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The Tick of Time



by Steven J. Mcauliffe

‘Life is the childhood of our immortality’ – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It seems clear to me that the greatest stumbling block to us achieving our wondrous potentiality is the continuously reinforced notion of the second law of thermodynamics – a universal theory which states and I quote:

-Everything ultimately falls apart and disintegrates over time. Material things are not eternal. Everything appears to change eventually and chaos increases. Everything ages and wears out. Even death is a manifestation of this law.

Which is quite interesting as the theory of evolution basically states the opposite, that over eons of time, billions of things are supposed to have developed upward, becoming more orderly and complex. –But I digress.

We are constantly reminded that everything dies: all becomes ash carried upon the air, and whilst this is evidently true within the physical realm, what if the true essence of us, that which the scientists cannot quantify or dissect – i.e. the human soul – is in fact immortal? Imagine if we were to truly understand this, how would the control-system cope with a planet full of self-aware immortals? Answer: It couldn’t, it would collapse (which being a materialist creation would make sense, given the 2nd law of thermodynamics – ha!)

There is an old Muslim saying: ‘When death approaches it is terrible. When it reaches you it is bliss’.
And indeed, I remember an old documentary on a South London hospice in which one of the nurses told of how on numerous occasions, at the very moment of death they had noticed a look of what could only be described as divine ecstasy pass across the face of the patient.

So what if that very thing we fear: that ever-present if seldom acknowledged dark shadow with the scythe is in fact an indicator of a great and wondrous liberation from the shackles of the physical realm – to a state of being in which the only limits to our worlds are the limits imposed by our own minds?
Would that not indicate that this, here and now is merely the training ground for our eternal souls to follow? And then, could not Death itself, as exemplified by the Grim Reaper, whilst often depicted as a terrifying apparition, be in fact something else entirely: Perhaps the Great Liberator? Joseph Campbell explained, in reference to Shiva, how appearances can indeed be deceptive:

‘Shiva’s dance is the universe. In his hair is a skull and a new moon, death and rebirth at the same moment, the moment of becoming. In one hand he has a little drum that goes tick-tick-tick. That is the drum of time, the tick of time which shuts out the knowledge of eternity. We are enclosed in time. But in Shiva’s opposite hand there is a flame which burns away the veil of time and opens our minds to eternity’.

-‘The tick of time which shuts out the knowledge of eternity’ – wow! -The tyranny of the clock; the artifice of time which enslaves us all. In short, he is talking of this material realm through which most of us pass through as little more than sleepwalkers. –Or maybe even automatons. As described so brilliantly by T S Eliot in The Waste Land:

Unreal City,
Under the brown fog of a winter dawn,
A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many,
I had not thought death had undone so many.
Sighs, short and infrequent, were exhaled,
And each man fixed his eyes before his feet.
Flowed up the hill and down King William Street,
To where Saint Mary Woolnoth kept the hours
With a dead sound on the final stroke of nine.

Ah, that final line: the dead sound on the final stroke of nine – there’s that tick of time again!

Joseph Campbell (yes, him again) described the meaning of the Waste Land, and its message for humanity far better than I could ever hope to when he told Bill Moyers:

“The theme of the Grail romance is that the land, the country, the whole territory of concern has been laid waste. It is called a wasteland. And what is the nature of the wasteland? It is a land where everybody is living an inauthentic life, doing as other people do, doing as you’re told, with no courage for your own life. That is the wasteland. And that is what T. S. Eliot meant in his poem The Wasteland”.

The people Eliot describes in these lines are all asleep, and, yes, sure these automatons gazing at their shoes (or I-Pads or Blackberries – whatever) are still there, we see them every day – but let’s be honest, they are never going to awaken, they don’t want to – who knows, maybe they’ve not reached that part of their own particular cycle yet. But something incredible is happening now: just think of this site you’re looking at now, a meeting-place for like-minded souls by like-minded-souls, offering the opportunity for us to communicate our own personal awakenings; communities of awakened and awakening souls. It’s pretty incredible, is it not?

Sometimes there is a natural impatience with the world, and the oft-heard refrain: ‘But what can I do?’

The answer is: ‘Stay awake’. For, after all, isn’t that all that really matters?
For once you have awoken to your own immortality; the perceived world begins to dissipate anyway. So why change an illusion? Our own transformations have a transformative effect upon the world. Our awakening is a rebirth, and through our own particular rebirths, the world is reborn too.

Tick-tick-tick…the tick of time, the final strike of nine – it’s all an illusion.



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  1. I probably won’t be readily accepted as a contributor here, I do resonate with some of the articles, but to me hospice is murder, this article is a quaint and homey death threat. But couched in this mythology it is sugar and spice and everything nice. My big problem with “new age spirituality,” when it does offer the conception of reuniting of male and female energies, and I see that as being a union that takes place in the galactic center as well as its corresponding microcosm on Earth, I also don’t feel inclined to accept the inherent limitations and handicaps offered by mythologies or mindsets that include poison pills in their karmic contracts.

