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The Plan To Divide And Conquer America At The New Madrid Fault; And How We Can Remain Free Of Crisis Engineers


“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around us in awareness.” – James Thurber

by Nicholas West and Zen Gardner

The Powers-That-Be seem to be ramping-up efforts to drive a stake right into America’s heart(land).  Natural disasters are on the rise, and an increasing amount of evidence is leading to the conclusion that these natural disasters might not be completely natural.

Some already have speculated that we are entering a time of weather and earthquake wars, as the incidence of mega disasters has risen across the world.  Is government experimentation simply going awry, or is it being orchestrated on purpose? Are they hiding behind or even amplifying current natural earth changes such as the strong solar cycle and the on-going magnetic pole shift to accomplish some furtive plot?

The hidden hand has always cloaked itself using a wide array of techniques to conceal its divide-and-conquer agenda.  By owning the ultimate weapon — the very climate upon which we all depend — entire regions can now be put under a full spectrum of remote control already served up through climate change, economic instability,  and the military-surveillance complex brought in under the false threat of terrorism.

Let’s first look at the evidence for the manipulation of natural disasters and the proposed government solutions, then move to the massive preparation being undertaken by FEMA indicating that something big is on the way for the area of The New Madrid Fault as indicated by the current cluster of disasters in the region.  We’ll then finish with the solutions at our disposal to thwart the efforts of the elite cabal of gangsters that seeks control over humanity.

The Evidence of a Plan

Predictive Programming — This is where the groundwork is laid for directing people toward an imagined future.  Through books, video games, movies, propaganda placement, and education, the passive receiving of orchestrated information can literally change the future.  Elites have always been obsessed with mind control . . . and the best form is that which is the least obvious.  The unaware are manipulated and controlled without a single shot being fired, or a single piece of legislation written.  However, once one becomes attuned to their methods, it becomes incredibly obvious.  Besides the constant bombardment of mega-disaster and end of the world scenarios, one prime current example is geoengineering (aka chemtrails).  This chemical spraying has now wormed into movies and public places as an example for children to embrace the new normal of planes laying down a tic-tac-toe murky gloom across our skies.

HAARP –The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program based in Gakona Alaska is under constant scrutiny, as researchers track its relationship to weather modification and earthquake activity.  This facility and its substations scattered throughout the U.S. have been tracked by intrepid weather researcher Dutchsinse who has made some startlingly accurate predictions based on the tell-tale radar flares of these facilities, already linked to earthquakes in the area of the New Madrid seismic zone.  Subsequent flooding is so severe and unprecedented that locals are even saying it seems like the whole area is sinking.

It is thought this weather manipulating technology is being tested and fine-tuned for worldwide use, as other such antenna arrays are located in Norway (EISCAT), Australia (Exmouth), and several other countries, as well as via space-based facilities.  Benjamin Fulford is among those who claim to have spoken to insiders about specific threats made to Japan prior its 9.0 event.  Video showing distinct vibrational patterns, as well as purported “punch holes” have been cited as evidence.  Increased HAARP activity seems to correspond and, curiously, the HAARP site has been taken down. While the evidence that exists is somewhat tangential, HAARP’s stated capabilities are indeed ground penetrating.


Geoengineering — This might be the most obvious part of the elite plan for global control.  Books like Ecoscience by Obama’s science czar, John Holdren; the military plans for Owning The Weather by 2025 ; and the recent Royal Society proclamations all point to a relatively small group of selected sociopaths who would love to play God with our climate, backed by ultra-elite front organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As described above, there already has been a conditioning program for people to accept seeing planes spray across the skies.  Now, the evidence is in: it is a chemical cocktail which contains dangerous levels of toxic particulates such as barium and aluminum.  Certainly Monsanto seems to have accepted this reality, as they were quick to develop an aluminum resistant gene to insert into their GM crops. The recent mega-twister outbreak, which has led scientists to conduct a disaster autopsy, might also point to evidence of weather modification experiments that are facilitated by the presence of heavy metals in chemtrails that intensify the effect of manipulative EMFs.


The Ground Wave Emergency Network

Electromagnetic Control — It is known the toxic soup of electo-magnetic waves already in place through power lines, cell towers, WiFi, radio, television and a host of other broadcasting devices has a seriously deleterious effect on human health and mental well being. HAARP and its various localized outposts and GWEN towers (Ground Wave Emergency Network) has the known capability to affect human thought.

