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The Mystery of the Dark Rift


by Heather Ellsworth


There is so much speculation going on right now about what it will mean for us to collectively pass through the “Dark rift”,  a mystical term used by the ancient and indigenous groups in the beautiful lore they have foretold to describe a  four year purification process we are entering into that will bring about a harvesting of souls.  We seem to accept this term, dark rift,  because we know that we are at a tipping point.  Something has to give and the time is now.  We can all feel extreme imbalance and disharmony, yet so many of us do not know exactly how to proceed on our own, to be the change we wish to see. Mysteries are a secret or an unsolved problem.  They are also considered to be awareness beyond natural perception.

Awareness is the key.

Here is what we do know…  This  Galactic Alignment and going through the Dark Rift is a special, rare cycle of possible transformation.  And cycles are seasons. Cycles are merely a change from one hour to the next, day to night, lunar tides, winter to spring, ice age to global warming. There are cycles of one second to cycles of 250 million years,  just like there are atoms and there are stars.  These changes of season keep evolution continually moving. There are cycles within cycles, even within us going on in each present moment.  This tipping point is now clearly identified as extreme EGO gone awry.  Everything we have to learn from ego has definitely run its course.  We know by example and experience repeated over and over through history what works and what disturbs the delicate balance of the eco system.  And over time,  we have forgotten who we really are.  This mystical passage is a quest as each of us started out from very conception,  first cultivating the cells of our heart before all else, and here we are now about to align with creation itself, the great central heart.  It is the heart that purifies, heals, and makes all things whole.  The heart transforms all.  In wholeness, or centeredness we are most powerful and excel in whatever we chose to focus on.  In centeredness we are working from  our highest states of love., our most powerful aspect of ourself.   Centeredness is symmetrical, harmonious, all aspects of love seeking to create infinitely.  Ego is asymmetrical, disharmonious, and finite on the polarity scale  This is where the 1%,  Illuminati,  religions who teach they  are  the chosen children, or any kind of group supreme ego thinking, makes its big mistake. There is no person “better than” anyone…ego is limited,  illusion, a test of self.   Ego in groups can generate massive painful damage from ignorance and disharmony.  Evil, which is ego going too far,  means  that which generates disharmony.   The good news is that healing takes far less time than the time it took to cause dissonance to begin with.   Pure awareness works fast.

Awakening right now, is about breaking free and moving
beyond the limitations of the ego state.

The realization we will have to work through, like inner alchemy is a knowing that not only are we in a garden that is mother earth, we are the garden. We are like the fruit of the tree. Some fruit takes in greater sunlight and excels.  Other fruit that resists is not ready to move to ripeness of knowing infinity.  It will fall to the ground and cycle through for another  growing season.  It is said that the awakening process is like the ripening of fruit. We are the eco system itself, where there is a delicate balance.  Just making that statement, that we are the eco system itself   immediately brings a state of reverence for all things, all kingdoms, a connectedness, and deep sense of responsibility.  It changes our perspective compelling us each to seek out and actively strengthen the weaker links, as a part of us.  Amazing how a few words can create an inner shift so easily! This realization of clarity is so empowering because once we know this and feel this on all levels,  we  no longer wish to compete or dominate over anything.  We have an overwhelming desire to support every living thing on its path so that all will prosper as it is meant to.  This is living in centeredness, or higher vibration.  We will see the kingdoms that are right behind us and those of higher vibration ahead. We can actually meditate on this now…it is very AWE  inspiring.  Apocalypse actually means “the revealing” of true reality.

The Hopi Indians say that passing through the dark rift will be most difficult for those heavy in ego.  The ones who are more centered will have a much easier passage.  Travel lightly and prepare from within.  There is no easy way or escape by digging bunkers.  So, this dark rift may be “a dark night of the soul” for a majority.  This is a journey in and of itself from which we will all experience inner alchemy.  Welcome to the 4th dimension; the dimension of  reflection, reassessment, purifying, transformation,  wholeness, and possible empowerment.   Explained this way, there is no mystery at all.




