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The Slippery, Slimy World of Subliminal Contracts


by Zen Gardner

It happens so often and so subtly. Anytime we bend to the will of a lesser consciousness and address something on a wrong premise, we’ve agreed to a contract. We’ve officially agreed to engage at a lower level of understanding and awareness and will now have to operate within that severely limited and crippled framework.

Is it that serious?

Yes it is. How do you think this flimsy, lying matrix gets away with keeping so many handcuffed, bewildered, stupefied and incapable of waking up people in submission? There’s a methodology. And a big part of it is the lure into lower, self reinforcing levels of communication and understanding. And there’s no intention of getting  anyone up and out of there, but instead to reinforce its grip on whomever ventures there.

It’s like the sayings about fools. Get down to their level of arguing and they’ll pound you into submission. Why? They believe that crappy lying system of thought, they’ve bought into its manipulative highly self-serving power. And by its very dumb downed lying nature they will deny the existence of anything else and try to beat into submission anything that challenges it.

Claiming vociferously that higher levels of understanding and Truth don’t exist. And you have no leg in that world to stand on.

Sorry, but you went there willingly. Don’t do it again.

The Presumptive Premise

Look at that word “premise”. “Based on a false premise.” “According to your premise…” yada yada. Then there’s “get off of my premises!” Hmm.

Important idea. Has to do with where you claim to maintain yourself. Or where you stand on something perhaps.

Here’s an interesting and somewhat funny example of how a false premise can be easily carried forward:

“An old cowboy goes into a bar and orders a drink. As he sits there sipping his whiskey, a young lady sits down next to him. … She says, ‘I’m a lesbian. I spend my whole day thinking about women. …’ A little while later, a couple sits down next to the old cowboy and asks him, ‘Are you a real cowboy?’ He replies, ‘I always thought I was, but I just found out I’m a lesbian.'”

Look how easy that was to slip by. We think funny only because it’s obviously a male cowboy and a jarring juxtaposition. But the suppositional power of a false premise is much more clever and dastardly than that. Just listen to lawyers and politicians and all the assumptive, contractual phrases they sneak into their language. It’s overwhelmingly fraudulent and extremely intrusive and aggressive.

And each time people believe it, take it in and don’t identify and deny and resist it, it becomes another contract.

A voluntary agreeance to enter and participate within a trapped environment.

Don’t say Hi, like a spider to a fly
Jump right ahead and you’re dead”

-Mick Jagger/Keith Richards


Friendly Contracts

Same with people. You agree to be a certain person with this person, and they with you. Same with another. The conflict arises when you’re with a group of people and you have several different contracts out. Ooops. Finding your footing can be tough if you’ve been living at that shallow, deceitful level. But it’s a question of survival so people make it work.

And work it is keeping so many contracted stories going. Such is life for so many entrapped in the system.

Being real and honest, as unhip as it is in this artificially contaminated world, is so simple. It was actually a big revelation “back in the day” (another give-away expression) to “be real” only 50 years ago. “Do your own thing”. Wow, how revelatory! “Do what I’m innately called to do and not what the system is telling me? Shit, that’s cool!”

Hippies. Misfits. Druggies. Outcasts.

It all took some time to wear off but wear off it did, after the spiders popularized the psychedelic and sexual features of the movement and slowly beat it into accepted submission. They’ve got time, and that’s the kind of thing they do. We just ride along and comment on the countryside.

Beliefs Are More Bullshit Contracts

I don’t use the word believe except to challenge and belittle it. It has nothing to do with Truth, consciousness or experience. It is hope made into rigamarole. It is ethereal cereal in a world that needs real experiential food. It is more often than not dreamy feel good nonsense in a massive garbage dump that needs recycling.

Or burning.

And they’re contracts. People agree to what they want to project or wish for. It’s fantasy. It’s not all bad as there are positive affirmations than can help alter immediate situations, but they’re still bullshit on a stick.

They’re not experiential. They’re attached to outcome, phony baloney wishes and desires that have nowhere to go. So WE harbor them as a last resort in our fantasy football world of desired outcomes. Play the game of belief if you want, but your idea of spirituality is sitting in the lotus position while a boulder is rolling down the mountain on top of you.

