It is highly esoteric, but still easy for
    anyone to follow and understand. Takes the ‘inside job’ theory to a completely
    new level of awareness-check it out!


  10. Sensitive and thought-provoking article, thank you.

    I don’t personally believe we are in a school or are being tested. I feel that Life is incidental, and is based on Cause and Effect (if I hit my thumb with that hammer, this happens, so I’d better not do it again).

    The dominant species has been decided by man to be man, and has been determined by man by the ability to be able to kill / control every other species. Just sayin’. I think the cat that I share a home with knows herself to be dominant to me.

    I don’t know what happened in the past or what will happen in the future. All I know is how I currently feel, which is fearless, optimistic, excited and more content. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if we were spiraling through space through a place with higher-vibration energies that certain people are tuning in with. Then again, it wouldn’t surprise me if we weren’t really here at all.


  12. There is much I would comment on the topic; but, I’m not sure that I’m up to communicating it in the way I would like, we all have our limitations, and often one point collides with another. So, begging your indulgence….
    ….. the idea of an ‘end’ is communicated across many ideological perspectives.

    One problematic point is the tendency to embrace one “camp” of thinking on this topic, and to reject another.

    It is like the case of the Christian denying Karma. Then, when Galatians ch.6 vs.7 is referenced we find that it states categorically, to the Christian; “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

    When ideas coincide across seemingly diverse spheres; then, they should be given a fair hearing, without preconception coloring the idea, and this is not always easily accomplished.

    A close and unprejudiced reading of what is in the Christian light on this subject, will reveal that the subject under this idea, is not the end of ‘the world'; but rather, the end of ‘the age’.

    A problem of understanding comes in the words that the ‘translators’ chose when rendering the information from the Greek language, into English: using the word “WORLD” to represent at least three different Greek words, with three different and distinct meanings.

    The Greek for; ‘age’, and ‘earth’, and ‘land’, and ‘the civilized inhabited parts’, and the cosmos’, and ‘the ruling governmental system'; were, all assigned the single English word “WORLD”. How could there not be confusion?

    I suppose that a clearer understanding of all this will require research, not just from one perspective, but many; then, drawing one’s own conclusions.

    Most of the perspectives offer a dual analysis. They give a ‘view’ from the Cosmic perspective, which is what the Mayan indicates. This can best be understood by a short study of the Astronomical concept of “Precession of The Equinoxes” ( this link is simplistic, and interested readers should research further – http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/astr161/lect/time/precession.html )

    In the teachings of Christian writers (little of which will be ever prorpuonded from pulpits) we find the ideas of “Eons” or “Ages. Sources of this idea can be referenced in the Christian letters of ‘Ephesians’ and ‘Colossians’, as well as the Gospels (Mathew 23, and 24, most notably) and of course the Apocalypse, or “Revelation”.

    Sadly, most of the ‘Cosmic’ aspects which would be most interesting, are glossed over in favor of dogmatic agenda.

    These, find some parallel ideas with the Hindu concept of ‘Ages’, or ‘Ugas’ as those term the durations. Interestingly, both ideologies stress a condition of spiritual darkness, which will prevalent as the cosmic ‘Age’ transitions.

    It should be clearly understood though, that the ‘Cosmic’ age, and the condition of ‘Spiritual Darkness’ “parallel”: they run along, on a parallel; but, do not necessarily enter into a “Cause and Efffect” relationship. So, there will certainly be exceptions to the rule, within the human condition of general ‘spiritual darkness’.

    So, in these ideological frameworks of reference: we are shown two distinct spheres. Those are, the general human condition; and, the parallel, cosmic landscape.

    These ideas can be found across many venues. Native peoples legends, Islamic prophesy, Hindu prophecy, Buddhist prophecy, and Christian Prophecy, and Hebrew prophecy.

    They agree in very general ways, and differ greatly in details. They are all worthy of some consideration, and most ‘seem’ to be coming true.

    The idea, I suppose, would be to do as much ‘divergent’ investigation as possible. I found this interesting – http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/astr161/lect/time/precession.html – and the attendant links also. Like all research, one should glean from it what is palatable, and apply some critical thinking. There is much useful and broadening information.

