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The Reptilian Roots of Pedophilia


by Zen Gardner

This gargoyle on St. John’s cathedral in Holland would certainly suggest pedophilia has reptilian roots. Add to it the fact that this is a bastion of Catholicism, itself rife with pedophilia, and the picture starts taking shape.

The reptilian instinct is a parasitic one, and vampiric sexuality is at its core.

Even the quickest perusal of the dark activities of the so-called elite and rulers of the forces of this world takes you directly to pedophile rings and satanic ritual abuse and ceremonial slaughter in every possible fashion. And the origins are spiritual first and foremost, being derived from manipulative satanic forces imposing their will and minds on an unsuspecting populace via every medium they can.

And where there’s sacrificial smoke, there’s usually reptilian fire rearing its scaly head.

Call them demons, djinn, archonic entities, whatever – we have an infestation and they’re now going for the jugular.

Give Away Images – They Can’t Help It

Interesting this apparent act of pedophilia should adorn this Gothic 15th century cathedral and that it’s featured in most literature about the edifice. But maybe I’m just reading into this…or am I? What do you think of this innocent logo? Is it just me? …kidding of course.

Actual Logo of Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission:


And he supposedly got his inspiration from this lovely “stained” glass window. Nice place to send your kids.


Lying Costumes and “Statue-Tory” Rape

Interesting how the more hypocritical an entity is the more it dresses itself up to appear “official” or “respectable”. After all, monsters know who they are and try to keep their spiritual tails tucked in so it’s not too obvious. That this world goes so much by appearances is pure social programming through the ages. Instead of judging by actions people take these power freaks in suits and fancy costumes as truth – by not just listening to their lying drivel, but hardly ever really calling them out on it and holding them accountable.

So where do we see these camouflaged parasites on display, knowing how they like to brag about their hold on humanity?

This same cathedral above is one nasty looking building. While these edifices are glorified as wonderful works of architecture to me they’re ugly, deviant deliberate tirades against the pure beauty of nature.


You have to force yourself to see beauty in that monstrosity. Fine, sacred geometry and feats of architecture yada yada, but to glorify what? Looks like invasive thorny barnacles hatched in the evil empire establishing a colony on the surface of lovely Gaia to me. Wicked.

Enter the Dragons

So if this reptilian force is working amongst humanity wouldn’t there be some further indications, especially with their issues with arrogance and hubris? Certainly they have honored themselves and their roots for all to see in some cryptic manner….


Not so cryptic after all. The City of London, financial and otherwise power base within greater London, is replete with dragons, as are the shields, emblems and coats of arms of royalty around the world. This one is in the foreground of the phallic  gherkin building. Goes with the phallic tongue of the dragon.

I mean, c’mon.

Think they’re trying to say they’re screwing us?

-the-gherkinBut I thought the dragons were slain by St. George and were bad? You mean they made that up to fool us?  I’m shocked. Sure looks to me like the dragons won.

Here’s some of the lovely sculptures at Hampton House, UK, including this humanoid horned reptile with the royal scepter. Just a reminder who’s in charge.



Lovely. “Honey, come here and see this one! Isn’t it beautiful!” Excuse me, what the fuck are they displaying and exalting here people?! More occult references to their netherworld of interdimensional power and control, but it seems even the infamous goat has to be chained. (Not the dragon, mind you..)

As you know, these dragon-reptilian-satanic displays are all over the world. Here’s one in Slovenia.


And of course they’re in everything Chinese…



There are examples in every culture of these reptilian creatures being magnified as important in some way. When you see how specific they can get as in the case of the pedophile gargoyle, and you contra position these other telling images on display in our staged reality against the backdrop of obvious horror in the world today, things take on a different dimension in your sense of perception.

And that’s good.

They hide in plain sight, but humanity would rather not know they’ve been corrupted and subjugated by parasitic entities. Even though they are devouring their own children, executing mass ritual slaughter and have imprisoned humanity for their own energy vampirism, apparently there’s something that keeps people from snapping out of their spell.

Pretty sad.

It always reminds me of this scene from Time Machine when the quasi-reptoid Morlochs would sound the siren and the groomed and well fed humans – Eloi – would hypnotically march into the maw of their Sphynx-like capped underground dwelling entrance where they were subsequently devoured.

The author, H.G. Wells, was an avid eugenicist, globalist and Fabian social engineer. Wonder where he got his inspiration and what else he knew?


