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The Sad, Sad Truth


by Zen Gardner

First of all, it hits you hard. Right in the heart. Your family is at stake, humanity is at stake. We’re being relentlessly attacked by some unidentified force and we’re reeling, with not a lot to stand on.

Our planet’s resources are being polluted faster than we can identify. Everything we just years ago held dear and tried to naturally defend has been so drastically altered it’s beyond identification or comprehension.

And we scream as if in a nightmare with no one listening.

gulf-oil-spill-pelican_full_600Environmental Murder

The Gulf of Mexico and virtually the entire Pacific ocean have just been killed. Murdered. The skies are being poisoned to incredible degrees, killing our plants, animals and fellow humans.

I like to believe in life’s regenerative processes, but we’re talking long term. Long after your kids and grand kids have then had to endure the horrors of a mutated world, if they live that long.


These fuckers are playing for keeps. And people better wake the hell up to that fact.

These earth changes, and so-called scientific and social changes that are obviously engineered, clearly have an agenda.

What Agenda Might this Be?

  • WHY would the elites dig a super underground vault to store seeds from all over the planet while introducing genetically modified seeds growing food they themselves won’t touch?
  • WHY have they built secret underground bases?–that aren’t so secret if you poke around a bit.
  • WHY is the world not told a single fact about the Fukushima radiation readings, and the EPA monitors get shut off and standards recalibrated?…while the media black out continues?
  • WHY is questioning water fluoridation considered cult science while multiple millions drink the toxic industrial byproduct yet European countries throw the process off?
  • WHY are they pushing vaccines so hard when they’ve been proven to maim children and adults?
  • WHY is cellphone and other EMF technology deliberately set at the range of our brain frequency when it could have been outside that?
  • WHY is the banking system getting off scott free when everyone knows they engineered this economic mess?

  • WHY is war on terror so accepted when it was based on a staged false premise–a clearly government induced false flag millions identify?
  • WHY is the education system spewing out dumber and dumber kids while more money is poured in to this fruitless endeavor?
  • WHY is everyone so freakishly fat they can’t see their feet anymore and are suffering accelerated off the charts health challenges?
  • WHY has questioning anything become a terrorist threat?
  • WHY is our atmosphere so purposely filled with aluminum and other toxic substances our respiratory illnesses have skyrocketed, never mind other complications like increased seizures, memory loss, and even alzheimers?
  • WHY is going through the airport now a radioactive exam and terrorizing experience for even children and the elderly?
  • WHY is the government now allowed to arrest, imprison and even kill you without trial?..as well as spy on you at will?
  • WHY is the media swill the same on every channel with literally no independent reporting or investigative journalism?
  • WHY is our DNA being tracked, our irises scanned, blood tested and our movements monitored?
  • etc. etc. etc.


Getting the picture?

We have to wake the hell up, is all I can say. If you don’t get it yet, I pity you.

We’re under attack.

There’s a lot to be angry about. And if you’re not angry, you’re not alive. Then turn your anger into activity. Do something! Wake others up!


The Zen Spot

Yes, there’s always that. Of course there’s a wonderful “other” transcendent side to all of this, but it doesn’t matter if we don’t take responsibility for what’s going on in front of our flipping noses and do something about it. Observing the essence of a drowning child is bullshit. Respond.

Inaction while observing these truths of our current condition is mental masturbation and an exercise in futility.

I found out and my life changed. Drastically.

I hope yours will too.

Serious times.

Love always, Zen

P.S. Just remember, it’s just a ride….



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  1. ” There’s a lot to be angry about. And if you’re not angry, you’re not alive. Then turn your anger into activity. DO SOMETHING! ”


    This is very un-Zenlike

    DO WHAT ?

    Do you really want us to STEP on the $NAKE ?

    Or just Tell people about $nakes ?

    Shod your feet first

    Otherwise Detach and Observe

    DO ZEN

    Don’t doze


    I don’t think its $nake Stomping Season ($SS) yet

    The Game Wardens or on the Look-Out

    • I disagree, Yahdah. This is very zen like. I was reading another website the other day where the blogger could honestly say:

      “I LOST MY F*****ing ZEN!!!!

      We all need to lose our zen sometimes. And, as this particular zen man here has done, it is necessary to do.

      I soooo feel you zen gardner. I sooo get where you are. It is HUMAN to lose our zen and just sit with the sad, sad truth of it. And, indeed, to allow ourselves to get angry at it all.

      Though I am now in my 50’s, I have an almost 4 year old nephew and I am, indeed, ANGRY at what he will have to face just to survive. I often grieve for him. And say I am sorry to him when I go to sleep at night. Such apologies are necessary and normal for anyone who is AWAKE to what is happening and what we have done, whether through direct action or through our complacence inside of it all. My heart is heavy when I really, really realize what that little boy is going to have to endure.

      So, Yahdah, cut the criticism. And the high and mighty doo doo.

      We are truly f**** zombies if we DON’T lose it. I think it truly is how we know we are human.

      And, thank you zen gardner, for just falling apart here a bit. We all need to be able to do it and I appreciate your willingness to do so so openly.

      In faith, even in the darkest times.

  2. My life has changed wholly and completely. I’ve lost friends and family simply because of my illness — apparently one side effect of mercury poisoning is growing another head, because once I tell people the reason I’ve been so ill for two years, they look at me as if I had two heads with the dazed, glazed, fluoridated, confused looks so common now days. And then, of course, it doesn’t help when I add info about chemtrails, smart meters, vaccines and so on. There are times when I wish I were still ignorant because i’m so tired and frustrated, but then I remember – It’s just a ride. That’s how I get through many a day – I repeat over and over, “It’s just a ride!” It’s a good, stir-your-tummy-up ride. And I like it.

    So, I’ll continue to tell people. I have to – I’m driven. That’s why I became ill – to share what I know.

