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The Pernicious Power of Partial Truth


by Zen Gardner

Here’s the problem. It’s not the awakened and informed that get ensnared by partial truths. It’s those that have yet to find full awareness and gain a real conscious perspective. It thwarts real investigation and shunts the unwary up the garden path to Numbsville.

This is what politics and social engineering thrive on.

You think people would go along with complete frontal lies continually? While it seems our Orwellian society has degraded to something pretty close to that, there has to be something that appears to relate to people’s everyday experience, no matter how engineered that is as well. It may be a relative truth within an entire fabricated system, but still it’s something someone can relate to.

The Alternative Dilemma

What has been labelled the alternative community, alternative research community or truth community is in a bit of a quandary. It’s nothing new. Whenever you have an implied or perceived polarity this kind of lumping together by the mind happens. Strangely enough almost every time our low level thinking does this polarized perception it’s wrong and a false choice.

Same with this mainstream vs alternative. Very lumpy thinking but deal with the concept we must.

The right/left political paradigm is a good, obvious example. A totally false premise yet a whole fabricated system is built around it making it appear legitimate. Oh how many things in this life are like that! When you realize all this is a holographic projection based on intention and participation you can work backwards and see how pervasive and restrictive that limited mind thinking really is and understand why it falls for all these tricks.

With the alternative news media concept it’s a little more clear the dichotomy people face with respect to where they get their information. From a mainstream perspective, the alternative press is anything outside of their accepted realm and “trusted” sources. They don’t look at the details much except to accept the mainstream definition and have total disdain for anything so-called “alternative” where they’ve turned the word conspiracy into a broad brushing pejorative.

Within the alternative news community there is obviously a lot more diversity than the flatfooted mainstreamer could ever imagine. They won’t touch it, or if they do it’s a couple of accidental hits or doubt-filled super skeptical queries they venture to look into. There are those that get an eye opener and it leads to new worlds of information, but I’m describing the general perception.

Amongst the overall “alternative” or non-mainstream community there are loads of dynamics at work. Which is wonderful. The truly enlightened can tell what’s what and understand there are many ideas and theories and approaches and they learn from anything they can. There’s no fear because they’re grounded in truth and not jumping on any bandwagon that happens to roll by just because it’s so called “alternative”.


Moles, Cling-Ons and Psyops

Of course this ugly stuff goes on. There’s also controlled opposition like the mainstream co-opting partial truthers like Glenn Beck who apparently thinks he’s a radical or something. Just look at the employers, paychecks and big egos of these types if nothing else. Wittingly or not so many are manipulated by Zionist interests, big banks, corporate and political influences, secret societies and occult powers.  That’s the name of the game. That’s who’s running the external show. So by definition if someone isn’t fully conscious and free from all that, they are being tooled around by them in some fashion.

Especially people in the media where the projected illusion is so all important.

But in the alternative world it can get pretty tricky. The labyrinth of the rabbit hole is practically endless so just about anything goes when you really get into the big picture and are trying to excavate the Truth from the rubble of lies and sealed off compartments you find. So most of us are willing to consider most anything and at least take a look at it. You eventually develop an intuitive sense about things, but even that stretches and changes as more becomes apparent and your consciousness grows.

We realize we relatively know less and less in the grand scheme of things and it’s wonderful!

The Spaghetti Test – Observe and Stay Detached

As I’ve often said, I use what I call the spaghetti test when processing information. Not the perfect analogy, but it demonstrates several truths.  You know when you first learned to make spaghetti and the test was to see if it stuck to the wall or not? If it did it was done. Messy but effective.

That’s one way to approach it. If it sticks, OK, leave it there for now. Sometimes things fall away later on. The main point is to sort of leave it out there and just keep going. Something later may confirm or contradict it, or it’s just lower level information that’s leading you to somewhere Universe is taking you. That’s the fun part, watching synchronicity lead the way.

Number one lesson I’d say is stay the observer when it comes to information. Detachment is the key. The mind is working along with your consciousness to process whatever you’re coming across so beware of getting attached to ideas and concepts and the allure of “sexy” information. It’s whenever we get attached we get ourselves in trouble – whether it be to a what could become a dogmatic concept, belief or an outcome, we need to constantly let go; it’s a matter of conscious awareness survival.