Don’t be entranced by any aspect of this matrix of deceit. And don’t try to outsmart it either as they’ll win just by your tuning into their lower vibration. Get as far from them and their media, money and other manipulated outlets of information and control as you can.

Their designs are only for the weakening and total dominion of mankind and the planet.

Keep a high frequency of conscious awareness and activity. Our environment is more toxic than ever and the only thing that can keep us is the same thing that empowers us – our connection and revelation within and without ourselves of the infinite and our connectivity together and with Source.

There’s is no more time for dawdling about. It will take a full time commitment to stay free and be in a position to where we can truly help others who are also awakening from the hypnotic slumber.

Keep on. There’s no losing a war that has already been won. But living the winning is the manifestation of itself.

It’s not theoretical – it’s as practical as knowing the right thing to say and do….and doing it. That fulfillment has tremendous power on so many levels.

Love always,


[Hat tip: Neithan for sending that grotesque pic! Ha! They do leave their clues... tx!]











  1. Hello Zen, after seeing and reading your comments about the images above, am I suddenly seeing something fishy in the yin-yang symbol (no offence zen shaman)? And I’ve always found that shiny phallus shaped building too good to be true. Laudable work as always; how do you get to correlate so many diverse things/issues/subjects and weave such a coherent pattern around them thus exposing the subtle ways that the matrix controls the asleep? I find it amazing.

    On another issue, could you format the web site pages so that they display well on Opera Mini Version The images and some of the text often times tend to be truncated.

    • Synchro–whole new format almost ready to be launched for that very reason! – most people use smaller devices so gonna have to sacrifice some style but it’s been fun! Should be really good and lead to better things…

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t know either – it’s fun but can get pretty testing as you get a pull this way and then you find something else that’s related but down a different angle altogether – gratifying maybe sort of the creative researcher’s version of the hegelian dialectic where we synthesize truth from different posed realizations instead of made up BS to fit the other lies… ;)

  2. Great summary, Zen!

    “Interesting how the more hypocritical an entity is the more it dresses itself up to appear “official” or respectable.”

    Think of all the baddies in movies, tales etc.: often they are deeply seductive and “beautiful” beyond all normal (natural) means – until they drop the mask…
    I prefer to hear an honest “fuck off” instead of a “come into my cozy cobweb”. ;)

    • They don’t want you to fuck off…unless you’re bearing so much light it’s gonna blow the crap outta their web!! hahaha!
      Tx again for the pic – blew me away, just begged for a story around it and it eventually pieced together…freaky bastards these invaders…should be interesting how they unravel, we’re gonna see some weird shit in our time as their cloaking devices fail, ha!!

      • Hmmm… I’ve a nice torch with me… should we “enlighten” them? :D
        You’re welcome! Love to make fun of those bastards. When I get the chance, I pass stuff around. Fucking great teamwork, I say! :D
        As I write, there’s a docu on TV with Mucho CaCa (Michio Kaku) about alien invasion. “If they want to take control of earth, they’d not send big motherships but little troops to undermine and manipulate us.”
        “When they arrive, we have to do some kind of judo to use their power against them.”
        Dude, you’re so fucking right. But why do you betray your masters? :D

        Yeah, can’t wait to see their smoke screens falling. Must feel like Neo as he “awakens” from the matrix and experiences reality. But what I’m really looking forward to: the dumb faces of all those half-wits who made fun of us and called us nuts. :D

          • Well, I get (public) gratification sometimes: every time I mention the annunaki/nephilim in a discussion about our system, when I mention how we are played. These dumb faces – priceless!!! :D
            (Yep, doing it just for the fun of it! No other gratification needed!!! :D )

          • @Zen: Sooo… the system ain’t fun. What does this tell us? :D

            @Clarity: Thank you, dear! I just love to BE and speak my mind. And I also like to rattle the cages sometimes. Big Bambule! :D (from: Bantu-French: “black man drum”, “black man dance”; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bambule )
            Just had an idea: We are the Road Runner and “they” are Wile E. Coyote. :D

            And much Love to you! (And everyone who enjoys Zen’s garden.) :)

      • But, but, what about we are all ONE? that we are doing this to ourselves? that we came here for these experiences? who and what are they if they are not aspects of ONE? So then we have to ask what is this ONE? I think most people think of a Creator Being or God when we say we are all part of the ONE, or expressions of the ONE… like I said in a recent post here.. things are terribly fishy!

