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The Sad State of Planet Earth


by Zen Gardner

First of all, it hits you hard. Right in the heart. Your family is at stake, humanity is at stake. We’re being relentlessly attacked by some unidentified force and we’re reeling, with not a lot to stand on.

Our planet’s resources are being polluted faster than we can identify. Everything we just years ago held dear and tried to naturally defend has been so drastically altered it’s beyond identification or comprehension.

And we scream as if in a nightmare with no one listening.

Environmental Murder

The Gulf of Mexico and virtually the entire Pacific ocean have just been killed. Murdered. The skies are being poisoned to incredible degrees, killing our plants, animals and fellow humans.

I like to believe in life’s regenerative processes, but we’re talking long term. Long after your kids and grand kids have then had to endure the horrors of a mutated world, if they live that long.

These Bastards are Playing for Keeps. And People Better Wake the Hell Up to that Fact.

These earth changes, and so-called scientific and social changes that are obviously engineered, clearly are part of an agenda.

What Agenda Might this Be?

  • WHY would the elites dig a super underground vault to store seeds from all over the planet while introducing genetically modified seeds growing food they themselves won’t touch?
  • WHY have they built secret underground bases?–that aren’t so secret if you poke around a bit.
  • WHY is the world not told a single fact about the Fukushima radiation readings, and the EPA monitors get shut off and standards re-calibrated?…while the media black out continues?
  • WHY is questioning water fluoridation considered cult science while multiple millions drink the toxic industrial byproduct yet most European countries throw the process off?
  • WHY are they pushing vaccines so hard when they’ve been proven to maim children and adults, and one in 110 children is now autistic?
  • WHY is cellphone and other EMF technology deliberately set at the range of our brain frequency when it could have been outside that?
  • WHY is the banking system getting off scott free when everyone knows they engineered this economic mess?
  • Wait…there’s MORE…

  • WHY is war on terror so accepted when it was based on a staged false premise–a clearly government induced false flag millions identify yet are not allowed to challenge?
  • WHY is the education system spewing out dumber and dumber kids while more money is poured in to this fruitless endeavor?
  • WHY is everyone so freakishly fat they can’t see their feet anymore and are suffering accelerated, off the charts health challenges?
  • WHY has questioning anything become a terrorist threat?
  • WHY is our atmosphere so purposely filled with aluminum and other toxic substances our respiratory illnesses have skyrocketed, never mind other complications like increased seizures, allergies and even Alzheimer’s?
  • WHY is going through the airport now a radioactive exam and terrorizing experience for even children and the elderly?
  • WHY is the government now allowed to arrest, imprison and even kill you without trial?..as well as spy on you at will?
  • WHY is the media swill the same on every channel with literally no independent reporting or investigative journalism?
  • WHY is our DNA being tracked, our irises scanned, blood tested and our movements monitored?
  • etc. etc. etc.

Getting the picture? That’s Why.

We have to wake the hell up, is all I can say. If you don’t get it yet, I pity you.

We’re under attack.

There’s a lot to be angry about. And if you’re not angry, you’re not alive.

Then turn your anger into activity. Do something! Wake others up!

The Zen Spot

Yes, there’s always that. But it has to be with perspective.

There’s a wonderful “other” transcendent side to all of this, but it doesn’t matter if we don’t take responsibility for what’s going on in front of our noses and do something about it. Just observing the essence of a drowning child is bullshit. Respond. Get the hell in the water!

Inaction while observing these truths of our current condition is mental masturbation and an exercise in futility.

I found out and my life changed. Drastically.

I hope yours will too.

Serious times need serious action. Whatever changes happen, so be it.

Love always, Zen



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  1. Maybe we can grow this list organically with the readers personal contributions like;
    Why is it that fiat money is being squeezed out of existence?
    Why is it that every single country is registered as a COMPANY on the SEC?
    Why do we allow the drug companies to kill us slowly with their wares?
    Why is cannabis illegal?
    Why do our governments, west and east, allow israel to slowly exterminate the people of Palestine?

