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The Psycho-Schism Is Here

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by Zen Gardner

Crazy times for sure at Psychotic High. And as predicted, the shift we’re undergoing is impacting vast swathes of society as people either recognize the awakening or are completely ignorant of what’s going on, willingly or unwillingly, and are succumbing to the induced confusion.

All on cue.

The blinding Boston Bullshit Massacre is just another in a long sequence of stimuli in the planned psycho-spiritual assault on Americans, cramming ever more freakish fear into their already overloaded heart, mind and spirit components.

Marie Antoinette would have been brainwashed instead of decapitated in this day and age. Much easier.

Here’s an appropriate post that begins to tell part of the tale of the drastic literally psychotic effects we’re witnessing:

Terrorism. Chaos. Fear of the future. In the age of Obama, America is undergoing a “fundamental transformation” – that much everyone knows.

But what few seem to realize about this transformation is that the sheer stress of living in today’s America is driving tens of millions to the point of illness, depression and self-destruction. Consider the following trends:

  • Incredibly, 11 percent of all Americans aged 12 and older are currently taking SSRI antidepressants – those highly controversial, mood-altering psychiatric drugs with the FDA’s “suicidality” warning label and alarming correlation with school shooters. Women are especially prone to depression, with a stunning 23 percent of all American women in their 40s and 50s – almost one in four – now taking antidepressants, according to a major study by the CDC;

By the way, things are no better over the pond – and may be worse, according to one major study that concluded almost 40 percent of Europeans are plagued by mental illness. (More here)


It Goes To Show

We’re living in strategically and psychologically compressed and driven times. Hardly anything major in the socio-political realm happens by coincidence or natural means. It’s almost always staged and by very professional executors. Any reasonable open minded study of history will reveal the same conclusion as to how their particular paradigm was sculpted via similar staged events and conditions during virtually any epoch of human history.

Same story, different time.

The recent frenzy over Boston’s own Baked Bullshit Barrage is a manifestation of a mounting, desperate effort to cauterize the American mind once and for all. They want the masses to accept any and every state explanation for anything, great or small, according to their interpretation. These are tests.

And they’re getting away with them.

It’s nasty to the bone, yet so few see it. A very sad state of affairs indeed…when so few challenge the status quo and start to wake up, so little and so late.

Find out the Truth for yourself. Challenge the mainstream disinfo, and reach for the light. Then spread the word.

It’s all there in plain sight.

YOU are the difference! We all are.

Keep on consciously and lovingly being awake, aware and active,

Love always, Zen



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  1. My mind is navigating some tough waters with regards to the fear driven bullshit that is flying around everywhere, SO MUCH FEAR! it’s in everything that is bombarding my consciousness and that of many others.

    We all could use to take a step back from the situation for a brief moment to catch a breath of fresh air. Step above and beyond the bullshit drama of our little human imposed three ring circus. HOLY SHIT! It’s so damn suffocating some times and what makes it worse is that the suffocation is not only from the hands of another but our own hands as well.

    We really need to start to disengage from the fear. False Evidence Appearing Real. Time to reclaim our sovereignty as creatures of this planet and all the rights and freedoms we are inherently born with. Just sick of it all! and only being 24, I ask myself when will the bullshit end!?…. I hope sooner than later. Don’t know how some of you older folks have been able to live for so long under the oppressiveness of this existence. Truly impressive :-)

  2. psycho-spiritual assault mofos 24 7 365 . Your right Zenster Best defense to the offense consciously and lovingly being awake . Great shield from the evil transplanted thoughts trying to steel your insight, Awesome post and spot on advice .

  3. “Crazy times for sure at Psychotic High”

    Man you’re not kidding. I’m seeing attacks on all fronts.

    The lies and chaos are escalating rapidly. Plus there are so many people awake now its not even funny. Where the hell did they all come from. Must be the rush to grab power is forcing people to awaken or take sides more rapidly. I see many posts now across all 5 stages of awakening. I was threatened by a cop today for stating a truth that touched too close to home for him/her.