        • Maybe it’s an experiment (that went wrong) to make experiences, or parts of it became independent and manipulate “us” towards “their” goals.
          But what I know for sure: As long as I took things serious, the rules became harder. Now I play! ;)



          Alan Watts said that we are a dreamer who doesn’t control his dreams anymore, so that anything is possible. The “scripted” dreams became too boring.

          • Gnostic media (youtube) Jan Irvin just did a long video on the 60s Hippie drug culture movement Exposed Alan watts along with Huxley and others of their role, and training with the CIA,.. yes I am familiar with the Stanford Prison experiment, and another experiment where People dressed like Scientist and told subjects to apply electricity everytime a subject answered wrong… 60% of test subjects kept applying the electricity even though they heard screams, and demands to end the experiment or complained of heart failure.
            I think we DO control our dreams, only we have been trained NOT to…

            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b9OvRAKfzw&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLD9571C337896D5D5 Gnostic Media: A video explaining my latest short article on “How Darwin, Huxley, and the Esalen Institute launched the 2012 and psychedelic revolutions — and began one of the largest mind control operations in history.” Located at:

            This video is the first to reveal the background origins of the Esalen institute through Aldous and Julian Huxley, both grandson’s of Charles Darwin’s “Bulldog” Sir. Thomas Henry Huxley. The Huxleys helped found the Esalen institute to promote Julian Huxley’s eugenics, humanism, transhumanism and feminism to manipulate middle class Americans into following their agenda through psychedelics and the new age movement.

            would love your thoughts! kara

          • another Gnostic Media link on Mind control .. specific information on Alan Watts


            Today we’re joined by author and research Jan Irvin of GnosticMedia.com to discuss his groundbreaking new article, co-authored with Joe Atwill, “Manufacturing the Deadhead: A product of social engineering…” Piecing together the CIA, Skull and Bones, the Esalin Institute, Gordon Wasson, Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Marshal McLuhan, MK-ULTRA and much more, this fascinating tale of the real roots of the 60s counterculture is backed up by primary source documents and original research.


          • “I think we DO control our dreams, only we have been trained NOT to…”

            Watts’ statement was on a wider scale. He said the ONE-dreamer, “GOD” experiencing himself, playing a stage play. According to this philosophy, we “gave up” control willingly. But I agree with you that we are trained from childhood not to know about our “special powers” and give up “imaginary friends” (which could be guardian angels and other entities beyond our very limited 5 senses).
            As to the vids (and other stuff): I don’t take everything word by word, no matter what or who’s the origin; that includes Watts, Icke, etc. pp. I only take what FEELS right, try out suggestions (like Zen practices, how to come off matrix bindings), but I make up my own mind and build and experience my own world.

            “One may not cling to the profundities of other people – and if these were Christ or Buddha.”
            - Henry Miller


  3. Here’s another clue:
    “Vital to this expansion was another branch of the reptilian full-bloods and crossbreeds who made their way over land and many centuries to New Troy – London – via Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. These were Nimrod worshippers and, appropriately, the very name of Italy derives from the word bull – a Nimrod symbol.”

    “John the Baptist is the patron saint of both the Freemasons and the Templars because Oannes was another form of John in Babylon and Oannes was a another name for Nimrod.”
    - David Icke, The Biggest Secret

    • * I agree with Dave Icke… when he posits that pedophilia ‘is’ the ‘glue’… that binds the satanic cult/construct together, as a despicable bonding catalyst… infusing the minions into service to the royal Capstone Club.

  4. Excellent and brave article Zen, about time someone spoke frankly about what is a contentious and emotive subject. Peadophilia is absolutely endemic in all strata’s of society , but obviously particularly amongs’t the so called elite The scandal in Britain turned into a farce as so called “celebrities” were exposed as pathetic sexual abusers uniting the general public against what they saw as the main perpertrator’s.The true culprits were of course above prosecution and left to continue on with their vile practices..The dragon motif is every where and probably the most ancient of all the archetypal symbols and always associated with the deepest of all majic , sexual majic. How dreadful that the purest sexual majic of all , the union between two souls to create one ,can be turned into the vilest perversion possible , the use of a child’s energy to summon , control inter-dimensional beings. How on earth can the average man in the street be made aware of these thing’s though? Our churches are full of symbolism , from duality represented in the black and white tiles on every church floor to the logo for the Catholic youth association. you showed here ( pretty obvious surely)? Actually if you look at the throne room in the Vatican I think even the average church punter would surely question where that church is coming from , I would truly hope so !! This depresses me so much I cant really think what else to say except another well done for bringing this up .Kitty xxxxxxx

    • Hi Kitty – makes me sad to depress you but I know what you mean – to grapple with these realities takes some frikken guts, which is why I took your “brave” comment to heart. People have no idea how to not only identify, but buck this bullshit – not only do they not want to even know about the possibility of such atrocities (even though clearly played out in their predictive programming cinema) but to apply that to little Johnny going to the playground or for dutiful “communion”.