Look at the billions who’ve been sidetracked and hijacked and joined these confining mind controlled religions or belief systems or the like. We’ve all been in some form of a belief system or another even if just school or the overall system. The good news is the struggling to get free from that chrysalis, or a series of them, is what pushes the blood into the wings of the conscious liberated butterfly to-be!

Snakes and Rats in the Labyrinth

We have enemies. Truth has enemies. Humanity has enemies. Just as you see the alphabet agencies infiltrate militia groups or persuade patsies to participate in some false flag scheme, the same is true in the Truth community. That’s a given. We see the trolls and phony social media perps all the time and we each have those sites we’re wary of. Expect even more.

Information is the name of the game and if they can’t shut us down, they’ll try to trip up, divert and divide us.

Or discredit us. But you know what? I’m not that worried about that. While some want to be watchdogs and stop people from firing off their theories as happened with the Sandy Hook reaction for example, people need to decide for themselves and feel free to express themselves if they’re sincere. It’s like that insane criticism of the Occupy movement. “What’s your message? You have no united voice or clear agenda…” blah blah. Yeah, so they could sculpt one for us and divert it into one of their controlled arms. Such is collectivism.

Besides, nothing would have satisfied the critics.

At least it was an expression of life, as well as protest. Sure, Soros and his dirty ilk are always up to no good and there we all kinds of plants and agents provocateur, but something else also happened– an energizing and coming to real realizations of what we’re all up against from people of all walks of life. The political stuff all missed the real issues and there was a lot of short sighted frustration, but instead of listening to what people were saying and learning what people were upset about, all the major media could do was belittle and mock and criticize. That says it all right there.

But muzzle ourselves? OK, admonitions are good and needed at times, but freedom of expression needs to be exactly that. And we’re not here to impress or win over the mainstream. Anyone with that idea is headed for frustration and disaster. They will not listen.

But individuals will. Let’s be sure to address people and not the illusion.


The Half-Truthers Are the Most Dangerous

There are a few things I think are important to look for in an information source. Assuming it’s not coming from one of the major media outlets I evaluate along these lines:

1. Is the information fundamentally on the right track?

2. Is the source more interested in notoriety and self promotion than the issues, or is heavily weighed down by those egoic influences?

3. Are there any obvious compromises, or glaring omissions that could be intentional?

4. Are they loving? Is the message one of love, for the good of mankind and its freedom, even if it blasts away at the lies of the matrix?

5. Are they really fully awake and conscious? Or at least on their way to “getting it” and humble and sincere in their quest?

6. Are they heart led more than mind? Can you sense the passion behind the information and ideas?

7. Does yours or a trusted associate’s bullshit detector go off repeatedly? 😉

Big egos are a dead giveaway. That’s why for all the good Jesse Ventura might do in getting some truths out there, he’s anchored in trying the impress the system. That’s why as David Icke says he’s the go-to guy for the Piers Morgan types and he gets away with what he puts in his show. I have the same askance take on Ancient Aliens and those History and Nat Geo channel productions and these Michio Kaku type spokespeople no matter how much good info is presented.

And I think that’s a healthy attitude.

Lots of truth but man, they are always busy shoving some serious agenda down your throat sideways and most people have no frikking idea it’s happening to them. You can’t lead a sheep down the path with stuff that smells like poison. There’s gotta be something that gets their trust and attention that appears to be real food.

Partial or manipulated truths inoculate the masses against the full Truth. Partial truth is fine with them–it doesn’t shake anyone up, doesn’t concertedly challenge their precious matrix.

Whereas whole fully conscious Truth blows their whole frikking control system to smithereens!


Ahem. Warning bells, anyone?

The Zeitgeist Truth Heist

This might be hard to swallow for some, but this Zeitgeist movement is another thing I’m very wary of. Anything that opens up with 50 million hits immediately and youtube and google and the like continue to let fly, you better beware. Anyone else who really challenges the system gets their numbers shaved by the youtube stazis or their work deleted altogether. The Z movement enjoys wide open popularity and acceptance.

