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The Outlook Ain’t Pretty – But Who’s Looking?


by Zen Gardner

If you’re reading the “signs of the times” like any thinking person, the outlook isn’t good. While phony political processes cloud the air with smoke, mirrors and idiotic political air horns, UN and foreign troops are reportedly training on American soil and massive arms and munitions buildups continue at the behest of an enemy government.

Our own.

All with no visible signs of anything being warranted, nor of a population being warned of impending disaster.  Despite this obvious reality in every sphere of society the world marches on towards certain chaos.

And something very similar is transpiring in the UK, Australia and Canada, other strongholds of so-called democracy. Actually these same “enclaves” of intelligent opposition to the New World Order are exactly what is anathema to the PTBs.  Just as the intelligencia was the enemy of the great communist takeovers and so liquidated.

Take a lesson from history. It’s never been pretty.

A Media Bent on Mind Control

It bothers me big time how the media play(s) the unwitting public. While disinformation is their mainstay, I think the most effective tactic is just plain distraction. Even though troops move into place, new tactical equipment is stationed around the country, and innocent civilians are getting accustomed to shake downs and ID checks, the TV plays weather news, sitcoms, sports and other major stupidity to keep the masses distracted and intoxicated.

The realization that our world is about to crumble every which way from Sunday is not on their radar for us to know – deliberately. Thinking people who catch on are marginalized more militantly by the day.

We’re in a rapidly shifting psycho-political war. And they’re making their move.

The Onslaught Against Truth and Humanity

Much of mankind is simply getting worn down. While a conscious sense of love and truth, right and wrong resides in every human, it has been successfully squelched to a large degree by the social engineers in their effort to split humanity into two distinct classes.

The elite rulers and the deliberately dumbed down worker class.

The middle class will be no more. Replacement elites will be groomed from amongst their own protected bloodlines while the genetically modified transhumans do the maintenance work on the new, geo-engineered planet Terra.

Or so goes their plan.

Our Challenge

In the United States, as with anywhere, anything can happen. Being a personally armed nation due to its founding and nature, the globalist forces need to take care of that issue, either by disarming or outright incarceration and destruction. It is well within the agenda of global control to empower other nations to do the dirty work and attack Americans. It is also clearly within the scope of the black cabal to create a private army if need be. Anything can happen in a staged martial law environment.

To not realize this is to leave yourself naively open to very intrusive factors, to say the least.

Remember: another major false flag will happen. It’s their “go to” tactic that always works, scaring the hell out of the majority to justify draconian measures time and again.

The whole idea is to destroy from the inside as much as possible. This is why the phony internal “terrorist” threat is now ex-military, survivalists, political dissidents, so-called “truthers” and those critical of the status quo and the like.

But an outright attack is also not out of the question. Once America shows itself vulnerable due to serious internal strife we may just see something like an EMP strike from China, or even convincingly blamed on China. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these are real possibilities.

The point is, the take-down is imminent. There’s no stopping it at this point. There’s way too much momentum for this not to at least be attempted. What happens then we’ll just have to see.

This is not new.

History bears out how many times great powers were caving in from their own corruption and simultaneously undermined, resulting in massive pogroms to eliminate any potential opposition.

It’s just better to be realistic if you’re making any plans or preparations.

Apply that across the board.

Keep alert. And never despair.

Life is. Always was and always will be.

Love, Zen



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  1. Thanks Zen: Need more info? Perhaps go here…beforeitsnews.com, activist post, stevequayle.com and infowars. Be informed and wake up your neighbors and friends. We know who wins in the end. Love, Pamela lightworkers man your posts as it is “Go Time..”