  3. “Detach and Observe”? Do that and you’ll be watching your own murder and the murder of your loved ones. If you cannot be attached to life, you shouldn’t be here.

  4. I know it’s ust a ride. I almost killed myself in 1977, knocked myself out of body a few other times, have SEEN the Otherside, and I don’t really care about what happens to this place. Life is temporary, existence is eternal. I’m in this place, not of it. It’s a stupid little self-imposed prison that I don’t particularly like very much any more, and I want to go HOME. It’s a lot nicer there, and HOME CAN’T BE DESTROYED. Also the ones that think they have power here have none on the Otherside, because all is self-contained there, and the predation factor is no more.

    This place can go to Hell in a handbasket for all I care. Nothing vested in it anymore. I know too much. I’m also as FREE as one can be here, because of this attitude. Damn right, it’s just a ride. And I’m off as soon as my contract with myself is up, and I’m NEVER COMING BACK TO THIS HELL HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The world is ending,get over yourselves and drop the false hope.Whats the matter no dance music?I’ve known for decades but I’m only now getting to really enjoy my popcorn and tin foil hat.This planet sucks by the way.Its the people.They are too willing to accept dehumanization at the hands of false authority.Nobody is safe and if you love something you must live in fear because of it.To accept dehumaization when you have the chance to say no is to be less than human.Explain it to the kids.For this shithole wasted effort of a ruined humanity to end is mercy.Look at it that way.It might help.Otherwise keep dancing,go shopping or something.Poor babies,so so sad.Be honest do you care or are you just afraid?

  6. Hi folks, do have a look around the net and you tube for ….how to make liposomal vitamin C…. , good articles on naturalnews too [mike adams] ordinary body uptake of calcium ascorbate [vit C in a powder form] is about 20% making for some rather expensive wee wee . The uptake by the above method is closer to 90% which is about the same as intravenous and offers amazing antioxident protection to cells and DNA …..Trying to inform people around you is not an easy task as most simply don’t want to know …it’s not on the news and you’re a nut job ,what can you do ….thanks Zen keep up the good work

  7. Please let me respond with two quotations from two famous philosophers.
    Man’s greatest enemy is his stupidity (SOCRATES)
    A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves. (CONFUCIUS)

  8. Buddhists can experience anger but the goal of practice and study is to befriend anger, recognize it for what it truly is: intrinsically arising out of a field of openness. These cn then transmute it into Wisdom.

    Somewhere along that process, as in Aikido, we should take the stick away from the attacker. Gandhi and Jesus said turn the other cheek, but thwt leaves you with two sore cheeks.

    Yes, have compassion for the ‘Powers That Be’ but act from a centered, wise, open place.

  9. These are all very good points, but unfortunately the only major changes that seem to take place in the world, as history will account, is through the violence of warfare. The powers that be have false flagged their way into arming themselves with all kinds of weoponry; many of which has been listed in this article. but ultimately weapons of death which they will use against their number one enemy – over population. It is this last obstacle they need to deal with to bring about more controllable numbers for their new world order. I would like to know how anybody – who is awake – can stop this from happening. While peaceful protests in the past have brought about many social changes for the betterment of living; this methodology is quickly being branded as terrorism. It wont be long before internet articles, and comments like this will be made an act of treason.

  10. Yeah, YOUR life changed by starting a blog and telling everyone else they arent doing anything. Bitching about it under the guise of waking people up is a cop out.

  11. Why? It’s because so many people are still under so much mind control and don’t realize that they are acting like good little biological robots like the controllers want. It’s too traumatic for individuals to take a moment from all the distractions and contemplate the truth. It might even hurt psychologically. Many would see their beLIEf system threatened – and we couldn’t have that, now could we? These controllers have done a thorough job with their mind control and brainwashing programs and it’s going to take time and effort to wake these sleepers from their deep comatose states. Nonetheless, the vibs are changing and it will get easier. Keep up the great work! Love, Benny

  12. I think it’s already too late.. but I haven’t stopped fighting yet. I try to educate everyone I meet although it hardly ever wakes them up, I just can’t keep quiet about it. I refuse to play the silly games so I don’t fly or drive anymore. I sometimes think it is all a riddle I am supposed to solve, How to beat the evil using love? but If so I haven’t figured it out yet.

    • Hi JLOC,

      Good for you. Although I don’t bother trying to wake anybody up – it is a waste of my energy. But I know that there is something we can ALL do that DOES make a difference, and that is BOYCOTT – STARVE THE BEAST. Vote with our feet and our wallets.

      And get rid of the TV of course.

  13. WOW. Quite the blast.
    Someone close to me, from time to time has moments of impotent rage aimed at the machine. Healthy yes, impotent, because sometimes we can not find the means to express it in any other way.
    Do we really know if all of humanity is meant to wake up? Yes, they have done their damnedest to ensure the results they want.
    It all comes down to a matter of “choice” on the the “ride”. Freewill is a powerful gift that we have been given here, many choose to apply it every moment of their lives. Those choices that we make determine the course, the level of complexity, the length, and the degree of terror which will be the individual “ride” for each of us. Many do not wish to look into the abyss of themselves, to stand on the edge and take that step into the well of their souls. It is easier to take the “ride” seat belted and strapped in for the “kiddie” rollercoaster than the “learn to love yourself” no seat belt, hair-raising, gut-wrenching emotionally jarring process that true maturity entails.
    Fear is the albatross. Love starts from “within”, with one’s ownself. That is the barrier that must be crossed before it can become “without”.
    I try to encourage people to try the “within” method of awakening, it is not been a great success to date, but I do keep plugging away at it in my own small way. I would also like to shake some people and the whole damn lot of humanity and scream “wake the fuck up, are you deaf, blind and senseless to scale of horrendous shite happening in the world?” But then I calm down and go gaze at nature, to get my equilibrium restored. I really think it all comes down to free will and choice, we can’t impose our will on others just as we do not want their will imposed on us.
    Good piece. And I always find it strange that continually there are people who are looking for someone to lead them when it really is about leading yourself.