Another even more sinister capability using other inaudible ELF and UHF (extra low and ultra high frequency) electromagnetic signals is also in place since the 1990’s. This sinister program nicknamed the “sounds of silence” operates within the  frequencies the brain operates on, and the the PTBs have been piggy-backing inaudible, subliminal programming to manipulate humanity. No wonder so many are entranced by the media and the country appears to be so upset, confused, fearful and divided.


The  Department of Defense even tested this Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) technology during the first Iraq war, causing unwary battle-tested Iraqi soldiers to act like submissive children running to American troops for protection. It’s also in use in the private sector and goes by the name of Silent Subliminal Presentation System and is used as an advanced marketing technique, among other things. It is believed this technology is one of the PTBs main tools being used for the subjugation of the American people.

Big Oil and Gas Fracking — Since September of 2010, nearly 800 earthquakes rattled Arkansas and the New Madrid Fault Line. The entire state only experienced 38 quakes in 2009.  The New Madrid Zone is believed to be a part of a complex of faults that extends down the Mississippi Valley into The Gulf of Mexico.  In fact, the oil volcano that was unleashed by the BP disaster last year is thought to be at the southern tip of this volatile area.  Not only are oil and gas being extracted from beneath this zone at enormous rates, but an extraction process called fracking is further exacerbating seismic activity in the region and might even trigger a mega-quake.  Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) pumps water and chemicals  into the ground at a pressurized rate exceeding what the bedrock can  withstand, resulting in a microquake that produces rock fractures.  A  close look at Arkansas’ history of earthquakes and drilling reveals a  shockingly noticeable surge in quake frequency following advanced  drilling. Fracking is now a global technique for finding natural gas.

Animal Die-offs — Perhaps the most puzzling, and one of the most alarming of unnatural phenomena recently has been the sudden and unexplained animal deaths.  Many factors could be at play, but the increasingly apparent weather modification effort by the powers-that-be seems to be the primary suspect.  Concentrated radio beams, both HAARP and local-based, have been detected in the very regions of these die-offs.  The deliberate war on nature is also displayed by GM poisoning that is now leading bees to seal off parts of their hives as a defense mechanism.


Government Preparation

So, there are clearly elitists who wish to control populations en masse, and they are fully aware that much of their scientific experimentation with nature could have unintended consequences.  For the eventuality of such chaos, they seem to be preparing to restore order with a rather harsh approach.

Back in 2009 Shepard Ambellas brought to light a mass grave site in Phoenix, Arizona, replete with plastic coffins and FEMA camp complexes. This has now been confirmed by many independent researchers, and is a theory endorsed by ex-governor and Conspiracy Theory host, Jesse Ventura, who was shocked to learn that this isn’t a theory at all; there really is a continuity of government agenda with 10 proposed FEMA regions to be controlled by selected governors.  In fact, this police state agenda is so real that outside pressure led to the episode being pulled after release, and even remotely erased from the DVRs of TiVo, Comcast, DirectTV and AT&T customers.   Nothing to hide?  No plans?  Right.

Doubters, or those who might feel comforted by the government’s version of disaster preparation, would do well to remember FEMA’s intervention following Hurricane Katrina and how horrendously that worked out for tens of thousands holed up in their stadium concentration camp where children weren’t even immune from rapes and beatings.  By connecting the following dots, one should see that whether or not the chaos is deliberate, accidental, or even natural, one should think twice before entering the FEMA version of Club Med when societal collapse arrives.

–NLE 2011 — FEMA’s largest National Level Exercise in history has commenced. It reportedly involves over 1 million people.  The states that are involved are those that already have experienced record tornado outbreaks, horrendous flooding, and consistent earthquake tremors.  Now, the Army Corps of Engineers has detonated 250 tons of TNT in this fault zone to so-called mitigate flooding .  Residents are now reporting that decontamination units have been set up as part of this “exercise”.

–FEMA has placed a rush order of $1 billion in dehydrated food.
Homeland Security has ordered expedited printing of over 350,000 national emergency detainee handbooks.


-The U.S. Navy released images of the future geography of America . . . divided nearly down the middle.

As we consider the events that have taken place in this region over the recent past, there clearly is something major going on.  Since Katrina we have witnessed dead birds and fish, increased earthquakes, The BP Disaster, and the worst disaster since Katrina: the mega-tornado outbreak. (Should there be a major seismic event in the New Madrid fault zone, be aware that there are also 15 nuclear reactors along that same fault line.)

