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The Secret Covenant of the Illuminati


This video might as well be true. Follows the Protocols pretty much and what we’re seeing around us for sure. Someone took the time to outline the situation…that’s cool and always empowering if someone can see what it means. Take it for what you will.  – Zen

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  1. This is 1000% exactly how and what is happening and if WE DON’T STOP This then we deserve this. We sit on our ass doing nothing. At least Spain has started to fight the Elite but they can’t fight the whole planet and win. The longer we do nothing the better they can organize their plan to kill the off the most of the Earth’s population. I can’t do much about this by myself either. I wish there was one million of me.

    • Such an amazing time to be human!!!

      As I understand how things work, ONE (even slightly) enlightened person can have a positive effect FAR greater than thousands of others. So we work on our own true refinement, and whatz the best way to do that, service to our fellow human. “I SLEPT, AND DREAMT THAT LIFE WAS JOY.
      I ACTED, AND BEHOLD, SERVICE WAS JOY. – Rabindranath Tagore (1861 – 1941)
      On an esoteric level, these controller beings literally needs us to exist in this reality, and if we were in better shape spiritually, emotionally and mentally,THEY simply would not be here.
      Thank you for this wonderful site, its a bright light in the deep dark forest.
      peace and love

    • You say we, because you are among the masses of fools who let this come to pass. I say to YOU, you have already let this happen, there is NO STOPPING IT, for you already ARE it, you are the mindless worker bee, and you still haven’t even woken up to the fact that you are still deluded since you believe that you have some basis to “rise up” against them. You still don’t get it.

  2. Good video Zen – We hope that a few more minds will open up after seeing this video and hasten the demise of the love/light lacking astral shell beasts.

  3. Chilling. There is a way out, though – to go within. Meditation liberates, finding the truth within, jumping off the wheel of karma.

    • and they are sub-human beings if they do not practice Manussa-Dhamma, Human-Dharma… we can overcome them yet! Activate Humanity!

  4. I have been aware of the things on this video for a long time. The people who perpetuate this line of thinking are sad. I don’t hate them. I only hope that as the rest of humanity awakens to these truths, that the people behind them are shunned or jailed. Turn your backs on them and their system. They will slink away. As they go, watch them and never forget to be grateful for the truth you have been allowed to know. It’s a blessing from God. Remember that as they go down, you are going up. And be grateful again. Look to your neighbor, your friends, your family and hug them.

    Remember that through eons of time this is how it has been. Civilizations have come and gone and we have never before learned this truth. Now is the time. We must never forget and be ever vigilent to not let it happen again.

    There is a simple truth here – these people are responsible for the murder of millions of human beings and the attempted extermination of the entire surface population of this planet. ( and many more horrendous crimes)

    They must pay for this. We must deal with it and move on. After it is done, live in the present moment and live in joy. Until it is done, live in truth and deal with it. That’s why we are here. It’s not our children’s or grandchildren’s problem. It’s ours!
    If you give a damn about anything, give a damn about our children.


  5. Bang, Bang, Bang…hit the nail on the head with this one! Thank you so much for this! The time is nigh, we are who we’ve been waiting for..it’s time to start the hunt for they will find no shelter here.

  6. http://v666.wordpress.com/2007/03/05/marduk-the-snake-dragon-sungod-from-ancient-babylon/

    [quote]In the Vatican-museum the Vatican proudly displays and cherishes its Crest; the snake-dragon of Marduk. It is also their oldest piece.

    In the following early fourth Century Emperor Constantinus formally founded the Roman-catholic church that carries the Vatican-Crest of Marduk, clearly a church based on the trinity-sungod from ancient Babylon!