  2. Thanks Zen.
    Everything you wrote resonates with me. It’s just a matter of time, if you will. I’m young- only 32 years in this body, this time around- but I know enough to trust my gut. I’ve had a most incredible spiritual awakening in the last few years that most reading this site can identify with. But through out that time, what I always find myself resonating most with, is the earth changes and the NWO (for lack of a better word). I don’t feel fear so much anymore, but I feel compelled to find out more and more information on such things. I try to balance it out with more ‘positive’ spirituality but still find myself drawn to research more about events in our world today. My husband thinks I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist when I don’t buy into the BS the mainstream news tries to feed us, when I question what I believe are staged events, or when I tell hi about earthquakes/weather events (man- made/altered or natural) or chemtrails. I mean, look at the Gulf of Mexico or Fukishima for crying out loud! They are still ongoing! Where is the media? Where is the outrage? Where are the questions, and why doesn’t anyone notice or care?!
    Thank you for your site- if it weren’t for sites like yours, I’d not only feel like I was crazy, but I’d feel hopeless too. Knowing I not alone and more and more people are waking up every day is so exciting to me. I know that I am meant to be here for this ride.

    • Starry–people like you make it worth it all! You are very much not alone – we’re awaking out of a deep slumber and it can be so frustrating dealing with the comatized zombies, but we all were there at one point to some extent. We have to separate the deadness and deafness from the spirit inside that hasn’t woken up, and keep looking for ways to help them along. Then again, the balance is that the Universe has its ways of working and the whole karma issue. All I know is when I’m compelled I have to yield to that urge if it meets the guidelines of truth and love balanced with wisdom. Don’t give up – in fact I know you won’t just by your tone and spirit. Glad you found the site, go back 10-20 pages when you get time and pick what resonates, there’s some real encouragement in there between my crazy rants, ha! Much love, keep on, love, Zen

      • Beautiful, Zen!!! :)

        I’m with you, Starrymazed. Easy to feel alone in this; connecting with other likeminds on the interwebs is a real comfort.

        • Dido here in LA…city of the walking dead!!
          Before its news, is really, The rumors behind the news….trying to make us all into peter wolf or chicken little…Take that site with a pound of salt…

  3. Sadly gotta agree. It will be shock and awe but against America this time. Getting the sense it when it comes it will be a combined global effort to ensure success quickly. Led by the many traitors already in America.

    Seems to be an awful lot of Nazi/Socialist type consolidation of government authority since 9/11. What will the big event be? Another beer hall putsch but in America? The date was 11/9/23 or 9/11/23 Germany (dd/mm/yy). This would put our equivalent right after the upcoming fake election in America. Maybe Romney win declared 11/7 or 11/8, then a false flag for Obama to use D H S to seize power declares martial law 11/9/12. Obama did tell Comrade Medvedev he’d have “more flexibility after the election”. Victory for NWO/Freemasons declared 11/10/12 or 11+10+12=33


    Not sure how many are awake globally but get the sense it is not enough. It is hard enough to break through the mind numbing effects of all the toxins forced on them. Then to come out of it and see what awaits them on the other side can be too much to handle for some.

    This 5 Stages of the Awakening article is good. It has helped a number of people we know get a handle on what to expect after they were awake.


  4. “Much of mankind is simply getting worn down”, the obvious is manifesting emphatically.

    I believe that most of us are not in any position to make decisions that will divert the agenda on a grande scale.

    So then, it remains to become supportive of others, empathetic, and compassionate, in our own relative sphere of existence. True heroism will be found on this mundane level, in ‘everyday’ out workings of phenomena that are far less grandiose than our ‘Hollywood conditioned’ imagination.

    The enraged, the fearful, and the cowardly, will become particularly challenging manifestations to deal with as things proceed on. Fortunately, adversity often brings out the best in people at times such as these.

    Being sensitive and discerning, I have recognized that most often, and in most areas; that, “The result was the intention”, and it’s a good maxim to remember when confounded, as it will set the mind aright by way of explaining most any conundrum.

    I am appreciative that you have taken this view as to the possibility of an overt attack by a foreign entity, because I believe that it is pending.

    The authors of Communism were in fact those persona related to the despicable criminal cabal that at present masquerades as a religion.

    Their influential navigation of the American gestalt has a view toward the eventual defeat of The United States at the hands of their ideological brethren, The Soviet Union, Red China, and the Communist sympathies world wide. We are being engineered into that final conflict.

    We must expect that every clandestine subterfuge will also be initiated by those sympathetic agents of theirs from within.

    Many have unwittingly been compromised in their thinking by supposing that Russia and China would some how reign in the USRael beast and save Western Civilization; when nothing could be farther from the truth. Anyone adept at researching deeper will discover that Israel, Russia, and China, are compatriots in the initiative to end The U.S.A.

