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  1. Correct term so few care very few so lights out for them soon who denied the graces of god so long but embraced lucifers total ideology

  2. That morning we stood shivering in Katyn,
    you wanted a cigarette. I said, “Listen.
    Even the birds know to be still…”

  3. Love it, Zen. It is all now. In the 80s Now is the time began chanting over and over in my heart and head. Actually heard the words, out loud. I didn’t understand at the time what it meant, but i knew it was true.
    Thank you. =)

  4. My 20-year-old son asked me this afternoon: “What’s going to happen in 2012?” I told him that nothing bad was going to happen, and not to believe anyone who says otherwise. While he was eating his lunch, I showed him this powerful, short video:


    I said, “This is what 2012 is all about.” He asked me later what that video was called – I suspected because he was going to post it on Twitter later to show his friends (hope he does).

    Later on, we walked to the library and crossed paths with an elderly lady. I smiled at her and said, “Hello.” She beamed back and said, “Hello, dear.” My son asked who she was, and I said, “I don’t know.” I knew he would be thinking about the video he had seen. One small step…

    Just wanted to share that, and post the video in case anyone hasn’t seen it.

    • Indogo, wouldnt it be great if a 20 year old posted it! I have a 21 year old sister in law but she’s hard to reach. I know witht he amount of people they are in touch with on their fb and twitter they can reach a lot.
      Thanks for sharing and your “WON, WON ,WON” made my day

      • Hi Twelve,

        I will ask him to post it because all the girls will love it! How could he refuse?!

        My 21-year-old daughter is impossible to reach, too. But at least she doesn’t watch TV.

        • Lol. I just suggested to him to put it on Twitter, and he said he’s already put it on Facebook! I said all the girls will love it. If I know him, it will be on Twitter within minutes!

          • Im glad to hear hes posted it.

            Im lucky with my kids cause they are young and seem to accept what I say but they were very entrenched in the mainstream life before I woke up so adjustment has been strange.
            It really is tru that when you change, those around you change. I guess it takes longer for some but were here holding the light for them to eventually see.
            Its funny though, my sister in law showed up lastnight and mentioned 12/21 as a possible end date so i got a chance to talk to her about it. Im going to send her the video as well. synchronicity!

  5. A most happy giving of thanks tomorrow, friends, and every today thereafter.

    Apropos, below I offer my tribute to Ram Dass, who taught me as much about Time as I will ever have to know, for which I have composed some music to merge these words into the “sound current” – credit where credit’s due, too, gracious gratitude to Yogi Bhajan and to his students, still among us, for the guidance to pursue this giving of thanks. I express appreciation and heart-felt sorrow. The two walk hand in hand, happily, down an avenue strewn with Nature’s detritus. I pick the odd McDonald’s burger wrapper from bushes lining this road to Infinity, push it into my pocket, and look for a proper receptacle of my All.


    Be here now.
    Now be here.
    Here now be.
    Be now here.
    Now here be.
    Here be now.

    Ram Dass, thank you!

    And kudos (wish I knew better that word “kudos”) to each and all of us! As Soren Dreier commented RE a cover of David Gilmour’s solo for Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”, “people are beautiful and amazingly talented”. http://zen-haven.com/that-kid-got-talent/

    Such inspiration as found here on ZG’s site and on http://www.zen-haven.com always welcome, blessed to receive.


  6. Most ppl waste their time dwelling on the past and daydreaming about the future so much they miss the now! Everything exists in the infinite now…past, present & future is now.

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