Regardless of the theories (and evidence) showing signs of an attempt to orchestrate a divide-and-conquer strategy for America, we would do well to prepare ourselves for an increasing number of these disasters, as well as to prepare for the official response.

Solutions: It all comes down to self-sufficiency

Once we are alert to the machinations of the elite overlords, we can then devise our own plans for preparation and eliminate the fear that they require for our subservience.  The system needs dependence from the population; we must, therefore, do all we can to reduce our dependence and render our would-be controllers impotent.  Here are the 4 key areas where we can help ourselves, our families, and our neighbors break free from the elite stranglehold:


Of all the scams, the worldwide banking system is one of the most  mind-boggling. Once you “buy into it” you’re already ensnared, and it’s either eat, or be eaten. That’s their design.  Never mind the entire false premise of fiat money and the  debt system — vast amounts of this illusory “currency” get shifted  every micro-second in a wave of deceit and piracy.  If we are to break free of our engineered financial shackles we must develop and promote competing currencies and barter systems.  They are already trying to imprison people for doing just that, which is a sure sign that it is an Achilles heel.  They can’t lock up everyone, so get started now developing your own private currency and discussing alternatives to The Federal Reserve fiat system.

Food and Water

This is the second main method of control the world over.  Globalists use the IMF to literally use food as a weapon, which is exactly what was proposed in State Department Memorandum 200 from 1974 where Henry Kissinger addresses much of what we see happening across the globe in 2011.  Food inflation already has begun in earnest, while environmental destruction is impacting food and water quality planet-wide.  By all means begin by filtering your water .  And it’s never too late to learn off-the-grid methods for food production such as aquaponics and permaculture.  If you find that food growing is simply not possible, then learn where your local growers are so that you can support the strength of the community that can help you best in times of crisis.


Shelter and Skills

Much has been made of the massive rise in doomsday bunker purchases, as well as purchases to enter self-sustaining underground communities.  This path is certainly not for everyone, as the most serious disasters could last for an indeterminate length of time.  Perhaps a better path is to stay mobile, rather than fixed.  It is sad that many people have lost their permanent homes during the financial collapse; however, for those in such a position you might just be best suited toward survival.  The ability to pick up and go has proven to be important as the fallout from the Fukushima disaster has circled the globe.  There is always someplace safe; it is important to identify where that is and be prepared to move when necessary.  Rather than “running for one’s life” as a cowardly act, this should be viewed as running toward better opportunities when presented with adversity beyond one’s control.  All true survivalism depends on one’s ability to physically adapt, then to have the mental fortitude to make the best from unfortunate circumstances.  Some key areas of focus are radiation protection, plug-in scalar technology, orgonite and EMP protection.  With recent news from NASA that Comet Elenin is affecting Earth , it would be wise to also move to higher ground if possible.


We saved the best survival tactic for last.  Ironically, the pooling of resources is the single most effective and inexpensive strategy to ensure your own independence.  Disaster preparation can seem like an overwhelming task to take on single-handedly — much better to befriend people who are already skilled (and well-stocked) in certain areas.  Every community already has people well-trained in mechanics, craftsmanship, food production, and tactical weapons.  Rather than try the nearly impossible task of gaining skills in all of these areas, offer your current skills, property, or ideas to other key people and strategize about what-if scenarios.  Just such a project has begun in New Hampshire.  The Free State project is a recruitment for liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire.  You can read their statement of intent to decide if this might be the path for you.  This is a brilliant plan for people to connect with other like-minded individuals and carry out a shared goal.  This erases the feeling of being alone, which lead so many people to inaction as they see their current neighbors turn a blind-eye to the problems we have outlined above.

We all sincerely hope that we don’t have to encounter a collapse scenario, but simple wishful thinking might not be enough; best to balance continued optimism with sound preparation.

* Nicholas West is a frequent contributor to Activist Post writing on topics such as HAARP, predictive programming, and government conspiracies real and imagined.

* Zen Gardner is the Contributing Editor for Alternative News at Before It’s News, and also posts at ZenGardner.com.

ZenGardner.com welcomes differing viewpoints and thought provoking opinions that add value to the discussion. For the interest of the community and a healthy conversation, please refrain from posting attacks and offensive content. Inappropriate comments and spam will not be published.



  1. There are many intercessors praying for this areas of the country. The last 10 years have seen a prayer initiative to release demons via Buddhist mandalas. These mandalas are of a specific type which enable the demonic to release the end of days and chaos. Fortunately for California, the Long Beach initiative stopped the release of the demonic because the intercessors knew what they were doing and how to pray. The releases and where they release the mandalas are kept secret, but the Lord can show people of prayer where to go to pray. However, the attempts to release the mandalas continue.