    • Hey Soni – I guess the point is it’s so convoluted anything could play out or appear to play out, as almost all powers are virtually controlled opposition at this point. Just as Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt carved up the post war world of their day (at the behest of their banking and otherwise rulers), so do the backroom boys of today, only the endgame is extremely close now so almost anything’s at play. Throw in the ET factor, terraforming and few other wildcards and it’s a real mess to decipher. Essentially control is the name of the game, and while there are no doubt power struggles within these dark factions, the One World vision with a dumbed down drastically reduced populace in controlled feudal city environments is the backbone of their agenda. A world religion is also essential to congeal the hive mind so expect more moves in that direction soon as well. Hard to believe we live in such a world, isn’t it? – Zen (PS I didn’t mention Iran as it’s pretty much a given at this point. If not sooner, that will start no later than this next false flag as they milk the incident it for everything they possibly can.)

      • Hey Zen;

        There are so many potential “flash points of ignition” in view that it’s really almost overwhelming; and indeed, sometimes we have to just look away from it all or ‘lose it!’

        It has even crossed my mind that the PTB have observation capacity far beyond the norm and thus are aware of an extinction event on the near horizon; and, they control the media so we really know little in comparison. It seems though to me that they tend to vacillate at times, between grabbing all they can beforehand, or just letting it ride on out until ‘when’..but again, that sense could be sourced from any number of unseen variables.

        One point of emphasis that I have noticed is that so many so called ‘Anti-Zog’ or ‘Truth’ websites are purporting Russia and China, and especially Mr. Putin as being so against the perceived initiatives of the Israeli backed globalist agenda, when just a hairs breadth beneath the surface things are so contrary to that perspective.

        I remember, and you can see them daily now too, so many surface banners on Putin’s opposition, yet at the same time more in depth research shows, for example, Russia opening overland supply routes for NATO into Afpak when Pakistan closed theirs; and, later even opening up airports for supplies by NATO, by air into Afpak.

        Actions speak louder than words, as they always have. Putin went to see Bibi and sided with him completely on Iran being a global threat. Meanwhile he knows the truth, as Russia is building the Iranian power plants and has a host of technicians on site inside Iran.

        I even came up with a little poem on the world politic :
        “The shells have all been shuffled, now who can find the pea?
        Are you the rat? Are you the trap? Or, are you the cheese?

        In any case we’re being maneuvered into the final showdown, as U.S. and Russian troops conduct joint exercises in preparation for it. China is still the ‘template’ for the Zio-Bolshevick New World Order.

        So then, whether they are knowing people or dumbfounded sheeple, in the end it will be the spiritual emphasis of compassion and empathy that will be most relevant for peons as us. That’s where the rubber will meet the road for most of us, inside of all that’s going on.

        Be good to yourself, and your fellow man; ‘then’, it will surely be the ‘little things’ that count the most.

        • “Hard to believe we live in such a world, isn’t it? – Zen”
          Yes!…..so much so that many can’t face it. I sometimes tend to believe it’s somewhat miraculous that we live at all.

        • Good poem, Soni. And sentiments. The word confusion came to mind, that’s pretty much their playing card. Tough to make sense of anything–on purpose.

          Speaking of confusion, Dylan made an interesting reference to being led by “confusion boats”:
          My Back Pages–Dylan –last 2 stanzas”

          In a soldier’s stance, I aimed my hand
          At the mongrel dogs who teach
          Fearing not that I’d become my enemy
          In the instant that I preach
          My pathway led by confusion boats
          Mutiny from stern to bow.
          Ah, but I was so much older then,
          I’m younger than that now.

          Yes, my guard stood hard when abstract threats
          Too noble to neglect
          Deceived me into thinking
          I had something to protect
          Good and bad, I define these terms
          Quite clear, no doubt, somehow.
          Ah, but I was so much older then,
          I’m younger than that now.