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  1. Beautifully written piece Heather, and in perfect alignment as well!
    Its going to be a hell of a ride before its over. Hopefully it won’t take as long to loose the ego as we’ve spent in 3D. I personally believe that our transit through 4D will be a [relatively] brief one, a step which further prepares us for the resonance of 5D which is pretty much what I think the Hopi and Mayans were trying to tell us. Peaceful blessings…

  2. Beautifully expressed,Heather.
    “So, this dark rift may be “a dark night of the soul” for a majority.”
    Yes,it’s time for people to shed themselves of their negative karmic baggage,purify,cleanse your soul,make amends and embrace a higher purpose and a higher Love.Stop keeping yourselves in a spiritual bondage.Take control of your own minds and souls,and move on.

  3. Thank you, Zen! Exactly what has been in my knowing recently. I was told to stop nit picking on clearing every issue, instead to let go of the attachment to this illusion. :) This gets really interesting as it goes.
    Thank you again. We are all but there.

  4. “Evil, which is ego going too far, means that which generates disharmony. ”
    “Awakening right now, is about breaking free and moving beyond the limitations of the ego state.”
    “It is said that the awakening process is like the ripening of fruit.”
    “The ones who are more centered will have a much easier passage. Travel lightly and prepare from within”
    “Welcome to the 4th dimension; the dimension of reflection, reassessment, purifying, transformation, wholeness, and possible empowerment.”

    I have extracted some of your statements concerning the problem and how you propose that it will be solved. While I laud your effort in trying to express stuff that previously never saw the light of day, I see that you have not grasped the full essence of evil or of how to transform from it. Admittedly, extending out from our current spiritual frontiers is fraught with difficulty as there are no acceptable guidelines available to us. Religion and gurus of orthodoxy have lied to us and misled us. The truth lies along the pathway of unorthodoxy. Those who have survived the evil onslaught are the ones to flesh out the problem and how to defeat evil. The changing times will not do it automatically for you.

    The dark side resides in everyone. It is an actual entity which is cultivated by the Elites and masses….and the systems they operate. It suppresses the soul and hijacks the behavior of the body. The ego is a characteristic of the dark side, it isn’t the dark side. Suppressing the ego only stops the current manifestation. The dark side pushes out in another way. The dark side has its own nature….distinct and separate from the soul’s. The dark side is not just a ‘lower nature’ of a soul!

    One has to face the fact of having evil entities in your body. The fact that dark side is receiving no energy support right now means nothing. It is still within and has grown roots. One has to uproot the dark side by making the body an unwelcome place for it. The body must be purified and alkalized. The senses have been occupied by it. They have to be shut down and reclaimed. All the tricks and deceptions used by the dark side to blindside the soul and overpower it have to be discovered and neutralised. The soul has to consciously decide all behavior while disallowing all the other influences to behave like this or that.

    The way of the soul is completely different from that of the dark side. The systems of the Elites and masses only feed the dark side. One has to diss these and live guided by intuition. One has to get to the point of having intuition. One has to research life over again for the truth. One has to meditate to process and acquire info……. and to actualize the soul’s nature. Each soul has to create its own life or system to live by. So, it is not just an aspect of life that needs renewal….all of life must change. A new being is to be created by getting rid of the old ‘BOSS’…the dark side.

    One post can hardly contain all aspects of the change that must be, if soul has to live its life in its body. There is no automatic or expected logical sequence to come from this ‘awakening’, that will obviate the hard work that needs to be done against the dark side. Those entities will not melt away if we do not force them to. Centuries of dark side hegemony means that the dark side empire (externally and within) will not just evaporate.

    As it is, we are on the cusp of a NWO….not the best start for the soul as it reclaims its divine state of living. It takes more than best wishes and hopeful aspirations to defeat the darkness within. It will take even more to defeat them externally!

    I have started websites covering the knowledge needed to fight back. The dark side has kept me on a very short leash for decades. This is the best I can do. Visit and see how its done!



    Kudos to Zen for helping to keep the frontiers expanding in the right directions!

    • Pandava

      As usual, you give valuable insight.

      I believe that a person is normally good. That is for a very good reason. People don’t usually experience difficulty, lack, fear on an ongoing basis. However, when they do, that’s when the rubber meets the road. You will never truly know someone until you witness how they handle adversity. That’s when the asshole in them comes out.

      Here’s my idea – here’s the levels.


      My question to everyone reading this; where do you fall? Think of the worst times in your life. How did you react? How did you treat the people around you? Did you forgive? – OR – Did you go after revenge? Did you try to instill as much damage upon that person as was humanly possible? I’m sorry but if you answered either of these two questions with a yes, you got some serious work to do. And – no one can do it for you.