Follow the money on this one and it will most likely take you to some interesting sources.

Besides, do you really like the techno-cold world the Venus Project espouses? Do you sense warmth, or transhumanish coldness as well as political daggers getting thrown around? Reminds me of the new agers getting led straight into the new world order. I enjoyed learning from their earlier videos that have some great exposes thanks to Jordan Maxwell’s research and others, but something is amiss as well as way too “accepted”  about this whole thing. I know many Zeit lovers who do not get the whole picture and are even deeply entrenched in Obamamania and other agendized liberal and socialist leanings.

Not a good sign.

And the effect? Diversion, dilution and dissipation of energy in a nicely encapsulated medium that’s prepping you nicely for the coming techno new world order.

I might sound cynical but if it ain’t right, it ain’t right.

Perceived “Truth” Can Be A Control System

We should know our sources as best we can, and take from them what truths we can glean. None of us has everything figured out or are so supra-conscious we can discern or understand it all. We learn as we go.

The problem arises in the direction the spirit of some information takes us. There can be lots of truth head to toe but if it’s being used to manipulate you into some controllable viewpoint or belief system or some sycophantic all-trusting relationship that stunts your growth and ensnares you, that’s wrong.

People are baited with the truth all the time. They’re led down pathways that seem to have all the fixings, but they meet frustration and futility and get waylaid into a sort of stillborn mode. It’s very sad as many were really looking but took one of these engineered detours.

That’s all the matrix does. It’s a lie and leads you round and round to nowhere, spinning your wheels as they vamp off your energy, getting you to support and feed the system. If it takes a few truths to get you to comply and stay sedated, so be it.

Besides, sometimes they’re just pulling a release valve maneuver, letting it appear they’re getting it and we’re having an effect to satisfy the general angst. That can stop people dead in their tracks from the hot pursuit they were on. If we get deceived into thinking they’re listening and believe this type of hopey changey bullshit or whatever false promise they make, we cool our jets and lose momentum.

They’re liars and we cannot stop short and compromise. Conscious awareness knows no compromise.



Controlled opposition specializes in half truths and buses to nowhere, so it pays to exercise extreme caution in this world of mines and booby traps. There’s nothing to fear. Lies don’t hold any real weight except to the swallower. The Truth can take care of itself.

We don’t need to censor or protect the “truth community”, the Truth does that. There is no collective, only consciousness and our underlying connectivity to each other and the entire Universe. That’s a force to reckon with–and tap into and utilize as much as we can.

Staying detached is imperative. When we get invested in static or defined collective notions we’re limiting consciousness. Who knows what’s at hand? Or what magnificent twist Universe will come up with? Maybe it’s already under way and about to manifest. Where will these heavily attached designs be then?


Stay free. And have a good laugh about it all. That’s a good place to start. And finish. 😉

“Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” -Osho

Love, Zen



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  1. WOW GRE8T photo of the butterful – good find! Wow, Zen your words are deep and profound as always… You mentioned, We have enemies. Truth has enemies ~ You are so right. I see that in places I have worked, in family connections, some people attack truth and send in the devils to conspire..The more light we bring to ourselves in being honest we get attacked by the darkside. Look at what happens to whisleblowers they go jail for telling the truth….and Ventura, he met with Fred Bell for an interview at a hotel, (Art Bell’s brother from Coast to Coast radio) and the next day Fred Bell died…..I’m sure it was just chance…the 1/2 truth people ~ yes beware false people… I saw how Ventura attacked Icke in a short video clip ~ he was mad with rage and didnt give Icke the respect he deserved….In fact I now never listen to that radio show anymore, they put the dis information on with the 1/2 truth. Thanks for bring this subject up ~ humans beware! And the enlightening quote ~ I’d say everyone has their take on it ~ I don’t think you can generalize such a work as it has so many meanings but as Joseph Campbell would say: “Follow Your Blilss If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be. The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. “People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances without own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.” Thanks Zen for being YOU! keeping the conversation meaningful and alive…Namaste brother!