          • Zen
            This exact theme is what soaks up much of my conscious thought, agreed, probably more than I should allow, yet there it is. It’s reminiscent of being in Vietnam in that there are just so many things that can take you out without any notice at all. The mind takes it all in, shudders at the monumental insanity, and then methodically tries to see a path for humanity thru all the madness. Our spirituality is challenged daily at the deepest levels, with only the depths of our convictions to rely upon. It is perhaps more difficult for those who abhor violence, and understand that fighting back with armed insurrection seldom produces the desired effects…besides, the time for that was long ago. Eisenhower must be spinning in his grave and cursing like a tanker sailor. I can’t help thinking maybe we wouldn’t be having these problems if the Indians had murdered Columbus and burned his ships. It’s a real life 3D quisling quagmire. Individually our choices are somewhere between Tiananmen Square and Hunter Thompson, each according to their preference and spiritual disposition. No right, no wrong, no judgments.

            Who of us sees the entire picture of this dystopian nightmare, which of us has the right answers? We cannot fall back on history for those things because we are far beyond the reach of history now…we’re in ‘dark territory’ on the cusp of Aquarius and in the grip of the Kali Yuga. As I write this the words of an old Jackson Browne song keep drifting thru an open window in my mind….

            “Keep a fire for the human race
            Let your prayers go drifting into space
            You never know what will be coming down
            Perhaps a better world is drawing near
            And just as easily it could all disappear
            Along with whatever meaning you might have found
            Don’t let the uncertainty turn you around
            (the world keeps turning around and around)
            Go on and make a joyful sound”
            Jackson Browne – ‘For a Dancer’

            I don’t know if we can count on the ‘love & light brigade’ or anything else at this point. I doubt if this agenda can be defeated, maybe it will fall/fail under the weight of its own corruption. Perhaps a visit from the black swan is approaching.
            Maybe, things are unfolding exactly as they supposed to be, a planetary case of retributional karma. All I know for sure it that it’s going to be one hell of a ride. A good friend who passed away a few years ago believed most of the things I do, and felt just as helpless as most of us. His spiritual doctrine was to acknowledge the ugly in life, and then resist that energy by going to Dead shows and “dancing all his sorrows away”, and giving of himself to help others. I think his idea was indeed to “fight back” by enjoying life as best he could.

          • Wow, quite the requiem Chaut. Have to say that sad acknowledgement is very much in tune. But that spark, that haunting spark. You feel it? I know you do. Something calls us further, through it all. It’s as real as all the enlightened understandings we’re being given.
            That’s what calls us on. And on.
            Keep on. Love you, Zen

  5. I remember reading a forum somewhere I think – or maybe it was even here – where people were talking about being saved at the eleventh hour by extraterrestrial assistance from those who are trusworthy, and then other people retorting that we can’t expect to be saved, and that it’s up to us to do it. But I don’t know if “us” is up for it. A small minority is, but it’s too big, and too many people are overcome.

    But then, there has been a pretty big wakeup. Perhaps it will continue. Perhaps we will wake up in time before the whole species is destroyed. Perhaps the earth will continue her upward vibration thang and come to our rescue.

    I do find that way more than once every day I am crying out wordlessly for help. It’s so hard to hang in there and keep hoping.

    But then, in the end, if we go down, then, as you say, Zen, we are a part of the life which is, and which always will be.

  6. there is nothing more entertaining to god’s immune system than to watch cowards forced to fight, the ignorant forced to see, and the evil eat their own soup

  7. Mass evil and or tyranny is always defeated. They know it. Not till the beer chicken and TV are gone will most wake up and pull out the other arm from behind their backs. Their loss of endgame is assured. Talk about denial! Their arrogance is showing so badly as of late.

  8. I have a different view. The middle class is willingly offering itself as prey to the hungry powerful elite. the citizens, in general, lack the intelligence, courage and morality to save themselves.

  9. Spot-on.
    I hear that humanity is “waking up”….
    Yaaawn, is that the time….
    It certainly is.
    I’ve travelled widely and must say, I havn’t seen too much of it.
    It’s there, but not enough.
    And not in the right places.
    The worst being the “love and light” brigade.
    “I don’t want to hear that, it’s so negative”.
    Head in the sand, arse in the air….
    Ready to be slapped.
    It’s the whole picture, not just selected bits….
    I spread the information wherever I can and have been told – literally, “you’re mad”.
    Fine, it’s not a problem.
    I’ve sent photographs of the “noughts and crosses” in the sky to local papers and have had them refuse to publish them.
    We’re connected, but it’s still one-by-one.