It’s bullshit. And bullshit to new age wannasee and wannabeeism. Get real. Consciousness is knowing. Faith is knowing.

Belief is hope and has no foundation in anything. Get off the drug. You’ll see SOOO much more clearly.


Conclusion – Making A Path

This subject of contracts is quite profound. When you grow in consciousness you’ll recognize these issues quickly and easily. When you’re enmeshed in the morass of intentional confusion and control you’ll think “conspiracy freak” or something to explain away these pin pricks on your consciousness.

No biggee. You’ll get it eventually.

That’s why we need to wake people up. Any way we can! We each only have our personal realms of influence, but more importantly we each have our ability to align with consciousness and automatically each other. Therein lies the key, our unity. I don’t know how it works but I know that’s a massive factor in our effectiveness.

When you or I activate, others activate. If we don’t, the ones we touch probably won’t. That’s how it works.

As the gorgeous picture just above illustrates, we each are part of the path to the safe haven of Truth. We are lining up even if we don’t think we are or can’t feel or see it. Trust your heart and do what’s right.

The light will and does show the way…and sometimes the darker outside the clearer!

Love and affection always, Zen



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  1. Dear Zen,
    Great post on visible light. I couldn’t leave a comment for some reason, so forgive me, for being out of context.
    A little something you might like to try.

    You’ll need an eye mask, one of those soft black ones you get on aeroplanes. When you go to bed, switch out the light and put the mask on. You will have dark on dark.
    Gaze at the back of your eyelids, it’s a strange sensation at first, but persevere and you will see beyond visible light into outer spectrum colours. It’s good to play 369hz, it calms the nervous system so you don’t freak out . All the Solfeggio tones can be downloaded for a few dollars from http://www.sourcevibrations.com

    I have a thought.
    All the divisive issues: guns, vaccinations, gmo’s, the list is endless. They are distractions to frighten and inflame us. Take our energy away from the real issue which is us.
    The shift is on and the dark knight rises.

    We have to disengage from the construct of three dimensions, one soul at a time and pray that there are enough of us to take the rest along.
    But it doesn’t matter, they’ll have the next twenty six thousand years to get it right.
    One Love 528hz

    • Wow..totally resonates…thank you! Disengage…totally on it as everybody should be. Hang on, all will be well…lots to disconfigure….

    • Elva.
      Responding in the wrong place….
      I know how you feel.
      Just to say – I agree totally, with what you say.
      And you write in “English”, English.
      With no “text-speak”.
      They’re all mad….

  2. “your idea of spirituality is sitting in the lotus position while a boulder is rolling down the mountain on top of you.” fucking commercialized hippy’s all ways looking for the next hip cause to sound intelligent about when standing around the office water cooler or at some artsy cafe slipping one of those overly jacked up GMO coffee’s after they made huge point to having it made with ” organic soya milk” .These types never dig in the trenches unless it from a safe distance like a Doc they watched on BBC or some shitty motivation slogan they poached of the net and posted the fuck out it on there face-bunk page with all kinds of save the planet, lick a beavers ass & save a tree slogans.I love the great debaters in all there half ass talking points sound bites , quite funny to talk to. it come down to one thing in ever conversation that i have with people that tend to be this way and its the funnest thing ” the roads ” Dun dun dun! It all ways comes down to the fucking roads ,, what up with the roads ? ” if you don’t pay taxes don’t drive on my roads” ” how would the roads be taken care off ?” fuck you and your roads! hows that ? how about you look and see that .1% of all taxation goes to the “roads”.Ya you herd right..point “decimal point”. Its public knowledge, maybe if you really wanted to post something on your fake implosive need tohave to share thing with people that really don’t care what you are thinking page on Face plant, then post up Canada pays 150 billion a day in interest to a foreign central bank and the so called wage you make is stolen from you, Income tax you pay to work , property tax you pay to have shelter , education tax you pay to learn and lean bullshit with out a choice btw ,Vat tax..Oh this scam makes me laugh most..you pay to consume, suckers! Did that suit really put a few inches on your Pecker ?even if it did would it help ? Or how about you Miss Revlon does your over sized silicone rack that spills out of your dead carcass,holding your self proclaimed accomplishments the2 trophies for the other sex to ogle over but HEY lets respect you for you mind not your body dammit! Burn that hooker red power suit ,stop ass kissing and selling out to fake illusion that’s killing you your not important and no cares that you read chicken soup for the soul 3 times .lululemon is not slipping on inter peace and fellas Under Armor wont protect your fragile ego.Take that time and volunteer non profit homeless shelter,write letter telling the so called people in charge that you think taxation is theft.boycott everything that’s enslaving us .Start small BUT START.

