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The Thinker Is Not Who You Are




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  1. So all this time i thought i was an idiot ….and now I’m a being of Light, Love and Compassion …then back to and idiot …i guess it’s best not to think at all.

    • Am reading him now….(The path of Sri Ramana) his technique of self inquiry along with Sri Ramakrishna again after a few years break.

  2. i got an Eckhart Tolle book 2 years ago at a second hand store for $2. It is in a box – Is it worth reading? What am I missing? I have a box full of books that I intend to read, but which one is next?

    • The Power of Now is his first book I believe. We picked up a compilation of selected quotes on CD we listen to once in a while, it’s called Stillness Speaks. It’s in book too I think. I take him in small doses, but it’s a good way to hit the reset button regarding your conscious awareness, similar to a good Alan Watts talk. Go to youtube and get clips to get the feel for what Tolle says. Enjoy.

      • power of now changed my life. nothing matters except the moment we are in and spreading the love and fire to thouse around us. blessings and love to all.

  3. Follow your heart, not thinking but feeling…Our hearts are the souls life force telling guiding us to Greatness…Universal Love! Men that think cause war and suffering, listening to your heart, will heal our planet, heal ourselves and rid the planet of evil.

  4. Love the artwork, the centre/heart/Sun/Light blowing out all the colours till we’ve got it right. Tried Tolle, didn’t resonate. Ditto, Johanna, it’s good to be here and thanks, Zen, Love, A.

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