    • I wonder if the answer to why you “haven’t seen too much of” humanity awakening isn’t further down in your post, Humanish – because people know that they will be told that they’re mad. I think lots of people are playing their cards close to their chest these days. What is happening is just too flat out weird and crazy for waking-up-and-scared people to go around talking about it willy nilly.

      But then, on the other hand … because there is always the other hand, And that is why I feel frustrated too at the “love and light” brigade who only want to stay in that space (understandably) without taking action …

      I keep feeling these waves of futility, that everything is stacked against us, that we are just telling ourselves nice courageous stories to get to what ultimately will be our demise. And yet there’s that spark that Zen spoke about so beautifully in his comment response earlier – that spark is always there, and always returns. It’s made of the toughest material around:

      “But that spark, that haunting spark. You feel it? I know you do. Something calls us further, through it all. It’s as real as all the enlightened understandings we’re being given. That’s what calls us on. And on.”

      I understand how the love and lighters want to stay in their bubbles forever. It’s the closest thing to home. And maybe they’re right, for all we know. Sometimes I feel my biggest patches of joy when I stop and realise how truly powerless I am in all of this. That I can do my bit, and act highly, and remember that spark, and maybe that’s about all that I can do. And maybe it will be enough. Or maybe it won’t. Maybe ultimately it doesn’t even matter. There is something in remembering my powerlessness in the face of all this that opens up this powerful portal. It’s a paradox. Knowing my powerlessness I become more powerful. Weird.

      Agh, sorry for rambling :)

      • Sue, cool. Relax, but fight. The paradox continues. You clearly know the answer at the moment. It all matters, you just keep contributing as you’re led. When you look back one day you’ll see what I mean. That’s the key. Keeping on. – Z

      • Sue.
        Zen’s reply was right.
        Too many words.
        Certainly not being disrespectful.
        We’ve been called and we’ll do/are doing our bit.
        Easy on yourself.

  10. right on right on right on. These “folks” planned their work and worked their plan exceptionally well, and have nailed down all the techniques for manipulating the masses and test them from time to time through false flags and newspin. They have sewn up the markets for every basic need and commodity and engineered the crises necessary to enact laws which disempower the individual in the name of security. They preach democracy while they secretly undermine the foundations of democracy. They condemn slavery yet practice it under the name of employment. They extol patriotism while they destroy national identity. They exalt “man” but consider mankind as cattle to be controlled, genetically programmed and benignly cared for by these masters of the universe wannabes. They know that the true battle is waged in the mind and have therefore made the control and flow of information their top priority. Thanks Zen for encouraging us to think clearly and get the big picture, and not be fooled by the illusion they have created. We must remember that they are using the secret of all illusionists… to get the public’s eye and attention with one hand (aided by brightly colored stage props and “lovely assistants”, while with the other hand performing the deception. We must always read between the lines, pay attention to the spin on the “news” and question every source of information, because they want total control over everything our minds digest and interpret.

  11. Whats so pathetic in my mind right now is the targeting of our ex-servicemen or veterans as well as retired police who realize the situation more directly and are cast as terrorists or dissentents.Thats why Ron Paul got so much more support over all, from the military in his campaign.Looks like the GOP has Clint Eastwood in their pocket as well.

  12. Yikes! Let’s hope it isn’t China, as here I am in Chongqing! Don’t think I haven’t made plans for this eventuality. At the 11th hour, the family and I will make a beeline for Ecudor.
    I’m amazed that when people face something terrible coming there way, that is unavoidable, they don’t pull the trigger first.
    For example: Americans can see whats coming down the pike easily at this late date. Why not start taking out the main perpetraitors. Why not take out cops, IRS workers, DHS employees, etc.?
    Another case in point:
    Assad in Syria. I remember when he became president of Syria. He is a pretty good guy. He used to be an opthamologist. Soft spoken and kind hearted from what I’ve heard. Anyway, he’s going to end up like Mubarak and Hussein thanks to the same cast of shitheads that are destroying the world everywhere, Why not make the first move?! Send those SCUDS loaded with chemicals to Tel Aviv. You’re not getting out of this situation anyway, so why not sock it to Israel on your way down?!
    Same goes for Iran. I’m sick to death of all the bad press Iranians get. They are maybe the kindest people you will ever meet. Anyway, they must know whats coming, so why not go out in a blaze of glory? Hit ISRAEL and all those US bases positioned around your country. You’re going to lose either way, but why not really get rid of the plague of the palestinians, and serve as a real martyr-nation, inspiring other nations to rise up against the west.
    Just my 2 cents worth.
    Cheers :)

