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The Shark Whisperer


(DiscloseTV) Joe Romeiro of 333 Productions has produced an amazing shark handling video entitled Nina Salerosa. The video showcases sharks in their natural glory with Expert Handler Cristina Zenato handling the sharks throughout the 4 minute video. Of particular interest, at the 2 minute mark Cristina places a shark into a tonic immobility state and she is able to easily manipulate the shark into standing on its head in the palm of her hand.

I highly recommend you watch it in full-screen mode as it’s just breathtaking and the music is of a man telling a woman (from Málaga, Spain) how beautiful she is, and how he would love to be her man, but that he understands her rejecting him for being too poor. The Video is incredible and it fits the music and lyrics like a glove. [Hat tip: Val..tx!]



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  1. BRAVO!~ Truly jaw dropping… that was incredible @ 2:36 the shark looks so content and he/she smiling! I had to watch that 3 times .

  2. That’s great!
    Ah the way it should be between us all,,,with love and healing touch..she’s fuzzing a shark!

    Memo to self: Sharks like having their snouts rubbed.

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