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  1. Nice rework on the Newsweek trashmag cover. Oh, and Obama’s inauguration on MLK day? Keep the insanity coming, boys.

    The off the charts chutzpah of these psychopaths, formerly known as the powers that be, is backfiring big time on them. At this point, all that ratcheting it up does for them is awaken the formerly comatose from their long slumbers and enrage those already awake to become more vocal about the Matrix of lies that has been revealed to be our entire reality. Think they’re well aware that the box called truth can no longer be shut to the 7 billion plus who inhabit this planet. Think they also know that their time is limited.

  2. Yup Zen your right : Gewn towers ? Hi def Tv ? GMO inter fusion in blood systems? psychosis inhibitor medications on more then 70%of the population ?religious Anger over false value? People understanding they can walk away ? Houston we have a problem

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