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The Venus Transit and the Lost Civilizations of Earth


by Zen Gardner

It’s pretty obvious, yet it eludes the majority of humanity. We’ve lost our compass, our roots, our contact with true civilization.

I was blessed with another gorgeous granddaughter this week, a precious gift from who knows where to the human family. She’s adorable, amazing and in for a real challenge.

And no doubt up to it, cuz she chose to come and is therefore up for the battle!

And she arrived between a lunar eclipse and at the beginning of the transit of Venus, another eclipse, with the Venus Transit signifying positive revolution!

Now that’s cool!

Natural Reality Vs the Antiseptic Matrix

I’m blessed to have amazing kids. They’re born and bred around the globe and despite my intrepid wanderlust they’re amazingly well adjusted and have remained spiritually aware and centered in the amazing degrees of separation of our fractured world.

But my oldest reminded me of something very profound today. Her younger sister, who just gave birth (almost in the car on the way to the hospital) had been going through the usual struggles of “when is she coming” and “I’m going bananas here” trials. She’s been comforting and encouraging her via phone as she’s had 3 beautiful kids of her own now in their teens.

Funny thing is, several of us in the family told her “wait for the Venus transit, she’s probably waiting for that.”

Sure enough, she was!

Childbirth and the Stars

The Universe is like a giant cosmic clock.  Events and influences correspond with stellar positions and effects. The significance of the signs and influences of our cosmos as well as our earthly surroundings is fundamental to the rich, tribal indigenous cultures that have existed through the ages.

What modern society calls primitive and advanced is just the opposite of a truly wise perspective of a grounded, Creative Universe, respecting and loving culture.

The resonant story behind this is quite simply profound. My oldest daughter’s second child was born in Japan and reminded us all of this story.

Their local midwife in Japan, a salt of the earth octogenarian from a very humble Japanese mountain country lifestyle, very authoritatively told her at the end of her pregnancy, “It will come after the full moon.”

No questions, no doubts. Period.

In fact, when my oldest daughter went to be checked due to increasing labor pains and thought it might be coming, she didn’t even check her but just sent her home and said. “No. It’s not coming until after the full moon.” Which was a few more days away.

This turned out to be absolutely true to the day.

And this wisdom stuck with my oldest, so she told her sister and the rest of us the same. And sure enough, right after the latest full moon which was also an eclipse, and the Venus transit had begun, out she came. In fact so quickly, she gave birth 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital!

And my daughter now has this same calm, strong sense of knowing, having had it passed down as such and in turn experiencing it for herself.

That is wisdom. That’s what is being eaten up and lost by the modern day techno-fascist machine.

 So Where Has This Wise Well-Grounded Sense of Connective Living Gone?

I was raised in suburbia and have spent the rest of my life unlearning everything I picked up and continued to get contaminated by from “modern” culture. To find your way back is no small task when the wind is blowing against anything natural as if it’s the plague.

With hardly a scratch of open-minded research you quickly learn this horrific disjointed dumbed-down spiritually bereft and socially debauched  state of “the world” has been carefully crafted and deliberately engineered. Break down the organic roots of civilization and you can shift and mold populations for your globalist designs.

Or so they hope.

In your research as your awareness grows you’ll learn that wars are engineered, and so are other eugenicist agendas that treat mankind as cattle to be subjugated, slaughtered and sacrificed for the good of the few elite rulers.

Massacre of evacuating, disarmed Lakoda men, women and children at Wounded Knee, 1890

Vicious Genocide of Indigenous Peoples

What you’ll also find to your astonishment is this rabid hatred of indigenous peoples of the earth.  This manifests in what can only be termed satanic methods of torture and wanton destruction, never mind stolen lands and the likes of government distributed smallpox infected blankets. From the massacres of the Native American indigenous tribes to the unreported systematic abuse, torture and mass killings of Canadian Native tribes, they are beyond wicked in their savagery and blood lust.

But why?

As in the so-called “conquest” of the Aztec and Inca civilizations, stripping of their resources, and imposition of spirit muzzling Catholicism later carried on and facilitated by their agentur the Jesuits, are attempts to erase and supplant the deep spiritual roots and grounded traditions of indigenous peoples everywhere. Because this is what powers us. This is what the Jesuit “education” cover is all about, it’s erasing empowering generational wisdom, knowledge and culture and brainwashing for a dumbed down global mindset of unquestioning servitude. The so-called “scientific method” has also been used as a cudgel against spiritual knowledge and experience of conscious realities.