  14. We ARE doing something. The Sea Lions Foundation and the Ericsson Council are taking action. What we’re NOT doing is wasting time on people who talk but don’t act. We’re also not pretending that we can win this war without radically changing the way we live, work, and fight.

    That’s the mistake all you Webpundits make: you think the tools of the past will do the job, when they have so obviously failed.

    YOU grow up and wake up. Join the Council, or join the Collapse. You won’t accomplish dick typing at a computer.

  15. Apparently, this is where the new-agers opt out of action. They have no one else to blame for their rationalized fear then their own inadequate belief system.

  16. And yet, brave talkers abound. But the steppers are mostly fear-filled, back-steppers…

    You really feel this Zen? or are you just writing this? Curious,

    Wouldn’t solving the oil crisis change so much?

    We ALL specialize in the side-step 2-step eh?

    Nice words though. Awesome image set too. 😉


    • Vivek..yeah, it’s staggering at times. Did you know according to a recent report 60 million people got cancer from just the US nuke tests? The “fallout”, as is the expression, of this ongoing Fukushima incident is going to be devastating..and the worst my be yet to come. Did you know there are 55 nuclear reactors around the New Madrid fault alone?
      Just to say, a nuclear extinction of this planet is very very possible.
      Similarly, despite warnings from everyone with any common sense not to eat the food from the BP destroyed gulf and the FDA saying it’s fine—FOR 2 YEARS!–NOW they say can’t eat it. And what about all the people who’ve been consuming this food all this time? Does it show up immediately? No–all accumulative. That’s how they do it.

      BUT…the spiritual is forever. Fine. But there’s a bulldozer taking your home down. That was my point.
      But that particular awareness is not a permanent state of mind…just part of my awareness, that was the point of the article. There’s so many ways to come at all this, so I just take the next one that comes…ha! It’s the “this” that we’re trying to figure out, interpret, utilized, protect ourselves from, who knows what….
      Get my drift? “Just wondering”…;)) Namaste bro!

  17. Great words…of wisdom….Thank you…I ask myself the same thing
    Let’s see the whole world waking up very, very fast….Visualize !
    How long will more people suffer….until they finally choose truth…
    There is an easier way….
    Step up and acknowledge what is happening….
    Gov’ts don’t have our best interest at heart
    Wake to the Truth Vibration….
    No???….suffer some more until you have had enough then
    The choice is each person’s alone, while the sea of consciousness
    stirs at the souls as it endeavors to wake the undead.
    Gaining strength each day are the ones who have woken up….
    Bless all the souls who have carried the truth vibration for a long time for your burden has been long and hard…and you have been weary to the bone at times.
    But now, the people are awakening to Truth.
    The time has come….
    It is only in knowing the truth, illusion disappears.
    But you have to know what the truth is…
    Listen to the ones who know…
    They are the true knights of the round table called planet earth.

  18. Hey Zen, I get these anger flashes of righteous indignation from time to time. Whether it be succubi encounters with astral witch covens of reptilian demonesses (never pleasant), or just some ditzy annoying couple of retards whose constant drone of self-absorbed cuddling indicates they are on a wavelength of either sheer ignorance or sheer complicity with the world I see. The evil Siddhis and Druids and other assorted Tuatha de Danaan A-Holes abound, and there’s not much a soul can do if it is embodied here except rise above it in a spiritual way.

    I see all the same things you are talking about and have for a long time. Hell, when I was a preteen little toddler boy I was unravelling the truth about theology and paper money paradoxes which reveal this world to be an evil demiurgic construct, and I was doing this alone with not a soul to help me. You bet I got pissed lots of time from that time until now. But I want to emphasize one thing to you.

    THIS IS NOT OUR WORLD. You always assert that premise in all your writings and I have to tell you, humans are animals made for this world, souls of good beings are imprisoned in an ever-dwindling percentage of said bodies (among others), and the only beings to whom this world belongs are what we’d best call “demons”, “foul spirits”, “robots”, “zombies” etc. Don’t be attached to this world/prison/torture chamber…. It is THEIRS, not ours. A trapped soul has only ONE objective here: REMEMBER THEIR OWN DIVINE HERITAGE… I can give lots of details about how that is done from my experience but I can tell you that anyone who has a soul knows already what they have to do.

    These evil bastards are running out of energy now, they are desparate, they are going through the motion of culling their robotic slaves as they have done many times before. They bend “time” and “space” to their will, in fact this entire universe of physical laws are pasted together to create the perfect backdrop for their evil-willed escapades and there is no way to defeat them on their own turf except to be UNCORRUPTED by it. As I see it and as it seems to be, most of the beings you would like to see rise up against their evil masters would hate you and me far more than they will ever hate their masters, whom they fear and envy. You and me they simply hate because we represent the freedom they cannot possibly obtain and because their masters despise us for the same reason and program them to do the same. You CAN see them (the reptoid a-holes, or “lizards” as I call them… Just told one “later, Lizard” just now in fact. This ugly slime-lord of a cretan is just only describable as a lizard, trust me… I should have taken a picture… but I did this without palpable malice, just muted contempt). Seriously, can have contempt for them, and cherish your soul and its heritage, and don’t EVER EVER try to lead the monkey fodder against their own masters. Don’t go down the fruitless path of doing that or leading others that direction because it is meaningless suicidal delusion. But if you do I can safely predict the outcome will be that you will be made into a tin-foil hat-wearing effigy of yourself in the eyes of the pseudo-minds of the monkeys that these reptoids LITERALLY CONTROL LIKE ANTS WITH LITTLE BREADCRUMBS, and you will be martyred in a most unproductive and unflattering way, both to your own soul and the cause you profess.