    It is one, of many perspectives on a theme.

    • Soni, As usual I find your comments insightful, thoughtful, and timely. Like many of us you seem to have a nice collection of the ‘puzzle pieces’ to work with. Putting all the jigsaw puzzle pieces into a cohesive “big picture” has become a vocation for some, I think we get addicted to the thrill of discovery even as the ugliness of ‘their’ intent offends our very Soul. You mentioned the precession of the equinox…you might find some illuminating information on that subject in my previous post on my blog,
      http://augureye.blogspot.com/…”Aquarius Rising; Crossroads in Time.” Your closing comment reminded me of a Jackson Browne song, “It is One”, which would make an excellent anthem for those of us who want to help create a better world, with better people.
      ~peaceful blessings~ C.

  13. While on vacation this summer in Indonesia, I met an american vet from both the iraq and afghan theatres. He had an amazing story that gave me hope, though I can’t vouch for the veracity of his claim.
    He told me that there is an underground movement in the US called Friends, that are completely flying under the radar, never use internet or cell phones, and have been tracking the whereabouts of every congressional member, the upper echelon of DHS, CIA, the worst of the TBTF executives, Israeli lobbyists, etc., as well as their family members, and at a determined time, they are going to dispose of all the rubbish within 3 hrs time, and pronounce america a free country once again. Has anyone heard of such a thing? Seems plausible. Anyway, food for thought if its only bullshit.

    • tsukato;

      My first impulse on reading this is to say, “Pass the hash pipe”.

      Realistically, think of the many contingencies already in place to control dissent.

      This idea speaks of a a ‘network’ of agents of sorts, all tasked with removing targets at one fell swoop.

      How long do you think this operation could proceed undetected; especially, given their incommunicado, how could they even link?

      What would insure the participation of all those involved come ‘zero hour’? It’s not only highly unlikely, but something sillier.

      I read about a month ago on some site I accidentally linked to doing disclosure research; that “friendly Aliens” had put all ‘negative’ people under arrest ( brain arrest, incapacitating their potential for evil doing ) and soon it would become manifest, because nothing ‘bad’ happened for some time.

      That was about a month ago. Needless to say, it was false.

    • even if this were true, how would it change, except for the worse?

      violence begets violence my friend.

      how about this instead? we create an open transparent group of friends all over the world who at the appointed time, simply promise to agree to:

      (a) stop purchasing any product or good or service that has been touched by the hand of a multi-national corporation (that includes petroleum).

      (b) stop reading, writing, mentioning or thinking about any politician or bureaucrat on anything greater than the local level.

      (c) create their currency and refuse to accept, trade or use the FRN aka the Petrodollar.

      if enough would truly participate, say the amount that watched that silly kony video, shi(f)t would happen pretty darn quick, maybe not 3 hours, but most likely no more than 3 weeks.

  14. I believe the Myans got there queue from the ancient aliens that coloinzed this planet. The long count ending also coincides with one galactic year which is 5,135 years. This may have something to do with the change that is about to happen. Japan has shown there government that they want this poison shut down weather there were nuked by another country or by there own government which was influenced by corps. like GE stating it was safe. They have had enough of this misery and the generations of japanese people to follow. I have follow the fukashima crisis through ENEWS and I am just amazed at what is being covered up.Which to me makes wonder of all the other cover ups that we don’t know about. Yep we need a fundamental change alright to correct the course this civilization is on.
    I say BRING IT!!