      Pandava said – Those who have survived the evil onslaught are the ones to flesh out the problem and how to defeat evil. The changing times will not do it automatically for you.

      I couldn’t agree more. I have been one who has experienced the evil onslaught. And let me tell you – it sucks. Surviving it is not easy. And – I am tremendously proud of myself for overcoming it. Pandava is also right in stating that thinking you’re going to love your way out of it when you are in the middle of it doesn’t cut it.

      I found that remembering that Jesus forgave his MURDERERS while being killed in real time was the most important lesson I could have ever learned. He overcame this world. So must we! It is not easy.

      My favorite construction saying – If it was easy, anybody could do it!

      Think about it.

  5. Sorry – One last thought.

    Grow your life!

    Definition – Don’t stop learning. Don’t stop trying to be better. Don’t get to the point where you think – This is the way I am and if you don’t like it, the hell with you.

    Be more GRATEFUL. Be KIND. ALWAYS. (Or at least more so today than you were yesterday)

    Be forgiving. Tell God thanks for all the blessings in your life. EVERY DAY.

    That’s all.

    • Jeff, the power of forgiveness is amazing. I’ve had to forgive some betrayals and in one instance it took years to truly fogive. It wasnt easy, it was definitly done one day at a time but it was tremendously empowering.
      Like you said, you never do know someone until youve seen them handle adversity and that applies to ourselves as well.
      Its the best way to see what were really made of. To me that means the Earth is a huge place to gather important knowledge that we will need to carry forth in the coming times.
      I asked myself where I fit in your scale and how I react and I am proud to say I am loving but I also know that the loving feeling i feel now is mild compared to what lies ahead.
      I thank God for every one of you. Love to all!

  6. Let go of the fear and guilt.
    There is no judgement for your thoughts or actions.It is your experience of life.Enjoy
    Best trip I have been on in 40+ years

    • However, Pandava, it doesn’t resonate with me that the dark side is an actual entity within the body. Just the thought of that makes me feel powerless.

      Meditation puts us in neutral, even if it’s just just closing the eyes for a few moments and shutting down the senses and all mind chatter.

      I see mostly in terms of frequencies; and some of the things that alter our frequency are things we ingest. Basically, anything which affects the five senses affects our frequency – things we see, hear, taste, smell or touch.

      So, in my opinion, we need to make the Intuition the boss, and the Heart the driver. And guard our basic senses carefully – what we see (eg: TV), hear (eg: TV, gossip) and taste (eg: sugar), in particular.

      Sometimes it feels like there is a dark entity inside, and it would explain (or even excuse) some of the things we do. We are human. But we are still animals, constantly fighting animalistic urges and tendancies. Because of this, I think we just need to be kinder to ourselves and more understanding of others.

      • Indigo,
        I see it as a tiny little speck of the dark side within us that we can feed with fear and grow, or feed with love and dissolve.
        It doesnt mean were evil or flawed its probably been bred into us. At the very least its part of our upbringing on many levels.
        I think that part of the job in this awakening is for us to own up to our tiny bit of dark and diminish it by doing so.
        Forgiving ourselves and taking the higher path towards being a person that truly understands and loves.
        Once we can forgive and truly love ourselves, we are able to do that for others and then the real fun begins.

      • Starve the senses and you will see the opposition manifest. It is there to confront. Heck, that entity pretends to be YOU all along. When you launch a war on it by separating yourself from it and consciously deciding everything….you see it working against you. It even talks to you. Stop identifying with it and start self-deciding everything….and it will show itself. Its existence does not depend on belief but on one’s ability to be aware of its input. If you begin a war on it, its friends on the outside come up against you. This tells you that you are not dreaming!

        Only now, that external opposition has been largely defeated. Thus it is so much easier now to clean up, suppress it and elevate beyond it!

  7. In 1995 John Major Jenkins packaged several themes into Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. According to Jenkins, the winter-solstice point and the centerline of the Galaxy will line up exactly on Dec. 21. Arguing that this motivated the Maya to contrive the calendar to end on that date, Jenkins concludes that it will be “a tremendous transformation and opportunity for spiritual growth, a transition from one world age to another.”