    Stop claiming this turf as belonging to good beings, it does goodness and the beings who rightly claim it as their heritage a profound disservice.

    At the same time, I share a deep contempt for the evil I see in this world, but there is no use being angry at sheep who will never become lions. In fact, there is no use in being angry at the ugly lizard race, or they simply EAT that anger and easily hold you at whatever is their preferred safe distance for maximal entertainment value. Better, why not just see them for what they really are? PARASITES WHOSE DAYS ARE STRICTLY NUMBERED…..

    • you know they want us to hate them don’t you. our hate, despising & fear of them is their food. what happens if we starve ourselves of food? we become weak & eventually die. these blog sites all over the internet are great for exposing the unjustness all over the planet, but it is the way we react to the information that gives these idiots their cheeseburgers the so crave. there are literally millions of us reading these sites all day every single day. we can lead the way by NOT feeding them. personally i know i have to go even deeper within myself so i can truly KNOW it is really just a ride. meditate.

      • It’s normal to hate them at first, but that ends up being just another layer of energy they will suck out of you. At least you have a bridge to go from hating things which are just tools or intermediaries and finally hating your true enemies. After crossing that bridge of hate we end up on the other side and simply see them for what they are, evil, cowardly, pernicious and utterly cold thieves for who there can be NO COMPASSION and yet for whom there would be no valid “hatred” as our emotional body processes it. Rather they should be viewed as something like a very dangerous part of a very dangerous machine, the business end of which is constantly being aimed at us by an evil will which is in fact the reptoid commanders and their leader, the Demiurge itself and its liuetenant sub-fake deities.

  19. The Buddha along with the other Religions are corrupt.
    With the Buddhas corruption its acceptance of this bullshit and making everything an illusion……
    This is a very old MK concept and will be used for the New World Religion.

  20. Hi. i just want to send everyone here thanks for simply staying connected. So many of you have helped me, and with Zen’s prompting we are all contributing to one another’s understanding in many ways. I have to admit that to me, taking positive action has seemed an overwhelming task in the face of what appear to be insurmountable odds and a bottomless pit of evil. What has helped me though has been perceiving that much of this destruction and mayhem appears to be our own individual/collective ego run rampant (as described in Paul Levy’s “Wetiko”). And, at it’s core, it’s illusory – a mass, shared dream. Our belief and submission to it is what sustains it. Zen often speaks incredibly eloquently on this as does Philosopher Neil Kramer at neilkramer.com. As always – and as many have said here – the action starts with us, engaging our true consciousness and detaching ourselves from the fear-inducing unreality signals bombarding us in every moment. Every one of us knows the way out of this mess – and has it in us to change it. In fact, I believe this increasing perceived craziness, and the accompanying “awakenings” amongst us, show that we’re doing it already. Let’s keep connecting – as Zen is doing – it’ll be better taking this journey together.

  21. I was asleep just a short time ago and when others tried to nudge me, I looked at them as being negative. Now awake, I can still draw on that when those I talk to dismiss or change the subject. But a few have listened, and that helps. So many people are really good, kind souls who want to do the best in this world. I am reading VRIL and thinking, are these new souls coming in and that is why the tremendous assault on our health from every angle?

    • cee–gr8 testimony! When we identify with the unawakened and don’t condemn them they’re much more likely to listen and remember. And yes, we can’t know the WHY of what’s going on but that shouldn’t stop up from identifying it and seeing where it’s going. I would be like asking a psychopath “Why did you murder all those people in cold blood?”
      Funny, in court temporary insanity will save someone’s hide! How apt!
      Tx cee..take care, Z

  22. You re right Zen, we HAVE to do sth if we don t want this playground being fucked up big time by an absolute small minority of people, IF they are people and not sth completely different! If you check out the links i attached and don t start to get the idea that this would be worth a try as it could be the weapon of choice to fuck up their agenda big time IF hundreds or thousands of people would practise it same time every day, then i don t know what we shall do. Fighting back with protests and violence puts us on the same level with our enemies and will only feed their agenda and not our energies. I tried what i propose myself, as i always do with things i discover, and i can say it works for me and my family and friends. And if burning cowshit while chanting a short mantra transforms harmful substances and energies into positive ones THEN WHY DO SO FEW PEOPLE PROPAGATE IT except that it seems most “truthers” aren t really interested in results as long as the click rate and popularity is OK. Or worse. Just stating my experiences, i can only do my thing and will do so and continue to publish it as good as i can to be a good example for others. And same time try to save my hide the the ones of my wife and kids. You do what you feel you have to do. Listen to Clif High s latest interview on Red Ice Radio and if this doesn t get you to lift your arse from the chair then nothing will. as always, my best wishes, mike


