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The Onion Voter's Guide to Barack Obama


Your pathetic, statistically meaningless vote is more important than ever this year. To help you prepare for Election Day, here now is The Onion’s in-depth voter’s guide to Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

(Hat tip Søren 😉

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    • Now I know why I like you. I’m a UW – Madtown alum. Love that place especially Paisan’s Pizza and The Parthanon on State Street.

      Tough school though.

  1. watch the alternate debate tonight; stream of the “other” candidates, including Gary Johnson, if you’re near Chicago, go attend!!!

    freeandequal.org or link from veterans today

    what if a million people tuned in? what if 10 million people watched a real presidential debate?? seems that would poke a very big stick at the imposed 2 pig system!
    spread the word

    • Thanks for the info tt. I actually watched the whole thing. I believe you can go to the free and equal site and watch the rerun. There is another debate by these four people on Wed. 10/31.

      I don’t know if this is going to change my mind about voting, but it was different than the usually preplanned stuff.

      • I agree about the futility in voting, at least nationally. If there’s hope in your community and you have real contact then I’d say that’s worth it. In the US most of those are sewn up by freemasons and agenda 21 as well, but that local fight can be well worth it where there’s real interaction. Exposure is the issue, so whatever it takes to bring this bullshit to light I’d say is worth it at this point. And NOT voting in this bogus national slum dog and phony pony show is my vote..it’s absolutely pointless and as they say, only encourages them…i.e. contributes to their lying vibe…Z

        • I do vote for some of the local issues, but those are usually in the Spring elections around here when barely anyone votes. This insures that the PTB get there agenda approved.

          The last time I went we had ballots that were multiple choice and then put through the electronic reader. It kicked out my ballot, because I left blank the offices that only gave me the choice of Democrat or Republican. I had to tell them it was ok, I didn’t care for those on the ballot. Great System? Huh?

          I looked at the ballot online and saw there is nothing worthwhile to vote for – nothing local,just the usual Republican crap. I am in Dupage County ILL.- just west of Chicago – The level of corruption here is just as bad as Chicago and the State of Illinois – just at a more intelligent level.

          I know first hand the about the corruption in this county by serving in a subcommittee years ago when a politician I knew(have known several)tried to get me to run for county board. They get their ground level experiences on committees like these. You don;t get elected unless you are on their terms and are a total vampire willing to anything to keep their agenda rolling.

  2. Well done Master Zen:
    I’ve had sufficient hope and way too much love. Should the closet Muslim get a second term there will be a hammer and sickle flag flapping over the White house.
    Right on Master Zen – WRITE ON
    X X X O O O Yoda
    “Government Grabbing Your Guns.”

  3. How about Capital Brewery(Middleton) or the Great Taste of the Midwest in Olin-Turville Park on the second Satuday of August each year? Tickets are impossible to get these days.

    You probably would not find Romney at a beer fest on his own accord. Obama has a beer brewed at the White House with a home brew kit.

    I wouldn’t vote for either of them – just making mindless chatter here.

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