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The Rising of the Conscious Warrior


[I thought this would be a good message to highlight as we move together into what will certainly be a challenging new year. We chose to be here so we’re clearly up to whatever tasks will befall us.  Knowing the nature of the times we’re living in, how much better then to take the conscious initiative rather than be on the defensive. The conscious respond to spirit rather than just react to manipulated circumstances.

And what a thrill that makes or our journey!

Have a love-filled new year and thanks for making this such a wonderful year of wondering! Love you all, Zen]

by Zen Gardner

Life is a struggle. How much more then is the spiritual life, the fight to remain conscious in an illusory world where deviant forces vie for control more than caring, battering your very body and soul day in and day out on top of your struggle to survive?

Oh, we’re going peacefully downstream in the conscious dimensions. There we learn to let go and follow the flow of the Universe and synchronicity.

But in this physical, lower density world, we’re fighting directly upstream. In addition, we’re living in a time of increasingly turbulent waters. Our kayaks hit all kinds of eddies and crosscurrents, never mind the rocks and rapids we have to navigate–all while idiots, enemies and doubters, prodded on by the propaganda whores, are screaming obscenities from the shore and trying to hit us with anything they can get their hands on!

But alas, grasshoppers—we have powers they know not of!

The Call to Battle

We’re in a warfare, any way you look at it. Only it’s not a warfare of hate, but of love. It’s not a warfare of physical violence, but a spiritual one of intention and a Truth directed life. The inherent cause of Universal consciousness is the dissolution of the ways born of ignorance and darkness by means of the all powerful exposing and enlightening weapons of Light, Love and Truth.

The medieval matrix, no matter how fancy and hi-tech it’s become, is dissolving and losing its grip. And we need to actively help it on its way to oblivion.

Don’t forget, non-compliance is a decisive action, not inaction. Inaction is going with the current of the matrix.

There is no sitting still. We’re all doing one or the other.

That’s the choice. That’s the battle.

In A Time of Imbalance the Call to Rise is Natural

Similar to the poetic beauty of martial arts, the Truth warrior uses his weapons skillfully and with great discretion. While many argue we need evil for good to exist and all that esoterica, we happen to be living in a time of great imbalance.

Do you enjoy having lords of darkness rule over you and yours, exercising more death dealing, spirit quelling control over humanity by the day?

Didn’t think so. Will it collapse under its own weight? In many ways it has to. Will it do it all by itself?

Then why are we here? As long as we’re here we’re part of the Great Design and need to do our part.

All I know is that what I am finding out and tuning into calls me to participate. It’s as real as the sun and water hitting a seedling and the organism responding. If it’s not evident to you that our planet and civilization are under attack I do wonder how you got to this article. It couldn’t be any clearer. That’s why they direct the angst people are feeling, the knowing that something is wrong, towards fabricated “outside” enemies to divert attention from the real perpetrators.

Similar to how religion co-opts, steers and contains the human soul’s hunger for the spiritual, the Controllers arouse, channel and misdirect humanity’s sense that it is being attacked and they literally harness what they themselves have aroused, using it for their own parasitic, vampirist purposes.

Cattle prods and sheep dogs driving humanity into the slaughterhouse.

There is No “They”…They Said.

The old “tell a big enough lie” ploy. Their biggest tool is to say there is no they. There are no dark forces. In fact, we’re told the “they” are the good guys looking out for us. Reminds me of the adage that the biggest lie Satan ever told is that he doesn’t exist.

There is no negative, destructive, usurping parasitic force in the Universe. Humanity just has other humans to worry about. The PTBs are here to save us from each other.

Oh really?

After all, that’s the mantra of the anti-conspiracy camp. ” THEY? Are you crazy? You really think there’s some ‘secret cabal’ running things from behind the scenes? How insane are you? If that were the case we’d be hearing all about it! No way they could hide something that big!”

Same old, same old.