  2. I find in times like these that listening to dreams if you are a prolific dreamer to be the fastest path to gaining truth about who people are and why they are doing what they are doing. If someone continually shows up in a dream with a demon with them, don’t trust that person. If you share pure light with someone else but are in a controlled situation, the connection is pure but the environment has been tainted. If someone is thriving on gifts and sugar, they have been bought off. if someone is infusing you with a small amount of poison are they doing that to kill you or to shock you into seeing the truth? think on these things. they might prove beneficial.

  3. Ha…this sounds just like the major letdown I felt after I breezed through the delightful deliverance of Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God series…that wonderful encouragement toward enlightened, true-self-focused spirituality and one’s own truth…only to find in volume 3 that the REAL answer to everything in the universe is one-world government. FAIL.

  4. Have you heard of the movie “Thrive – What On Earth Will It Take” produced by Foster Gamble of Proctor and Gamble which I believe came out on 11-11-11?

  5. Hey Great article Zen! I thought I would share something with you and any other followers of the blog. I found this to be a great exercise and would recommend to everyone to create a daily affirmation that you read at least once a day. I will share mine below in hope that it will inspire others to make their own! 😀 Much love to you all! <3

    Today is all we have!… Today could be the day I die. Live in the present moment, doing everything you can to better yourself to better serve, love, and help the people around you. Feel no fear or sense of attachment when you tell people you love them. Be a white magician with your words and be nice to complete strangers by smiling more and by giving compliments freely to people. Since you could die today, learn to live with no regrets and to do/follow what your heart tells you. Meditate frequently and teach yourself something new every day. This life is a blessing and a gift that deserves gratefulness and many thanks. Express this desire to show appreciation by making yourself the best person you can be in every way, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I will be able to look at death in the face and feel no fear. There is only love within me and without and to express that love is allowing my true self to be further manifested and present in the moment. The key to this life is to truly live every day like it could be your last, treat people with respect and kindness, and never hesitate to say something nice to someone or pick somebody up when things are not going right for them. Smiling is contagious to those who are open to the thoughts of love, so spread the happiness with the intention that what you give you shall receive.
    “A loving heart is the truest wisdom” – Charles Dickens

    • Beautiful advice! Funny, yesterday I went to a coffee shop to get some “work done” on line while waiting for someone. I ended up talking to the sweetest elderly lady in quite poor health who lived alone and was hanging out there as she was nervous about the weather, being in an upstairs flat during a big storm passing through. We spoke for a good hour and it was so enriching and enjoyable to see how happy the attention and companionship made her. Very touching experience and I didn’t regret the time to “get stuff done” I had planned lost in the least. Remarkable experience for me seeing I could let go of my planned outcome and how much more I experienced and could encourage her at the same time. Universe is good! Your advice and insight is very synchronistic, tx!

      • Your message is so true Zen. At first the half truthers had my attention, but then I wised up and can now feel them. Brent, your affirmation is a beautiful one. Yesterday, I was in the library checking out books and a young mother was sitting at the computer holding a baby who was squiriming in her arms. Her 3 year old son, was trying desperately to get her attention. She kept yelling at him. I went over to the children’s section where they had toys and brought him over a truck, I said “Do you want to play with this?” His face beamed and he shook his head yes. I brought him another one. The mother, didn’t say anything to him or me and went back to computer. He looked at me with such joy and love, it was so touching. The baby in her arms watched him play with the trucks. Like the elderly woman you helped Zen, everywhere we go,there are people who need help now. A kind word (or conversation) , a helpful gesture or even a smile, can make a difference.

      • Great article…so tasty! Just had to cap your reply to Brent. Making/allowing time for others without a feeling of lost or wasted time. It’s not ours anyway.
        Holding the door open for others, smiling, if the cashier/assistant has a name tag, speak their name….watch ’em light up.
        Thanks again my man Zen and to Brent for such sage advice….and to all who contribute here.

  6. Just some thoughts –

    A few years ago I felt that there was a “flow to life” so after having this understanding I decided to try to always be as close to it as I could be. Then a couple of years later I had the realization that “the flow” was a “river” I was standing next to. Then I asked myself, why not step into it? Then I found myself swimming out to the middle of “this river”. I’ve been there ever since just floating along. Let the Universe take me where ever I’m supposed to go. See- “The Truth” IS “the river”. Most people floating with me will never go back to shore, however there are some who grab branches and try to hold on to old beliefs. Some even swim to shore and get out.

