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The Next Generation of Chemtrails

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(from post:) Bruce Douglas Speaks along with other guests at a conference that will shed new light on the next generation of chemtrails and geoengineering aerosols
Bruce Douglas was an organiser for the Chemtrail/Geoengineering Symposium in April 27, 2012 held in Maui. Douglas is also the originator of the Maui Clean Sky Ordinance bill currently under review by Maui County Council member Ellie Cochran who is actively behind the legislation.

The proposed ordinance states that the people of the County of Maui recognize that geoengineers have proposed the global disbursement of aerosols and other particulates into the atmosphere for the stated goal of reversing the effects of global warming and cooling the planet. Supporters of the bill want geoengineers to notify and gain approval from the county with an environmental impact statement before spraying anything related to climate manipulation in Maui County skies.

For more information and to keep updated on the status of the Maui Clean Sky Ordinance, visit http://mauiskywatch.org



    • These bastards’ program is multi-faceted. They brought a drought to a huge area of Australia a few years ago, farmers sold out to big agra cheap just to get out, then what do you know, the rain returned. No doubt trying to hurt the Mexican economy, keep em softened up for the coming North American Union etc. The poles are hit really hard as supposedly they’re trying to keep the ice packs full, but everything’s completely screwed up of course. See geoengineeringwatch.org

  1. I have to hand it to you nutjobs: the notion that Maui County is in Mexico is only slightly less absurd than the existence of your global “chemtrail” plot. Thanks for the laughs.

      • My eyes work fine, Zen. Yours apparently only focus on YooToob mockumentaries and fake sciency-sounding buzzwords.

        Or maybe I’m getting paid the big Rothschild bucks to be a shill. Ah, the sweet life of an internet disinfo troll!

        Actually, and more mundanely, I’ve looked into chemtrails and found nothing but water vapor spiced up with paranoia from loons who think being “awake” means buying into every possible and impossible way “they” might be trying to kill “us”. It’s entertaining as long as you guys don’t inspire some idiot to go out and take potshots at planes. Or sell bogus “holistic” crap to “detox” strontium that just isn’t there. Then it becomes crime, or fraud.

  2. So, we are apparently testing something close to where I live. It started with a radar blip over the Army Arsenal. However, there were no clouds or rain over the spot. Then, there were white things falling from the sky. Supposedly they tested as fiberglass. Like I said, I have got to get out of this area. You guys know anything about this – with the white stuff falling???

    • As soon as I post that comment, the news comes out with a 6 line story. The Army said it was chaff dropped from a plane and it hung in the air longer than normal. There is not environmental impact.

      Just dropping aluminum glass fibers on one of our cities. Carry on.

      • Yeah, I knew it wouldn’t be good. A swift kick in the arse to kick get out of dodge into high gear! Time to use this as a wonderful informative piece with locals. ;-) Now, can one overdose on Chlorella? It is time to take a step in my dosage. Grrr… Thanks, Zen!

        • If you take too much chlorella it can make you quite sleepy. Only happened to me once, I felt like sludge and it forced me into a mega nap and couldn’t figure it out till I looked it up. Ha! Take zeolite too!

          • I was just kidding about the overdose. I could see a mega nap being needed… in my case just to pull all the stuff out! Zeolite… researching now. Thanks, Zen.

          • I know – but that is a cautionary note as you can get knocked out of action for a while – but it’s a healthy while – ;)

  3. This is really revealing… it’s about making money!!!!!!!!!!!!! My GOD! It’s hard to even wrap your head around the extent of evil … it must be true… they incarnated from the pit of hell.

  4. I was just down in Belize and was surprised to see what I thought looked like chem spew. It was very heavy, widespread, and I saw it every day. I did observe some jets chemtrailing, but it didn’t add up to what I was looking at. I figured the pricks were spraying out at sea and letting the trade winds blow in the haze. However, this would better explain what I was seeing. Fuk em!

    • yeah–you know em by their altitude, whiteness and weird dendrite or smeary likeness–but they’re coming in lower all the time, damn ‘em….

  5. It goes deeper. The PTB know that global warming is a scam, so the chemtrails are having multilevel effects. Why would anyone int their right mind want to poison the air, water, soil and all life with aluminum and other various chemicals, nanoparticles and pathogens. This is as demonic as it gets. Someone/thing is terraforming our planet.

  6. And then we have the Mork type who are blind and who mock those of us who have opened our eyes… what goes on in their brains anyway, to deny what is smacking them in their faces (sorry this looks personal Zen but I feel insulted by such brazen display of ignorance). Here in Kenya the sun has become remarkably dim and the skies are cloudless but with a sickly metallic haze. But no one notices despite pointing it out…

  7. Thanks.

    RIght overhead now are these new CHEMSTREAMS ! Yes they are 10x WIDER, MUCH LOWER, AND MORE METALLIC , raping the wilderness from the 14,000 ft peaks just 4 miles away..all the way to the mountain range 40 miles west.

  8. CHEMSTREAMS — yes yes yes. Everything here in my neck of the woods in central connecticut changed two days ago. I happened to be out on the deck watching the “new” look being sprayed down on me. much much lower. no more commercial planes. weird looking shiny silver plane after plane after plane — all obviously in a pack. couldn’t believe my eyes. they didn’t even make any noise. I started jumping up and down flipping them all off, unaware that my neighbors were outside looking at me. I finally got them to look up. They looked pretty scared and started asking me all kinds of questions and will be looking into it themselves and agreed to spread the word.

    I did see a lot of whitish fuzz all over the garden soil. I only noticed it because it was early early a.m. and the morning dew really magnified these fuzz balls. I thought maybe they were dandelion seed fuzz. now I’m wondering after reading Little Mama’s comment. Plus….. the dandelions have been gone for 2 weeks now.

    OH YOU WILL LOVE THIS ONE I JUST READ — from honest.com no less!!


    at least someone who’s paying attention left a comment about chemtrails after the article. then another poser, I mean poster left this comment

    Tommy Maq Guest • 6 hours ago ?
    “Chem trails” are a result of silver-plating on the tips of jet engine turbine blades. As it wears away, it creates traces of silver-oxide in the exhaust.

    Silver oxide acts as a nucleating agent for water droplets, aka ‘cloud-seeding’ – when mixed with the CO2 and H2O in the contrails…it creates persistent clouds.

    maybe tommy mac will stop by?

    • doh! somebody put up a link to mike adams’ piece on the dangers of aluminum. here’s “concerned citizens” response: “Natural News is the hippie version of Fox. They only write what sounds good to their agenda and do not include all the facts.”

      WHO RAISED THE TROLL BRIDGE???? They’re out in full force EVERYWHERE today. they are SO obvious I can’t stop laughing. glad to see they are being taken to task.

    • Jersey, all I can say on the honest.com piece is “Wow! Really?” Looking for honesty??? Come on over to honesty.com where everything is good for you and great for the Earth as well. Ha! ugh…

      No one was interested in any facts about the present from our “friends” the other day. Well, then I told them about a video I found where people were sick for months and pulling things out of their skin. A couple started to listen. I sent them links to my search last night. One is horrified. One is better than none.

      • I dared the kids next store to ask their science teachers to explain the video by chemcloudkid that was up a while back. After the look on their dad’s face when he saw with his own eyes what was happening in the skies over our houses, I have a feeling he will. At least I gave them something to talk about at the bus stop. (the teacher would probably tell him it’s superman’s trail — he’s watching out for us!)

        oh the stooopid really really hurts my head these days.

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