    In fact, astronomy cannot pinpoint such a “galactic alignment” to within a year, much less a day. The alignment depends on the rather arbitrary modern definition of the galactic equator, and/or the visual appearance of the Milky Way. There is no precise definition of the Milky Way’s edges — they are very vague and depend on the clarity of your view. (Jenkins says that he personally established the Milky Way’s edges by viewing it from 11,000 feet, far above anywhere the Maya lived.) So to give a precise visual position for its centerline is not meaningful.

    But believers must believe . .

  8. This coming change….paradigm shift….Apocalypse or whatever you decide to call it is just the descriptor for a “changing” thats coming for each of us.
    I dont believe this change will happen over nite…I feel its a gradual move and not immediate.
    A famous man one time said to be that change you wished would happen. He was right…your change wont happen as long as you buy into the system and support it with your work..effort or sweat.
    To be the change you must become the change. Back away from the game….just get up and leave the game table.
    Dont bitch about it and write congressional letters or demonstrate in rallies….that just entangles you further.
    Take the pill….get up and walk away…
    There is no entity nor power that will do this for you…..our change is on us…its our dime
    If we harbor hate,..then thats where we will remain. If we cultivate goodness and charity/love…then thats our realm

    • That’s right Vetviejo..gradual, but it is accelerating. Nice! Rt on about what we cultivate. Reminds me of way back when we literally dropped out during the 60’s revolution. Don’t participate. Unfortunately most walked back into it for lack of a viable alternative, or so they thought. It stopped short, was co-opted and superficialized very efficiently but the PTBs…after all, contrary to the dirty hippy stereotype, many of their brightest and best were leaving the fold and they wanted that brain power back and submission, and so the seduction started….

    • Halloween is approaching – maybe it is Hocus Pocus – which reminds of Hocus Pocus by Focus – a good,mindless song.

      • The creativity of music making in the sixties and early 70’s was phenomenal(as noted in my comment above). I know this doesn’t have much to do with the Dark Rift, but when I saw word Hokum, it made me laugh inside and my mind went to a fun place.

        • Jbaker,
          Music is very important to me. Most of the time I have a song in my head and words prompt me into song like hokum did for you.
          I agree that the music was phenomenal back then. I spent a lot of time just listening to records

  9. This reminds of that Star Trek movie I can’t remember which one it was but it seem to have the futuristic hippie feel about it these people had incedible power and never aged but they chose to walk away from that technology and go back to working land and living peacefully. This is what I hope happens in our future. I believe this is the way forward no more consuming just living off the land growing and cultivating what we need. What is leftover is shared and bartered. The only thing I would take from technology is a radio and clean electricity the rest we can figure out.


  10. The 4th dimension is Transcendence, a paradigm with a perspective beyond Relaity/Nature/Cycles/Consciousness/Empowerment. The paradigm instead refers to Truth/Redemption/Phases/Conscience/Peace. This awareness has been called Atlantis, the story of Lore. Civilization is a trap/exploitation, only a culture of equality can make moot its delusions and ambitions. The key is Fate/Destiny, a path towards a God of Primacy, beyond Evil’s kosmic agendas of Vengeance and Victory.

  11. hp, I challenge your 99.9%!
    Think babies, children, people in less technologically/more spiritual countries, mentally disabled and then the awakened and you’ll get a higher number than 99.9%.
    Also there is a difference between a person that is ego-driven and a person who is asleep. Its what they do when they wake up that matters.

    • If you believe in past lives and that we carry our baggage with us until we cleanse our etheric bodies of the darkness that we have covered ourselves with, then the 99.9% idea works. I believe everyone creates their own existence unbeknownst to their earthly minds(ego) before they are born. From being born with a physical ailment,paralyzed from an accident,dieing of a heart attack at 8 years old….. or a trillion other things.

      Have you ever had a nasty dream in which you did something you swear you would never do in this life? Are your dreams another life you are living in a part of another dimension in the past or present?.

      I believe there is a big difference between awakening and becoming enlightened. My intuition was talking to me at 12 years old and up to this point it has come true(I believe what is happening now should have happened 20 years ago,but people have had a hard time of letting go – of all that is in their earthly minds). In high school I was into reading everything about Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle. I knew there was conspiracy in our Government and voted for Anderson for President instead of Carter or Reagan when I was first able to vote for the presidency(now I don’t vote – it’s not who cast the vote, but who counts it that counts. Wish I knew his back then).

      I believe that what you have accomplished in former lives is what you bring into this one – positive or negative. Sometimes people come into this life to die young or violently(or some other not so pleasant experience) to help someone else get through their past experiences and balance themselves out.

