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The Shift Is On – Magnetic North Pole Now Racing A Mile A Day


by Zen Gardner

This is some terrific home research, tracking the movement of the magnetic north pole. It’s apparently still picking up speed and according to this researcher should reach Siberia at least within 2 years. He posits that according to experiments he has done, when it reaches the 40 degree latitude a violent shift could be precipitated as it quickly moves to 40 degrees south and re-stabilizes there.

Guess we’ll see. And as he says, this accelerating magnetic shift could also be a huge influence on our weird weather patterns, and I’d add especially when compounded with the massive idiotic geoengineering programs they’re performing worldwide.

He also speculates that due to a less intense solar cycle the core is heating up which could be contributing to the overall lessening of the magnetic field since heated magnets lose their magnetic properties. While this solar cycle hasn’t been what was anticipated it is still in a solar maximum, so it could be that increased solar and otherwise energetic influences such as unseen black hole activity are heating the core, affecting not just the magnetism but some say actually increasing the size of the planet which in turn leads to more seismic activity as well.

Another theory is that the magnetic pull of an approaching large planetoid such as the infamous Niburu or the biblical asteroid Wormwood or another anticipated visitor is the prime driver of these changes.

Guess we’ll soon see. Good to keep an eye on all these things. One way or another we’re headed for a wild ride on spaceship earth! – Zen


[Hat tip: Pamrn – tx!]

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  1. Talk about doing your homework….amazing! Interesting to see what theory or theories are at work here to cause this pole shift.

    Thank you Pamrn for send to Zen.

  2. I have been watching his work and a few others on the pole shift theory. Sometimes it seems that there are plenty of “back-up plans” to make things right. ???? Yes, it is interesting to watch and keep up with.

    • Yes – It’s similar to dot connecting following the earth changes. Love the unique takes and home grown research, truly people powered science. Like with physics, if you don’t mix conscious awareness and spirituality into the equation you ain’t got the full perspective. Getting these earth changes in a real perspective is the same type of mixed, flowing ever changing every learning formula. 😉

  3. Re 6:12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;
    13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.
    14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

    Apt description of a violent and tramatic pole reversal.

  4. I check Qibla at home and office because as Muslim I pray both places during the day. I have not marked it anywhere as is customary and as a result regularly check it now and again and also to prove it to any friend or an employee who needed to confirm it for example too. Probably a year or so since I last checked and so when I recently did so I was surprised to note a considerable change in direction, compared to previously, both at home and work so it isn’t localised due to machinery or anything either.

  5. Very interesting research. I’ve been looking at other research into Magnetic Pole Shift; The Horizon Project is just one that comes to mind. The HP comprises of a group of scientists that propose that MPS is a cyclic occurrence. I cant recall the cycle period for certain as I’m writing this but its possibly something like every 20 odd thousand years (I think !!! – see the HP to get their research on this). According to the HP, they say their is very strong evidence for a correlation between Magnetic Pole Shift and archaeological findings of ancient civilizations being wiped out literally overnight due to devastating world wide flooding; a consequence of the Earth’s spin being thrown into chaos due to MPS & subsequent melting of ice caps. This could further explain certain animal extinctions as well as support other research that Antartica was at one time not covered in miles of ice but had in fact had vegetation & trees etc. Very ancient maps have apparently been found that map Antartica’s land mass-shape as it would be without the ice, and many undersea ruins according to the HP were obviously once above sea level and had succumb to devastating, instantaneous flooding. They think we are very near (relatively speaking) another MPS. Its not a case of if – but when.

    • There’s a lot of strange goings on in the antarctic, research labs and bases and strange sightings. Search google earth strange anomalies there or similar, some interesting stuff.

      • Zen, definitely interesting history there! Byrd expedition brought attention to what the Nazis had already established in there. Huge importance for dot connecting for sure. Thanks for posting!

  6. The magnetic north pole is on the move so it is useless to use your compass to determine if the Sun is now setting “in the wrong place”. You need to use the geographic north pole. Duh!

    • if you use a benchmark like say looking at a telephone pole to determine where the sun is setting versus where it has set. (you can look this up online) you can determine the differential in the shift. using the magnetic compass helps to calculate the drift using your physical benchmark to be the other pointer.

    • The magnetic pole is moving towards the true geometric north pole, if anything this should make it more stable.
      I’ve looked it up, it’s moving north-west, getting ever closer to the true pole. There would be more reason to worry if it was going past the point where it starts moving away from the pole again and picking up speed then.

