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The Shift and the Shitstorm


This awakening of consciousness causing huge paradigm shifts personally and in all aspects of society has been taking place for some time now, and will continue to escalate, thankfully. We’re all learning to embrace and grow with it and let our previous notions continue to fade away. Even as the confusion mounts, our focus needs to be on this magnificent consciousness change and the new awakenings we’re experiencing.

Personal awakenings come through personal changes–changes in our understanding, circumstances, or personal perception that in turn affect our entire outlook on the world around us and hence our interaction with it. What’s happening now is precipitating awakenings on so many levels we can’t even imagine how pervasive they are!

The beauty of it is it can only lead to more truth and understanding, whatever the cost. And to much greater swaths of society than we’ve been able to reach ourselves.

That’s how Universe apparently works. And it’s wonderful!


This Forthcoming Crash and Fight Against Fear

The ultimate crash of their fake matrix, as manipulated as it is, is what will reach those whom we’re concerned about: the masses of disabled “sheeple”, “sleeple” or simply misdirected and misinformed people. If we really care for them, don’t fear what the Universe is allowing. Yes, point out the injustices, the flagrant inhumanity and the rest to help them clearly identify the enemy, but see it from the big picture.

But there’s never a reason to fear.

When you’re fully conscious there’s never a place for fear, even if it ripples through you on occasion. It exposes itself and you can choose to eschew it. Do. Consciously. Fear manifests in many ways…an inordinate sense of me vs. them hate and aggression and the like, or anything that clouds our understanding and gravitates us toward lower vibrational levels is a good clue.

All base vibes to avoid. Flaming righteous indignation?… good. Fear, personal hate and big, bad bummer defensive outlook?…bad. Steer clear.

Our mindset and conscious clarity need to be clearly in the right place. And on standby. For the sake of ourselves, our loved ones, and those we influence.

Here’s a perfectly apt explanation on the consciousness level, beautifully said:


All of these seeming “crisis” experiences are essential and will in turn make us search for answers and meaning more ardently than ever. People are shedding their religious, political and belief constructs and becoming much more conscious and spiritual. Hierarchical controls are disintegrating and losing their  powers. And thanks to the internet, empowering information is exchanged at an accelerating rate to facilitate this change.

The multi-dimensional wave of Truth is rising, as the world around us fails and crumbles. No matter how aggressive they appear, their plans cannot succeed.

They only precipitate the real change. And do it they must.

Don’t fear it–ride it! Be curious–be open–be conscious–communicate with others–and take positive action while disconnecting with the matrix.

We’re here for a reason. To be here. Fully and joyously.

And don’t take all this too seriously. It’s just a dream.

Enjoy yourself!

Love, Zen


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    • My concern is it will get censored in our coming shitstorm world…but screw ’em, that’s apparently part of the plan too…ha! Hugs to you!

  1. as long as you have truth and awareness, shit storms may come and go. Know your enemy.
    in the words of Rage Against the Machine Yes I know my enemies
    They’re the teachers who taught me to fight me
    Compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission
    Ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite All of which are American dreams.

  2. Well, yes Mr. Tolle…we will embrace the “change” – everyone knows about spare change.
    A mass culling would be a good change!! Might even be neccesary to “save the planet”.
    That way, the elders can brush their atrocities under the carpet and prior to that they can delight in the social carnage and bloodbath that will inevitably ensue as things “change” –
    laughing about the purported “change” in the playbook.
    Something about Tolle…everything from his contrived “resist nothing” awakening – to the price of his gigs, which isn’t chump-change (unless you actually pay to see him) .
    Spiritual latte’s served with a non-dairy creamer.

  3. A scientific theory that is incapable of being disproven is not considered to be a legitimate scientific theory. The two problems I have with Tolle: 1) Nothing he says can be disproven; it is merely poetry; and, 2) he never defines precisely what he means by the term “consciousness”. If he actually had any knowledge about what consciousness is, one would assume that he would tell us.


    • Agreed, bothers me too. I see a subtle reflection of an long-term elitist scheme in spirituality pointed out by some modern yogis: leave out practical techniques and steps, plus all analytical perceptions and repeat non-dual mirror ideas. They are true, of course, in the highest sense, but only confuse regular seekers who tend to use the “acceptance theorem” to allow lower self habits grow and postpone self-effort. Good for the cabalists. That’s why Tolle and other advaita proponents are tolerated.

