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The Routine Death of Investigative Reporting



A comically presented piece, but a very sad truth about today’s non-news. Under the excuse of “it doesn’t make money”, the responsibility to the Truth in real news reporting has been almost entirely abandoned.

Let’s hope satire survives long enough to keep some semblance of reality in this beyond-Orwellian world.  – Zen




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  1. now that is a good example of how the “Jews” mock the goy..

    the gullible goy…who still approve of the “Crack Whore Congress”

    and believe GUN CONTROL is really important to stop staged school shootings by Crisis Actors

  2. anyone working for CNN past or present, is not an investigative reporter- nor is a foundation “nonprofit” reporter either. CNN could have hundreds of reporters on the ground the world over- they still wouldnt tell us the truth because of who THEY ARE and who FUNDS and OWNS them. it would just be hundreds more liars on the loose.

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