    “LONG BEACH, Calif. (May 1, 2011) Due to a minor illness the Dalai Lama is canceling his scheduled public talk at the Long Beach Terrace Theater today at 2:30pm PST May 1, 2011.


    Dalai Lama Cancels Appearance at UCLA


    He still has two speaking engagements scheduled at USC and UCI before going on to Minneapolis.

    In recent days we have seen the major fires in Texas, the flooding all down the Mississippi and other rivers, and the tornados through the South. These may constitute the opening of the Fire, Water and Air gates of a Mandala. The remaining Earth gate could manifest as an earthquake. The Dali Lama is supposed to be going to Minneapolis May 6-9. Minneapolis is at the headwaters of the Mississippi river which flows along the New Meridian Fault. The Fault was the location of the largest earthquake in the history of the U.S. and the location of a major FEMA earthquake drill this month. From Minneapolis the DL is going to Fayetteville, Arkansas May 11, the location of a number of earthquakes recently that may be related fracking for natural gas in the Fayetteville shale. Forecasts for the next major earthquake on the New Meridian fault could create a grand canyon through the Mississippi Valley separating the U.S. down the middle.

    From Arkansas he will be going to Newark, NJ May 13&14. I am not sure what the issues may be for that presence but perhaps some of you may know as the Lord may have showed you something.

    All this is gearing up for a return to the U.S. July 6-16 to do the Kalachakra Initiation and mandala in Washington, D.C.

    We still have a lot of gate keeping and taking possession of the Kingdom to do.

    • Perhaps you should consider that maybe the Dalai Lama and fellow Tibetan monks actually might know a little bit more, and are trying to help with the mandalas? Consider this.. we just had an earthquake here on the east coast.. and oooh..eerie… the Dalai Lama was just recently in D.C. for a huge Kalachakra ceremony..where yes, there was one of them there mandalas. But if they were all evil and such.. don’t you think the earthquake might have been a tad larger? Perhaps they were well aware of a large one coming, and purposefully chose D.C. in order to nullify the effects. (oh, but I suppose you will take credit for that one). Which, hey.. maybe you helped too. But to say that they are evil… well, that is just sort of weird..besides wouldn’t they be working their “witchcraft” on China instead? The U.S. has always welcomed and embraced Tibetans. Makes no sense. Not saying that you are wrong and I am right.. just trying to open up the heart/mind a little bit here.

  2. Group;
    You might get the Stocking up Cook Book frm Rodale Press as well as the Foxfire book collection . These are extremely helpful .


  3. if this new madrid fault line is set into action , how long would it take for the waters to rise to level shown on your map

    i live in central nevada and is quite a concern for me

    and to what elevation would sea level be….

      • The point is to be awake and aware so when these things do start to come to pass you’ll be spiritually prepared…and hopefully physically prepared as well. I think we’re going to see very serious earth changes in the next few years, but I’m not afraid. Those who deny the possibility might get quite a shock though.
        And stocking up on food makes total sense…just the price rises ahead are reason enough. “Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” The thing is, as you put your understanding into action you’ll see more and understand more, it’s really quite fantastic. Enjoy the ride!

  4. I don’t know much about HAARP, but I am sure that a simple Google search will provide me with enough info to make a reasonable assessment.

    What I do know about ancient history is that many of the catastrophic events we speak of have today have already happened on a level unimaginable in this day/age and it is reasonable that these events can occur again whether HAARP exist or not.

    The Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Toltecs, Aztec, Mayans, Eastern Islanders, Chinese, Plato, Aristotle, Israelites and a host of other societies around the world experienced cataclysmic events along the same timeline e.g., seismic activity, volcanic eruptions, magnetic pole reversal, plate tectonics, floods, tsunamis, days of darkness, droughts, animal die-off, thermohaline slow-down or warming of the seas, mountain building or heaving of the earth, magma/planetary/crustal movement and on, and on, and on …

    An excellent book to better understand past catastrophic events is here: “Worlds in Collision” by Immanuel Velikovsky. Now, this book isn’t be all, end all, but it is a good place to start. The writings of Velikovsky will make you re-evaluate your conditioned thoughts about the planet and the human race.

    Truly an eye opener.

  5. I don’t know much about HAARP, but I am sure that a simple Google search will provide me with enough info to make a reasonable assessment.