  23. Zen, I read your blog daily and have never replied to any…I agree with almost everything you write about. The thing that completely confuses me is…..what is a person to do with all this information? I know it’s happening all around us….but what the hell can a person do about it? You see, I am a single mother with a 2 yr old beautiful little girl….I am worried beyond belief about her future. I was “awakened” to this “false world” thanks to my boss who informed me about chemtrails….I thought my boss was crazy at the time until I really watched ‘what in the world are they spraying’…..then i walked outside and started observing the skies….Yes, they are spraying in my city – I called our local major who happens to be a former air traffic controller (what he told me) and he said he’d never heard of it…..I made homemade bumper stickers and put them on my vehicle….guess what? Some man in a city vehicle took a picture of my car at a red light and I became paranoid/scared and took the stickers off….(not to mention all the people who looked at me strangely in parking lots, daycare center, work due to the stickers)…..then I learned about smart meters…..They are getting deployed in my neighborhood within the next few months……I put a small sign on my analog meter saying I don’t consent…..guess what? A utility representative called me personally and asked why I put that label on my meter…..I said i was scared of the EMF radiation pulsing through my house every 10 seconds and that I have a small child that I’m worried about….the rep told me that i could be on the ‘hold list’ but eventually i have to have a smart meter permanently……I called my local state representative and his secretary hadn’t even heard about the meters……(yeah, maybe the state rep is illuminati….I don’t know!!) what is a person to do???? What are we supposed to eat now that we know about pink slime in ground beef, gmo’s, arsenic in baby food, formula, vegetables, juice?? I am pissed off….one pissed off single mother on a mission to nowhere…..I had a wonderful childhood and feel so horrible that my own child will not be able to have the same. it breaks my heart. Can someone who is so knowledgeable out there give some advice? what the hell are we supposed to feed our children? Not brush their teeth with fluoride? No water to drink? No veggies/fruit? Refuse vaccinations? (I’ve studied this now too…I am scared for her next set of shots – like 50 more before high school????!!!!! Put aluminum foil on our walls so that smart meters can’t penetrate thru??? I hate knowing all this, yet I am consistently drawn to this new knowledge…..I am not hating on you or the other readers….I just really need to know what the hell are we to do? I tell others but my reputation is starting to go down the shitter because my beliefs are so different now and I am looking like a freak…..I am as pissed off – if not more….I would love to evolve into a higher level…HEAVEN in my belief, but now, with a young child depending on me, I need to stay on the ground – this Earth and fight tptb. Any suggestions? (I know I am fear-based…..I am fear-based! I admit)

    • Hey T…I hear ya!..we all fight that battle. We can do our best but it does get overwhelming. Still, honest Truth beats living a lie. You’re so right to do all those things you have. The response you got is typical, but as things progress you’ll get a sense of comraderie in this awakened community that will encourage your heart and bolster your convictions. I remember running around Southern Calfornia pointing out the chemtrails and taking pictures and contacting officials, with hardly an eye batting from most. BUT the ones I did get thru to and I gave them some other leads to follow up on, they have had a life changing experience. To what degree it’s gone to this day I don’t know for sure, but many of them have been on my email list for years and are now sending me what they’re finding, and it’s grown like that.
      Also, I’ve made some of the best friends of my life just honestly writing notes of appreciation to different writers and bloggers, and we’ve built up huge friendships.
      And these are key to living in increased synchronicity…something just makes you smile and feel all is well no matter how weird things get around you.
      I feel for you, there are millions of us in varying stages. Just wait when the poop hits the fan bigtime how many will suddenly “get it” to varying degrees. They’ll be calling you then, and you’ll feel like a sage. Ha! Believe me, all of us awakened ones have the same battles with old friends, family and random naysayers. Try to not let it affect you…and also see the good in it. It’s helping you along believe it or not.

      Look at David Icke’s story..sincere man opens his heart on a TV show and get ridicule few on this planet ever experience. And it jettisoned him into what has become a global role in helping humanity wake up. His first presentations were to empty chairs! But he kept on and kept on sincerely sharing what he’d found out and things took their proper course. I started this blog just a couple of years ago and now have all kinds of readers. And I don’t write for them, I’m just sharing honestly what I’m learning and how I perceive things and what I feel is important for others to be also thinking about or noticing. And it’s led to amazing changes in my life and many others around me as I put into action what I’m learning. I’ve sold almost everything I own to be free to travel and move at a moment’s notice. But I’ll stop somewhere if it happens. I really don’t know. But that’s just my experience. You have 2 precious kids to raise and care for, and it is a challenge. My wife and I have 8 kids and 15 wonderful grandkids between us…that’s what I was referring to in that article. And some are in Hawaii and others in the Pacific Northwest and California–serious danger zones. And we’ve warned them and implored them to try to move. They know. But like so many the options are very limited so we have to do our best. (we are scouting out places for them to relocate, btw)

      Yes, put up protection against emfs…yes, filter your water, yes, turn of your TV, yes, try to buy local grown organic food..where I am now we found a raw milk farm and farm fresh eggs. But the veggies…who knows if they’re really organic, but we can what we can. Then there’s the radiation. What DOESN’T that or the chemtrails affect? We take something call Zeolite that’s supposed to cleanse metals and even radiation. Hope it works, but doing what I can.
      You just gotta keep on plugging and follow life’s signs, however you faith works. I hope this is somewhat encouraging. Know you’re loved and appreciated by a LOT of wonderful people in the same boat! But don’t stop sounding the alarm…just use wisdom and listen for that little nudge of the spirit you get when there’s a chance to say something to someone. I’ve had the veggie juice people of Whole Foods out in the parking lot with me as I told them about the chemtrails. Many a check out clerk and the people around me will not forget the few things I said in the store…after I felt them out a little bit. No opening, move on. But an apt comment might catch the attention of someone else in earshot.

      Just a few things…hope that helps. Stay in touch. Much love to you and your family, keep on keeping on, Zen
      (look up great quotations from wonderful souls like Gandhi, MLK, Krishnamurti on some of the subjects you battle–courage, vision, etc. Or just read thru guotes by these people and others you trust…food for the soul is important…don’t let your tank get dry! Stay inspired with the power of Truth and Love! Love you!)

    • Hey T – “I hate knowing all this, yet I am consistently drawn to this new knowledge” Same here. It’s so hard, cause every day brings more information – more knowledge. And some of it’s pretty disturbing stuff that my poor little naive brain didn’t want to know – but I can’t un-know it – all I can do is move forward. It really has changed my life for the better, even though I’ve lost relationships with people I love. I have 3 sisters who won’t even speak to me now, because I “made up all this stuff” about vaccines and mercury fillings and pharmaceutical drugs. And oh my goodness, if they only knew that was just the tip of the iceberg. The only way to make sense of it is, I know I’ll make a difference somehow. Maybe I’ll save a child from Autism by telling a few young moms about vaccines. Maybe I convinced the woman on the street to research chemtrails when I called out out from my car window a few weeks ago. Perhaps someone read my chemtrail car door magnet and began investigating. I just know I can’t keep quiet.