The point is, real humans who know their spiritual heritage and infinite possibility and connectivity to Universe are the threat to the Powers that Would Be.

Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa, Keeper of the Mysteries – Himself subject to vicious attacks

Africans and Blacks worldwide, perhaps the very original human race, have been under constant attack, with systematic assassinations of tribal shamans. Similar to how they’ve used small pox and other viruses to wipe out Native cultures in North America, AIDS has been the modern weapon of choice against the world’s Blacks. The health war has also given them horrific diabetes issues as well as other induced ailments.


And you’ll find this happening to indigenous peoples worldwide, from the Inuit tribes of the far north to the aboriginals of Australia, the Maori of New Zealand and the many Polynesian tribes who populated and cultivated the islands with such loving respect, living in harmony with the natural beauty and bounty of planet Earth. Only to be overrun with exploitation and rape of their culture and environment.

They’ve all been targeted, and for a long time. Why do you think they’re spreading depleted uranium around the rich and deep cultures of the  middle eastern countries they mercilessly and mechanically invade?

It’s genocide in full bloom. As has been going on in plain site for generations via staged wars, economic manipulations, food and finance hoarding, the crippling of local agriculture, and carefully planned health warfare, to name a few of their many weapons.

Bill Gates of Hell Takes Things Even Further

Now this monster with megabucks Bill Gates is sponsoring polio carrying vaccines as well, and financing the forcing of GMO foods worldwide, but the release of genetically modified mosquitoes to do the job the nuts-with-needles can’t do.

Bio Weapon Insanity

These is actually something called bio-weapon industry. If there is anything about as insane as nuclear proliferation, this has to be it.

And how do they spread these viruses? Why, any way they can. “Accidental” releases, experimental contamination, aerosols in streets or over population areas, water contamination.  All admitted in government documents. After all, it’s the law they can experiment on their own people. Look it up. Same in the UK.

We’re talking sick.

And the technique du jour is now through vaccines. Big Pharma’s been sneaking live viruses into vaccines for decades, including the cancer virus. Now they admit to having race specific viruses that target specific genomes.

And why would they want race-specific viruses?

It’s All About Eugenics – And Eugenics Is Not Just Population Reduction

They are attempting to erase our past. They are doing everything they can to erase our conscious, grounded tribal roots and all the loving and empowering wisdom that comes with it. They’ve been at this since they first realized mankind has a gift they don’t have.

We have empathy. We connect with Universe.

These controlling entities and their co-opted semi-human minions can’t do that. They run on the so-called hidden or occult knowledge they’ve gleaned through millennia and have carefully tried to keep from the rest of humanity.

That’s the game, that’s the war, that’s the objective.

They Can’t Win.

They can’t stop the Truth, any more than they can quench the power of the Sun, or stop the expanision of the Universe.

It’s futile, and deep inside they know it. Yet they continue to run themselves on the very programming they wish to exert on free humanity which is inherently self-destructive. Any intermittent seeming victories or progress of their techno-fascist hell is an ephemeral illusion, a matrix projection to intimidate the populace into further subjugation.

It’s a lie.

Know it for what it is. This mechanized projection we’re watching is a charade of hate and fear, and it’s coming down. And the more who realize this and see it for what it is, the faster it falls.

Keep spreading the word. Momentum is picking up and each shoulder to the wheel does more!

Much love, Zen




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  1. No matter where I look – everywhere the (western) ‘civilization’ has been brought to the ‘savages’ it brought them death and destruction.
    First they had a living then they depend on the goodwill of the system and on alcohol.
    Yes, they also had their conflicts, but that’s nothing compared to civilization’s slaughters.

    Saw the film ‘Once Were Warriors’ two weeks ago. Nearly couldn’t stand it! A kick in the face! It shows what becomes of humanity if we lose our roots, our empathy and our sense of family.


    We have to become ‘savages’ again, live in harmony with each other and Mother Earth, not raping her.

    We have to remember our roots, the wisdom that was not seldom erased in the name of the church. (Wonder why? Do your research!)

    Peace and Love!

  2. So Where Has This Wise Well-Grounded Sense of Connective Living Gone?

    It hasn’t gone anywhere, dummy. It is sitting right under your nose, or at the other end of your dining room table.


    I was stunned to realize you are a male in advanced years. I had assumed your were no more than a guy in your thirties. Oy, have you got a lot to learn.