    What I do know about ancient history is that many of the catastrophic events we speak of today have already happened on a level unimaginable in this day/age and it is reasonable that these events can occur again whether HAARP exist or not.

    The Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Toltecs, Aztec, Mayans, Eastern Islanders, Chinese, Plato, Aristotle, Israelites and a host of other societies around the world experienced cataclysmic events along the same timeline e.g., seismic activity, volcanic eruptions, magnetic pole reversal, plate tectonics, floods, tsunamis, days of darkness, droughts, animal die-off, thermohaline slow-down or warming of the seas, mountain building or heaving of the earth, magma/planetary/crustal movement and on, and on, and on …

    An excellent book to better understand past catastrophic events is here: “Worlds in Collision” by Immanuel Velikovsky. Now, this book isn’t be all, end all, but it is a good place to start. The writings of Velikovsky will make you re-evaluate your conditioned thoughts about the planet and the human race.

    Truly an eye opener.

    • I have that book. Very interesting but in my opinion Velikovsky’s timeline is off sometimes, and he ascribes things that I believe happened more along the timeframe of, say, Noah, then his claims of it being during the exodus.

  6. I would like to sign up to your site but I do not want to have to give you so much personal information or my first born.

  7. would like to know if any information is available about saving your brain during a low frequency wave attack. There has to be something people can do. Thank you.

    • I know this may sound strange, but there is much truth in the old joke about a tinfoil hat… They actually work! The whole making fun of having a tinfoil hat thing is designed to keep people from actually making and using the protective devices.

      Easy and relatively cheap to make and can be quite fashionable for everyday use if you put a little time and thought into what you make.

      Good Luck!

      • Yes-our brains are a prime target for HAARP and all the microwave towers. I wear an orgonite pendant and have lots of orgonite around the house and in my car, and a scalar device plugged into my home circuitry.
        Anything they ridicule or “outlaw” via political correctness should be carefully considered. 2 prime examples: “conspiracy nut” and “anti-semite” (yup, that’s one too–they’re BIG on that one to hide and justify TONS of stuff and keep you from even thinking what the Zionists…who are hiding behind the Jews…are up to…).
        Keep wondering! And when the solar flares pick up everyone’s sure gonna wish they had protection at least for their equipment…maybe they’ll make the connection then! 😉

    • Research orgonite and scalar interference devices under EMF protection. Lots of good stuff. And move away from any towers if possible. They disguise them as flag poles (they’re fat at the top or bottom or unusually thick overall), fake trees–(palms and pines usually), all kinds of stuff, so research that too. They’re inside roofs of buildings too, or seemingly ornamental structures. Go to antennasearch.com and you’ll get most of the cell towers in your area, but I’m sure not all. GWEN towers are another animal so look up those too. Most of all, stay conscious. And know that unusual thoughts that may seem to come out of nowhere may not be real but broadcast. If you stay conscious and detached you’ll most likely see them and at least know not to impulsively follow every thought, which is healthy anyway. I often listen Eckhard Tolle CDs when driving…he’s great at helping you stay detached. Other than that I’m usually reading and researching which I love to do and that keeps me on track…cheers

  8. I truly think something is going to happen. I have driven the I-5 route from Bakersfield Ca. to Seattle many times in the last few years, and you can see the signs from farmers about the congress created dust bowls all through California. You can see all the poverty in the small towns and people in transition staying in hotels with their trucks and belongings tied to their cars. I believe we had better batten down the hatches and meet like minded Americans to prepare for what is coming. Watch the skies above on a bright sunny day, what are they spraying on all of us. I wish I could meet more people that see what I see but they are to busy watching dancing with the stars and mindless television. Listen to Alex Jones.

    • People are everywhere that feel the same as you do. My wife and I moved to a very sparsely populated county in west Texas just to get started doing those things that we need to do. The down side is there are no people here that want to work or help. Uncle Sam’s plantation mindset has them with hands out and brain closed. The best term for most of these sheeple is: oxygen thieves. They are the ones that will be used to route out those of us that intend to ride this thing out and start anew on the otherside.
      If you are serious about doing what has to be done then time is very much of the essence.

      • I also wish there were people around us to get together with and prepare. (We are on the outskirts of Detroit) If anyone wants an idea of what it will be like going through the last of end times, watch the movie, “Road.” Not exactly what will occur I’m sure, but a real eye opener….and a reason to prepare, if these articles like the one above aren’t enough of a reason. Like somone else mentioned, “Lock and load!” This is true…you can never get enough food, or enough weaponry to defend what you have.