    • Thanks for your comment Brian, but (as you probably expected) I don’t quite agree with you. If you knew me you wouldn’t really refer to me as ‘New Age’ – with all that implies. -Maybe open-minded, maybe a bit of a freak, but not New Age. I also can’t agree with your blanket statement about hospices – many of them afford a dignity and care that clinical hospitals cannot supply. But hey, it’s all opinions, and our beliefs are personal to our own particular journey’s – (whoops, that sounded a bit New Agey). Still – I think it’s a stretch to call my article a ‘quaint and homey death threat’.

    • Brian,
      Five months agoI didnt believe any of this “New Age” stuff either but now I not only understand it but its part of who I am. Not because Ive read enough to get it or because Zen and Steve and all the other contributers convinced me but because in life, whats true for us, stays with us. It all resonates and in many awakening moments I have tiny doses of this Bliss that is the the feeling of “all knowing” I have been searching for.
      We all come to this place and start wondering what were doing here. We pick up little pieces of the puzzle here and there. Eventually we wake up and our pieces all fall together. When you step back and see the big picture of the puzzle and it looks beautiful, like it was made just for you-then you know you’ve found your truth.

      To me, the very fact that you’re here shows that you know there is more out there to be gained. Thats why I keep coming back here!

      • Twelve, Life is going to become incredible when those tiny doses of Bliss turn on Full Time and we open up to who we are.

        Those doses of Bliss for me are Off the Charts – All Empowering – Nothing is above me Feeling. – WOW!

      • Was just talking about “… tiny doses of this bliss …” with some friends last night. I’ve been experiencing it regularly for the last few years and it seems others are too. Fantastic!

  2. Great and SO true! Totally uplifting words, carrying with them a silent information which travels directly into the very heart. thanx for that!

  3. Super message, thank you. Most people are so busy “staying alive”, they haven’t had “time” to get to the “staying awake” stage, but the neat thing is we all get the chance to discovery immortality. (Wouldn’t it be good if the word “death” was changed to “immortality’?) I, for one, believe we are very close to nine in the physical illusion, and the striking of same is the proverbial wake-up call (alarm) for all. How each responds is the clue to creativity. Thanks, Zen, for posting this one, it’s a beauty. Love, A.

  4. I refer to the automatons instantly reacting to their technological bells ringing as Pavlov’s human dogs. Sadly. few even know what I mean. They often seem to be the most deeply entranced in the illusion.

    Global awakening will be the easy part. Global consensus on change will be the real challenge unless the NWO is allowed to succeed. Then consensus will be real easy. Their vision and path is insanity wrapped in a happy illusory marketing campaign. Chemtrails to save the atmosphere. GMO’s to save the food supply. Vaccinations to save us from deadly viruses. Toxic water to protect our teeth and so on…….

  5. great article, had a chance to experience being conscious out of the body with the Kundalini Experience. Death is little more than, well, nothing much at all. We simply continue on our journey. Once that fear leaves us we feel a bit more free.

  6. @anonymous
    You miss the whole point. It is this physicality that is the illusion – a learning ground. It is all temporal. We are here a brief period of time.

    It matters not that there is consensus on how to proceed. Moving forward and out of this dimension is on on individual level. No one but yourself has a say in how you develop or how you proceed. That is your responsibility and your choice.


    • Yes,I’ve been wanting to say that!
      You’ve said it very well.
      Only you can be the one to break FREE from your ego cocoon.It is your choice alone. Break free from the cocoon and flourish. Or stay trapped in a cocoon of low vibrational stew.

      • Truth doesn’t need a lot of words but trying to explain the illusion has been filling spiritual book and preoccupying people for milleniums with only limited success because its everchanging and infinite. Its like trying to explain a complex painting when you have only had a brief glimpse, you can spend hours explaining what you saw but never really convey the whole picture to someone else. The only solution is for others to see it.