    • Funny about the roads. Ever since I was a kid I’d think what if all these roads and highways were beautiful meadows of grass instead and I’d picture them. What a difference when you look at the world that way! Instead they have to cover everything in concrete, tar, brinks or buildings. What a travesty. But we’re supposed to not just be grateful, but pay for them. Shite…

      • Yeah, it’s quicker too. BTW, the email updates are weekly rt now, so anyone who wants a daily feed use the RSS button. You’ll get notified everytime a post goes up. Easy breezy…;)

  3. Oh, so true! Our system is based on this. We are programmed from childhood to please everybody – but not our inner self. No wonder that so many people have mental illnesses = a suffering soul, or walk around like zombies.

    Companies and agencies want mules, but you were born as eagle. Still you have to be a mule or you’ll be unemployed and even lose your unemployment compensation, because the job center says: “You refuse to be a mule. You could be if you wanted to.”

    Fact is: No therapy, no pill, no TV-programming can transform an eagle into a mule. At best, the eagle thinks it’s a mule.
    Still the vast majority complies to this. The programmed sheeple spend lots of energy to push the straying ones back into line.

    Same with personal life: You have to wear this or that, be xyz-style. Behave in a certain manner – or you’ll be the black sheep, bad and mad.

    Dear sheeple, cease to weaken your weaknesses (or worse: strengthen them!) and start to discover your strengths – and strengthen them! :)

    Much Love!

  4. “It’s like the sayings about fools. Get down to their level of arguing and they’ll pound you into submission…”

    Quite a challenge sometimes. Still we have to give the sleeple a nudge here and there, so that they wake up and see the light in their lives.
    Like talking to children: kind, simple words, no technical stuff; see the world with childlike naivety. Small steps, give them puzzle pieces, make a game out of it. And step by step they get the big picture, understand the game called “life”.

    Others need a gush of cold water (or to be pushed into it 😉 ) to wake up.
    …and some have to be left alone. They need to run into a concrete wall to realize that their way was a dead end.

    Let me put it this way: We are climbing a mountain. Instead of going back and push the others into a certain direction, we can tell them from higher level: “Try the other way. You’re climbing into a dead end.”
    When they are close enough, we can give a hand.
    This picture also shows that sometimes we have to step back (no matter what we think, how “ascended” we are), because we are in a dead end and have to find another way.

    Follow your heart-compass(ion). 😉

  5. As always, your essay addresses in eloquent words what my heart knows to be the truth. For me the way out of the social consensus reality has been lots of time spent alone in nature, experiencing my own thoughts and feelings rising organically from my own Self. Thank you so much for all you do Zen…

  6. This stunning paragraph is going up on my wall.

    ‘I don’t use the word ‘believe’ except to challenge and belittle it. It has nothing to do with Truth, consciousness or experience. It is hope made into rigamarole. It is ethereal cereal in a world that needs real experiential food. It is more often than not dreamy feel good nonsense in a massive garbage dump that needs recycling.’ Zen Gardner
    It’s just brilliant.

    Zen, you are an inspiration!

  7. *this is me Alex trying to upload again…Hmmmmm…surprised you couldn’t load my article from the e-mail i sent you -so here goes

  8. Very good articulation and insights on what can be a tricky subject to put across clearly. Kindly done too. Most helpful – thank you.

  9. excellent post Zen

    Contracts and the language we use that makes them, binds them, is indeed a profound realization. An actual reveal-ation.

    more power to your elbow!

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