    • Good idea!
      Why does the educational system make people dumber and duller instead of more creative and truly intelligent?
      Why is one in every 110 children in the US autistic now?
      Why is “national security” a blanket excuse to hide everything important?
      Why are the EPA radiation monitors on the US west coast turned off?
      Why won’t the authorities even acknowledge Morgellons disease?
      (this could get long, Patrick…;)

  2. Great post! Love it zen!… I’ve been seeking truth for all my life and have awoken to the disturbing insane reality that society deems “sane”. And I keep asking myself this same question almost every day now… WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR PEOPLE TO WAKE UP TO WTF IS GOING ON!? WHAT WILL IT TAKE!?!?…

    I just sit back and I’m baffled with all that is coming to light and continues to come to light and still people just sit there in a state of IDK what!? terror, apathy, disbelief… and just a.) bury their heads further in the sand or b.) put the blinders on and go back to the daily grind that a majority of them hate

    I mean how long can ignorance be bliss when your own hands are strangling your neck? and thus allowing others to strangle your own neck too.

    That’s the problem in a lot of ways… humanity doesn’t have enough self-respect to get up and stand up to these sick psychopaths ruling, ruining, and running our world. People are too consumed with the green paper sideshow/freak circus that destroys their self respect, so when they’re confronted with how F#$ked society has become they just sit by and passively accept it or say “hey, I know it’s F$%ked, but I there’s still hope I can get rich!”… WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!

    *ENOUGH IS ENOUGH GOD DAMN IT! It’s time end this bull$hit system being perpetuated by these parasites of humanity on the other animals, and the planet. They are the furthest thing from human and their filth can no longer be tolerated.

    Blessed are those that spread the truth to others and raise awareness during these times of turmoil and tribulation. For when all is said and done, we all know how every story between good and evil ends… GOOD WINS… EVIL LOSES. And no amount of predictive programming or chemicals sprayed in skies or GMOS is going to change that written fact of history that has been passed down through the millenia. That simple truth was a teaching that has finally reached it’s most needed students. It’s darkest before dawn, and damn DAWN IS ALMOST HERE BABY! :-) <3

    Much love to you Zen and the other followers of this blog!

  3. Rage – The Edge Of Darkness

    Tell the world we’ll lose our future any time
    This will be a rude awakening if we don’t stop now

    Everywhere we see the atomic threat will be
    Handled by the bad, the deceivers that gone mad
    Lead us into death

    To hell and back, we’re
    On the edge of darkness
    Never return
    On the edge of darkness

    When the nuclear dictators ride the bomb
    Hell is here to stay forever, do you want it so

    Instability killing the economy
    Continents in war throwing horror on the poor
    Mother nature dies

    To hell and back, we’re
    On the edge of darkness
    Never return
    On the edge of darkness
    When will we learn

    Pull your head out of the sand, you need to know
    Your ass, it will burn red hot, right when it all explodes

    Everywhere it seems all those people lost their dreams
    Everyone’s insane, all the warning was in vain
    Blinded ’till we’re dead

    To hell and back, we’re
    When will we learn, will we ever learn


  4. Rage – The Beggar’s Last Dime

    We all live with that cliché: the underdog, the poor
    From the void makes it big time, a miracle in store
    The working class, true believers of this fairytale
    Suffering hard every day to buy their stocks ‘n’ rates

    Follow them, you fools, while they’re fucking in their pools
    Weep and eat their lies
    Follow them, you fools, while they’re making all your rules
    Let them steal your dimes

    Forever and ever the rich is getting fat
    By stealing the beggar’s last dime
    Whatever, no matter, this greed ain’t getting better
    Stealing the beggar’s last dime

    The upper class with their millions, keeping all doors locked
    And you’re not, not invited when they live on top
    In this game it’s decided who will win or lose
    When the rich cashes in the poor man sells his shoes

    In the yellow press, where you follow their excess
    Wish to be like them
    While you dream you’ve won they are playing with your doe
    Oops – and now it´s gone

    Forever and ever the rich is getting fat
    Whatever, no matter, the poor is getting mad


  5. Rage – Destiny

    Some people live their lives like
    They’d be immortal forever
    Some people waste their cards like
    They’d have a second deck at hand

    But while they start their hassle
    And put their energy
    In senseless things the clock ticks on

    Time flies, ’till you waste away, now
    This will be your destiny
    The soul cries, when you fade away, now
    This will be your destiny

    You better find your meaning
    And use your days before you die

    Why is it that you’re running
    Just like the hamster in his wheel
    You spend your days with things that
    You don’t like, this is what I see