      Through these beliefs I can stay centered when crap hits the fan and is directed at me or someone I know or read/hear about. There is a lot that has been written about these realities and I challenge everyone to read as much as you can to expand your minds. I am constantly in search of new(old) material to soak up.

      I started my new spiritual journey with my sister giving me Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 2(Michael Mau) and then I saw in the back of this book the Theosophical Society-Wheaton,Ill.(a few miles from my house which was convenient).

      Barbara Marciniak,Mark Prophet,Alice Bailey(Bailey can get real deep, but I really dug it and understood most of what the Tibetan offered),St. Germain, El Morya, Kuthumi, HP Blavatsky and a few dozen more that I can not remember at the moment are some of the authors I have read. Just go to a used book store and see if they have a metaphysical book section. The internet is great, but sometimes lacking a lot of details.

      I find myself heavy in ego at times and have to center myself to get balanced, we are all human(unless from a different planet/dimension/universe,but ultimately from the same prime creator) – just with different experiences.

      I like what you write Twelve and agree with you 99% of the time.

      • I do believe in past lives.
        My first memory is of choosing to come BACK here and as I did I could distinctly tell you the moment that I lost my awareness. Then it all went black.

        It was my own little secret until just recently but it has always been a driving point in my life.
        I agree wholeheartedly that awakening is different than enlightenment. For me awakening is about seeing the big picture here on earth while enlightenment is seeing the BIG PICTURE. Its the enlightenment that brings peace.

        Its funny that you bring up creating our own existence. I have been trying to sum up whats happened to me in the past 4.5 months and for a complicated thing like challenging almost everything I believed in-it felt like a natural cycle in my life.
        It felt likemy soul said “June 5th is here so its time to put it all together”. Thirty six years of reading, thinking, loving, watching, listening swirled together with all the new stuff I was digesting and I had finally found the Holy Grail-deep inside me the whole time.

        The way that everything aligned to show me, from so many angles still has my head spinning but its the way I chose. I dont doubt that.
        I think I planned finding this place and all the people here too. Who knows-maybe were old friends-feels like it to me.

        Thanks for the kind words and ideas and avenues to explore. It means a lot to me to have a place to normalize my feeling and get a grasp on this so I can awaken those around me since thats what I feel like i came here to do.
        You mentioned Barbara Marciniak, what are your thoughts on the plieadians? I

        • You are correct on enlightenment being the BIG PICTURE. I believe peace is coming in on light waves throughout the Cosmos. You and I among others are here as beings of light to anchor these waves of light to Lady Gaia so the cleansing process can be completed.

          I do believe that we can create anything with mind. So many awakened/enlightened people I have come in contact with are still wrapped up with the idea of using incenses and other earthly things to cleanse the spiritual. My intuition tells me this is very old Lemurian ways of thinking(these entities have stayed on not only through their end of cycle, but Atlantis as well)have served their purpose and this time are going to be forced to grow up and out.

          We are Consciousness/Light/Love. We Create All that is Physical.

          Yes, when I started opening my mind to who I am almost 4 years ago it came on very rapidly. It is through what we see with our physical sense that trigger our higher awareness to open up in us.
          My intuition told me at twelve years old what my mission and purpose is. It started about 16 years later than it should have, but the purpose has everything to do with and everything on this Earth. Now that humanity is awakening that purpose can be served. Yes, there are things that you know that you keep inside until it is time to release that knowledge- You will Know When.

          In my dreams I have physically been able to fly with other beings like me and helped other beings from being killed or injured. I remember being in other types of bodies in places that don’t even remotely resemble Earth. The most vivid was last spring and as I was coming back to my sleeping body I could see my spiritual body as only Shining/Bright(slight bluish hint) along with 4 others that looked just like me. I instinctively knew this was to show what I really am.

          People I know are awakening to different levels. Any awakening is better than nothing I guess. I do my best with telling them what I know(gradually) in person or E-mail. I only physically have met 2 people that are enlightened, but they are not at the level where I am at. They still use psychics or Reiki’s to get what they need. Info comes to me when I need it. I usually can read people and who and what they are about very quickly. When they are very good at deceiving and putting on a false persona, my guides always bring this to my attention and do not stop until I get it.