      • Yes…time is of the essence. Taking action brings peace. We’re liquidating belongings and detaching from the beasty system more every day. They’re preparing the population for the next big false flag operation, at which time it’ll look like martial law has taken over, if it doesn’t literally. Whatever the next “event”, it’ll be staged and homeland security and the TSA will be on steroids….the unaware will beg for it out of fear and desperation. Stay above it…it’s a hoax by the controllers. It’s their last fling…it’ll pass but we have some tough times ahead. Turn off the TV and radio unless reliable alternative. They’re ramping up the propaganda.

  9. Ya know…I’ve been reading about the coming cataclysms for the past 2 yrs. This has happened a few X’s before. Pole Shift. It’s gonna be far worse than anything we’ve ever experienced. We’re not used to having something tragic happen, and no one to help us. There will be NO HELP coming. It’s gonna be what ya know, how to take care of yourself, living off the land, growing your own food, etc. Better get yourself schooled far as how to do this stuff. Lots will perish from shock, starvation, infection (from little cuts/scrapes) and not having access to their medications. Stock up on what you can, NOW!!!! Have lots of clean drinking/cooking water put back in mylar bags, canned foods, cast iron to cook with on an open fire. Everything we take for granted (super markets, electricity, doctors) won’t be here. Read first aide booklets, stock up on bandages/antiseptic oints/bleach. The list is just too long to go into. I’ve been trying to prep for what’s about to be unleashed upon us for 3 yrs. Never can have too much…you can barter with what you have. Food is gonna be the main issue. Chemtrails/floods/earthquakes are killing off our croplands. This is ALL be design. Starve ’em out!!!
    Most importantly, drop to your knees asking for forgiveness. Good Luck, and GOD Bless us all…..he sees exactly what’s going on, and he’ll deal with those that are causing the manmade catastrophes.

  10. JESUS told us there would be 7 one thousand year days. For 6 days or 6,000 years man would rule the earth. The 7 th day of 1,000 years will be ruled and reighed by Jesus. From adam and eve to Abraham was 2,000 years–From abraham to Jesus was 2,000 years –From Jesus to now is 2,000 years or a little over. Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for this stuff to happen. At times in the past GOD gave them some extra time to repent. He said that this scheduled time would happen as scheduled so get ready for judgement to fall on us. it has already started. NO ONE HAS EVER DESERVED HIS JUDGEMENT MORE THAN WE DO.

  11. Please go to Prisonplanet.com for info on HAARP. Many past articles . For 5.95 for a month you van view some 30 Documentaries on all subjects.
    Police State 4 , on FEMA Camps for US Citizens especially Patriots + Christians
    RENSE.com Beforeitsnews.com WND.Com Newswithviews.com
    Come quickly Lord Jesus
    Google ” Obama Deception + Fall of the Republic 2.5 hrs each @ You Tube
    It is high time we wake out of sleep .

    • Yes…we’re being programmed much more than we’d like to realize or admit. Nice thing is though, as you wake up it loses its grip and you get this wonderful peace and awareness. It’s a daily fight though. Beware the media and electronic soup. Look up orgonite and research scalar interference devices for your home. These all help.
      (check out the old B movie “They Live”…pretty accurate analogy.)

  12. the most imprtant thing to do isPray and hold tight to the Lords hand, the children of Iseral were fed manna, and water was supplied through a rock..their clothes never wore out…so the lord is the safest and best way out….love and serve Him with all your heart…for your sake and your family’s Daniel 11:32…….but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits. KNOW YOUR GOD!

  13. Has everyone experienceed what I am? I try to talk to people close to me about the upcoming catastrophes and they all look at me like I am some paranoid nut job that has jumped on a conspriricy threory bandwagon. What is obvious to me seems to be hidden to them! This is driving me crazy and I don’t know how to make them see. I want everyone to see what I am seeing. Am I crazy? Am I the only one seeing this other then what I read or see on youtube? I hope it is me that is crazy and this is just and ugly dream. There are so many inocent that will suffer if this isn’t my own little nightmare. PLEASE GOD, LET ME BE CRAZY!!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE, GOOD LUCK…