  15. Don’t forget Zen…Fukushima might be spewing deadly evil, but as we enter the age of enlightenment we will be learning how to heal ourselves as well, so fear not. It is not as grim as it seems…Blessings….Vis

  16. I’ve got my popcorn ready, as I believe the “show” started last month on 9-11 with the ritual of the cia-op-dudes in libya, which will lead to “their” big number (pun intended).
    They know the codes, the numerology, timings, ley line locations, watch those carefully-they sure do (neo, I did watch that vid, thanks for that).
    I don’t think we should just hope for the best, we’re obviously a sharp crowd, if we “know”, we may be able to calm fears.
    It is my belief they are planning some horrific global 9-11-01 style thingy, between now and March (they love that 3) to throw the globe into fear mode, so lowering our vibration that humans are immobilized. I mean something huge, that isn’t even on our radar, (like further tilting the planet axis or something or flip some switch at cern and kick off a flux capacitor chain reaction (joke)) It’s how they operate, so why would we assume they’d do something different? Not to be gloomy, I don’t think it will be for some of us, but spend this time wisely; rearrange time lines, continue to fight and expose them, support those doing the exposing, learn magick to counteract the f*ktards, we can’t hope Avalon appears behind the mist, we must create it. xxoo

    • Truthfully, “It”, we could wake up on Dec. 22, 2012; and find that it’s not much different than waking up on Jan. 1.

      It’s just the beginning of another calendar cycle.
      That’s not to say that the ‘hype’ won’t run amok; (look at how ‘nuts’ new years eve gets) or that some agencies won’t attempt to capitalize on the idea.

      I hope many aren’t too disappointed if nothing earth shattering happens. We might all just think of the whole thing, not as a ‘feature film’, in that case; but as an ‘extended series’, and just buy a lot more pop-corn. (ha)

  17. We believe only god lar enough. No need to believe anything. Only we know god is very good so he will take care us one. No need to worry lar because our god jesus will sure one save us good people but bad people sure one will go to hell, very sad for bad people. Thank you.

  18. I wouldn’t be surprised if a prolonged mass power outage is being planned, possibly globally (how would we know?), and at least above ground. Look how we have been programmed to believe that a CME is capable of capable of causing this.

    It would certainly cull great numbers, and put the fear of whatever into people.

    This is the only physical thing worth preparing for IMO. Having a stock of warm clothes and blankets and food to hand is beneficial, and in particular, a means to make water drinkable.

    This isn’t something I worry about, but I can imagine it is something that could be done at some point.

    • And I sometimes wonder if all these bazillion masts that are constantly springing up are partly a means for those underground to communicate with each other from base to base and across continents if and when the plug is pulled, with no doubt other sinister uses.

  19. A group of SUB-HUMAN BARBARIANS like the psychopathic mayans were NOT all about TIME.




  20. The comments are excellent, thanks. Let’s say that the Mayan calendar is more than the end of a calendar, it’s the end of a timeline. All time is simultaneous, happening Now, and except for very few enlightened ones over the linear history of this particular 5,000 to 6,000 years on Planet Earth, most of us are still tied to the idea that there must be a past, present, future. If we can change the timeline, we change each of past, present, future. Therefore, no Fukishima, no radiation; no greed and corruption or “Divine Right of Kings” equals natural abundance for all; no fear of death means spiritual maturity and knowledge of our galactic connections. So let’s just say at the end of this year, this 6,000 linear timeline no longer exists, never to exist again. What will our memories be? Pick a timeline, any timeline that has what “each to their own” means for you. I bet you, it will be fun and all illusion of separation gone. Methinks that all the recent encouragement to let go of our baggage and go with the flow might just open us to a timeline beyond our wildest imagination in terms of freedom and love. Can I “create” my own world. I think so, with a little help from my friends! A.

    • yes Alt, I’m in the same place, I spend my time “imagining with intent” the brand new avalon, there are little “thomas kincade” cottages scattered around and our great hall (castle) and there we can manipulate the timelines to do or undo what we need, making this nightmare be a mere history lesson, a hologram of what we can learn from (of what not to let happen) and to further propel the camelotish timeline into our beautiful earth existence!

      • Good stuff, tt, the misty veil will fall and it will rise, but home is always where the heart is. And it seems to me that we’ve done this before and it was perfect that time, too. Love, A.

  21. I refuse to submerge myself under any ‘fad’. Y2K was one, and this is certainly another one. I looked on amusement as people absorbed all about Bible Codes and Mayan predictions. How much of these things are true? Not many! Instead of going out there and researching and meditating for enlightenment and change of consciousness, people expect the Universe to do it for them in an easy way!