    So does the Dalai Lama.

    In a recent LinkTV documentary, the episode featured his allegedly HH Lama talking about the wisdom of women. In it, he flat out said, “My mother and all women are the embodiment of enlightenment. We, (chuckling stupidly) we have to teach it (meaning men).”

    I see, so, why are we all still sitting at the feet of male gurus when it is really the women who are embodied enlightenment?

    Makes no sense to me, except that males need to be “taught” this by other males, while totally ignoring the elevated awareness/enlightenment of females.

    I suggest, dear sir, if you really are at such an advanced age, that you sit down, shut up, and hand the microphone over to your daughter and let her speak, in much the same way the big DL should have handed the mike over to his mother and receded into the background. Okay?

    Guys. Boys, which is what you are: When are you, collectively, going to get it?

    Stop your collective blah blah stuff and sit down and learn to LISTEN.

    Women do not need boy interpretations (usually couched in “girl” ideas) of who we are. We stand alone, separate and imminently powerful in our own right. So start LEARNING from that kids.

    • I am very enlightened on the subject of condiments and sandwich making.

      Why don’t we all calm down and enjoy some refreshing feminine nutrition and healing.

      Who wants lemonade?!?!

    • also sis

      Your answer lies in the first sentence

      “So Where Has This Wise Well-Grounded Sense of Connective Living Gone?”

      Women are of the Ground (Earth), they are Well-Grounded.

      Men are from Above. Our minds are Elsewhere.

      Us men are presently here on Earth with you Women.

      As to why all the gurus are men, … we’re trying to take some of you’ll back with us.

      I’ll agree,

      Women should Rule

      Life here on Earth would be a lot better !

      • You are out of your mind, and a sad result of misguided New Ageism. Although there are many outstandingly advanced women that I have met, I have come to the conclusion that women are missing something vital when it comes to real spiritual progress. Especially Western women. I am an American male living in China, who consciously left America behind nearly 15 years ago. I couldn’t stand for my white son to be programmed with self hatred by the likes of mentally disturbed women such as yourself. I suggest you really quiet your mind, get rid of the programmed male hatred, learn to meditate in earnest, and throw out all those nonsensical, feminist, wikkan, new age, bullshit ideas in the toilet. I know you through your hatred. Tell me if I’m right? You are in your mid 30’s-late 40’s. divorced, overweight, angry, and tell it like it is, to anyone within earshot. You fancy yourself wise beyond your years, and a thinker outside the box. After your ex-husband dumped you for a younger, slimmer, less burnt out edition, you became very angry, and started dating black and hispanic gentlemen, who,you told everyone, were real men, and could appreciate your fat ass. Sister, I’ve got your number in spades. Why not try shutting the fuck up for a change?

        • Bravo! If she knew her role shed have more soul. Role does not mean secondary or slave.

          Your judgement is likely accurat and even if appearances show she has it together the soul speak shows not!

          Someone lost major touch with her femininity! Aum. Seen and unseen. Hat do you think that is?! Yin? Yang? Ovaries, testes?

          Where is Venus in its exalted state? Libra. Balance.

          Where did it go across te sun? Gemini communication. Learn your balance!

      • “Worship your Heavenly Father and your Earthly Mother.” supposedly said by Jesus – but it probably came from IUSA who was Horus and was born on the 25th December, the Winter Solstice of a Virgin called IsisMery – and so on. It is all about Nature – but that is also the Sun. The Sun is masculine and the Moon is feminine – Yin and Yang. I find it offensive to hear people make out women to be better than men. In Buddhism men are thought of as the compassion and women as wisdom and their combination is power. Infinite Compassion, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Power – that is what we find when we let go of the self. Simple – says I It IS simple, but not always easy to let go of the self clinging, the source of all suffering.

      • Do you really think so? Imagine Hillary Clinton, condolisa Rice, Margaret Thatcher (war with argintina), just a few who seem to indicate otherwise. I wish you were right but I have yet to see it proven. Love Robert.

    • Zen, someone who contradicts herself more often than a certain nazi in the fourtees is not even worth replying. top notch for trying though.
      When I realized you were a older chap it just made me fill with joy….. Why.
      Age doesnt wither fire inside.