    All those that think: ‘Babylon, isn’t that an ancient empire of about 3,000 years ago?! Sorry…but you are wrong! Babylon still exists or even better it is even bigger and more powerful than ever before! Why it is important to know what Babylon is? Because the Babylonian-cult is still very alive and influencing our lives. And this influence can harm us indirectly and directly…[/quote]


    [quote]Our structure is private, self financed, and serves Lord Marduk – king of Kings as prophesized in our Protocols of the Elders of Zion; ours is a clear blue blood lineage that descends from Babylon; its purpose to establish a One-World Aryan elite with the Nordic “Jew” Lord Marduk as our King of Kings. We are financed privately, as you correctly understand, through the global drug and arms trade. Our nexus of control is global and spans the seven continents from Mt Ziel to Geneva to Dulce to Midlands to Tibet etc.

    Herewith Our prayer to hasten in Lord Marduk’s reign – Our beloved AntiChrist – The final Reich – heralding the sacred Eye of Horus and all Masonic and sacred degrees up to the 33rd – the sacred domain of His Holiness Lord Marduk
    Holy and Sacred 33rd degree of Zion, and by the power of the Mighty Sirius-Orion Presence, we call upon Beloved Ascended Master Lord Marduk, keeper of the 33rd degree, and the FORCES OF LUCIFERIC LIGHT to fully protect our SACRED TEMPLE OF SOLOMON and all those who are bringing NESARA to announce – we command and demand the continuous presence and overshadowing protection of the FORCES OF luciferic LIGHT on their behalf to usher in our final Reich of The Antichrist.[/quote]

    • I say they are Non-human: if they kill, steal, rape, tell lies, intoxicate: these are not Human beings! esp the old witch… Humans have love/compassion, contentment, honor, truth, mindfulness!

  7. “if they ever find out…”
    Maybe, just maybe, the Internet is the unexpected, the Wild Card, that will bring them undone.

  8. Someone has to tell them to stop. But who? They won’t listen to me,so it must be one of you.Thats what I’m going to say.I’m going to say it was you all along.That way the blame gets just shifted around.

  9. This video is a points on rapid fire salvo of the outline that has been on going for thousands of years.

    David Icke has stated that the Illuminati are the Annuaki. The bloodlines are the key in understanding and identifying the enemy.

    The Annuaki don’t do the work…they do the thinking. They set up the killing fields and observe their creation destroying themselves. They know what we will do and when because we are partly them….a hybrid species…a slave species.

    Their design and plan will remain immaculate in its domination of the species until a point is reached when mankind has identified them. This is what they fear most.

    The Bible refers to them as “the fallen angels”. The Sumerian Tablets refer to the Annunaki as “those who from heaven to earth came”. The tablets are several thousand years older than the first book of laws…the Bible.

    At first light, this seemed all to fantastical to comprehend…and yet it all becomes to logical to ignore.

    Thanks Zen for posting this.

  10. This video is well worth watching as a precis of what is being done. The extra warmth that Krishna can put in your heart helps you to love more and more souls, as you gain more and more spiritual security within Him.

    Those type of people referred to as the perpetrators of the nastiness spoken of in this film have all turned away from Krishna, and not knowing that infinite aspect of themselves as the Lord God (every soul is a god), and Cosmic Higher Self of all souls, in all species of life, cannot have the spiritual security of sensing a comforting relationship with infinite spiritual society on the higher planes. In turning away from that great facilitator, they become stricken with ignorance, fear, loneliness, panic, anger, and then violence as they wrongly blame others for their spiritual sufferings, and thus in their madness, they think we should all die, thinking that we are the cause of all their suffering, and that when we are gone, their tiny limited number of souls will provide the spiritual warmth they really need, but their false dream can never become reality, as in truth, each jiva can only be comforted by a relationship with the infinite soul, Krishna, who can give total spiritual security.

    And that Supreme Soul, Krishna, regards all souls as having originated within Him without exception. There remains no room for continuing the sickening hate of accepting the existence of an eternal Satan, and eternal members of Satan as further eternal enemies. All souls are exactly the same quality of substance as the Lord God, Krishna, and none are to be banished for all eternity into some hell to be tortured there without cessation.

