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The Panic Room

by Zen Gardner – adapted and magnificently audio-visualized by the talented Snordelhans


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      • It is a French actress, I think her name is Eva Green. It is from a movie in which she plays a beauty called Sybilla. Ah, Kingdom of Heaven is the film. I am attracted to the compassion and insight in her expression.

        • ANd a superb movie it is! It actually depicts the events of the third Crusade from an unbiased perspective that shows the muslims as human, intelligent, and merciful!

          What a concept!

  1. A check of `Purim’ via Wikipedia paints quite a different impression of this Jewish festival tradition. It is definitely celebration for the reasons detailed here but definitely lacking the orgiastic satanist overtones.

    So where and with whom does the bias lie (pun intended)?

    • Naykd..Wiki is good for some info, but you really think they’re a source of unquestioned truth? A lot of people make that mistake. They have lots of good info but don’t expect the “alternative” knowledge to always be there. They’re looking our for their butts and are deep into their own agenda which probably ties in with the matrix pretty substantially. Search deeper. – Z

  2. I never knew this about Purium. Raised Baptists we were taught she was a good queen and savior…but this surely changes all that. No wonder the evangelicals believe what the rabid zionists tell them. They dont even know Biblical history…all revised

    • Truth to Power—-Exactamente!! Evangelicals are run by Freemasons, Illuminati… “By way of deception thou shall make war..”..Zio slogan. Old testament is a slaughterhouse and story of a rebellious war-mongering nation who wouldn’t listen to anyone. Talmudic teachings even worse…yet no one notices. Amazing hoodwink.

  3. The OT is pure BS. There was no Exodus. It never happened. No wandering in the desert. It didn’t happen. Therefore there is no promised land. The bible is a mishmash of tribal folklore, fabrication, falsehood, fiction and outright LIE. The sooner the bible is cast upon the pile of rubbish where it belongs, the sooner there can be peace on earth. The Torah and the Talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.

  4. I think it’s been pretty clear for a long time that Wikipedia is an arm of the controlled media. However, it is a convenient place to check dates and non-controversial facts. The health information is censored and changed to parrot the Global Elite for sure.

  5. Very powerful video. The synchronicities are, of course, quite vivid and obvious once the dots are connected in this way. The ORGY of WAR is truly a sight to behold these days. Not so sure about the sexual element, though males are, indeed, very geared toward sex and aggression. The inclusion of that element here feels as though you are teetering into unprovable smear job. I think sticking to the observable facts at hand and trimming up a bit would make the point more powerfully pointed. Very creative work.

  6. Great video, the more I search the more I see the pic is clear. Zionist have long long term plans, and they seem to be obsessed by rituals. Glad that Putin issued an arrest warrant for Soros these days, but he is only one of too many agents they got everywhere in the key positions. But they too make mistakes, up to us to use them against the system. Boycott banks, plastic money, and overall reduce consumer needs to the basics. Be self sufficient where possible. Let us go back to good old land farming and sodd the corp. By the way, Iran can still wait, it seems like benji had his way with the black man to get some zillions to put on hold an attack. Some people are so poor , all they got is money.

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