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The Real Climate Change – Fear, With A Strong Sense of Apathy


by Zen Gardner

Talk about climate change. While people are staring at the weather reports and earth changes they’re missing the really big shift in climate that’s crippling and oppressing humanity.

Fear. Fear of everything. And it seems the Controllers are working all the buttons they can at this point. And it’s clearly repressive.

A whole array is available to them with our new, improved manipulated media but let’s take a look at some major fear inducing categories:

A. A deftly engineered terrorism meme that puts potential terrorists in people’s minds like the boogey man under their bed. It now could be just about anyone and they could strike anywhere. All made up like another Hollywood movie script and waiting to be activated.

B. War and more war, and a very possible World War 3. (BTW, if you haven’t noticed, WW3 is already under way…only the climax is pending.)

C. That of course conjures up the life long programmed fear of nuclear war, starting with today’s boomers hiding under their desks at school while sirens screamed.

D. How about an EMP attack? Or bioterrorism? “The plague is coming, get your mercury shots, quick!” More engrained fears and programmed solutions.

E. The manipulated economic instability and its undermining economic impact. Worry, fear, insecurity  –  all blown up intentionally.

F. Etc. This Orwellian list goes on and on…

Real Concerns Have Been Masked

Meanwhile there are very real things to be concerned about that the awakened or awakening are aware of. Is this what they’re masking?

The fact that we have a maniacal ruling elite who are the ones doing this, while pointing the finger at straw man enemies to keep the populace in their engineered fear paradigm. What about their long term soft kill eugenics programs we have to be aware of and dodge, including genetically horrified foods, toxic chemicals deliberately dumped into our air and water and food chain, injections that maim or kill the innocent, and all within an increasingly lawless psychopathic police state?

Nothing happening here, or IS there something to be concerned about?

Oddly enough the obtusely unaware supposed “truth enthusiast” is put into the same bi-polar camp. Us or them, true or false, right or wrong, black or white, etc. Not realizing their plan is confusion and confrontation at every possible level can easily play into their game. Yes, there’s opposition, but not how they define it.


No Fear –  The Masses are System Addicts

We awakened ones deal with realities. Often harsh ones. The very ones the Controllers say don’t exist. Truth knowledge in a state of conscious awareness is empowering, no matter how horrific and harrowing many of these realities are. That much of the world seems to be in a state of voluntary denial to keep their “dreams” alive is a statement in and unto itself.

If you want someone to be dependent, get them addicted to all the goodies you have to offer. The State and our Controllers are the big drug pushers in charge, our matrix mafia, entraining the enslaved masses to love their captivity and the neat toys in their cells.

If someone threatens that drug delivery system now, they’re cleverly called a terrorist. A troublemaker and rabble rouser, spreading discontent and discord and upsetting the applecart of the contorted drugs they’re delivering to the masses. That’s where the fear comes in. As they infuse this array of threats into the matrix the poor little drug addicted peons will covet their goodies all the more and the “lifestyle” that gave them to them. A very sad reality.

Fear is a great left-brain motivator.  It’s kept everyone in this ping-pong us-and-them paradigm quite efficiently. They’ll play on it to the end.

“I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care”

We’re hearing this more and more often and it’s not a good sign at all. When approaching people about serious critical issues that are endangering all of our lives, whether the GMO or fluoride issues, the draconian onset of fascism, or the aerosol spraying of our skies, remarkably people are outright saying “I don’t want to know about it.” Seriously. And often with an almost eery smile as they walk away, resigned to whatever fate awaits them.

Onset terminal apathy. It’s like the famous quip;

Question: “What do you think of this terrible condition in today’s society with so much ignorance and apathy?”

Answer: “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

It’s meant to be somewhat humorous but it no longer comes across that way. It’s horrifically true. It’s grown to pandemic proportions even in the face of so many outright attacks on our health, financial security and personal safety.


Apathy Pathology – Giving Up Your Free Will to the State

This apathy trend is palpable. You can see it, you can read it, and you can feel it. People are being cowed into compliance, strong armed into silence and subjugated into submission. But they don’t have to be. That programmed response is a symptom of giving up the fight, giving in to external pressures, rather than going by personal conviction.

The herd mentality has won them over. The mass “massage” of the media manipulators has taken its toll. The chemical, electronic and genetic alterations of the human receiver have reached a tipping point in those who’ve given over to this induced hive mind.


Conspiracy of Silence

Do you really think there aren’t 10’s of thousands of mainstream high powered executives and professionals who know exactly what happened on 9/11 and who did it and why? And if they did, do you think they’re going to risk everything they’ve worked for and grovelled to achieve by biting the hand that feeds them and risking it all?

If their overlords are that powerful to pull that complicated of a stunt off, hoodwink an enormous swathe of humanity and saunter into an unending, profiteering war based on an engineered false premise, do you really think they want to challenge such a beast? They know very well those who don’t cooperate are very easily disappeared, suicided, heart attacked, or have come down with a deadly disease at the drop of a dime.

Just how we’ve similarly lost beloved freedom fighters such as Aaron Davies, Hugo Chavez and now Splitting the Sky. They are efficient, and cleary maniacal. Be awake and be aware.


As such, they think they’re smart. As conscious, we see them as pitiful.

The fact remains we’re in a seriously compromised environment playing with sold out tools to injustice, crime and iniquity.

Wanna play here? Didn’t think so either. I can’t change it by myself. Nor can you. Together our rising conscious awareness can change everything.

Do your part, I’ll do mine, and let’s pass it on.

Light dissipates the darkness.