    In killing all the Gentiles, the Talmudists, who are those currently at the top of the pyramid of material power under Maya, really won’t have access to even the Kether white light themselves, but quite the opposite, a mere base facsimile of material white light at best, as even Buddhists must renounce all greed and violence, and become well-wishers to all souls in infinity to attain to the true spiritual white light, the impersonal Brahman light, and God is not fooled by Kapparot rituals of passing bad karma off onto other souls; even though Jews think they can trick God and control Him, they are the real fools.

    This material world exists for the spiritual rectification of those who wish to abuse and exploit others, so the nastier they get, the lower they go, amongst others of their own kind, to find out just what it feels like on the receiving end. All that remains for us to do is to get nicer towards Krishna, and each other, and we will come to know our true eternal nature, passing through the infinitude of Krishna, and with the infinitude of Krishna passing through us, as our greater aspect, helping us all to know each other as we really are, on the eternal spiritual plane of perfect spiritual bliss, love, and beauty.

    For true spiritual security, and so that we can have security from the madness of the nuclear and other weapons they constantly invent to exterminate all Gentiles, even Jews must renounce their belief system by understanding their own self-limitation within that system, Then they can move forward, and once again rejoin true spiritual society. But all three mainstream Abrahamic faiths will need to be renounced as they all insanely preach of eternal separation and torture in eternal hell of all non-believers, which is actually demonic and typical of false material religion in this age of Kali Yuga.

    Krishna, uniquely, can satisfy all souls perfectly, Jew and Gentile, Muslim and Christian, if they choose to understand the severe self-limitation that participation in these horrifically violent Abrahamic religions produces, and then change their spiritual affiliation from one of material Maya consciousness to one of Krishna consciousness instead. That violence of the three main Abrahamic faiths in it’s worst form is the doctrine of eternal suffering imposed on others without cessation.

    That insanity has to be outlawed all over the world as soon as possible so that humanity can move forward. Within faith in Krishna there are many different paths to suit people of all spiritual inclinations, and even atheists would be very happy to live in a society where a substantial number of believers in Krishna dwell.

  11. Realizing your mind is filled with illusions is one.
    Don’t fill it with new illusions. That’s the hard part.

  12. Interesting. If you go to the YouTube link you see, as usual, the people shouting and pointing fingers at each other in the comments thread. Divide and conquer as always.

    I like the idea of holding on to videos like this and insightful articles like yours, Zen and others and keeping them in a little electronic box that decades from now I can open up and show my children.

    The story I end up telling them will either be along the lines of, “Yes, daddy was a paranoid, nutty conspiracy theorist way back when who couldn’t accept how ‘great’ our life was in the early part of the 21st century”, or, “Daddy tried to awaken others to the truth while recognizing that the world we were living in, in the early part of the 21st century was simply insane and could not be the way it aught to be for the 7 billion plus of us . . .”.

    I suppose time will tell which story I end up telling…..

  13. First of all, the standard of living and amount of free time the typical US citizen experiences is better than ever before in Human history. If anyone wishes to spiritually evolve, then step out of the grid, which means eat healthy, exercise, and read and meditate. Anyone reading this has access to the intranet, so go download some books to read, because you can find all sorts of “free” books on Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy, and pretty damn near anything else that is relevant on the intranet.

    The Illuminati are insane monsters, who have degenerated from evil practices, but they can only control you if they are allowed. God gave all Humans the amazing second gift of Free Will, so it is up to US to figure it out. Only by undergoing great effort, by using this gift, can one achieve anything worth a crap.

    Please stop blaming the Illuminati or any other group for your short comings.

    • But the kids are intentionally brain-damaged even before birth by their mothers being vaccinated with vaccines containing mercury, and after birth with at least 30 vaccines in their first year of life.