          Yes, I do believe that a lot of people we come into contact with has been preplanned by us and them(or you as is the case now-and who ever else is reading this). I do believe everyone on earth has their purpose. Some are only here to observe so they can take their experience back to the planet/dimension/universe they came from to help themselves. We all know deep inside what are purpose is. Most people do not know this much less have a clue how to go deep within.

          Lastly the Pleiadians – I believe Barbara Hand Clow was my introduction to the Pleadians. Barbara Marciniak is one that literally popped out at me when I was searching the discounted book rack at The Quest Book Store on the Theosophical Society property in Wheaton, ILL. The book is Bringers of The Dawn. and I have read it twice and need to read it again(I do not usually read things more than once, but there is a lot that opens up in me with this book).. This book is not for everyone, it just is the book for me at this moment in time. The Pleiadians resonate well with me, but so do many other helping entities.

          I do not have much use for Psychics(though many people do and I am fine with that) and when I was 18 my sister took me to a psychic in Villa Park,ILL.(don’t remember who, but I threw the recorded tape out made from it years ago) and she was shaken at how many guides were surrounding me(she counted 9 distinct ones among others). This just sticks out in my mind for some reason.

          Get your hands on as much material as you can and read it. Sometimes I start to read a book and stop, because it is not time to read it. I put it aside and when it is time to read it I KNOW.

          These esoteric things do not take up all my life as I enjoy everyday will all its experiences as much as I can. I heal people or things as I see needed without anyone around me knowing what I am doing. Our thoughts are All Powerful – Be Careful – You and everything around you is what you think.

          Thank you Twelve for your input. I am always learning from other peoples experiences.

          • The relationship you have with your intuition is very motivating for me. I have been relying on synchronicity to show me the way.
            I just really believe everything happens for a reason. The funny thing is that knowing things all happen for a reason actually made me feel more in control. The key is in knowing its all meant to be then you can actively observe the world around you and pick up the clues. The clues become so obvious that its almost hard to believe you didnt notice them before.

            Your dreams sound wonderful! My dreams were controlled by a lot of prescriptions up until my awakening so usually they were horrible.
            Now i keep having a dream that I am rebirthing my children. It makes me wonder how many times i have had to give birth to them. lol

            You mention going to see a psychic. I have never, not that I have a problem with it, just never have and I dont do reiki or incense. I believe that I have what I need in me to figure this out.Maybe thats why the pleiadian messages resonated with me. They said I didnt need to meditate, which is good cause i cant. Try as I may, I cant get more than 90 seconds before my mind or my family interrrupts.
            I have always felt like Prime Creator and I had a personal relationship. I am a little curious though about my guides. I know they are there but I cant communicate with them in any way other than to trust that they are showing me the right things. Any tips?

            As always, I truly appreciate your input as well.

  12. Perhaps I should qualify this.
    As in 99.9% material actions. 99.9% tama and raja guna.

    The laws of material nature (Mayadevi) are insurmountable through material means, whether consciously or ignorantly employed for reasons good or bad.

    • hp, I get what youre saying now. Dont get too attached to your numbers though, cause I can feel them changing. lol

      • Twelve-

        There is no reply tab from your above comment, so I will leave it here.

        My dreams used to be nasty at times also, but from the cleansing techniques I learned from the books mentioned in my above comment, I find myself stopping the aggressor/aggression in their tracks.

        The psychic was paid for by my sister back in 1980 and she still uses them today., though I could give her better advice than she is getting. She really just waits for the person who will tell her what she wants to hear.

        I did the meditation for a few weeks and I could get in very deep, but I have four kids and a wife that is married to the catholic church. My wife is awakening to the truths in this world, but is not about to give up her religion- I manage through it though.

        I also feel close to the Prime Creator and deep down know I have been far out of this universe and beyond. I do not have a word for word conversation with my guides, but when I ask specifically for help they do come through along with my angelic guides of light. I have read that we may have many different guides in our lifetime that come and go.

        Got to go, kids are arguing.

        • I have four kids too !Three girls and a boy. My husband is awake to corruption but not enlightened. He’s my soul mate though, that I know for sure. We have been together for twenty years now, highschool sweethearts. It wasnt always easy but we managed to keep the end game in sight.
          You know its just really nice to meet someone that seems to “Know” the same things I do but has been awake longer.

          I really feel like part of my responsibility here is to help guide my family through the coming transition. I bet you can understand that.

          • Yes, family comes first and somewhere in the middle we complete the mission we came here for.