    I’m amazed at how many young people I seem to come across that are at stage 5.

    Not 100% sure its legit but check out this possibly ground breaking screen capture from FB


  4. Hi, Zen et al:

    My Guides say the same:

    Stay the course and hold your Light up high. That’s what is called for right now, as we begin to transit the narrow, dark and ugly neck of the transition. We WILL get through this. But it will take its toll on those who have refused to lift up their heads and see.

    Keep compassion, patience and love in your heart when faced with the fear and pain that are now surfacing in so many as the EndGame begins to take hold. We came here to do this work. Be calm and know this is so.

    Do not be capsized by these waves of emotion and fear. The anger now being expressed is the second stage of the Process of Acceptance.

    Denial comes first – and we’ve had a surfeit of that by now. What follows is where we are now: ANGER! – in the form of fear. This will play out over the coming weeks and months. Be prepared to exercise great patience and acceptance with those who are now awakening. They are on their own schedules, if you will – not on ours.

    Next, there will be bargaining to try to save ourselves. Expect a great deal of attempted ‘reasoning’ and deal-making attempts – all of which will go sideways or fail utterly. Compromise is not where this is headed – only Truth.

    And, in the end, we will come to Acceptance when we collectively ‘get it’ – but not before a heap of coming to terms with this ‘real’ world that we have collectively created has occurred. This ‘moment of Truth’ may truly be what constitutes our Ascension and Transformation process.

    So – be true to your Self, hold on tight, and ride this out.

    May we do this with humility, courage and grace. Blessings and Light.

  5. The fact of stress is. Even in ascertaining the truth, it will be encountered. It must be encountered, according to Buddha, and recognized, before it can be dealt with.

    That would intend the personal path; and, if eventually the greater critical mass of the population realized the mechanism, spheres within society could be effected for the positive, along the same lines of thinking.

    For, the formula to combat stress continues to recognizing that stress has a source. It’s not a cosmic force, a phantom specter, or a biblical character of superior proportion. It’s generated, and multiplied by thoughts, words, and deeds. This effects not only individuals, but the societal gestalt. It would be a simple matter for most of any aptitude to pin point many of our sources of stress.

    Once accomplished, then the relief from, and eventual end of stress could be realized. It is within the realm of possibility. The self evident aspect of the end of all this unnecessary and engineered stress is one factor adding to the sense of futility in our day.

    None of this needs to happen; despite the efforts of idiots who view religious propaganda as a self fulfilling prophecy, and are working overtime to make the Great Tribulation come to pass, just because they erroneously hold that as their belief.

    Having comprehended stress, identified it’s cause, and envisioned it’s end: then, the way to the end of stress, for the individual, and society, can be developed through; right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right work, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration.

    That’s Buddhism, in a pea husk.

    Unbelievably (but not so unbelievably) during the 1950’s, corporate analysts from the United States journeyed to the Buddhist country of Thailand, to evalaute Buddhism in regard to it’s use as a corporate ploy, and to forecast what challenges Buddhism presented to the corporate take over of Thailand.

    They calculated that the Buddhist ideal was diametrically opposed to the corporate template. It would represent an insurmountable hurdle to corporate ideas.

    Since then, vast resources of corrupting influence, through bribery and materialism, were unleashed against Thailand, to the end of seducing it into one of the premier pedophile playgrounds for Western deviates, introducing horrendous practices, habits and pastimes of big power, and big money, the purveyors of nearly all our suffering.

  6. We are standing up and being counted! What an exciting time to be living in – things will get worse before they get better – but they will, my god they will get better!!!!!

    I live in the UK and don’t know many people who buy the Boston bullshit!

  7. with hundreds of millions dependent on one toxic substance or another – legal or illegal – to “help” them deal with the stresses and problems of life.
    You say “Toxic” so you mean everything is toxic? Tea, coffee? to deal with stress? That’s what man does! always has! and then you equate it all to “Mental illness” a fucking over generalization if there ever was one, and then you start pointing the finger overseas.
    I haven’t got a clue what you are advocating other than we use drugs to cope with stress, and this stress is the cause of every-ones mental illness including your own?
    i’m not a follower just a critical thinker, so please forgive the criticism. Very confused!

