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The Rising Tide of Alternative Truthstream


by Zen Gardner

Shouldn’t they be the “alternative”? Isn’t the mainstream stance on just about anything completely fucked up? It’s clearly what’s sponsored, endorsed, and approved for profiteering advantage to someone or lots of someones. It always has been, but today it’s more obvious than it’s ever been.

All part of the matrix breakdown. But you gotta be willing to see it. And what it means.

Our predecessors bucked this encroachment. They didn’t like any one of these invasive, self-serving bastardized trends, be it central (control) banking, monopolized railroads and mega oil and otherwise industries, staged politics, and on and on.

A lot of wonderful people lost their lives for bucking these high powered and well monied bastards. But now the tide has risen, and our numbers are continuing to rise, a truly threatening tide.

Ride high, awakened ones. Ride high!


Modern Medicine – The Perfect Example

Look at medicine. One of dozens of medical disciplines called allopathic (drug and invasive technique based) medicine is considered “normal” now and the standardized treatment. That wasn’t the case not long ago.

Allopathic medicine was one of dozens of types of approaches, ushered in by the big money boys only a century ago, capitalizing on drug sales as their main motivation, eclipsing the more natural medicinal treatment regimes recognized for millennia…which these big money bastards kept utilizing and do to this day…using homeopathy, chiropractic, and the like which we’re supposed to be suspicious of.

Once again, it’s insane. And completely hypocritical!

The degree of manipulation of society is reaching its credibility brink. And that’s a good thing.  Although dire consequences are on their way as well, at least reality will reach sentient beings.

Yet the choices remain. That’s a very big deal.


The End Is Near

First of all, we all “end” in this life eventually. Nothing to fear, it’s natural. But when you’re attached to this earthly life that’s not good news. When you’re spiritually awake and aware it’s glorious news, we’re off to the next level!

Religion really fucks this up.

Instead of a universal awakening to conscious truth and understanding, which the criss-crossed informational field fights relentlessly, the droids are given a horrific doomsday scenario. Albeit deserving to some extent for the willingly ignorant, it’s not the case at all.

We live in an encased “world”. Not fully controlled by the wrong guys, but mostly by natural forces way beyond our comprehension. Religions try to allude to it, philosophers try to describe it, but it’s there.

I don’t know the definitive answer. But I do know one important thing….

If  You’re Not Awake, You’re Destined to the Wrong Side

It’s that simple. Get it, or don’t. Wake up, or not. Take it, or leave it.

Reality has quite the bite. If you want it, it’s there for you. If you don’t, sad day for a poor man.

Trust your heart. What’s presented to each of us is profound. Make the right decision.

Again and again. It’s worth it.

It’s the only solution. For you, for the world. Do your best…and choose right.

Love always, Zen




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  1. The historic Budha’s masterpiece was the Lotus Sutra. 700 years later Nichiren, from Japan, said I inscribe my life in sumi ink, creating the Dai gohonzon (true object of worship).The Dai Gohonzon has two Buddhas seated in the treasure tower. This is the true object of worship. Seven hundred years ago, Nichiren had a problem with Zen Budhists. He said they are worse than dogs because they do not even remember who their real father is. Even a dog remembers their true father. That was seven hundred years ago. You have heard what I said. Let’s march on!

    • Correction:I meant to say 700 years ago.The time between the historic
      Budha and Nichiren was more than 700 years, more like 2200 years. Some people think that the motivation behind the Silicon Valley movemnt, was to find a way to capture or contain the soul in a machine. In the orally transmitted teachings, Nichiren said the Budha is in this sutra (Lotus Sutra)! When he inscribed the Dai Gohonzon, he said, I inscribe my life with summi ink. There are two Budhas seated at the top of the Gohonzon. Budhahood is something that must be shared. Something like that!