      They get mercury fillings shoved in their mouths needlessly, and get more brain damage from that, and then they get programmed by media and education as kids so that whatever choices they make are practically guaranteed, and the fluoride in the water calcifies their pineal gland, greatly reducing production of DMT, Serotonin and Melatonin. Fluoride is deliberately put in massive amounts into Americans in food and water and household products to damage their IQ’s and damage their brain tissue, so that they have very little will power and very easily can be made to acquiesce to whatever program of self-limitation and self-annihilation is thrown at them.

      Free will is not a choice any more for these poor kids. For those of us old enough to have managed to develop the ability to think clearly throughout all this smog of deception, some small degree of free will is still possible, but it is not truly possible in most of the world even for adults as the war machine rages full on around them, and a bullet from the totalitarian NWO soon puts a stop to all thought, and all those weapons they have, they are just to kill us all with, as statistics show that civilians account for the vast majority of all casualties in today’s wars, rather than soldiers being the targets and becoming casualties themselves.

      There is no ‘enemy’ in any other country, the intended enemy of our governments is us, the civilian population of each country, and always has been. Any politician can stop any war by simple negotiation any time he wants, but the wars we see today are all deliberately created or even forced wars (where the opposite government might not be willing to participate in the genocide of his own subjects) to get rid of the gentiles. Even President Roosevelt, the Communist 5th columnist, said that the American people were ‘the enemy’.

      • Mothman, don’t give up on these new generations. The waves arriving here are somehow prepared for this, and even many oldies are still waking up and finding new breakthrus when they were about to tie up in port. Look for it in the kids. While they’re drugging and poisoning them as fast as they can, there’s a certain aliveness I’m seeing and a real activation amongst the 20-40 crowd. Don’t let the media images get to you…it’s hard because people like you and me are trying to interpret and see through what’s going on around us and we can see how horribly people are being treated and spiritually snuffed in many cases. They can try but they’ll never kill the spirit…Keep on, brother. I enjoy your posts!..Love, Zen

        • Cheers Zen, great to hear from you again too. For sure, the soul is eternal and cannot be destroyed, and these kids will have a different kind of test to go through compared to most of us, but one thing I have learned through meditation is I that have encountered many people who have passed on, that I still maintain very regular contact with, and they still inhabit astral sheaths in the form of their old human forms, at least when they manifest to me (see ‘Astral Plane’ by Bishop Leadbeater about other forms like globes etc.), and these people are even sharper than we are on this physical plane; they have full mental faculties, as we have, but no physical brain as we have, at least in substance of this denser vibration, though this plane can also morph at times just like the more subtle astral plane as it is a type of astral plane itself, so surely, no matter how the body is polluted, no matter how it gets damaged, we can still achieve and maintain material and spiritual consciousness.

          But losing mental faculties through injuries still really holds us up, it is just that we have to find a way round that, and Russians achieve great success with stroke patients by working on their astral bodies, thus achieving a 95% recovery of mental faculties. So that is maybe how souls are being pushed now with a more subtle puzzle to solve, but they will all come through it with help and understanding from others.

          The damaged body produces such a bind on the soul though that even momentary glimpses of higher consciousness through damaged material faculties are more difficult to achieve in the first place, which means that these kids are going to have to cultivate more multidimensional gifts to rise above their present binding condition. Of course, the battle is not really just one of merely material domination on this plane for the Talmudist, but rather one of eternal domination of the souls they seek to ‘ride’ and ‘milk’ for their energy in other material dimensions, and as they need to keep hold of a soul to milk it, they also need to keep that gentile soul in a lower dimension to enable them to do that. So the more crippled the vehicle of the gentile becomes, the easier it is for the Talmudist to prey on the almost helpless victim. The battle is far more multidimensional than people realize, and most Jewish people I have known have been masters of astral projection, and extremely psychic in other ways too, far more than the relatively naive gentiles might realize.