  4. This too shall pass.Impermanence and infinite are cool to think about.Its a big universe,there must be lots to explore and do.Its a never ending journey.

    • Clear your computer…it’s usually you that have the bug…clear cookies and do virus scan. Let me know. The site has super protection.

    • Norton and many other anti-virus programs Are the virus. Clean all cookies from your computer daily or more. Run your antivirus program that came with your computer daily along with updating it daily – You Will Be Fine.

  5. Becoming more conscientious and free – to believe or not to believe, to opt-in or opt-out, spiritual or atheist. even the corporatized “new age” co-inteled movements are not exempt from the great purification. they are still part of the problem, and no longer the right solution. it’s truly the free-spirit, free will, free-thinking, in tandem with self-responsibility,self-governance and self-expression to Liberty and Freedom. it’s the common person – the common woman and man – the system buster, the inventive & activist within you who will make the difference, not the shiny, charming outfits of society in their moated castles masquerading as humanitarian or any change. Revolution.

  6. hehe. well. I guess if we rock this boat hard enough it will eventually tip over. either that, or the other occupants will throw us overboard. i may get thrown overboard with my post today. i DID learn to swim, fortunately.

  7. Seems to me that every time any one of us steps out of our comfort zone and overcomes fear, any fear, we open that vibrational wavelength for others to follow and the neat thing is we don’t even know who that might be. The bandwiths are expanding fast now and the snowball rolling down a mountain effect is “in effect”. Can’t watch Tolle, Zen, sorry, but I sure do vibe to your posts. Love, A.

  8. I went through hell and it just made me fire resistant.

    Oh— Zen does indeed have a malicious virus attached to his site— it is called “ignorance”. It attacks all humans, though in our cases it is not fatal… it just makes us feel ill temporarily.

    • There is crap on every site and every book ever written. Just keep the good info that resonates with you and leave the shit it behind – especially and hate in the heart and mind. The shit that we throw around towards other people is the same shit that we step in and around while on our path to enlightenment. So we just better lighten up.

  9. Elevation of consciousness is a personal decision and, after you get Free Will, the Universe leaves you alone to go figure it out. The only thing that can change anyone is a personal resolve and not outside influences. Humanity keeps hitting new lows, so all this babble about “awakening” consciousness is idiotic.

    Watch TV or watch people and you will be seeing a sick horror film, as people emulate what their self chosen vampires (scv) program them too, and the so called creative mind of the scv is pure evil. There will not even be Humanity in another 100 years, so even talking about spiritual evolution at all is pointless. Humanity is a failed experiment that the Cosmic powers that be will pull the plug on real soon.

  10. “We’re here for a reason. To be here. Fully and joyously.” – i don’t see any evidence for that whatsoever, as much as I would like to, and despite the fact that I started out thinking that. You only need to observe nature to see that all nature’s “gifts” are to perpetuate the particular species in question – there is no provision whatsoever for the individual. As well, the entire pattern of nature is everything eating each other without any regard whatsoever for the suffering involved by the victim in the transaction. Its a brutal loveless matrix where smaller systems are subsumed into functioning cogs of larger systems. Our mandate to survive coupled with the ability to ruminate has produced philosophies that postulate immortality, ascension, loving creator, etc. It seems to me that you are created because something wants something from you – much like we raise cows to feed ourselves – the well being of the cow is not part of the equation.

  11. That Tolle video is pure BS – these are the musings of a wealthy($) man living quite well. Starving or being genocided is not going to push us into a new state of consciousness. Survival mechanism is such that higher concepts such as consciousness are not even part of the equation if basic survival needs are not met. Nature designed it that way so that the individual deals with the immediate threats at hand. Go tell some starving 4 yr old in Africa who’s been reduced to near skeletal proportions that they need to adjust their mind. He says “Oh, you may have to move to a smaller house” – lol, unbelievable. How about I don’t even have f**kng dinner tonight for my kids?

  12. As always thanks Zen, ETolle has a dead right eye, no love! From my limited perspective the left eye is will, right eye is love. A balanced set is somewhat a rarity these days. Check out a lot of the mkids in Hollywood, usually lazy right eye. No energy about the third chakra. Tolle has always sorta creeped me out, something is missing. Doright and fear nothing

    • Yeah, he’s a strange bird, but nonetheless somethings to learn…as with many of us. 😉 Interesting about the eyes and bang on about hollywood, tx. Love, Zen

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