Love always,




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  1. Manufactured fear cripples the sleeping, while the real problems are only noted by a small minority of those capable of seeing them and understanding their consequences. The division between those in a pharma coma and those not is growing and we sense this separation vastly. Zen is right, if you have a light to shine, shine it now.

  2. I would say that more light BALANCES the darkness. Light does not exist without dark to define it— one conditions the other. What is needed is balance. Despite humanity’s obsession with the chaotic anomalies in the flow of Nature, She always maintains an overall equilibrium. This is the working of existence— change within the constant. Be the balance. On to the next lesson.

    • that´s so right. we have to embrace darkness or, let´s just say the negative with respect to life, for IT IS THE BALANCE of powers and forces which makes up the continuum that we live in.
      yin AND yang!!!
      talk about life and death, grow and decay, love and violence and so forth.
      we would be cutting ourselves off of life´s forces and deprive us of ways to make our stand would we only think in the childish new age way of love and peace and presenting the other cheek and just thinkin´positive.
      we were driven there by TPTB to undermine our efforts to remedy the vast mess.
      there ARE times one has to defend one´s integrity by using the ugly means of violence, in case of a selfdefense facing a violent attack for example, or shouting furiously at a someone might make in regards to compassion for the other and oneself.
      every true warrior knows this and prepares by building up the skills he never likes to be using for he knows the precious quality of life and how fragile that is.
      i don´t call for violent resistance for
      1 resistance is futile!!!( talking the quality of water in
      the taoist way- the stiff one is dead and brakes- the living is flexible and bends or just goes the other way)
      2 violence is responded with more violence.
      oneness means being WHOLE and this way HOLY.
      we have to be in contact with- what i call- holy rage knowing what is going on, to have access to our resources. that can be lived on a ground of love and peace and compassion and the understanding of oneness and interdependence. there is no contradiction here.
      you can hit someone hard with the fist or the striking quality of truth in the face on the base of love and keeping the peace from a perspective of compassion.
      think zen practice. sometimes you are hit with a stick which truely might hurt but brings you into PRESENCE. no good and bad here.
      it´s not what you do but the way you do it and your intent.
      love to all

      • My dad taught me that love is the first ethic. When faced with an ethical choice, love trumps all the other ethics (lying to save someones life, etc). I call it the loophole in the yin-yang. It takes a deep in-the-moment understanding to do it justly.

  3. Ugh. I live with all those zombies. The pic of the people walking down the sidewalk while looking down at the dumb phones – yea, I live in a University town – the students walk right into the street without looking – our hybrid bus system runs through campus town – those buses are silent. Bad combo – no double tap necessary.

      • i´m sorry.
        that was quite cynicle.
        no remedy here.
        just thought: one gets hurt, the others might wake up from their toys.
        we are here to free ourselves by getting and being AWARE. it´s not for everybody in the first run. i did hurt quite often but i have to increasingly less and less to learn the lessons.
        be asured: i feel very compasionate about those mislead and diverted and i cried loads of tears about the issues at hand.
        sometimes iam just too hard to myself and others.
        learn to unlearn

        • never NEVER apologize for accurate observation, erik! YES – they will BE dessert — and justly so…

          Man, distracted by texting, almost walks into bear attack

          NO sympathy. and I’m not about to get myself in a position to take one for the crowd, either — especially today’s crowd. I worked double time raising 3 kids, trying to undo everything they learned while being exposed to this fake world they walk into every morning.

          It’s their turn

          • Exactly! Eric, it’s a perfect observation. I feel for all those people – thinking the only way they can be happy is to go with the flow. I like to break the flow; stir things up a bit. And my comment, “no double tap necessary.” Anyone see the movie, “Zombieland?” Most excellent. Double tap worked really well.

        • I had a cell phone for about a year once (for business only) and in the spot where the brand name was when I opened it, I changed the words to “BE AWARE” as a helpful mantra…dont’ use cell anymore, though–got an old cord phone. Those peeple in the street are bowing in prayer to their neon god (like the old Simon and Garfunkel song, “the sound of silence.”)

  4. Z, what a grea8t post, I laughed so hard at the top photo, omg
    wow, love your writing….tks superstar of all stars, shine ON you diamond!

  5. You are correct that most deniers {of September incident} are fully aware of the hoax. Are glad to keep shut about the gazillion hollow point reqs by the SS and continue to go along with low prices for poisoned conmsumer products because they no longer need to make a profitm to stay in business. KYAG…. Hate thiis little comment box. I cant even check my spelling.

  6. We awakened ones deal with realities, yes we Do! We love it no Less!
    We love and always Will the Truth, how about you?, and this, they Know is what they are up against. Love You.
    Will we Win!? that does not matter in the slightest.
    Because We Will!

  7. heard it loud and clear; felt it from the heart, and with lots of love in the delivery. As always brother Zen, thank you!

  8. I agree with you whole-heartedly. This too shall pass. I am a believer in the power of Love, and the eternal creative power of the Universe. We humans are but a brief blip in time. This insane age of collective psychosis will end, one way or another. In the meantime, I will practice compassion, and peace and noncompiance with insanity. Thank you Zen.

  9. What you outline above is similar in context to a book I’ve just released entitled “Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms.” What I explore s the alternative narrative to reality, that storyline that includes 9-11 as an inside job, the money masters, and all they’ve withheld from us. You can see the entire book as a free to browse Google eBook: http://books.google.com/books?id=Uqxz4ndnQOYC&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false

    or listen to my 90-minute on Coast to Coast one week ago:

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