      Wow, communion with what, “prey” tell. Until we get the full picture of true “ugliness” humanity will not wake up. (see the world of mind control…) That’s one of my beefs with fake “new age” bullshit – it’s false pollyanna camouflage cream on a sore that needs serious looking at.

      Better stop there – I’m getting riled….ha!

      Love you – you’re a saint. What a heart of compassion you manifest, and I salute you and thank you and HUG you for that!!! :) An honor to know you.

      In Lak’ech ala K’in.

        • Yez well ..er…sorry to interupt the love’in honeypuffs – but – what about that party then Kitty? You know, the one where ‘someone’ actually stages a ‘meet-up’ of Zensters garden people – real time – on real ground!
          Then we will see what it is ‘we are indeed one’ – we can play ‘spot the diference’ to try and sort ourselves out again, in amongst the ilysian fields and GCHQ bugged tulips. Hardwick 2014 – anyone?

          • LOL honey puffs !!! What a good idea Julian , let’s do it !!! Must get the dates for your lectures . Kitty XX

      • Ha!! Saw that in my picture browsing…I mean, c’mon!! Ha!
        Hey Peeks, where ya been? Round the globe and you’re back again? Ain’t seen a rooster, ain’t seen a hen, that don’t want his Peakness around again!

        • I back now full time .. I had bunch of fire to put out in the matrix .nothing crazy you know its just chews up the clock in a day and plus its been raining here a ton , so i like to be out side if i can when its pouring.. One thing Zen that i have to do .. is i get chin deep in my pool , let the mosquito’s build around my head at dust ,,be as still as possible and lets the bats come flying at my head .. shesssssss talking about never racking .. so fun

  5. Zen,

    I would also add the Washington Monument to the list of phallic symbols.

    The Corona beer label (which have dragons on the sides) also has a strange depiction of reptilian-looking creatures inside the crown that are reaching towards the cross at the top. They also appear to be connected by their private parts.

    Maybe Icke is right!


  6. A wonderful hard-hitting article that ids sure to rattle a few chains more than usual! We have to keep putting it ‘out there’ even if it only awakens a few at a time. I will be sharing this one around!.

    Thank you brave Zen!


    PS Zen – Have the camera at the ready to take pics of the black helicopters when they fly by, and no I’m not joking. When I was exposing their pedophilia, they got just a little bit pissed off with me! I quite enjoyed waving to the boys in the copters and saying “hello” to the buggers who tapped my phone….and it was a real treat when I went out and introduced myself to the poor young agent fella in the the brand new Mercedes van parked outside my house with the blacked out window who was sitting in the back with his listening gear…. he neally pooped his pants when I banged on the window. I felt sad when they abandoned me and moved on!

  7. This is an important subject and one that needs to be revisited often. I’m sure most of the readers here have read plenty about this, but for me, the pictures added a whole new level of understanding. Seeing them really had an impact on me.

    Thank you Zen, and Neithan.

    Much love,

  8. Excellent article, Zen!!! Not for the fainthearted, though! If dinosaurs were reptilians, they have been around for quite some time…what’s interesting is that being hierarchical and ritualistic (Icke), the fellas like also to mark their territory and leave obvious clues, whereas they could simply stay hidden. Great point on the deceptive issue of Georgy slaying the dragon and all! I think the movie After Earth is a good starting point on how to deal with them!!!!

  9. Extremely convincing and a cause for alarm. There’s nothing inspiring about this except for divine intervention!

    • Knowledge is empowering – not always fun to have the truth glasses on…we see some awful stuff but it’s all part of the picture – have to wash it with good uplifting knowledge and understanding…darkness cannot penetrate the light, cannot stand the light, fights the light. So shine on! (That’s why fear is such a tool of theirs – it’s like a back door switch…)

  10. So what’s the difference between a paedophile and a homosexual? Both are pretty ghastly, in my book. They do say “love the sinner, not the sin”, but that’s pretty hard right now.