    And all that wasted moments
    Fill you with pain and hate
    So turn around, it’s not too late


  6. Dear Zen – I love your website and I wanted to send you love and strength in your quest to wake up the world. Keep up the good work and know that we, the Awake, are there and trying our hardest to do our part to be a positive influence in the face of so much despair and evil. xx

  7. I thought of such a scenario (mental exercise if you will):
    “There is a balance in the ONE (universe/multiverse/god/all that is), this balance is between Love, and Fear.
    For some time – love (and its derivatives) prevails, and then for some time – fear (and its derivatives) prevails.
    It changes because if one is dominant for too long (i. e. there is nothing but love) ONE ceases to recognize itself as a “balanced” one.
    It needs to change to allow varying experience onto itself.
    In the given moment fear is dominant, and ONE needs/wants/is going to (anyway)
    – get the balance back by allowing more love… BUT, before it can manifests big load of love it needs just
    one more place/planet with EXTREME FEAR/PAIN, I mean really catastrophic, a cosmic “straw” that will break the camel’s back,
    and will make ONE coming back to balance.
    Now In a Galaxy far far away, there is a group of positive entities calling themselves Reppies…
    they decide they need to do their job for the ONE and make that needed cosmic straw happen…
    they pick a time and place and start fulfilling their plan of annihilating 6 billion entities causing
    EXTREME FEAR that will break the camel’s back and allow ONE to move back to balanced position…
    Now – the “good guys” enter, and do all they can to stop the Reppies…

  8. It is mind control that cause us to be deaf, blind and dumb, no? It would appear resistance is futile. Unless you are naturally immune to mind control, becoming mind controlled is an inevitable consequence of having been born during the last 67 years. And if you are immune to mind control then you can rest assured that somewhere there is a logarithm figuring out your where abouts so when the time arrives to declare victory they can send an armored limo for your ride to the train station where your box car accommodations awaits you. But, then again maybe there is a switch that the mind overloads aren’t aware of, one where once flipped reinforces the idea that even the best laid plans of mice and men fail; and assume the ‘opposition’ which they also don’t know exist, controls the location of the switch. It is still paramount upon us all that we take responsibility for the world around us and see with open eyes why the crumbling of the illusion around us, is not one to fear. There is always pain in birth, if the birth is natural there will be pain with this birth.

    • JLK,
      I agree that we are all mind control. As we awaken we reprogram ourselves.
      And yes natural childbirth is painful but I willingly did it three more times and it was all so worth it. The earth is going through the same thing and we have to support her through it.

  9. Illusion is the first of all pleasures. voltaire
    Not to piss on any one’s sheep tipping movement, Buuuut , I find most of the masses will not wake up until a jack boot on their neck’s . Once they’re faces are held to the cold wet ground and they cant have the freedom to reach around with their hog tied hands to wipe the saliva running down the side of their mouths as they stair over at the last real speck of food made from tasty chemicals and cardboard ,that will be a moment of sobriety were a thought will pop into the minds of the $1.35 dish towels , $2.00 waffle irons that they have once fought over so hard on black Fridays of past times.

    Sorry for the above post .. it was filled with type Os

  10. Patrick Willis asked us to increase the length of the horror list. I have no doubt that all readers could add an instance or two or 200. It is important to be aware of what is going on around us. It’s important to be
    awake and aware. That way ignorance will not lead you into harm’s way.

    May I also suggest another list. A list of kind and compassionate things that people have done recently and then keep adding to it. New and fairer legislation is great. so is ………….
    * A kindly smile for someone who is lonely.
    * A young Yuppie type giving up his seat in the Metro for a grey-haired grannie.
    * A coffee vendor walking across a crowded room to bring a cup of coffee to a customer
    who cannot walk too well.
    * A neighbour bringing a copy of a treasured spiritual text to someone who walks with difficulty.
    * A busy nerd son who does the washing up without being asked to.
    * The cat that snuggles up close and purrs like a generator when you’re feeling low.

    These all happened to me today.

    I invite you to add to this list. Let’s see how long we can make it.

    • Soliel,
      I am so with you on this!!