  2. That’s where you’re wrong. You assert that there is not a massive malevolence involved which encases this “world” (the entire physical universe, actually), and you assert that this only has a positive outcome for people if they would only “awaken”. Well, WHEN you awaken matters, and awakening only when the Truth is crammed into your tiny, ego-ridden consciousness isn’t going to cut it. Now you assert that there isn’t a pernicious force which both gains from and insists on being unawakened, or at least you try to dissociate it from the levers of control on the scale of the “world” (as if this tiny dirtball where really significant in the scheme of the cosmos), and yet by doing this you help keep every UN-awakened. The Gnostic Truth rests upon the key KNOWLEDGE that this world isn’t just suffering FROM evil, isn’t just a passive host to a parasitic evil which has merely infested or even hijacked it, but in fact that the world IS evil, and has always been controlled from the TOP DOWN. You then must resort to the old Adam and Eve saw that our being unawakened is the culprit. Right, but what of the many Lemmings who are from factory to trash can designed to “remain unawakened”, and the fact that our social landscape if overrun with them. True Beings who are capable of awakening, though entrapped in the same bodies as mock beings, NEED TO AWAKEN TO THIS FACT, and to FACT that the world IS CONSPIRING to keep them unawakened and has a direct GAIN in doing so. Deep inside they already KNOW this but merely need to awaken. YOU use your podium here in the function of a GATEKEEPER, talking a lot about awakening and yet getting directly in the way of the process for anyone foolish enough to follow your New Age BS.

    You come right out and say when you declare that “end time scenerios” are merely for ignorant fear-mongers and those who are foolish enough to listen to them. Well, they are really NOT for them. The blue pill of choice is to believe that there is a magical way out of all this even if you don’t know key truths, that somehow just being “a good person who is awakened to x y z evil conspiracies” then you are just fine and dandy. That you don’t need to take it further and see an evil conspiracy on the spiritual and metaphysical levels also. No, just look to “the light” and radiate “unconditional love”. Nonsense. You are part of the problem Zen, and this shoddy attempt at representing yourself as a beacon of light who dispels irrational fear while at the same time poisoning the well of communication about the nature of AWAKENING should be noted by all who have the TRUTH WITHIN them, and they should see you for what you are: A typical New Age fool who will lead many other fools blindly down a path of self-destruction.

    That’s correct, Self-Destruction. That the physical world will be destroyed is not something I or any True Gnostic has ever claimed that a person ought to fear (unless it parallels and presages their spiritual outcome as well). Does that not speak to the deeper truth within YOU? You claim not be afraid of a physical end of this world, and decry the idea that it is coming, and seem to be yourself ignorant of the spiritual implications. Yet are you not disturbed enough by that scenario as to outright say that it is not going to happen, or that if it happens it merely acts as a gateway for supposedly “awakened ones”? Despite those claims to enlightenment concerning physical destruction and its real significance, you clearly state that it is WRONG to believe that this world is dictated by an evil force, and so in fact you proudly stand in the way of those who would TRULY awaken, and therefore for YOU there is no “higher level” when this world is destroyed, and nor is there one for those who would foolishly allow you to deceive them.

    • Afshin

      Thank you for your comment. I feel that I learned a lot from it. The perspective of this world being evil and not just ruled by an evil force was very thought provoking to me. It was maybe a little more critical toward Zen than I would have stated it, but almost had to be in order to properly make the point that you did.

      I guess my take is that if humanity truly evolves in mass, then maybe there is a chance to have a better world. People tend to equate technological evolution as the same as human evolution. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are all going through our own evolution. That’s why I appreciate your comment. It helps me to understand me (and my environment).


    • And what makes you an expert? You’re saying the universe is run by evil? Sorry, but my heart tells me that’s b.s.

    • Afshin
      You wrote a very coherent comment – one that revealed my biased attitude to me. It led me to consider another interpretation on what is playing out in the ‘world’ right now.

      I have some questions. Which ’world’ are your referring to? Is ‘world’ not a subjective term for a series of experiences, which are somewhat different for each experiencer, albeit with some commonly accepted experiences and understandings as well?

      Isn’t the definition of ‘evil’ also a sliding scale of interpretation depending on a person’s cultural values and conditioning (on the level of relative truth at least)?

      As I see it, ultimate truth is beyond words and interpretations and judgement.

      Surely, this article is intended to shake up and /or inspire readers to attend to what is happening in their lives and around them and to act wisely in ways that would improve the situation. As an extension of this, if many people acted in this way, there would be a tangible effect on the status quo.