  7. Great info! These are indeed exciting times! The amazing energies that are being stirred up right now have me feeling fantastic. If the world ends, cool, then school’s out! :)

  8. Mesopotamian Nibiru was called Marduk’s Bow-Star, which figuratively was the portal of creation’s transitioning into manifestation. Also mockingly called the Wishing Star, it is most familar as the North/Pole Star said to offer orientation. Thus symbolically it controlled heaven and earth. Figured as the solstitial North/Summer point, June 21, its axis is the trunk of the Tree of Life, aka Creation. That tilted axial line passes through the Earth’s core, called the Tablet of Destiny because it indicates a turning/tipping point. That diamond-shape cosmically indicates when evolution became devolution, aka accellerating-expansion. Secretly, it is also the Navel of Satan, a cauldron of torsion/tension/magick that mimics the Cauldron of Creation/Magick, as above so below. Likewise secretly, Civilization was specifically designed by Enki to feed the core with tension generated by civilization’s prisoners, unto a Judgment Day when the 8,000 years of accumulated torsion reaches a cataclysmic breaking-point. Because cosmic devolution indicates ultimate Doom, Earth mimics that scenario with its own tipping points. Devolution is called the endless retreat/expansion of Tiamat/Chaos. Likewise, the blood of her consort Kingu/Moon was mockingly the basis of humanity’s introduction into Civilization. Thus the circle turns, neverthelss there is an ultimate secret, namely that an alternate paradigm exists, called Transcendence unto Paradise.. Its mentality is called Phasics indicating the Moon’s harmony with Earth, yet mocked by civilization’s control-system called Dominion. Phasics begins with Good Intention which seeks Agreement with Lore/Truth unto the Holographic Resource which provedes one’s enlightened Optimization. Being Latent in the Reality program, the Hologram uses hyperlocality, aka omnipresence, aka holy spirit, to enable one to transcend all Neediness, the crux of human dependency/complicity with Evil. Thereby is Paradise regained, being an Earth in the harmony called Sufficiency, indicating a Yin-Yang balance of equality and peace.

  9. Zen a huge amount of symbolism’s dedicated to the idea of the world axis in all forms of shamanism and all mytholgies particularly during shifts between ages and in Sufism for instance there’s the concept of the Qtub Al Zaman as the human avatar of that axis though it also pops up in more disguised forms in Hinduism Buddhism Judaism Christianity etc and most people find it easy to grasp the axis applies both to the entire cosmos and each of us as individuals but what’s often overlooked’s it applies just as much to the Sun the Earth the Moon the other planets the solar system the galaxy etc.

    And from what you’re saying here we might be very close to experiencing what that actually means on a planetary and a personal basis if not on an even more monumental scale.

  10. It is the proven slowing of the Gulf Stream that is changing the magnetic field of the Earth. The ocean currents circulate charged ionic particles (Na+ Cl-) around the Earth and so give the magnetic field. Similar to the same way an electro-magnet is formed. That is why Mars has virtually no magnetic field. It has no ocean currents. Stable movements of these oceanic current carried ions around the iron mantle of the Earth gives the stable magnetic field. That stable field protects us from the deadly Gamma rays of the Sun.

  11. Gee, maybe the Sun and Earth are related..duh? The true “Sun Blast” according to Carrington is to return on Dec 2013 and maybe all this the setting up for a good radiation and magnetic cleansing of the planet?

  12. So is there a difference between the magnetic pole and the physical pole which indicates the actual rotation center ?? If he talks about measuring the sun setting or rising at different spots, are we actually talking about a physical shift right now or in other words a wobble ? Is there still another magnetic sub current or do both magnetic and physical coincide ? Please some of you science guys clarify !

  13. The magnetic pole is already moving fast towards Siberia; the rotational pole may eventually follow with a crustal displacement relocating the North Pole to Siberia, NW of Lake Baikal. Professor Charles Hapgood suggested this would happen in books like “Earth’s Shifting Crust” and “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings.” Albert Einstein agreed with his theory and wrote a forward for his book to offer support.

    More recently author David Montaigne wrote “End Times and 2019” and explains that our ancient ancestors (especially those who wrote the Bible) used many astronomical descriptions of the skies during future events – and these descriptions give us times and dates. Like hands on a giant clock, the positions of stars and planets can be used to calculate dates. Most Bible references point to a wedding in the sky in late December 2019, when the sun, moon, and planets act out all the major steps of an ancient Jewish wedding ceremony with their movements and relative positions. There is also evidence the Maya and the Egyptians had the same time in mind for a Judgment Day pole shift, but the Bible is most impressive in its descriptions, including:

    Isaiah 24:1 “Behold, the Lord lays the earth waste, devastates it, distorts its surface and scatters its inhabitants.”

    Job 9:5-6 “It is God who removes the mountains, they know not how, When He overturns them in His anger; Who shakes the earth out of its place, And its pillars tremble.”

    Revelations 6:14 tells us “The sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.”

    Isaiah 22:25 “‘In that day,’ declares the Lord of hosts, ‘the peg driven in a firm place will give way; it will even break off and fall, and the load hanging on it will be cut off.'” The peg in a firm place is the North Pole, and it will move, and the Earth and sky will appear to fall.