  7. The Hindu Gods and their various attributes were developed as a type of language to convey in symbolic ways various truths about creation, maintaining the creation and destroying the illusion of the created through wisdom of knowing one’s real inner nature which is spirit or awareness. As indicated in the article to a degree, Shiva’s symbology represents the knowledge needed to transend the illusion but much of the representation has lost its real meaning by literal observation of the ornaments, etc and random copying of authentic images using different interpretations than originally intended. This can be corrected by referring to the descriptions in various ancient texts but the true meaning is often hidden. It can be revealed by spiritual masters who have reached the necessary level of intuition to interprete them.
    In order to understand fully the wonder that creation is, we have to develop inner wisdom based on such knowledge of our essencial nature which is blissful eternal concious awareness beyond time and space. Ancient symbology often provided this knowledge.
    This can be aweful scary to intellectualise with the mind but wonderfully satisfying to the heart centre. As we are living in this illusion we must play by the rules of karma to raise our awareness up or we will descend further into ignorance. Unfortunately this means we have to systematically develop our awareness despite the continuing deteriation of everything else. Its becoming the reverse of what the illusion is making happen to compel us to become more limited in our capabilities. We have to free our spiritual awareness from identification with the illusion and be truly free again with the awareness to create a world in a way we can see is better.
    Death is not an obsticle to our spirit or awareness. It is a limitation to our creativity to exist in a 3 dimensional world that appears solid and definite. To me the sadness of dying is not that it is the end of our existance but that it is the end of this reality that is so wonderfully definite. It only needs us to learn to be aware so that we can enjoy the experience in this reality, instead of fearing our imagined problems while neglecting our wonderful opportunity to have a fulfilled life that we can all benefit from while it lasts. This reality is a training ground to learn the values of virtues that raise our vibrational energy to enjoy our existance more. Fear and selfishness lowers our vibration and this becomes our state of spirit or awareness after death. This is to me what heaven and hell means. We have to get our own vibration as high as possible before death so that we can experience our spirit or awareness in a better prepared way. With no definite reality after death you are what your vibrational level has become in this world.

    • Simply a man,

      Thanks for articulating my thoughts so well. This is why it is such a blessing to have like-minded and vibrationally connected aware folks ready to share what is in their hearts with others.

  8. I believe time is only relevent to our planet because thats all we really know. Once our soul has left our physical being time is irrelevent. The only reason I believe this is from my own personal experience when my heart stopped in ICU maybe for 30 seconds but I cannot be sure but everything stopped from dreaming to thinking I have tried to analyze this. But the only reasoning I could come up with to describe what it was like was a chain on a bike breaking my momentum slowed down because the engine broke.It was so strange to have your dream state stop like it was packing up ready to leave.Anyway great article. Has Les Paul’s godson wrote in a famous tune. Time keeps on ticking ticking ticking into the future.


    • Thanks Ron – I’d like to try and undertsand more about your experience. I had an out-of-body experience when in hospital aged 17 – I looked down upon myself, then across at the nurses desk……very strange: I was a bit of a tearaway up to that point – it changed my whole outlook.
      It also made me understand the soul as distinct from the body. =A valuable lesson.

  9. As I see it, we are born, grow older and die. What is done during life mostly depends on if we are caught by the system or not. If we are caught, there are umpteen ways by which we are grounded again. It might be by fortune or misfortune. reincarnated souls are usually already grounded. what is happening today is new souls are flooding the earth. The system which the masses control has sex and cherry-picking as its focus. New souls are fodder for the system ie it is too easy for dark side entities to possess them and live the life of the body.

    Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu are states of consciousness that the souls experience. Souls switch from one to the other as the vagaries of living require. But, it must be soul in charge of the body before this can be experienced. Otherwise it is just the different modes of the dark side that we witness eg fun-lover, pleasure-seeker, hoarder, predator, two-face, spy, gossiper, ego-builder, tin-god, liar, thief, pretender, fornicator etc etc. Shiva is the witness state in which soul just sees ‘what is’. Vishnu is the mode soul goes into as it decides to relate to the external world. Brahma is the mode wherein spontaneous creativity designs the pathway of this externalisation. The wheels of knowledge are always whirring unseen, within. It seems that these Gods and Goddesses were part of ancient folklore relating to another race of humans…m ore than 10 feet tall. They seemed to have God-like powers and super-human technology. We are all from the short race of humans called LULUS. Now that all from the tall races are gone, should we worship them as in ancestor worship, or should we learn from them….and from our own existences? Should we await their return as Avatars?

    We should live to make the world a better place in the lifespan we have. A lifetime is a blink in the soul’s timescape. We have to learn this portion of existence. This knowledge is all we take with us. All actions and inactions have to be measured in the eternal scale. The entity that rushes to live and experience from the location of the body is not the soul. The system of the Elites and Masses have nothing really to offer the soul. All the growth-food is designed for the dark side. Even the physical food that is available in all cultures, builds the dark side. All the grains, starches, meat and dairy products create acidic bodies…the dark side’s kind of homebase. Is it by accident that this is so? Could we, the short races, have been created by genetic engineering to be gold-miners for the Annunaki? Why all the starchy energy producing diets that kill you? Just more ‘food’ for thought!

  10. Interesting you bring up the laws of thermodynamics. Here is something to sink your teeth into then:

    Einstein equated that matter (or mass in this case) is equivalent to energy (e=mc2). The law of energy conservation states that energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, only transformed, or changed.