  11. For a very very long time, much has been hidden in allegory. In art work, architecture, scripture etc. Is what is in “plain sight” possibly allegorical clues? or are “they” messing with the heads of those who see? or is this symbology used to affect the masses at a subconscious level? I am thinking that “they”, a machine like entity, not having the connection to everything through the DMT molecule, can’t see through allegory, they need “sellout” humans to do this……………….or not !!

  12. Isn’t this all a Q about violating an innocent to the point of death more than a genuine sex q. though sexual acts are used it is the violence and sadistic treatment of innocents that truly is at heart, or is it just me thinking it is so?
    Remember that case in Boulder ,Co ; a Poster example how to do it,eh? and both parents got free…Mom, the supposed (bigger)kulprit just needed to move to another place, (Atlanta) that’s all…. this has gone on forever.
    The HOLIEST place in any Church; that small(?) room down at the very bottom parts of the church-building….. Sacristy ( I think itm is called in english ) only for the the highest ranking priest to use. Yuppp,Thankyouuuuuu,Yeppp….
    yahhh…that Esalen…. I give these creeps thumps up for one thing: NOTHING is hidden ALL is done in the plain daylight. Yet We,the people refuse to believe our own Common sense reactions/info and rationalize it all to somethung prettier than it is.
    Thank you Kara for taking up the subject of Darwin!….. He wa NOT a good guy!,but PAID by the queen to come up with a theory that would be easy to feed to the New Intellectuals of the Times /Universities….still going …. No protests from the People!…..
    All these people are not so much “sex happy” as they are ADRENALINE JUNKIES….and to geta good adr.high without jepardising one’s own life (like COULD be the case when bunjie jumping ,for instance, is to get the adr.from the most sure fire easy way ;seing -and even causing someones -DEATH… Humans are hardwired to get adr high/chock whenever witnesssing death/dying or even something that might cause someone’s death -even if that some were to be an animal’s (Mammal-animal, like we are ourselves) death.
    People love adr highs/shocks coz it gives them a feeling they cheeted death. It all makes them feel alive. And thisparticular “game” makes them feel more alive than any other game.while at the same time 100% SAFE with their own not at all at stake!!! Now,how lovely is that !?! :)

  13. jean bonney ramsey I think was the name of the little girl in boulder,co. she was just one of thousands per year to be used in these sick “sex”/adrenaline entertainment games by these sick individuals.

  14. Zen This article is in error, you are quite correct with regards to parasitic reptilian entities and pedophilia, but mistaken to throw in dragons with them.

    The degenerate elite do have their parasitic entites, but as parasites themselves they try to subvert symbols of power and claim to stand with great beings to validate themselves being placed at the top of their psychopathic hierarchical structures of rule.

    The evil catholic church claims to hang out with angels and speak for jesus, odd company for jesus to hang out with dont you think? a bunch of kiddy fiddlers and tax dodgers. The royal family claims a ‘divine right to rule’ conferred by a red dragon, which along with a unicorn they have slapped onto their heraldic devices as their personal property. They dont actually seem to have much in the way of proof of claim do they? oh yes, also a bunch of kiddy fiddlers and tax dodgers. What a surprise.

    Or are you going to try and tell me the unicorn is also a symbol of pedophilia? a being held in high regard by many for it’s purity and compassion.

    What of drunvalo melchizadek’s serpent of light, the great kundalini serpent of the earth, by the rational of what you have said above this must also be a parasitic entity attached to mother earth? I dont think so.

    The celts who were a great people worshipped the earth goddess and the red dragon that was a fiery serpent, a manifestation of her earthly power. Once again subverted symbolically and in ritual along with the celtic druids ancient knowledge by these warped degenerate ‘elite’ families.

    What if the power and majesty of the dragon has been taken from us?, shouldnt we be claiming it back? not throwing out the draconic baby with the reptillian bathwater.

    I know dragons and I know reptiles, they are as different as lions and rats One is to be respected and the other to be shunned and crushed without compunction.

    Would you look into this a little more?.

    Would you consider the possibility you have accidentally placed two quite separate beings together?.

  15. Hi Zen

    For a long time I have regarded cathedrals as ugly ostentatious blots on the landscape – as dark and sinister and anti-nature – as you so well put it: “to me they’re ugly, deviant deliberate tirades against the pure beauty of nature.”