      Keep posting – it’s the right thing to do to keep your head on straight.

      It sucks, but the truth really does set you free.

    • I have been coming to my own understanding of what the delusion matrix really is on this planet for years now and I too, have felt very isolated, lonely and angry at times as I have come to my own Aha moments of truth. However, the Internet is an amazing connector which leads to consciousness raising sites such as this. I believe that we when we awaken, as some of us are being compelled to do , ripple/butterfly effects occur in the collective psyche and this then changes vibrations in the energy fields and influences potential futures. Just look at how people are sharing the same thoughtforms on this blog! It is up to us to then make take our own actions to make a difference in the best ways that we can and in accordance with what our own spirit prompts us into, irrespective of the fear. ( eg I wear “What on Earth are they spraying T- shirts and make orgonite holy hand grenades to place around cell towers, but that’s my style.)This then becomes a path to freedom and knowing who we really are, coming from a place of peace and love, but doing battle when we really have to, for after all evil wins if good sits on the fence and does nothing.

  24. The Dalai Lama said that we should strive for an attitude to wish everyone all the best. Even those who want us harm.

    BUT that does not prevent us from doing everything that this harm will not take place. But we have to do it without hate, anger and negative feelings.
    (From “108 Pearls of Wisdom”)

    I admit: Sometimes I don’t remember why I did incarnate to this S**thole.


    Always LOVE

  25. Hi Zen,
    Good post.
    We are at the end of the twenty six thousand year cycle. The end of the program.,
    There is a window of time now when the karma that has been accumulated over the last cycle can be cancelled. This time that we are living through is full of wonderful spiritual opportunity. The evolution of the life waves. Now is the time that we have waited for, enduring many lifetimes in this duality of love versus hate.
    Now we can leave the contrived hologram of the third dimension..
    Make the spiritual move. Speed up your physical frequencies. Stop putting fear foods into your bodies.[the corpses of murdered beasts]
    Learn the old musical scale that was usurped by the elite.


    “Bio-creation, and health restoration, may have more to do with frequencies of sound energy, or music, than has been previously thought.”

    Visit http://www.templeofsacred sound.com. Middle chamber, phonetic AH. 528Hz.
    Tune your instruments musicians to 444Hz and see what a difference it makes.
    Don’t forget, we’ve done this before. We are the earth, water, fire,air and space. We are the fabric of the planet. The enemy is NOT.
    Slough off the negative and as David Icke says Rise like lions.
    It’s time to fly.
    One Love528Hz

    • Hi Elva..I hv one of Len’s tuning forks I got from him at a health show. Great stuff. It’s all about vibrating energy.
      I too subscribe to the cyclical nature, if not spiral, spoken of by the Mayans and many others. The Universe and galaxies and solar systems down to atoms make it obvious.
      Bring on the next yuga, I say. This one’s just about ready to backflush…ha! Love, Z

  26. Zen,
    If you are free, come and pray with us at the sundance on Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota. .June 26th-30th. Wakan Hoye Yapi, sending sacred voices.
    The sacred hoop still lives.
    Time to make a spiritual move on the enemy. Magic versus sorcery.
    One Love528

  27. The attempts to enlighten others will often result in alienation and rejection

    Ignore them and move on to others more willing to find the truth of the path leading to the end of suffering

    Peace & Love

  28. this is change

    Obama promised you that in 2008.

    So don’t you get it? People (esp. in America) are NOT going to wake up in time to stop this.

    Most are sheeple so they will fit in nicely to the new world regime. They are followers. They are believers. They are soldiers of loyalty and trust. Yes….they have been programmed. But the new reality is that you either conform or you will have a one way ticket to the gulags.

    That’s life and there’s not much you can do to change the path to hell we are on.

    Over 10 years after 9-11 and the invasion of Iraqi, and there has been no accountability. All deception. Unquestioned by the majority. The corruption and complicity continues blatantly and no one can stop it. And no one has stopped it even with the numerous analyses and investigations that disprove the official stories.

    Nothing has changed, yet it has. They continue to stomp your necks and continue on. That has not changed. What has changed is the acceleration into a new world order (i hate that phrase but it describes it accurately), the loss of your freedoms and the loss of your rights.

    Don’t look for a public “army” to fight this evil. It will not be there. If you decide to give your life and perhaps the lives of your family to fight them, then you will be a martyr for the goodness and righteousness that is about to be extinguished.

    You will never be able to organized sufficiently to overcome them. The majority of people could care less for you or your neighbor. Most are in this world for themselves and those close to them. There is no courage. There is no honor. Only self-indulgency, procrastination, ego, wastefulness and talk. No action.

    Its too late to CHANGE things. We missed that boat. If you want justice, then you’ll have to fight that covertly and likely have to put your life on the line.

    Are you ready to do that? Or, are we all talk or just words on the internet. I say the latter which is why you are losing and will continue to lose.

    • Thanks Zen for your nice reply.
      Dogismyth I just read recently, you can bring a candle into a dark room and illuminate it,but one person with darkness can not darken a light room. The light is coming, and coming strong, check David Icke’s website today. The control system is throwing the kitchen sink at us, because they know this is coming. He says we are at the crumbling of one “very dark” epoch, and the new epochis overlapping it. By 2016, the full force of the “Truth Vibrations” will be upon us. It will be a different and brighter world then. The consciousness of Humanity will be greatly expanded, and maybe all the ills created will be fixed in moments(my thoughts). I am going to believe that. As Bette Davis, famously said, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.” But I believe the destination will be worth it.