            Teaching the kids to be prepared without scaring them has been interesting. They are awake and enlightened to a point. Just have to nurture them and point them down the middle path- the rest is up to them.

  13. Good article, interesting discussion. My feeling is that the ego must be tamed, not destroyed. My favourite take on what is happening now is David Icke’s statement from his book, Infinite Love is the Only Truth… page 195, “There is something else going on that does not relate to programmed astrological movements or cycles of time. It is a transformation emitting from a level of awareness in which illusions like cosmic cycles are irrelevant. To continue the computer analogy, ONENESS IS HACKING INTO THE SYSTEM.” [my empahsis]. Regardless how we approach these times, something is definitely “up”! Love, A.

  14. The vast majority of Americans alive now have NEVER had to go thru the Horrors of Hell..think Pol Pot, Khmer Rouge,Auschwitz,the Congo, the Ukraine, etc…we have had the comfy EASY life for so long, most are spoiled rotten little brats..who do not truly know HUNGER,COLD,DARKNESS,PAIN,SUFFERING,LOSS..so many speak THEORETICALLY , with no basis in reality..but many will SOON know that pain and suffering, and then we will see how many “transcend” into higher consciousness!

  15. To further frame my 99.9% view, I offer this not so coincidentally predictable tidbit..

    “Top 10,000 passwords are used by 98.8% of all users”

    4.7% of users have the password password;
    8.5% have the passwords password or 123456;
    9.8% have the passwords password, 123456 or 12345678;
    14% have a password from the top 10 passwords
    40% have a password from the top 100 passwords
    79% have a password from the top 500 passwords
    91% have a password from the top 1000 passwords


  16. Heather,

    Thank you for your contribution which echos and affirms what has been expressed by others.

    In the first paragraph you say there will be a ‘havesting of souls.’ Can you tell me more about this?

    Thank you

  17. Harvesting of souls to keep it simple…. would refer to some people being ready to move up to the next levels in awakening to greater reality. Not all will awaken. I just remember the Bible scripture of the angels asking if the wheat should be removed from the tares. The answer was to keep every inflence together until the time of harvest. We need to be in with the tares (bad elements or influences ) to refine us further. H.

  18. Jbaker-

    We’re using up all the replies!

    Awakening the children has kind of been easy since they trust me. I tell them the things I feel I need to and of course, I shield them from the painfilled details .As their parent, I know what they can handle and I know what motivates them-the information that would inspire them the most in this.
    I see that as the beauty of this awakening-a relative or friend is the best person to gently awaken you because they know you. I had guides for that . Guides I had sort of felt abandoned me until you mentioned that we have many different guides that come and go.
    My guides made sure i had this place and these people to help guide me the rest of the way and that’s magnificent.

    • Twelve,

      I am fortunate that I have been awake since I was young. I have always pointed out to the kids and anyone I know how things around us are amiss. It is just in the last few years that I have expanded my knowledge as to how deep this evil really is.

      I tend to be more blunt and show all the cards. My wife reminds me not to be this way with the kids, so I temper it as much as I can. I am a Scorpio, but I don’t hide anything. I put everything on the table most of the time. I tell my kids not to lie and tell the truth always.

      I teach the kids to have fun as much as possible. Life can be short sometimes.

      Guess we are dragging the comments out too far on this post. I’ll look for your comments on other posts.

  19. Sorry folks but I really can’t understand the jargon in this article. I don’t have “revealing” dreams and I have no awareness whatsoever of having ever lived here before.
    Usual new-age script; over-use of the words “heart”, “compassion”, “vibrations” and “true reality” (as opposed to what other reality?); they mean absolutely nothing. Talk about “we must be the change that we want to see”…..how on Earth do you do that? It makes no sense to me whatsoever. I’m not into this touchy-feely approach to life; I think in practical terms and logically.
    You say “over time we have forgotten who we really are”…..yet you don’t actually SAY who we were/are! Why not? Do you not know the answer yourself?
    The style of language in some of these articles leaves me confounded. No wonder I’ve always felt as if I’m living on an alien globe.

    • Not everyone sees what the majority of people that come to this site see.

      I have seen shadows out of the corners of my eyes since grade school and since then have come face to face with dark ghostly figures. Not all the shadows I see are dark. A lot of light beings appear to me also.