    “The river” is getting wider now and more people coming in. They are living their truth. I will die there because I can’t go back.

    Your article reminded me of this Zen. Thank you.


  7. from Soliel:

    This article just takes my breath away.

    I’m harping back to being awake and aware yet again.

    When people are isolated they have more space and time to delve into their own minds and to check out what is happening around them. That’s why so-called spiritual people often spend a lot of time in caves and forests. Those who feel something is wrong with the received world view that surrounds them, tend to withdraw from unnecessary involvement in that world picture in order to check it out. They may feel lonely, very lonely. Then, when some charismatic person happens into their lives promising support of some kind, such people can be very vulnerable.

    The Sangha – the community – has a valid role to support and guide those on one spiritual path, but even there, the role of the support provider can be subtly waylaid by ego-based and greed-driven cultures and power groups. If the truth seeker is wise s/he will not be misled.

    Those who are walking the spiritual path have understood something but are still seeking and as a result may sometimes seek ‘group validation’ or the company of like-minded people.

    This is where the partial truther can infiltrate and divert the seekers from their authentic journey.

    I have seen Hippies lose their way in psychedelic fashion and drug-induced fantasy. I have seen countless lonely and isolated expats, among other groups, being pulled into new age coteries. I’ve seen tens of thousands of students coerced by their fellow students to join meditation retreats and other practices, including making substantial donations, to high profile temples that offer exclusive tickets to heaven on a golden space-ship.

    Divine diversion can be very lucrative.

    If you take some time out from your busy schedule to be with yourself honestly. If you make use of a tried and true form of meditation to calm your mind and then turn your inner magnifying glass on how your mind works and on events that directly impact on your life, you will be stronger and more aware of any wolf in sheep’s clothing. You may occasionally get diverted, that is natural, but you won’t get pulled too far into delusion to find your way out.

  8. Agree with Orbed’s comment above about Ventura. Amazing turn around (or was it a turn around?). Remember seeing him on Piers Morgan discussing Bldg. 7 and Piers made him look like a fool – telling him basically it didn’t happen. Ventura just threw his hands up in the air in frustration, almost as if he was acting or was on the Jerry Springer show. Something was way off. Sad to see, partial truthers are yes indeed sometimes much more devastating to the psyche then full out liars; full-out liars never build you up if you’re awake, as you see right through it immediately, where as partial truthers build you up and then…. crash . . . Don’t know how they look at themselves in the mirror every morning. Then again, don’t know how the full out psychopaths do it either….

    On another note, super disappointed Zen that you lumped The Venus Project and Zeitgeist into a post focusing on intentional lying, deceiving, partial truthing, controlled opposition, etc. I think these two organizations couldn’t be further from it. I’ve personally met Jacque Fresco (founder of The Venus Project) in Venus, FL and Peter Joseph (founder of The Zeitgeist Movement) as well, have spoken with them at length, and have studied their works as well for years now. I have yet to come across two more sincere, passionate, humble and intelligent human beings in a very long time. Fresco has spent 75 years (if one can imagine that) developing his ideas for a more beautiful, caring and loving world for ALL. And here is the REALLY REALLY REALLY tricky part of the problem for those who don’t fully understand his ideas – as soon as people hear about systems, technology, distribution mechanisms, etc. that work for EVERYONE, they immediately (and I mean IMMEDIATELY) lump it into the NWO/One world government dystopian & Orwellian Soros/Kissinger/Bush/Kurzweil/etc. vision WITHOUT TAKING THE TIME (and I mean YEARS, not seconds or minutes or weeks or even months) TO STUDY WHAT IS WHAT. It happens over and over and over and over. In fact, Jacque has addressed this very point over and over and over and over. It’s (his vision is) nothing of the sort, and yes this opinion is based on my years of studying his works and is just that – an opinion. However, most (and I am not including you because I honestly don’t know how much research you have put into it) don’t do the heavy lifting (i.e. years of research) and simply hear about his/Peter’s vision and the proceed to lump it in knee-jerk fashion into the NWO or Communism. It’s part of the unfortunate disease of laziness and need for instant information that has overtaken humanity (remember when people used to spend years researching things before formulating opinions?). What I believe Jacque (and Peter) are guilty of is dreaming too big – a good thing in my opinion. Was Bucky Fuller any different? Look at the life-long work Fuller did, and the simply massive contribution he made to humanity, yet today, the majority of the world’s population has never even heard of him. But Beyonce, Kanye West, Kim K. … don’t get me started. So frickin’ sad…. I also think they might be guilty of being naive about having everyone (in the collective sense) get on board with one vision, no matter how magnificent the intention behind it might be. It’s part of that super tricky and “never possible to get right” balancing act of being independent of others (a beautiful “non-collectivist” thing) but yet recognizing our massive interdependence with one another (again, a beautiful, “non-collectivist” thing). All of us are struggling with this – how do we get to that better world – alone, together, sort of alone, sort of together. The dance is so frustrating, yet so brilliant as it is exactly this fundamental struggle with growth that we all signed up for when coming here.