  29. we should be angry and depressed when we begin to see the Truth of the horrible lie we are living in.. the question is not What do we know?but What do we do with what we know? I say this Anger if it be such shall galvanize to action the wise to take steps away from the suffering and to find a solution to it. This we can call ‘the sense of Urgency’, if we are not tired and bored or angry about something we won’t do anything to change it….

  30. Well Zen I see from deleted comments originally posted with this article you ARE censoring any discussion of jewish identity politics. Now I see what Gilad Atzmon is up against with the jewish ‘anti zionists’ who refuse to discuss jewish identity politics or history. Now I know what Douglas Reed warned about. This is how gatekeepers vanish all substantive dialog…they kick out the people who can readily identify the perps with judaism.
    Let’s just stick to the facts.
    It was the jews that weaponized nuclear fission from Tzeilard and
    Einstein on down. Tzeilard patented a bomb as soon as he heard of fission. Einstein after shilling for
    years for a jewish state in Palestine, joined Tzeilard in pushing
    Roosevelt to build a bomb. Roosevelt was only in there due to the
    Rosenfelds and Delanos, who served on the first jewish Fed in 1913. Oppenheimer was a jew who developed the fission weapon to be the destroyer of the world as he proudly proclaimed with the Trinity explosion.. Ulam and Teller were jews who developed hydrogen bombs to take the destructive fury absurdly further. Jews developed nuclear weapons of mass destruction including all fission reactors which they later promoted as six sigma, 99.99966, all hexes on humanity. Cohen of the neutron bomb and Strauss who nuked the Micronesians and said they were happy, were jews. Still, we must not ever say it was ‘the jews, stupid’ because criticism of judaism is the most taboo of all in the realm of phony journalism. The Lend Lease transferring Manhattan Project materials to the Soviets gave them to a terror state set up by American jews
    who were Ashkenazi immigrants straight out of the rabbis’ ghettos. Everyone knows about Rabbi Dov and 9/11, thanks to Bollyn, a real journalist not someone pushing magical thinking and disinfo, who was forced into hiding.
    Anti zionism is not accurate criticism. We cannot merely fix the latest deadly political chapter of jewish millenial conspiracy with anti zionism, because the whole story of Esther is still there. What about the nation within nations that transcends Palestinian oppression? What about usury for the gentiles ever since Deuteronomy? Who owns the central banks if not the jews? Who owns the media and Congress? Jeez, can we still not even tell the story of the jewish banker Sachs who delivered the Einstein-Tzeilard letter to Rosenfeld in 1939? Can we say, “Goldman Sachs?” Deuteronomy is the
    code of jewish identity politics that fully explains who did what and why. Jews themselves need to deal with this one if they want to escape their own millenial trap, the collossal mindfuck of tribal supremacy and destruction serving a false religion. If others cannot even comment without being deleted it shows “Zen Gardner” is no more than a psyop disinfoing the clueless… and he won’t answer any of those questions either!

    • Bechy Pasture, I do not know you, but please allow me to respectfully ask you a question: Do you realize how immensely you are damaging the world with this racial/ethnic discrimination and hate speech of yours?

      Those words of yours are food for war… every human being has his own sins and his own virtues, no matter the race, the group, the country… and after all, we are all one, aren’t we?


      • Sorry Isabel but your hate speech horses left the barn a long time ago. Sharon said ‘We the jews control America’ right after 9/11.. Joel Stein said the jews run/own Hollywood. Was that hate speech when the jews said it? I read the jewish historians and merely repeat what they themselves say, as Douglas Reed did in compiling his book You can read Deuteronomy if you want to catch up on real hate speech. You can read of Moses’ killing spree in days of old if you want to learn about how hateful words against innocents lead to mass homicide in the jewish tradition.
        We are not all one, not in terms of who can live in Palestine. You should check out what the Ashkenazis did to the Sephardic jewish kids in Operation Ringworm. We are not all one in terms of who can be indicted for 9/11. . We are not all one on the Great Seal of the US where the chosen people are separate from those underneath them. We are not all one in terms of who is allowed to counterfeit money out of nothing. We are not all one in terms of facing justice. The dancing Israelis and the guys driving the airbrushed vans on 9/11 did not have to face justice in the US. They have powerful friends the goyim never will. The Fed always asserts it is not accountable like others, to anyone. We have different epistemologies and belief systems. I try to avoid herd instincts when they are following a judas goat. I make a point of saying that no, I am a human being, not a goyim. I’m not with ‘everyone’ in the pyramid on the Great Seal I am a cosmic tourist just looking at the waste of precious time. It is your choice whom you join up with..

        Some more jewish history for Americans to learn of-


        Re Operation Ringworm and anti semitism-


        Re the jewish millenial conspiracy, the masterpiece by Douglas Reed-


        Zen, thanks for not censoring this.

  31. great post – great list of questions that I too have been asking since about 1999 when I first started noticing the atmospheric engineering being done over the West Coast (aka chemtrails) –
    My challenge lately is that I feel we have reached a point of no return in regards to waking people up.
    If you’re not somewhat aware that there are some serious and nefarious things being done to humanity then maybe you might not ever…Sometimes I feel selfish but I remind myself that we all come around in our own time…
    My music helps me deal with and spread the information thagt is out there for all to see and find.
    Trust in thosree you know and love!