    • Read more of my posts to get a clearer overall picture, at least from my perspective. You don’t need to be confused in the least, just takes some information and awakening to a more conscious perspective. You need to find it for yourself and see what resonates with you. Takes some serious digging and dot connecting. All the best.

      • I do read your posts mate and enjoy them, and I’d like to think i know where your coming from!
        but this article really just stated the obvious fact that the whole world is insane, and to be honest if i had to mark you out of ten, then on this occasion you would receive one.
        Didn’t possess your usual creative flair, sorry but still confused, it just didn’t sound like you!
        again forgive the criticism, i guess the stress is getting to us all.
        My Gran used to say “We can all do better” and in the same breath she would say, “Always do your Best”, because that’s all any of us can aspire to do .
        All the best to you!

        • My friend Anon, I can’t help but to feel the frustrating confusion emanating from you; as if logic has to prevail and a rational thought ought to explain all this perceived insanity in a scientific method that justify either point of view; the good and or the bad. This spiritual path thingy is way too weird for sane people to grasp; I hear you loud and clear… Entertain a thought of “being vs. awareness”. The world way of thinking/being; I think therefore I am kinda a thing. I am me, my possessions, my thoughts, my actions, some are well calculated and some even impulsive, but based on my likes and dislikes. I exist within my comfortable levels and I strive to achieve my best, but at times I fail. My failures don’t keep me down; they work as fuel for my future endeavors and accomplishments that is what I am. It varies a bit depending on the distorted conditioning we’ve been exposed to, but you get the idea. May be that resonates a little better with you? See luck does not exist, and yet you are here in this incredible little corner, Zen site. I can’t begin to tell you how incredible this place is; in here all the above mumbo-jumbo is nullified because conscious awareness is not a logical rational thought, although the mind will become heavily in tune with your spirit once awaken. The understanding here is quite simple, we (humans) are spiritual beings, incarnated into our human vessels for a journey of growth that we consented at some point in our existence (spiritual). It is not an obligation to reason, to define, or to use logic, the universe is the all mighty knowledge and wisdom all rolled into one, and so much more. Zen has as you probably know; hence you are here, tons of articles/posts facilitating your ease into becoming aware of what the human experience really is. There are countless posts in assisting in your spiritual journey, to detoxifying your human vessel, so that you can become even more aware of whom you truly are. I send you lots of love, so that your mind may become quiet, and allow you to hear your spirit; you know you truly are beautiful. Much love…

          • I was confused only, if at all to the finger pointing across the Pond.
            Polarizing to say the least, i dislike that kind of attitude, so i responded with what i thought was constructive criticism, i mean it could of been Mexico, No?
            We are all in this together, no separation, we are all one! Sane, “Normal” Insane! after all these are just titles ascribed to peoples by the medical profession, that was my point.
            Much love to you.

        • Perhaps “anon from England” you are simply a pedantic little twit who finds it easier to criticise others, instead of putting your own shoulder to the wheel? I have met your kind before, which was one reason why I left your (and my) filthy and kinky little country.

          • Best not go by the name Anglo Saxon then!
            My Kindness is my Kind! but you read me so well?
            No One likes to be criticized, i agree! lest me because, well , sometimes i will.
            I have every Part believe it or not.
            with a comment like that, as you know, we say, you have a chip on your shoulder!
            It wasn’t me!