    • They relaxed. There was a feeling of a hill climbed, a dangerous valley negotiated.

      Magrat looked down at the brown river and the suspicious logs on its sandbanks.

      ‘What I want to know is,’ she said, ‘was Mrs Gogol really good or bad? I mean, dead people and alligators and everything…’

      Granny looked at the rising sun, poking though the mists.

      ‘Good and bad is tricky,’ she said. ‘I ain’t too certain about where people stand. P’raps what matters is which way you face.

      ‘You know,’ she added, ‘I truly believe I can see the edge from here.’

      – T. Pratchett, Witches Abroad

  3. Like a dog
    Chasing its tail
    Dizzied out and deluded

    He stops
    And shakes
    And looks around him

    Aghast at the warp and weft
    Of lies and distractions
    That constrain him

    He stops
    And breathes
    And growls


    Snugly sleeping
    In a cocoon of ignorance
    Unaware and caged

    with soft bars.
    Aneasthetised with familiarity
    Poisoned with pollutants

    Fearful and dull-minded
    Drained of energy
    She sleepwalks through life

    Yet the sun
    Warms her skin
    And lightens her mind


    As the sun rises higher
    In the wide blue
    You stretch and smile

    Uncurl from infancy
    And rise strong and straight
    Amongst the slumbering

  4. Religion is Messianic, whereby the chosen Righteous judge their opposition with a cataclysmic assault that only they can survive. In this way Dominion moves the pieces on the gameboard, creating the delusion that Reality is a function of determination and rewards for services rendered. But ambition and aggression are always exploited/programmed. The Truth is only possible in Transcendence, for so-called Nature is a control-program, never a path to peace. Mankind is a victim of Persuasion, the Serpent of Self-interest. The alternative is to connect with latent Truth, the Holographic Paradigm, called the hidden-lineage of Benevelence. It is within us and within everything but must be connected with via a Benign Mindset, good conscience/intention, not a craving for empowerment and the indulgence of extremity that makes civilization complicit in Dominion’s Agenda of Victory and Vengeance.

  5. One of the most important thing to know about allopathic medicine is that allopathic medicine only treats the symptoms by masking them with drugs, its like taking your car to a mechanic because the engine warning light is on and all the mechanic does is remove the bulb… you may go away happy but eventually there will be a catastrophic failure because the underlying cause was not dealt with.


      • I often think how it would be to walk around during the late 1800’s and go into pharmacies that are filled with elixirs with plant essences. Before the big allopathic push. One of the people I highly recommend researching is John Uri Llloyd. He was probably the “Terrance McKenna” of his time (late 1890’s).

  6. I think I have a simpler idea in my mind. If the majority of people woke up and refused to go to war, and refused to pay taxes, refused to buy poisonous food , refused to be treated with deadly chemicals, refused to watch and listen to MSM , refused to use plastic instead of our currency, refused to stop spending what they didn’t have, refused to let their children grow up with total disrepect for themselvesm others and the EARTH , if.. if ..if… then things would change no matter who was in charge.
    We are all responsable, to one degree or another, for the continuation of the evil that goes on around here. Change yourself as you awaken to the truth and maybe things will change on the oustside. In the meantime, quit arguing over words and philosophies
    and do your part.
    Thanks for listening

  7. Good which is God, allows us to decide our future on this planet Earth. People are starting to wake up, this is evident. God-Chess-Judo this is what is happening and Love. As evil pushes people see how obviously retarded it is and are moving tin the other direction. God prefers for people to learn rather than force. Force is easy Zen is more difficult. 1212

  8. Communicating with compassion may take one further than speaking with contempt. Share your experiences and encourage others to develop their consciousness. Be aware of feelings, their causes and effects. Feelings of aggression, frustration, and pessimism hinder progress.

    I believe those who are awake or zen observe and accept the reality of each moment tranquilly, connecting and sharing knowledge on the experiential level, rather than inducing fear and judgment in others. Change for better is possible when the perceived idea of a hopeless or evil world is let go. Let go of such certainty.

    We have more control over our thoughts and feelings than over anything else in this world!

    Be happy.

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