      I got my first glimpse of a person in a bar last winter that had distinct reptilian features about his face. This did not appear until he got upset with me, because I was not interested with the football game on TV. I walked away and played pool instead. He did not look like that before his anger.

      If this stuff does not interest you,I can say most of us do not care. What possessed you to come to this site? I believe most people will not wake up because they do not want change.

      There are a majority of people on this earth that think in practical terms and logically. I am o.k. with that. My ideas and most of the people communicating hear are not a threat to anyone else and we do not want to force our ideas on anyone else.

      We are all unique – some logically – some in a creative reality. The key to a nice life is too have fun and enjoy every moment we have.

      My logical mind tells me that this body I am in will die one day – best to have fun(that means minimum work and a lot of playtime) with it while I still have it.

    • I typed a big response on this but it dissappeared before I got to CAPCHA below…let me just say this “England”….
      I always thought that the idea of reincarnation was stupid and it bothered me until I had a very painful personal experience that was extremely devestating….a massive 5 year long divorce from HELL so painful and vindictive was my ex husband it did not make any sense at all. I cried and I drank heavily…he managed to cut me off from my precious children because he said I was not going to be going to the celestial kingdom. He had worked in the court system and knew how to manipulate things. I screamed out in prayer demanding to know why he was doing this… and the answer came to me that I knew him before and this is a grand finale of me standing up to the same issues from past connections with him. So I started to go to past life regressionists (and one was retired from engineering) I went through the process and pressed hard to know more and learn how to listen in silence. I have grown stronger and stronger in understanding, forgiveness, believing in myself, acceptance for all that is… after six years we are going back to court agian after he filed charges on the same stupid issue and now I am completely neutral, calm, and at peace, knowing exactly how to handle the BS he has created. I know exactly how to win in court. This adversity of choosing the wrong mate has made me grow in huge leaps and I am thankful for the experience.

      Do what you have most conviction in! Heather

  20. RManinEngland,
    I used to think this was all a bunch of useless jargon too. I’m still shocked b ythe contrast in my language when I read some of the things that I write.

    Please don’t think this was easy. I had a hard time believing what was happened to me but have you ever just followed your gut? Have you ever had a moment where you thought “I don’t care what THEY say, I’m doing it my way” and just went down a different road. Following my gut seemed very new age to me but it paid off. Were talking big time pay off.

    You’re right- I don’t actually say who I really am because I am not sure yet. I dont remember my past lives or have revealing dreams. I do remember a conversation I had where I was telling two other beings that I was ready to go back to earth. I joked about wanting blond hair and blue eyes this time. Then I went into a darkness and as i did I could feel the bliss of the place i was in diminish. This memory is something i have only shared since my awakening because before that, I was too afraid of looking new age and strange.

    When I started to wake up to the world around me I would get little glimpses of this feeling of bliss again (and no, I’m not on anything).

    Thats the other amazing part of it. I was sufferring from a devastating chronic pain disease called Trigeminal Neuralgia and now I’m healthy. I am not just talking about mild pain either. I was on 9 different meds and now I take none.
    That sort of change within me was the proof I needed that I was on the right track. On the track to figuring out my place in this universe. Its important to remember that my path is my path alone-everyone has their own path.

    I completely understand your outlook on this but youre here asking questions arent you? You are obviously on a search of your own.
    Who do you truly believe you are deep down inside? When I asked myself that and started searching I found ideas along the way that felt right and i found ideas that didnt. I slowly started to figure myself out that way.

    So if I had to tell you who I think I am I would say I was a being that has been learning in different ways for a very long time. I am a very important part of the universe-equal to all else. Love is what matters to me the most and i want nothing more than to see that each child is nurtured and raised in a way that they understand what life and love is really about.
    If you have always felt like you are on an alien globe is it possible you are one of those beings that have come here to study human behaviour? Give me one good reason why it couldnt be true. Its the open-minded questions that will get you the answers.

  21. Dear Heather, it is a beautifully written piece that everyone, especially the World Leaders or concerned persons should read and understand. However, for a layman like me, it is just another hope story that might bound to get me through another day. Specially the references to “karma” sound a little corny. Like you said it is a cyclic occurrence (dark rift eclipse a.k.a Dec 21. 2012) and not something that hasn’t happened in the past 5 or so billion light years. Nevertheless, what are the excuses, we definitely need to put our act together or else there isn’t going to be much choices left for our future generations. Future is now and there is always more to us than this !!! Shine On…

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