    • B S D ! ^^^ ( fist pumps ) loud teeth whistle.. dude this site is so you its like seeing a polar bear in a snow storm

  8. Zen, Great post! Yes indeed, it is a battle of love versus evil; I normally try to preserve myself from the contamination of this evil society we live in, by not consenting to the vices that keep the sheeple at coma. I am just out for words to describe how incredibly evil these dark spirits are, but the truth as you keep pointing it out, remains the number one truth, without our consent to practice their evil schemes (willing, or unaware) they are powerless. We power the very force behind that is working so hard to obliterate our journey in this 3D experience. So it all comes down to their number one goal, to imprison us inside our own minds, fear is the shackle and finance is the ball in chain. We don’t have to accept/consent to their game rules, in fact as you say avoid it at all costs; difficult though when we are domesticated so early on, and set in our conditioning camps before our wings even sprout. Now with the added on bonus of chemical induce comatose things are even hard for the sheeple. I always say, and I know it that, for too many it comes out as naïve and childish like, but the power truly is in love, not evil. My responsibility and accountability to the universe is to radiate as much of love as possible back, so we can destroy evil where its weakness exists. Evil will manipulate your higher state and presence and soon enough your frequency is in the dark ranges, where it feeds them and you become powerless/lightless, so don’t entertain it. Unfortunately/fortunately the great divide that is going on right now in the masses, are because of the evil forces desperation; it is a full blown all-out assault to conscious awareness. Almost as if they figure the numbers are in, so take what we can and don’t bother hiding anymore. If we are aware of this simple fact, we truly won. Now we do what we do best, send them all love, and higher frequency treatment to our 3D experience, and soon enough bubbles pop and spiritual awakening start happening even at a higher rate. As one of the evil beasts said itself “the jig is up”. The conscious aware human, is a beacon of light/love for all life that surrounds him/her. Much love..


  9. Nice driving Zen…staying focused on the road through this fog of a spiritual war…helping those who are honestly grappling with their new awakening….while pinching the nose of the occasional truth deviants.

    Great use of magnifier to bring these events into proper perspective. Dots are difficult to connect if they are obscure, but you and your team are always working to fix that problem.

    Cheers to all who are helping others gain the new understanding.

  10. Anyone is invited and welcome to help make some of the changes needed in Amerika: bringing jobs and wealth back, cleaning up the banking corruption (promoting Glass Steagall to end Wall Street and banksters bailouts) and building a national waterway to increase food production via NAWAPA by supporting and lobbying on behalf of the LaRouchpac.com Lyndon LaRouche foresaw all of this a long time ago and has spent 5 decades building his PAC to cope with these current problems.

  11. Little lucifer and all of her apple-eating munkeys and snakes and the nephilim will be gone shortly – back home to be with their father satan. They have been served. She’s one neurotic, tantrum-throwing, butt-stuffed, spoiled lizard. She’s presently trying to cut a deal and become a slave. It’s all pure comedy.
    She lost this time and she knows it. The little lizard probably needs a hug about now.
    Ass up and face back in the pillow prince$$. Smile big and stuff it deeper…. like you mean it. LOL

    Afterwards the spirit of evil will be lifted from earth – the garden of eden. People will understand completely what has been going on.

    Don’t you know the rules you cheap, silly old whore? You’ll learn the hard way.

  12. Met a man in the grocery store parking lot the other day. Like something grabbed us and we started chatting. Pretty soon we both realized that we were on pretty much the same page as to what is coming down in the world. Never met the dude before and our life experiences are quite different, though we live maybe 20 miles apart here in the NW corner of Minnesota ~ a very rural area. He’s worked a long spot as a carpenter up in Alaska with many adventures there and gets most of his info from talk radio. Pretty selective there, i’m sure. My sources are mostly net based. He’s not much grounded on spirit paths but is a kind, empathic soul who avidly seeks truth.

    Point is, Awakeners are everywhere, know about the Cabal, the prostiticians, the media whores and the litany of lies and are doing all they can to make out their pathway and in many cases, to inform others. Critical mass of the Hundredth Monkey phenomenon is immanent. Maybe that’s why the PTB’s are so freaked out and so totally intent of pushing all the fear buttons and pulling all those levers. They are running scared.

  13. The point made above about spiritual armoring (which is the opposite of character armor) is worth repeating, and I would be remiss if I didn’t add a simple step one can take to easily learn and apply spiritual armoring in their daily lives.

    Go to YouTube and search for “Middle Pillar Exercise”. Learn the meditation and apply it daily, and when in doubt about your current state of spiritual protection. Repeat forever. .

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