    Therefore, (and I will state that this is rather crude) it can be scientifically proven that we are energy, vibrating at a certain frequency and that webare eternal!

  11. I agree that we are bundles of energy. And it is interesting that we are mostly water, physically (conducting). And that our cells have crystalline properties (transmitting/receiving).

    Steven/all: somebody I know re-trained to become a nurse, and he told me that at the hospital where he worked, when somebody died, the nurses would open a window (to release the soul).

    When my dad died at a nearby hospital, they didn’t (I was there), unless it was after we’d left the room, an hour or so later.

    Different hospitals must have different policies, and it’s important to remember that nobody really knows anything.

  12. Reading all of these comments, and Zens main article “just wondering”…. I realized how we are all on different paths to the same end. I achieved my awakening in a completely different way that I could never explain in such a short space. It as the biggest revelation I have ever had in my long life and it was through one of the most devastating experiences of my whole life. Once I began the journey to awakening, I was surprised at the level of manipulation that existed, not only in our every day life but for those searching for answers in the esoteric .

    Those that were trying to control humanity in the material world were also manipulating in the spiritual world, no only religion, but in the spiritual realm and people like me on this journey became confused and sought guidance for direction. With so little experience in this newly found insight, there was no way to tell who to believe and which way to go. I was frustrated. And then it happened. I ended up living a survival life and nature, the “real” world, like “bugs”, birds, wild turkeys, humming birds, the movement of the sun, coyotes, etc taught me all I needed to know. It was the most freeing and satisfying experience of my life. Just getting to know your own body in a survival situation was a marvel….. If I were a millionaire, I could never have bought what I learned and then all the propoganda, manipulation etc, became so transparent, that I knew the red pill was indeed in place. Just some thoughts from another pespective. I suspect soon many of us will soon be learning what I learned over those two years of that experience.

    • Beautiful, Petunia. So true the manipulation doesn’t stop at the “outside” world but continues to try to penetrate every level. The key is to keep learning, keep growing, keep challenging, keep changing. What is real is what doesn’t change, the point of source. All else is a form of illusion yet we have to operate in it. I long for that experience in nature and am about to embark on a closer walk with it myself soon based on a much simpler lifestyle and surroundings. I’d love if you could write your story up with a little more detain and send it to me, I’m compiling wake up stories and would love for you to contribute. That goes for anyone reading this. My contact email’s on the home page.
      Much love, and tx Petunia, Zen

    • Petunia,
      Now that sounds like an article. Have you thought about writing a piece about your ‘journey’? –
      It’s amazing how many like-minded people find resonance with words spoken truthfully.
      It’s funny, when I wrote this article I was nervous that I had somehow exposed too much of my own truth – seems self-censorship is a hard to throw off, even when we think ourselves well on the road to awakening.
      But I for one would love to hear your story.
      Just a quick question: what year would you say your journey to awakening truly began?

  13. my ego says that ive come to a conclusion and i should defend it.
    i believe that when we die we will be obliterated into nothing. star dust or something. even the soul.a version of ‘Heartfriend ‘wont be back for a long time.responsibility and oppartunities abound. I see no point in holding on to the spirit after death to be born again, to me that would go against the flow.therefore,take this chance at life seriously and dont worry. eat good food dont work too hard. theres so much we have to give up and let go of if we want a paradise here

  14. Hi Petunia
    When you talked about being with the nature it truly is the way for everyone to be honestly grounded. When there is no man made superficial/artificial things around you and there is no interference from the man made manufactured noises.There is just you and nature and we all lose this in our day to day lives until you happen to have none of these interferences. Then the soul searching really begins.When it’s just the stars the fresh air and the wind through the trees. You really for me anyway find your solice/freedom not only spiritually but physically like everything comes back into a alignment a oneness of yourself and thats what we all really want. To me it’s my church.


  15. Thank you, Stephen. I enjoyed this article and it’s message. There is so much evidence of our eternal nature through personal accounts, spiritual journeys, etc., I think it is foolish to deny it as the PTB and their minions would have us do.

  16. When my Dad passed away he had a smile on his face like the divine ecstasy described above. It was his way of saying to me that death is not the end.

    • Thomas, if that’s not a blessing – to witness that moment, I don’t know what is. I wonder now, if death has become taboo: for most people it is taken out of their hands, made invisible. Death is part of life, that’s inescapable. It’s pretty wonderful to read other people confirm the moment of ‘divine ecstacy’ – I was actually nervous about writing that bit, for fear it would alienate people – seems the reverse is true.
      Thanks for sharing.

  17. There is no such thing as death. It’s a man-made word which is the actual illusion. ‘Death’ is just a transition, and once people have realised THAT, mankind can move forward. Until then we can only be known as ‘manunkind’.

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