    • Hang in there. Be thankful your eyes have been opened, even though it can be lonely at times. Others will see in their time. Do try to tell people…I try to feel people out a little at a time to see what they’ve seen so far and take it from there. I’ll mention things in check out lines, to people I meet casually, even in banks and offices. I can’t help it, but I learned to go slow and look for resonance. The health issue is a great starting point, how our own government is allowing banned pesticides back, GMO foods and is working to make vitamins illegal. I also take pics of the chemtrails with my phone and when someone asks what I’m taking pictures of I explain. 80% say thank you and walk away with a few things to google when they get home.
      The earth changes are undeniable…that the controllers are screwing around with them is a little hard for most to swallow but more often than not they’ll think seriously about whatever you say. 2012 is something everyone is very conscious of, and any religious people know this is all looking a whole lot like what’s been prophesied for eons.
      All that to say, you’re clearly not nuts, you’re sane in an insane world. Keep reading and researching to bolster your convictions. Lots of good stuff out there! Love, Zen

  14. I have been trying to prepare and be ready for a long time now. God put it on my heart to stock up on food, water and medical supplies several years ago. I read all I can and make whatever preparations I can. I have also been receiving email from Off the Grid News who have many informative topics that may help some of you that do not feel as prepared as you want to be.

    God Bless each and every one of you. Take this seriously. Be ready to either hunker down, or run and fight.

    • Good for you. Don’t listen to the naysayers.

      And try to get your neighbors and loved ones to do the same or they’ll come running to you for food and water! It’s a plain smart investment with food prices up 30% over recent months!

  15. You have written some great pieces recently.

    They planted wifi receivers all over my neighborhood. Free wifi for everyone. I took a petition around, most everybody signed on they did not want them but the “technology expert” down at the podunk city hall wouldn’t even talk to me.

  16. Been looking for someone talking about the NLE 2011 exercise for two weeks. I was listening to Mike Rivero and he talked about the exploding levees, and then Webster Tarpley mentioned the drill that was upoming. It immediately made me suspicious but so far I haven`t heard anything in the alternative media about it, except from these two exceptions. Considering the amount of EQ hype on FEMAs website going back to at least 2008, and the scale of this “drill” Americans had better wake up, rather sharpish, to this drill and watch it like hawks.
    As Tarpley points out, if you`re looking for a false flag look for a drill. And this is a big`un. If they have the technology to set off fault-lines then I have no doubt they will use it, especially since a large portion of the population don`t know about this technology, and will believe whatever they`re told. Somehow it strikes me as really weird that I can see this so clearly all the way from Norway, while the US media seemingly haven`t noticed it.

    • Great point. It’s a blinded society here and they have no idea.
      There’s been quite a bit about this exercise in the alternative media if you keep looking. BeforeItsNews.com where I also post has had a lot of stories as have many others. I believe the alt community is watching this closely. Go also to davidicke.com, infowars.com. rense.com, whatreallyhappened.com and many others…lots of good folks on to all this.
      But the public? Blind, being led by the blind.
      Cheers…be well.
      BTW..What’s the Nordic press saying about all this, or other outlets? Do you follow RedIceCreations.com?…another great site.

    • Good for you. Don’t letsin to the naysayers.And try to get your neighbors and loved ones to do the same or they’ll come running to you for food and water! It’s a plain smart investment with food prices up 30% over recent months!

  17. Hello,
    Could you possibly send a copy of the article to my email address?
    I found it in my newsletter from Bob Chapman.
    Thank you,

    • I dropped you a note. Thanks for the inquiry. Hope the article helped..time is short is the right theme…but thankfully time is another illusion consciousness supersedes…;)

  18. Shalom/Salaam/Peace!

    It’s quite cheap book, ANGELS DON’T PLAY HAARP, I do not recall the author’s name. It’s all about the Satanic HAARP. Few hours before the June/July 2006 deadly earthquake affecting large area of Bantul South of Yogyakarta (Search both) and the Southern part of Sleman (Search via Google as well), my little uncle (a drop-out of mechanical engineering university in Yogyakarta) and his “boys” (mostly ex thugs-turned-Muslims who donated their blood every two months) were informed by the Bantul local people (just few hours after the big tremor) that moments before the quake, and my little uncle still could see it high above in the sky (South West to the direction of Point Gap in Australia); somewhat like (as he described it to me) “a circle of burning sky/circle BEFORE the tremor!

    I informed him later it was among several “signatures” of HAARP. Given his “tecjie” background, he nodded several times.

    Further, I supplied him with tens of pages of copies of Colonel Tom Bearden’s articles on Electromagnetic and similar issues, including TEST FIRING of plasma weapon by a radical group of Japan (Aum…something, that are NOT Muslims!!!)

    KIndly Search too tom bearden’s website. Lots of chemtrails pics in the USAand elsewhere.