    • I hear ya Scott. I’ve lived in Iran, great people. Who have they ever attacked? They just take US crap over and over. Believe me, those nations are poised for when the US/Israel pull their stunt. Thing is US/Zio know it and are gonna sacrifice the farm anyway. Sick bastards. All part of the global collapse they want to see happen. Then the Russia/China factor, controlled opposition or no, it’s gonna be messy. Like you said, people in that part of the world are fed up so anything’s on the table. Cheers, Zen

    • I often thought the same, and must ask even why I myself wouldn’t do some ungodly act to effect against the beast.

      “By their fruits, you shall know them”, must be the answer.

      By the way, what time is it now? ‘Never put off until tomorrow, what you should have done yesterday’.

  13. As someone who has been around long enough to qualify for Elderhood, I can say from my perspective that we’re definitely making progress – things are getting progressively worse, and the pace is accelerating. The whole mess is bigger than any one of us, and now maybe even bigger than us all. What to do? Well, we can only do our best, love each other, and try to keep our heads clear (and turn off the friggin’ TV). In any event, we’re all just passing through.

  14. ‘A media bent on mind control’ is simple, but so true. I always mute the TV, when I do watch TV, when commercials come on & I never watch the mainstream media any more.

  15. “Once America shows itself vulnerable due to serious internal strife we may just see something like an EMP strike from China, or even convincingly blamed on China.”

    It is scarry to consider that perhaps the recent remake of ‘Red Dawn’ that is coming out may be used as part of this false flag as propaganda to help stir up anti-Asian Communist sentiments.

    • Now that al CIAda is working FOR us apparently running the new rogue governments we bombed into place, Iranian terrorists will be next and then the Asian threat, one would assume. What a coincidence they make a path into the countries they want to occupy, eh?

  16. Zen, one thing you nailed right out of the box was your observation about distractions. With all the distractions in modern Society, how in the world can anyone focus on Spiritual growth, enlightnenment, and achieving a fuller degree of Consciousness?

  17. You have created a veritable fire storm with many of these comments and put yourselves in the firing line as well. Now, know that speculation on ‘outcomes’ undoes that force which can deflate these outcomes. Change course before the night sets in and dig inside for that deeper truth which penetrates the chaotic fever which is swirling around us, swishing its dragon’s tail in anticipation of the kill. Take a spade into the garden and you will find the soil is still there. Replace victimhood with victoryhood. Rise up as fire rises to cleanse all that meets its radiant flame. In love, Redrose.

  18. Zen
    Indeed brother I feel the spark of which you speak, Things are seldom as they appear. Perhaps the Nucleus of that spark is a gram of hope.

    As we ponder such things I just could not resist an Homage to Warren Zevon

    Warren Zevon – Life will kill Ya

    You’ve got an invalid haircut
    It hurts when you smile
    You’d better get out of town
    Before your nickname expires
    It’s the kingdom of the spiders
    It’s the empire of the ants
    You need a permit to walk around downtown
    You need a license to dance

    Life’ll kill ya
    That’s what I said
    Life’ll kill ya
    Then you’ll be dead
    Life’ll find ya
    Wherever you go
    Requiescat in pace
    That’s all she wrote

    From the President of the United States
    To the lowliest rock and roll star
    The doctor is in and he’ll see you now
    He don’t care who you are
    Some get the awful, awful diseases
    Some get the knife, some get the gun
    Some get to die in their sleep
    At the age of a hundred and one

    Life’ll kill ya
    That’s what I said
    Life’ll kill ya
    Then you’ll be dead
    Life’ll find ya
    Wherever you go
    Requiescat in pace
    That’s all she wrote