    Hope I live long enough to see them all demolished.

          • Impeccable work there. Being a bit of a “new comer”, I have not had the opportunity to entirely browse your site’s archives.
            Quick change of subject. Perhaps you are aware, but if you look at pictures of Juan Carlos of Spain and Prince William, it is clear to see they are father and son (very apparent if you find photos of them at about the same age). This may not seem important, but something keeps telling me it is.

          • Interesting – I’ll try to find. “Antichrist” theorists have both those characters as two of those in the running, KJCarlos and Prince William…..how the thlot pickens…. ;) Willy and esp. dark eyed wife give me the creeps…get darker as their indoctrination progresses…wonder if they’re having some kind of Rosemary’s baby…. royals my ass…they all need to be locked up and their possessions and lands confiscated and given back to humanity….

            Rollo, go to Zen Timeline button on home page – it has my more recent original articles all in one place – chronologically. You’ll get a good cross section there…cheers

          • Wikipedia even allowed an entry that quite clearly insinuates that Carlos shot his own brother in the head. This Carlos is obviously some form of “Dark Prince” of the”Dracula” ilk.
            Kate is apparently co-owner with Prince Phillip in some sex club in London.
            Phillipe apparently owns his own London Taxi cab and uniform and likes to cruise the streets looking for potential victims.
            I am really itching to score a pair of those glasses from Rowdy Roddy.

          • Ooh, yeah! All right!
            We’re jammin’:
            I wanna jam it wid you.
            We’re jammin’, jammin’,
            And I hope you like jammin’, too.

            Ain’t no rules, ain’t no vow, we can do it anyhow:
            I’n’I will see you through,
            ‘Cos everyday we pay the price with a little sacrifice,
            Jammin’ till the jam is through.

            We’re jammin’ -
            To think that jammin’ was a thing of the past;
            We’re jammin’,
            And I hope this jam is gonna last.

  16. Just thought I’d add a little more to the dragon motif. ! I think the “dragons” used in Zen’s article are those referenced as Draco in Latin meaning dragon and interpreted as” serpent “in the Judeo /Christian Bible. These creatures are associated with sin and evil , as our” Masters” love to suck us into their archetypes I think this is the reason they were used in this article. In Christian iconography they were always depicted as the evil to be slain (as in George and the Dragon).The dragon is also a representation of the feminine divine Sophia or the Shekina . The Unicorn represented in this article is the tethered unicorn (possibly representing Scotland) but can be interpreted as the ultimate abomination or perversion to tether a creature associated with beauty and truth. This is probably why these magnificent creatures are used by the PTB’s as their divine magic is being reversed to bring about the ultimate evil, the defiling of an innocent.

  17. After first seeing this Post and reading it, I went back and watched Rome and Two Babylons, all good stuff indeed, but the comments on this are the Gems (read between the lines). Most that have the “glasses” on are wondering why are they so obvious now, in your face and cocky? It’s to the point now where your stuck scratching your head looking around and thinking, what do they know that they really don’t care what we see or think anymore?

    • I would assume the bathhouse that Obama frequented in Chicago pales in comparison to the Roman style one in Washington DC. One can almost envision seeing Charles Laughton and Lawrence Olivier amongst the steam and Gothic pillars. Obviously, we are seeing some form of continuation of Mithraic tradition in DC and other places, replete with young boys for the old Senators, supplied by the likes of Jerry Sandusky. All this normalized through College/University fraternities clearly depicting this tradition.
      I would advise all to become familiar with the work of John Marco Allegro, someone who was supposed to appear on the scene in the twentieth century.

  18. ok all my comments are now disappearing , will try again later. 30 degrees here in sunny Suffolk Zen , am now about to pick some strawberries . Hope you both have a lovely day too Kitty xxxxx

  19. I look at my west African environment and I could see we may be at loss to understanding the existence of Reptilian control. Although, we have the use of black voodoo magic, witch-craft, possessions and the likes very prevalent here. Most rich men, Politicians are into using human parts and blood in making majic powers to keep them safe from supposed enemies that wants them harmed or dead! It has been severally uncovered secret sites where kidnapped persons are taking to and bread until they are fat enough to be used for astral power rituals! And it’s big business; our so-called elite here patronise them. We all know this is going on. But it’s hard to see any reptilian angle to what’ s going on here.
    Maybe it’s a different ball game with the evil that’s going on here in the west-African clime!

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