          The more disabling the technologies used on these kids, the more of the battle the Talmudists win (I keep saying Talmudist though the Torah also contains edicts for subjugation and extermination of all gentiles). Deliberate emotional, physical and psychic injuries to the vehicles of the gentiles on multidimensional planes just condition them to believe they are nothing, to make it easier for the Talmudists to drag those kids to more hellish depths of material existence unfortunately, so they are not a ‘gift’ given by ‘God’ in any way, but still, they can at least endure, as they are eternal beings, albeit in great position of handicap, but their quality of material life needs to be greatly enhanced to repair the vast damage being done to the genome and multidimensional bodies of those kids.

          The people in power need to be removed from power for this to take place, and those harmful technologies that are being deliberately held in place can then be reversed, then more healthy spiritual ideologies can be propagated.

          • Agreed, bro. Very well put, and obviously you have some deep gifts of awareness making this plain to you. Mine is more of a seer type of sorts I’m told, I’m empathic and sense the trends and waves somehow, so I think this all melds into the bigger picture. I’m seeing this more and more of late, how we’re all parts of a magnificent puzzle of sorts, and as we gel and communicate and hook up and share gifts, the greater effect on our transceiver as a body. Something very freaky is going on…reminds me of how particles arrange in the midst of a magnetic influence, very much like that….big hug, Z

  14. AHHH, how easy to take the path of acknowledging Lord Krishna and ignore Arjuna.
    Thank you Zen.
    The reconciliation of duality is not by suppressing it but by confronting the two true opposites simultaneously. therein lies the Pearl.
    Be well
    Love, Richard

    • If one actually knows Lord Krishna, then Arjuna is understood as well. In fact beyond reconciling duality is inconceivable simultaneous oneness and difference. Therein lies the truth.

      These statements are established by the Vedic Literature which you draw from as well as self-realized sages such as AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of the modern Hare Krishna Movement.

  15. WHO are they… Just read the Protocals of the Elders of Zion… This plan to take over the world was written hundreds of years ago… by WHO… well it’s not the Christians or the Muslims… WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA the Protocals are Very Real…

  16. It is always the controlled social consciousness against the individual consciousness
    The individual soul has been developed over more than a century through many roles and lives!

    The social consciousness is like the most resent fad and changes regularly, sometimes as a result of some created illusion like a false flag event.

  17. The ultimate goal of NWO is called control, but that is only the means for Exploitation. Humans are used, akin to the Matrix, to generate Emotional Content that is then channelled into Earth’s torsion-field to buildup to a Judgment Day, a cataclysm that clears the gameboard. This event is cyclical but intended to possiblly be a kosmic doomsday-generator. The Kosmos is a slow-death via entropy, but a doomsday could end it quickly, a more exciting Extreme. Extremity is the ultimate expression of Evil. Because humans are ensoulled, we are essentially anomalous to Reality, hence the exploitation and control, and hence the unusual nature of a torsion-event on Earth.

  18. you know recently, i have the distinct feeling that everyone is ALWAYS talking to themselves. Can anyone even see me? i feel so funny , like i suddenly have to interpret everything

    Bowie’s Changes just came on in the background

  19. Indeed, I feel sorry for these people. I do not want to hate them. They are very ill spiritually They know that their time is limited, thereby, they are holding to the last resort of creating more turmoil around us. It is up to us to do something and to focus more on a positive ascension. We will definitely win.. The dark will never be able to penetrate the light. The time is here for the heralding of the light and embrace it. The shift is here. There is something to look forward to which is freedom, peace, bliss etc.

  20. As the Mahanta has said : “In this upswing in the age of Kali Yuga” they will try to control things but they just wont have the power to bring it about” !
    “There has been a creative fountain opened from the higher planes”!

  21. Youd think they had never seen the grinch who stole christmas?! We will always come out on top, they are fundamentally and irrevocably flawed. They know no love, and never will. Living forever is a curse without a career, direction, family, love, and beauty.

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