    Maybe you’ll go to heaven
    See Uncle Al and Uncle Lou
    Maybe you’ll be reincarnated
    Maybe that stuff’s true
    Maybe If you were good
    You’ll come back as someone nice
    And maybe if you were bad
    You’ll have to pay the price

    Life’ll kill ya
    That’s what I said
    Life’ll kill ya
    Then you’ll be dead
    Life’ll find ya
    Wherever you go
    Requiescat in pace
    That’s all she wrote

    • Wow…that’s powerful sh*t!! Tx! As they say, “No one gets outta here alive!” Ha!! The joke’s on the illusion of death and its minions of fear!…

  19. The masses/society has been programmed to not to look at what’s wrong with the world. The unpleasant truth is easily dissed by the ‘conspiracy theory’ rebuttal or by the ‘be positive’ theory. A lot of time and money is spent in keeping people locked into the sunny side of life. Looking at harsh reality is a ‘downer’ that takes away from the positive feeling of the moment.

    Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and everywhere else did not stop the normal working day in first world countries. So even though the damage inflicted is enormous, the masses lost their attention after the first few days. Slow-kill does not attract too much attention.( You cannot spread your freedoms, your bordello sexuality, your evil ways etc in quick strikes). And, the masses returned to business as usual. They have not followed the progression of the rule of the elites. They do not expect any change to their lifestyles or wellbeing to intrude rudely any time soon. Perfectly programmed specimens of dark sides and strawmen. The will believe it when the media says so. Or, their collective hive mind must be convinced by actual experience.

    Then again, we have been taken for many rides in the past, by over-zealous awake people who, with time, begin to see snakes under every rock. Yet, we have learnt to appreciate every ruckus made about every expected false flag because the elites lose the element of surprise……and change their minds? No-one really knows what is going to happen, but the portents are ominous. So far, no God or Aliens have stepped in to destroy the elites.

    The evil masses need to go too…since they have butchered souls at the local levels. They support the Elites false flags and general offensives, capitalizing on the shock generated to pounce on the good people. The masses cannot be relied on to team up against good people, now, because they have lost their power. Besides, unemployment and harsher times generally have side-tracked the attention of some. So, the elites will have to act strongly and decisively since people are watching out. This is where many lives or great dislocation will color their option. Bankers are warning each other about the crash. Israel wants to strike Iran. The DHS is buying ammo. Viruses are being transmitted across species. I don’t even want to guess!

    I have read the prophecies of Mitar Tarabich. I am convinced that catastrophe will build to a crescendo and the 21st century will be the end for billions on the planet. The changes towards catastrophe will infiltrate until that crisis point is reached. In daily life, we have to keep watching the skies, we have to keep our eyes open in the grocery, we have to try to stay above the toxic threat. There are veggies and fruits being genetically engineered without our knowledge eg hot peppers, egg plant….and all those seedless products. There is going to be suffering and chaos. There will be gangs, violence and mayhem. In poverty and hunger, the social mores in living are lost. Predators love the breakdown of normal living because then they can play themselves. Is it our seeing of a wretched future that self-creates it and makes it so? If so, we have nothing to worry about: the masses are only seeing sunny days and butterflies!

  20. Whenever I read about incoming dooms of the worse kind like the ones pending just ahead of us, I keep thinking that the future already exists and we are still here! I know, this sounds weird, but being in the spiral that we are, we have already been to the future and back…It’s the sufferings, the pains, the losses that break my heart when I think of all the people falling victims of these unavoidable sorrows.
    Maybe this time, we are getting it right and we are going to break away from this neverending auto-repeating program. That’s the goal, that is the reason for all the hard work and commitment so many people are putting into the waking up process, some at the expense of their own well-being.

  21. Hey Zen, open up that third eye and smell the roses.
    The rot from within is slowly being steamrolled.
    WE are aware and WE will overcome.

    Vet your scaremongering closer.

  22. Hello Zen….the powers that be, know we’re on the cusp of an ELE and all bets are off…..economic and social responsibility’s are being cast aside and all strategies are focusing on still being in control of the planet after the force of nature changes our way of life forever….graduation time is almost here! ….onelove!

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