      * A grey squirrel peering in my window “asking” for me to throw nuts to him
      * my son making breakfast for his sisters
      * my dog ecstatic reaction as i came in the house today
      *my 1stdaughter letting her my 2nd daughter borrow her shirt which led the 2nd daughter to let my 3rd daughter borrow her shirt.
      * my hubby surprising me with a nice warm green tea

  11. Im done playing” anger ball” with them. They throw out a reason for me to be mad, I feel the anger and throw it back at them.
    Instead, Ive started absorbing their blows and transforming it into love. Im not an angry person, I just react to the negative energy and Im done playing there way. I choose to love them. Then if they want to grab another anger ball then they have to take it from the collective mass of preformed anger that has been collecting for eons.
    I figure with this method, eventually we will have cleaned the negativity out of the atmosphere. our hearts have the power to clean this place up, if we are willing to go there. I promise you, the farther I go, the better the ride gets.
    Love to you all!

  12. Yes they do keep us locked into those mind-forged manacles. But the thing is we can transend the physical, and we are. So they want to make a wasteland of the earth, which is merely a reflection of the desolation of their own soulless beings.
    But we are in the midst of a transcendence.
    Zen is right. Get involved, don’t be passive – even if it’s to wake up others via the internet. But always stress the positive – we are on the verge of both cataclysm and glorious transcendence. Ultimately we, as individuals decide which path we take.

  13. Very good post.
    Now here comes the “but”,…
    It does not matter one iota how many people wake up if they refuse to get “out of the bed”.
    Awakening is fine and great,…but unless the masses of people rise up and defeat the enemy then all is for naught. The end and destruction of this planet is not a foregone conclusion….its not written in stone. If we stand with our hands in our pockets and do nothing…we will wake up on the other side and we will be held guilty for allowing this death and destruction to have happened. If a man is so useless as to not rise up or lift a finger…..he is a fooking infadel and deserves the very destruction coming his way.
    If people will not aggressively defend against a deadly enemy…then at the very least…do it for the Earth and all its creatures.

    If this movement by all the peace lovers becomes nothing more than what it is today,..blogs, chat rooms,..protests and petitions,..with NO ACTION,.

    THEN ITS as useless and FUTILE as TITS on a BOAR HOG.

    The multitudes raise their voices in condemnation of this attack on life….but will not lift a finger to help stop it… This awakening movement is making me sick these days…

    PS. this isnt meant or aimed at anyone here…..im speaking just in general terms here

    • Agree with you 100%… it’s time we take this awareness and knowledge of our dire situation and start manifesting a response into the physical reality with ACTION. It’s great and all to keep learning these nasty truths of reality and how disgusting and perverse it all is, but now we’ve had our full share. We no longer need to keep amassing awareness as to what’s wrong or need confirmation for the psychopathic tendencies of the leaders/rulers of humanity. ALL THAT IS LEFT IS TO RISE AND BREAK WHAT REMAINS OF THE INVISIBLE CHAINS LATCHED AROUND OUR SPECIES, THE OTHER SPECIES, AND THE PLANET. The time is NOW and to sit by idly is just as evil as remaining ignorant.

  14. I decided to skip the poetry. It’s well-represented here.

    There’s a name for this pathology, but you can use your own. THEY HAVE THE MOTIVE, THE MEANS, AND THE OPPORTUNITY to destroy: love, beauty, goodness, sacrifice.
    THEY HAVE THE COURAGE OF THEIR CONVICTIONS. But that’s NOT the kind of “convictions” *I* have in mind for them.
    How about y’all?

  15. Thanks for all the valuable perspective and information, as always. How does practicing Zen apply to today’s events? A good subject for reflection. Just ask Nansen’s cat about effective actions. Who can judge another for participating in any event or not? This is relativity. This is no cop out. While living in duality, though, why not choose the “good” choice”? It is just as easy, if not easier, to be kind. If we are living in the nondual, then I guess we are not having this discussion anyway. Zen is a peculiar busy-ness.