    Let what comes come! Human beings are the ones screwing up Earth. Iran may be attacked. That is the catalyst, among others, which will spell doom for many. The Universe will do its do. We have to do ours. Wait and see! If December has good or bad news, we will certainly witness that in under 100 days. Why speculate yourself to death?

    • PTBs have a field day with this kind of stuff…always convoluted…some truth, lotta lies and manipulation. This transition is for a spell, no doubt. Get ready for a ride thru a transition that hasn’t been determined and will certainly roll out for a while….should be interesting, but I’m not a betting man..observing and preparing I am, though.. ::))) – Z

      • What irks me is that more things are said to change, the more they remain the same or get progressively worse. When I deal with others or agencies, they are the same or worse. So, if the vibes are not hitting home where change is needed, in our daily lives …….of what use are they to me, especially as things get worse.

        For years, internet sources are pointing to crashes and cataclysms, economic or otherwise, and except for the immediate rise in blood pressure, nothing happens! I have had my fill of Celente, Mc Grath, Icke and other heavy hitters. I have too much to deal with from the situations I know about. The suddenly discovered bright ideas do not sway me a bit. The dark side will not disappear because a Calendar stops counting. Then again, the Mayans were no geniuses. They did human sacrifice. They disappeared as a civilisation.

  22. a couple more pennies to add:

    1 — a change in a 5,126 year old cycle does not happen overnight, just like winter does not necessarily arrive on the solstice. it’s happening now and will continue long after THE DATE. if something DOES actually happen on THE DATE, it would be wise to consider it the mother of all false flags.

    from clif high:

    “The 11:11 am alignments on December 21, 2012 was deliberately created by Pope Gregory, under the direction of the powers that be at that time. They took a German mathematician, who assembled a team and then they used texts that theoretically do not exist. Many of the Mayan books that were said to have been burned weren’t burned, but crated up and taken back to the Vatican as part of the payoff for the expedition and the slicing of the planet between the Spanish and the Portuguese by the pope of that time.”

    “Pope Gregory brought aboard a team of mathmaticians who spent 5 months at the reconciliation level alone, to get the Gregorian calendar to align, specifically, with the end of the mayan calendar with these particular numbers. They wanted the 11:11 am because 11 is the number of mastery, it is one number beyond divinity and the 11:11 combo brings you to 22 which is their number for sainthood or ascension. The whole 2012 date continuously points back to the holy cross, or the swastika. If you look down on a swastika, it’s both the double cross, indicating the 4 sided pyramid, or 5 sided counting the bottom, but it also represents a solar effect. This solar effect can been seen from the sun or from outside the earth but we can’t see it from here. The effect twists somewhat to create an image similar to the swastika. the swastika was encoded as a reference to solar activity that will occur around 2012.”


    2 — whether something actually happens in our 3d reality or not, it will still be a momentous day, simply because the attention of so many will be focused at one point in time. this is why it’s critical that everyone’s INTENTION is focused as well. all of us here understand where the ghouls who believe they have dominion over humanity want everyone’s intention to focus on — doom & gloom. all the more reason to choose the opposite and spread the word. even if you don’t choose to believe in such things, pretending to believe for one day won’t hurt a bit….

  23. The Inca, Aztec, Mayan, Vedic, and numerous other cultures have vanished. The question becomes; WHY?

    The descendants of these cultures (religions) have been deprecated. They no longer have status within their respective societies. They have been cursed because of the sins of their forefathers.

    To seek Truth from that which has not been Blessed is Foolish.

    Would you follow the ways of the Pharaohs ? They built many magnificent structures.

    2013 will arrive as usual. The real question is;

    Who are the True Prophets ?

    The Problem is … We only see Prophecy fulfilled in Hindsight.

  24. I’m not so much afraid of Mother Nature, as I am of the U.S.S.A. government, and what it plans to do to its citizens, when the BRICS countries finally start living without the Almighty U.S. Dollar, which appears to be well under way already.

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