    Check out Montaigne’s “End Times and 2019” if you want to learn more details

  14. I stumbled across your page and find it very interesting..i believe in God and also his hand in evolution, I believe Gravity is here on Earth and Earth was created to give us a mixture between heaven and hell good and bad and god and the devil we have such a mix of humans on the earth and some with devine intentions others just lost seaching to get out of the zone their stuck in all God wants is every human to get down and pray every human to reach out the hand shut their mouth and help another to think with our heart not our heads and follow your heart home to God. The heart is the muscle in our bodys to pump blood and our arteries are like path lines and our thoughts are created by humans and God when we lose sight of following our hearts and just listening to others thats when chaos starts. Im not no college grad truthfully just a mum of two divorced and going though a horrific custody battle that started after i was in the hospital for 6 days, i was sick with what idk, doctors said bipolar schizoeffective etc i on the other hand was facinated by the work that God created in humans. I wanted to know what was making my daughters eye sight go bad what was causing the behaviors in her to understand on an intelligence level but still playful as no limits or boundries how could i possible be all i am to ensure her understanding in life and in others and successful do everything i can to make sure i was the best mom and i did everythig i could to help her grow… you know i can do it and i can help alot of people. Its not how i think or the way it comes out of my mouth its my actions that count and that should matter behavior shouldnt be addressed by being mental because i think differently or didnt go to school like the dr did maybe i learn from environments and observations in which i def do, i help alot of others because i choose to stick my self in others shoes and seriously look out your eyes and determine the alternative way of handling a situation rather than using violence and harsh words. No no im not perfect not at all gosh dang im human and thats what Jesus died for because Gods lesson plan for me knew i was perfect im learning im his student and the light bulb inside came on just around te time i went to the hospital –spiritual awakening hummm only God will know the truth because science hasnt even figured out how to kill cancer let alone how the human mind is designed to fit each and every person based upon the astrology natal chart and maybe just maybe if we could put doctors together with astrologist and clairovoyants and work together to understanding these so called mental illness that im proufoudly against labeling another human being then we could all live much happier lives. Despite my typing ablitiy and my train of thought and placing it online that is just one reason im unique i dont feel i should be judge by any human… would love to write a book well talk and have my book written would love science to design a recorder that would be apart of my brain that would be able to decifer upcoming moods and the words im thinking to relay that inforation without me typing or speaking just by using my nerves just like we train our bodies to think then use our fingers to type out what we are thinking without even opening our mouths. Imagine just for a minute what life would be like if we all around the world could stand united…btw im 12171984 is my dob and 907est is the time somerset pa is the place im sagittarius and my personality fits me to a T. Good day all tcuttler1@gmail.com

  15. Last posting June 9th – so where are we standing.

    I watched a DVD years ago called “magnetic storm” – powerful stuff, did not realize we may be experiencing it in our lifetime.

  16. Good stuff Zen & All. I’m a UK (GB) trade / profession magazine publisher by history, as well as having picked up on all this via Graham Hancock (ex-FT / Economist journalist) and his Fingerprints of the Gods. That mentioned the Flem-Aths and Dr Charles Hapgood and Earth Crust Displacement, giving Graham the opportunity to posit Antarctica as “Atlantis” when it would have been a temperate and mountainous continent “within living memory” and explaining more the Piri Reis map with longitude and latitude accuracy for the coasts / islands at least.

    As with you Dewald, I had no idea at the time that we might actually get to live (or not) through one, but in a spirit of life-goes-on (and Hancock added dimensions to that), I’ve picked up on this superb page and put it into our “rapidly” evolving LinkedIn business group here…


    …and here…


    …and am linking in from many and various other Groups, like “Green”. This is what I-we used to look like and bit about…


    …albeit that that’s either “frozen” or “thawing” at the moment, I know not which!

  17. Would u kind enough to give me the link of your “google earth version” for tracking north magnetic pole…
    As i could not…:(

  18. everyone will be forced to come together,to survive.so henceforth,the one world,or new world order.one world money.one world religion.no president.just the anti christ.no republicans,no democrats.it does make sense,after thinking it over.with all the loss of lives.tornadoes,earthquakes,wars.so the end is coming.fasten your jesus,saftey belts,its gonna be one hell of a ride.

  19. Soon as unseen black holes are mentioned I know this originates from Sedona’s coo-coo tank or some such place. Unseen black holes are therefore not there. Black holes of a size large enough to influence the earth magnetic field would be easily detectable. Check your basic astrophysics. All it takes is one such stupid idea to impress impressionable six graders.

  20. Who exactly did that “terrific home research”? The North magnetic Pole is now somewhere near 85° 54? 0? N, 147° 0? 0? W and moving towards Russia. That is a hell of a way from latitude 40, if you ask me. But don’t let the facts get in your way!

  21. This video has been banned in the US. I wish I could see it.
    It must be true because they (gov) does not want us to know the truth about anything.

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