  16. It is, at least for me, not so much “why”, but “how” to change it. What helped me was to seriously figure out what my own biggest fear was and then do my damndest to overcome it. I was raised to never ever make a public display of myself, that others were in authority, knew best, and I was to be seen, but not heard. And thus I was scared to state my opinions in public, including to friends and family, even though I was aware that something was terribly wrong as of the JFK assassination. In 2008 I decided to do something about that fear and I declared myself a candidate in federal politics. Many times I thought I would pass out while speaking, especially answering impromptu questions, but I stuck with it, I reached via e-mails thousands of people and organizations across the country, always underlying my responses to their questions with empathy (never sympathy) and the idea that we needed to wake up. I was amazed, still am, by the response. So many people afterwards thanked me for showing them the other side and what we are capable of. So if it helps, figure out what you fear and within reason do your very best to overcome it. The only way we can know “how” is by doing. Love, A.

    • Wow A, thats a big fear to conquer.
      Its great that you touched so many people. wonder how many they have touched since.

  17. there is no enemy. we are all the same thing. creating an enemy is creating an us and them scenario which equates with fear and hate aka the absence of love. inaction is the answer. let the “enemy” kill love and beauty. love and beauty will say i love you while they are being killed. and the world will descend into hell before the “enemy’ realizes they were being an enemy to them self. action equates with war on the self. there is no enemy. acting against something that is trying to destroy is destroying back. an eye for an eye is still war. species only exist for so long. if the human race is on the way out, it is on the way out. the only possible solution is non action and love. willing to be harmed for the other. so that everyone can see, we are all the same thing. materialism is the thought enemy. we need a consciousness revolution not a physical one. be yourself, even if it gets you hurt. don’t act on behalf of anyone else. and most importantly dont contribute to anything that causes harm to the other because the other is the self.

    • I agree Dana.
      We cant engage in anger, we have to step out of the game and that is where we find our true nature.

  18. I have also wondered, HOW MUCH WILL PEOPLE TOLERATE AND LOOK THE OTHER WAY?? How BAD does it have to get?? You CAN’T tell me they don’t see and feel it!! Many people say–there’s nothing I can do!!–what a bunch of CRAP!! I been watching the animals dying and becoming sickly, yet many don’t seem to notice! Tears are running down my checks as I right this. What is wrong with people?? Do you realize that we can’t even get 1% the American people to stand-up, and take to the streets!! WTF!!
    Maybe we have FLUNKED HUMANITY 101!!!

  19. Not to sound to frustrated, but you got me on that one Zen! I try to stay positive and reach out to others, but my HEART DEEPLY ACHES on these issues! I have a wonderful son who’s world is going to hell! I’ve had a good life BUT What future awaits our children??

  20. Dana – I agree with you. On a very deep level we are creating the enemy due to residual fear and hatred in ourselves.

    There’s a saying that 2 wrongs do not make a right – or something like that. Killing off the enemy is killing too. How are you better than the enemy was?

    There are alternatives:

    Bringing in positivity to counterbalance all that fear being currently engendered is one.

    So is compassionate passive resistance.

    So is using logic and a variety of real data, not Google-misinformation, to look at practical alternatives. That’s where an expanded Patrick’s list would be an invaluable starting point.

    Remember there is only a small group of instigators of these seemingly insurmountable barriers being put up around us.

    It seems to me that we have a third course of action now. It’s no longer merely a choice between the dark and the light. Neither is it getting lost in the grey through fear of confrontation.
    It’s about a profound synthesis of the dark and light sides of our nature – all the while over-lighted by compassionate wisdom.

    In other words, in each individual circumstance, we see clearly and then we act wisely and compassionately.

    Thank you to all who made comments here. You have helped me see far more deeply and practically than I did before.

    • Soliel,
      I know what you mean about the “third course of action”. Its that place outside of duality that encompasses everything.
      I loved reading your post because I could have written it myslef and it confirms to me that we are aligning with our true nature. I can feel the beauty of what is about to transpire.

      • To Twelve. Yes. I call it Triality. I paint it and write about it but the connection between that understanding and action had eluded me until now.

  21. The sad truth is that Americans don’t have the guts to do what needs to be done. They don’t have what it takes to hunt these people down and KILL them where they stand. Because they refuse to wage a bloody battle against US government terrorists, they will be killed by the millions.