    So, coming full circle on this, personally I actually no longer believe (as I once did) that technology is to be the saving grace of humanity, but rather that it will play some as of yet undetermined role in it. Likewise, I am more of the opinion that this massive awakening we see around us will grow its roots, not in a technologically advanced city of the future per The Venus Project, but rather organically in millions of local communities around the world, and again, in a way and ways we cannot yet envision. Yet at the same time, I am open to technology and to a “city of the future” if intuition leads me to it in the future. We need to remain cautious in the mind, yet open in the heart.

    The bottom line in my own humble opinion is that we all have a part to play in this. You, with your wonderful writing, Jacque with his 75 years (and Peter as well) of trying to also awaken the world to the possibility of another more beautiful world, etc. And to borrow from a line you wrote above, we each need to use our own sense of intuition to tell us what is truth, what is partial truth, and what is untruth.

    Thanks for your contribution to a more beautiful world Zen. We’re all in this together, independently and interdependently with one another.
    With love….

  9. “To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men–that is genius. Speak your latent conviction, and it shall be the universal sense; for the inmost in due time becomes the outmost…In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts, they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  10. I wholeheartedly agree with the majority of your article, but I’m afraid the passage about the half-truthers , where David Icke is presented as one of the “full-truthers” causes me some serious heartburn. I’ve been following his writings for a long time and haven’t really found fault with him on facts. But about 3 weeks ago he posted a picture of the pope wearing a well-known stole in which the apostle head on the right shoulders seems to show horns or whatever. The picture is so obviously photoshopped, but he’s put on his page nevertheless with a lurid heading, no further text and no source to the picture. It’s simply done to create traffic and cheap money. For quite a long time now his mails don’t contain articles but mainly advertising for his own stuff done at one point or another. Unfortunately, him not caring about truth in something so insignificant discredits him for me, full stop. He’s altered! I now feel I’ve got to double check everything he writes about. For all I know “reptilianism” might be contagious and he’s got it now. Lol. We’ve got a saying in Germany that goes more or less “A liar will not be believed even if he speaks the truth”. I feel very sad and cheated. It’s so strenuous to always have to be on your toes…..

    • I remember the picture you are talking about – it was removed soon after it was put on, presumably when the mistake was realised.

    • How funny – the first (and only) time I ever checked out David Icke’s work was a few weeks ago when that photo was posted, I remember seeing it…

  11. It is the same in the alternative history/archaeology field. You start to read some interesting information on alternative hypotheses on who built what only to have a signinficant number of “alternative” researchers, some of whom have made quite a living travelling the world spewing forth their bunkum, trying to explain away every friggin builing as a temple or everything the ancients did was for some sort of religious hocus pocus. Just like the Uni trained main stream knobs.