  32. I recently sent out a news brief from ElectricalPollution.com to all the environmental organizations in the world I could get an email for and also some major U.S. media. I have been sure for a long time that microwave towers and the smart grid use much more energy than they can possibly save. Here is an excerpt:
    Wireless devices are energy hogs. For instance, it takes three times as much energy to make a simple phone call on a cellphone compared to a land line ( http://www.lowtechmagazine.com/2009/06/embodied-energy-of-digital-technology.html#more ).
    I also believe, in reference to flouride, that microwave radiation is attracted to conductive, water-filled human bodies as well as flouride. This is shown in the human body when the signal from RF meters seems to follow people around their homes as they take RF readings. In regard to fluoride, according to some scientific manufacturing studies I have found, microwave radiation is attracted to flouride and lithium, both of which are either now added to drinking water or will be. EMR and flouride together doubly affect the pineal gland so it can not make enough Melatonin. This affects our ability to properly sleep, dream and visualize. This is huge and may explain the zombie-like quality of many cell phone users. As a media professional, it is critical for me to identify why most of the intelligent, conscious people I know are unable to listen to the truth about EMR.
    See the science tab from the following website for all the proof needed to show the harmful effects of “wireless” electromagnetc radiation: http://www.EMRActionDay.org

  33. some unidentified force? there out in the open and have been showing you there faces for awhile now:

    “Marcus Eli Ravage (1884-1965) is an example of the Jew honest enough to publicly admit to the treachery of his people, although, in this case, it is born out of contempt rather than compassion. Ravage was a Jewish writer who genuflected at the throne of Jewish Banking Royalty, the Rothschilds, and worshipped at their feet as their approved biographer. In “The Real Case Against the Jews,” published in Century magazine, January 1928 he wrote this:

    “Of course you do resent us Jews. The thing that intrigues me about this anti-Jewish business, however, is your total lack of grit. You seem to be suffering from self-consciousness horribly. It is not as if you were amateurs – you have been at it for over fifteen centuries. You resent us, but cannot clearly say why. ‘We are, if you are to be believed, a menace to your racial integrity. We shirk our patriotic duty in wartime, because we are pacifists by nature and tradition … You accuse us of stirring up revolution in Moscow. Suppose we admit the charge, what of it? … Take the three principal revolutions in modern times – the French, American and Russian. What are they but the triumph of the Jewish idea of social, political and economic justice? And the end is still a long way off. We still dominate you. You make much noise and fury about the undue Jewish influence in your theaters and movie palaces. Granted, your complaint is well-founded. But what is that compared with our staggering influence in your churches, your schools, your laws and your government, and the very thoughts you think? You believe The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. But what is that beside the unquestionable and historic conspiracy we have carried out, and which we have never denied because you have never had the courage to charge us with it?
    ‘You call use subverters, agitators, revolution-mongers. It is the truth – and I cower at your discovery … You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We are at the bottom not merely of the latest war, but nearly all your wars. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. We did it solely with the irresistible might of our spirit, with ideas and propaganda … If we were in your place, we should dislike you more cordially than you do us. But we should make no bones about telling you why. You go about whispering terrifyingly about the hand of the Jew in this and that. It makes us quake. We are conscious of the injury we did when we imposed upon you our alien faith and traditions. And then you specify and talk vaguely of Jewish financiers and Jewish motion picture promoters, and our terror dissolves in laughter. The gentiles, we see with relief, will never know the real blackness of our crimes … Can you wonder that we Jews have always taken your anti-Semites rather lightly, as long as they did not resort to violence?”

  34. WOW. this was profound, and so precise. these are questions
    that must be demands from the people! Thank you so much for such an amazing article. I am sharing this on facebook. We have the media and we have eachother, all we have to do is wake up!!!

  35. Yes people need to realize they have a choice in their destiny. To accept a choice that you do not agree with is the same as doing nothing.
    People forget that many democrats did not want Obama as their choice in the last elections but the media down played the push back and told them he was their choice and they accepted it. McCain was not popular with his party either but the media told them he was their choice and they accepted it. Now here we are again with an unpopular candidate on either side and being told they are our choice and thus far accepting it.
    The real leader people seek is nowhere to be found because the media does not allow him/her to exist and we do nothing. The only way out that I see is for people to quit letting the main stream media make their choices for them, when they themselves know they do not like the choice being made for them.
    The people do not want Obama for 4 more years of lies and deception but they accept it as their choice, republicans do not want Romney as their choice but accept it saying, Well he’s better than 4 more years of Obama. In both cases, in reality, they are doing nothing.
    Until people start demanding to make their own choice nothing will change. OWS knew where the problem lies and that is why they did not let anybody, republican or democrat made the choices for them. They knew where the power behind the media choices comes from. The unchosen Obama looked the other way as his militarized police force beat them back from the doors of the real choice makers and the media went into blackout. What little coverage they give it is only to deface it.
    It is going to take a mass uprising like this to ever really have a choice again, but will people or will they keep accepting the choices being made for them and do nothing.

  36. White people are making war against The Muslim SAINTS and Humanity – AS PROPHESIED!!!!

    White people are The Terrorists and have murdered on every continent and Island – White people are THE ENEMY – look in the mirror!! HYPOCRITES!

    • Dear Truth. I’m not sure what you find hypocritical about this post. What Zen is saying is what you’re saying. It is true, the white man is causing untold destruction against the Muslim people. I would be very interested in hearing what you have to say about what was prophesied about that (and I’m not surprised to hear that at all :)

      BUT … if you go to war (in your mind, even) against “white people” as a whole, then you will simply be playing right into the hands of that small group of white people who are engineering this whole thing. Don’t give into it.

  37. Fuck, this rocks :) I *know* this stuff. And yet while I try and get my health back on track, I also *don’t* know this stuff. It’s good to be reminded.

  38. Who gives a shit about humanity.!… : Humans -as a collective Mass- gets what It deserves. The Oddballs who managed to see/understand the shit coming/going on , can and will most likely save their own butts but WHAT ABOUT ALL THE ANIMALS and also the Plants?????? They didnt ask for this shit to end their Life on Mother Earth, did they?Do theydeserve this fate???? I dont think so…. But…..How can they as individuals and as collective save themselves?????….. They can’t!!!!!

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