  22. I don’t know how to expalin this, if you replace Jesus with the word Love or universal energy or some other word. Any way this is what I feel within:Who cares? I don’t. I’m living now, like it was my last day. I don’t care. Life is ending all over this world. It was never that great to begin with. It’s a matrix that was developed and created to make people do what they want. All the wars, the hate, the conflicts, the chaos. The murders, the lies, it just keeps going on with different people and with different made up lies and so called reasons. I don’t care. I no longer live to live, but live to love. No one is without blame. I too am to blame. I have been the hateful indignant American. I regret that. It makes me a culprit. I was extracted out of the matrix by death. Someone I loved passed away, and the love that God showed me, through his child Jesus Christ was the proton proton that created a blast and sent me shooting straight out of this matrix. All the talking and commenting and movement to this and to that. All the screaming and actions taken, mean nothing. Everything is programmed to implode. Nothing we do will change that. This matrix we call life here on earth will come to an end. Everything will fade away, it will stop existing. None of it matters. There will be a new earth and a new heaven. With Jesus Christ being our foundation, he bringing us to an existence with God. An actual relationship with God, where he holds us and speaks to us and loves us as we would love our own children. This love penetrates and stays with you forever and never ends and stays with you. This is the end result and what I only want and don’t care anymore about how I die. Or what happens on this earth. Everything is coming to an end and disappearing, I want to leave earth. I don’t want to be here anymore. I want to leave to be with God, then if he wants to change this place and bring me back then I guess that is what he wants. But if he gives me a choice to let me leave and never return I will take that.

  23. It’s funny how you can be in the middle of a system that it’s taken years to open your eyes to, and realise how necessary it is in an ongoing fashion to read summaries such as this page (or this one http://www.systemsthinker.com/interests/systemsthinking/humansystems/pathocracy.shtml) that spell out what we are living under. It’s necessary to keep reminding yourself that you’re not crazy, you’re one of the strong open-eyed ones, and that you’re not crazy, your intuition is working.

    In that page I linked to above, he talks about how in a pathocracy run by psycopaths, it’s generally only about 6% of psychopaths who make up that ruling elite, along with another 12% of non-psycopaths who are the puppets drawn into complicity with them (via greed, lust for power, money, etc).

    The way I see it, maybe then it only takes 6% of a fully awakened populace to effect the change. :)

    Here’s to ongoing hope. <3

    • Gr8 link Sue! Tx! And yes, there’s a study on that statistic, how many it takes to effect serious change. I’ve been meaning to post it for the past week, tx for the reminder!

  24. By “Somebody’s” DESIGN People (from the Corral we jump out one by one….) are being OVERWHELMED!!!,Can;t take in hardly any of that which is ESSENTIAL to Life, what is important to care about and value etc etc. Just see how this World Cup in Soccer has been and still is hyped! When the winning team the German,is coming back home to Germany a HUGE NATIONWIDE Carnival like party out on the streets are being arranged as we speak. Just in Berlin alone some two hundred thousand people will meet them , party etc . How much shit will that (alone) produce???? Will these people even care???? I don’t think so!…. THIS IS THEIR PREROGATIVE as accepting to be/remain Slaves to this sick System ;not to KNOW anything ,not to see anything ,not to understand anything…. just get their money and ENTERTAINMENT to ease their distress they don’t recognize as distress but being more like “tired after (all the ) Work. Need to relax”…. = something to take my mind off all my bills ever growing in number!.. (this vicious circle that is killing me) WHAT BETTER THAN all this PHONY SPORTS hype could we give in to? ” -is what they would say/tell you IF THEY DARED TO SEE/UNDERSTAND!!!. They don’t ….at the expense of all Living things on Mother Earth!!!…. and yes ultimately Mother Earth Herself! A barren PLANET…like Mars…..

  25. Yes.Sports is just ONE area where UNNECESSARY Shit is produced and removed people;s minds from LIFE IMPORTANT issues. But it is a big one…. think of all the different fields of sports,that produce shit and rape Mother Earth!…. And then on top of this all a TechnoSociety that just can’t do without all the MORE than a HUNDRED THOUSAND SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS!!!!
    Yes, Humanity IS on its way to its Perdition BY OWN DESIGN and WANT!!!…. because the number of those who love the shit is a million times bigger than the number of us who try turn Things around and go with LIFE… People prefer to keep using their Synthetic shit before LIFE ITSELF…- for their own children and Grandchildren! ( Read H.G. Wells The Days of the Comet) Of course, in some corner there will be a small group of surviving people…. this is at least what Callenbach had in mind and hoped when writing the two Ecotopia books

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