    I shall later UPLOAD ur url to my Page at http://www.scribd.com


  19. Hello Zen, I am new to your site, I recently viewed on youtube a detailed anonymous report of the real reason for the BP deep water drilling, it had nothing to due with oil exploration. The deep drilling equiupment reportedly has been removed and relocated to Alaska for oil exploration. The intent was to drill thru the mantle into a large salt plume deposit which existis under the northern gulf and up into the lower mississippi river. This penetration would allow sea water dissolve and wash out the salt deposit thus creating a giant void thru this area. This then would be constantly be attacked by HAARP and weather modifications with rain saturation over the New Madrid Fault zone creating a liquidification of the surface. The perceived plan would induce a series of earthquakes thru HAARP of the New Madrid fault breaching into the Great Lakes and flooding the upper Mississippi and engulfing states on either side all they to the gulf. The HAARP attack would result in a collapse of the lower Mississippi River basin. This all sounds like a plan out of hell, I have no idea of the possibility of all of this being collaborated into the perceived event, but with what is known of the ability of HAARP to influence seismic activity I would not doubt this from happening. This is reflected in the map issued by the US Navy, thru their seer program. Your comments would be inlightning.

    • Fillade—pls send that youtube link. Very interested and not surprised. Sounds up their alley. Did a whole post on the New Madrid Fault set up..look in past posts. We can only expect major strange alterations in our environment…I think they’re paralleling/exacerbating the actual changes due to the alignment and solar etc. changes going on, which their scientific “witch doctors” have known about for ages. All about control for these elite b*stards. Pls send the link! TO:
      zengardner1@gmail.com Tx, bro.

  20. Hello Zen, What is yout take on the statements by Benjamin Fulford on the “White Hats” and 80 nations forming a pact to de fang the NWO movement of world economic destruction and control by forcing upon the perps the rule of law, imprisonment and or termination.


  21. Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your post seem to be running off the screen in Internet explorer. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know. The layout look great though! Hope you get the problem solved soon. Kudos

    • Keep on the trail, Janett! The awakening needs all hands on deck rt now! Follow your heart…..love, Zen (love to your Dad, too..)

  22. The Plan To Divide And Conquer America At The New Madrid Fault; And How We Can Remain Free Of Crisis Engineers Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble. You are incredible! Thanks! your article about The Plan To Divide And Conquer America At The New Madrid Fault; And How We Can Remain Free Of Crisis Engineers Just Wondering – Alternative News and OpinionsBest Regards Lisa

  23. Hi Zen and greetings to all;

    I would like to thank Zen for creating such a good information resource, this is a great site. I’m emailing to my list a recommendation that everyone visit this site.

    The biggest solution to most of the threats we face seem to all come back to the same thing, that is, self sufficiency. This is the path that myself and my network of friends are on. During this last winter one of my very talented friends Errol built a bio-mass still for producing 192 proof alcohol for fuel. To give you an idea of how much can be produced from a variety of bio-mass consider this.

    1 Acre of :
    Corn produces 300 gallons per harvest
    Grass clippings (if you live in a sun belt area) produces 350 gallons per year
    Jerusalem Artichokes 650 gallons per harvest produces
    Cattails produces 1,500 – 2,000 gallons per harvest

    Hi-Performance Engines with 12:1 compression ratio’s or higher run best. For engines that are 8:1 you will need to port the jets about 45% to allow more fuel in along with adjustments to the timing and fuel richness. Your engine will last mush longer has alcohol has no carbon and burns clean. Never no need to change the oil or spark plugs. Alcohol is good for freezing climates and can be stored forever. Further, despite the need to run rich, the combustion is more efficient and is therefore better performing than gas. You can expect increased HP as will as fuel efficiency.

    We are still going through the leaning curve and have not yet produced anything yet. We will start our 1st experiment in a few weeks with producing the mesh and alcohol and once we have successfully accomplished that we’ll start experimenting on a car and generator.

    Brazil is not oil dependent! 85% of the country runs on alcohol. For more info on this subject startpage.com David Blume. It is our intent to produce more of these stills once we have perfected the project.

  24. Zen I’ve been reading yout site now for about a year. It’s fabulous! Living in Costa Rica for 26yrs now I notice we havent had clear skys for a LONG time. I found a site on Google: ORGONITE AUSTIN where an intuitive (genius) young man has invented.. simple easy to replicate CHEM TRAIN BUSTERS. In a series of YouTubes he shows how to make them. Let me know what you think.Love, Ant Gnat

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