Reversing, hiding and disguising the obvious truth so those who do sense the true reality that something is seriously wrong then question their own conscience just enough that they become neutralized and therefore unresponsive.

A very dark time right now indeed.

Consciousness Calling

If you feel the call to participate more it’s consciousness calling, any way you slice it. Take your place on the great mandala and all that, but there’s a bulldozer headed for your house. Are you just gonna sit there?

It’s that urgent.

No doubt you’ve given all of this serious thought. And I know many of you have activated and it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m proud to be associated with so many amazing, loving committed people. I think we just need to be adaptive and prepared for more. The winds are picking up and the battlefield is becoming more fluid, more challenging and more demanding.

And for those on the sidelines:

It’s time to choose your weapon – or let it choose you.

I’m not gonna tell anyone what to do. If people don’t learn to choose for themselves, consciousness is not at work and back to the old paradigms we go.

But do something. Get the boat in motion or the rudder can’t take effect. Find and take your calling seriously and step it up. We all have to.

Meditate, intend, pray, affirm. Change your life, change the etheric. Try new consciousness technologies. Write, talk, show up, contribute, speak to groups, attend gatherings of active and motivated individuals. Find the opening and jump in. The rest will follow.

Contribute we must. Hopefully with our whole lives.

It’s not a time to get frantic by any means, but perhaps take this as an alert, something I know many of you are also feeling. Our old views of just weeks and months ago are shifting and will continue to do so. It’s subtle, but it’s real. We have to step it up and yield to what consciousness is calling each of us to do.

A purely motivated heart will always find the way.

Again and again.

Much love,




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  1. We all posses an unconquerable force. Dont be afraid to wield its mighty powers. That being love. Good stuff as always Zen. Additionally never be afraid to put pride and vanity aside to do what you know is right, even in the face of adversity.

  2. If you don’t want to Stomp Snakes (S$) for fear of bruising your Heal, then may I suggest Snake Stickin’ ($S) or Snake Spearing.

    All one needs is a Sharp Stick or Spear (SS).

    Once Stuck behind the Head, they hangout Nicely, viz.. $

  3. Super article, as always, Zen, thank you. What ever happened to the expression “Let your conscience be your guide?” One of the reasons I became “conscious” was because of my “conscience”. Maybe time for a new T-shirt! I’m aware that we have shifted and Team Dark is on the run. Loping slowly, no doubt, with, at this point, only occasional conceited glances over their shoulders, but a little conscious love/light fire under their butts will help them along. How? By doing what we’ve been doing for years. Getting the word out that something is still very rotten in the state of…. Remember the movie, “The Sting”? In the meantime, Happy New Year to everyone here. Love, A.

  4. Yes, yes!!! The bulldozers ARE headed straight for us! For the past few weeks, I’ve been telling my husband, “It’s go time!” I’m finding more and more people “feel” the wrong, but can’t put their finger on WHY it’s wrong. Just in the past week, I’ve told at least 5 people about chemtrails, 9/11, vaccines, false flags, etc AND they LISTENED and wanted to know more. People are ready to hear. It’s happening.

    There’s an animated movie from the 80’s, An American Tail: Feivel Goes West; one of the characters lines is, “Release the Secret Weapon” but it’s said in an accent similar to, “Wewease the secwet weapoooon!” Hah! Well! I’ll have you know, “Wewease the secwet weapon” has been frequently replaying in my head – WE are the secret weapon – ready to be released.

    It’s go time. We have the power. Let’s get to it already. Wewease the secwet weapoooooooon! Hahaha!

  5. Thanks to you and all the contributors here, this past year has been my wake-up. It’s unreal how asleep I was to all this unreality. It has been and will continue to be my mission to enlighten as many as I can.

  6. Inspiring post. We so agree on the heart of what needs to be expressed, heard and activated around the planet. And yes the time is now, this year’s urgency to accelerate conscious behavior, belief and being. Thanks for sharing. Candia

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