  12. im sorry but you wrong about the venus project aslo why project what you think is wrong? better to make sue it resonates with your being

  13. Great article Zen! I’m usually quite content to read without feedback, but this article cracked the silence. One day last spring I was explaining Zeitgeist to a co-worker, and even watched it with them. I think I first saw Zeitgeist back in 2008, and it along with other variables helped me in my quest for truth. Now when the Venus Project was advertised, my knee jerk reaction was communist. I just left it alone and decided it would technically (pun intended) be better than where were at now as a society so what the hell. However, after watching this movie again with my co worker, I then went home and for some reason, watched the Animatrix.
    And then I became terrified. Interesting lower vibration reaction to what was on my plate, but eventually I chased the fear away and realized what I was seeing.
    There are not and will never be, any easy answers to to our problems. Adversity is the prerequisite course to the growth we seek and need to achieve. I wasnt skeptical of the idea of the Venus project, I was just terrified at how the idea was presented, with an aura of smug confidence, as if such a project could not ever possibly go wrong. I still do not buy into it. In the Animatrix, humans reach a utopia of enlightenment where machines have replaced all previous models of labor. The society now need not subject themselves into wage slavery and are free to grow and use the time once spent on production and survival towards their own ends. Now the mainstream interpretation is that machines revolt, and hell ensues. However, in this animated version more time is spent on alluding to what caused this catastrophic war. Flying in the face of the supposed utopian renaissance, humans do not grow wise and all loving. Instead the populace grows callous and vain. As the machines hit their garden of Eden moment, where self determination becomes realized and free will is born, they begin to perceive the inherent flaws in humankind and begin to revolt. The machines try the old world avenues of legal dissent and strike, but are not prepared at all for what happens next, the unprovoked genocide of their entire race. In the universal role of adversity however this only stems to create a whole new tier of machines, a whole new breed of collectivist intelligence that seeks to eradicate humans entirely. Eventually the humans grows so desperate that they chem trail the whole planet in order to block solar energy out and thus cut the machines off from their life giving energy. Unfortunately this does not work and the machines simply crush the rest of the human forces and begin to use humans for energy instead of the sun. This is where the actual movie comes in, the Matrix more well known by most people today. Interesting few people know about the Animatrix as I think it does a great deal more as far as forcing us to question what we now and our blind faith towards technology. After that combination of media I must say I’ve been vehemently opposed to the Venus Project. Sorry folks, but I don’t need a technocratic society to further exacerbate the already exacerbated rift between nature and man. Technology and Man will never trump Nature and Man, and although I applaud those that work tirelessly at a future better than this present, I just don’t see cold metal and motherboards replacing animals and wilderness as a positive direction.

    • Wow, nvr seen that animatrix but matches exactly my impression. Very well explained, thanks. It’s subtle in many ways, but not at all in others. Same as you, I applaud sincere efforts to find a better world, but as the old expression goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Sorry, where we’re going in our conscious awareness and connectivity to source is the key to love and a happy peaceful existence. This kind of techno world is a good example of “cart wayyyyyy before the horse” limited consciousness thinking, when our first priority is a real change in heart before we’ll know the next steps. Love is the answer. The other will follow. Again, like Einstein said, we can’t find solutions to problems in the same level of thinking that created them in the first place. Realizing just how EXTREMELY limited out understanding and breaking through to greater conscious awareness is our first priority. Love you, Zen

  14. In a word – Discernment.

    Thanks for writing this post Zen – I’m going to print it out and save it for future reference :)

    The search for the truth often seems to me to be like sailing into the wind. A wind of endless information (both mainstream and alternative) is blowing in my face, so I tack this direction, and then I tack the other direction. Before long the wind that was blowing against me ends up pushing my boat forward in the direction I need to go.

    I’ve spend a while journeying down the rabbit hole, and my way into it was to treat alternative news sources like the website Before It’s News as “real-life fiction”. I suppose this created a nice safe barrier for myself so I wouldn’t feel like one of those crazy people that really believe this stuff…

    But that journey has produced very good results in my life. I just posted a story on onehumanbeing.com last night called “A Conscious Change” which tells about my journey, or as I put it in the introduction:

    “In this post we go down a rabbit hole of books – into fear and loathing, conspiracy theories, alien abductions, near-death experiences and finally into the NOW as I write about my reading journey to the fringes of the world of ideas in pursuit of my subject, consciousness – while looking for better descriptions of the human experience. ”

    – you can read it here if you like: http://onehumanbeing.com/central/2013/01/31/a-conscious-change/

    Best of health – Jon

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