      Love from Holland

      • Oh my. Tx. I took down my comment, should just remain silent on that one, speaks for itself like you said. It’s just when people who claim to be lovers of truth are so sharply assumptive and accusatory it’s just wrong. I don’t like that on my site or any forum about anybody. I’ve let a lot of things fly and only moderated hard core attacks, but if we can’t talk in civility and mutual respect what hope is there of this change we say we’re trying to bring in by so-called being it now?
        Thanks for stopping by and the kind words. Love, Zen

    • Gee sis; “dummy”…”shut-up”….”blah blah”….hmmmm, as a woman I found this reply ironic and hypocritical; certainly not enlightened. A wise MALE’s advice came to mind about removing the log from one’s own eye before clearly seeing the speck in another’s eye….just sayin”

      Imho Zenji has rather beautiful visions…on many levels; more about that later…

      Time to move beyond gender wars doncha think and recognize that the heart of a person is way more important than their genitals.
      When we touch each other soul to soul with compassion we can all get heart ons hee hee.

      Keep it real and consider this bumper sticker idea I never made:

      “Harmony is a group effort so let’s get in tune”



    • Geeee’s you sound just like my girl friend and I LOVE, RESPECT and APPRECIATE HER! So I’ll give you a rider on the discussion about duality, postionality, judgement and attachment to your beliefs and opinions. On 2nd thought….NAH I won’t! I want to explore your buttons, LOL!

      You sound frustrated. Are you frustrated because you are NOT UNDERSTANDING or because you are not BEING UNDERSTOOD? If you are not BEING UNDERSTOOD perhaps you may wish to shift your technique of information sharing (bedside manner) to one that accounts for the EGO of both men and woman. Is it more important to you to BE RIGHT or to GET IT RIGHT? If your assertions are correct, which approach do you think will be most effective in getting someone to adopt your viewpoint; through compulsion and manipulation or by WINNING your brother/sister over?

      The message is not necessarily all about what you say, its often times how you say it, what energy is it delivered with? If a persons objective is get the message through for consideration by another, then you certainly don’t want the receiving party to raise their shields by calling out their EGO with its positionalities or beliefs. You would want to plant your thought seeds in soil that the seeds can take hold in and grow, you may have to prep the soil first with other information that leads the person to making their own informed decisions. I don’t necessarily disagree with your worldview, except that I would like to see balance. To feminine or to masculine is FUNDAMENTALISM. Both sexes have desirable attributes, blended, balanced and synchronized creates a beautiful story. One book end is useless, you need two for them to serve their objective purpose.

      If the delivery of your message is for the objective of creating some bantering fun, then don’t change a thing DUMB ASS! LoL,

      PS Sure would would be fun to meet you, if ever in N. Idaho lets do!

  3. Same old divide and conquer rhetoric that belongs to the Elite. Thankfully it will not be around on the New Earth, because it’s become so damn tiresome. The body is no more than a suit of clothes. Souls have no gender, and no race. Incarnating into a female body or an indigenous body no more makes one ‘enlightened’ than being born into a black body makes one good at basketball. Half of the Elite Controllers are women. As much as I’m revolted by Bill Clinton, his wife scares the crap out of me.

  4. Hey Gramps, congratulations on the arrival of your star grandchild! She will be a pistol I am sure, complete with great inner wisdom handed over by the Venus transit. Talk about indigo children, they’ll have to start a new group for her. Those born after the transit will be advanced I’m sure but being born on the transit/lunar eclipse? WOW!!! These will be the loving children of Venus. The LOVE children…Glad all went well, now enjoy!!! VK

    • Thanks Vis! Very kind of you! Yeah, we can only imagine the forces being sent now at this crucial time! Look around at the younger kids today too, many way way gifted here now, despite the PTB’s wicked efforts to drug and dumb them down. Keep on! love, Zen

  5. I think sis here jus has lost touch with her feminine side. She has taken up the ways of man an lost sight of her mother. Perhaps she has abandonment issues and was left by her father or submitted herself to an improper man who rule her wickedly? That can usually cause a dramatic swing towards overtly masculine to compensate. Perhaps she is in a relationship with a weak beta male who would bake with me and is unable to find a proper strong and spiritually complete man with a good soul? That tends to happen when a female is overtly masculine to compensate, or they forget their true role as a healing matriarch and nurturing mother. Or they were damaged in the past by a spiritually dead over alpha male.

    With all these fellow females swinging towards the masculine it makes me wonder. First they cause you to lose touch with the simple feminine divine through false power and ideas that woman — not the male should lead the relationship. Feminine energy is background working and mysterious, like the dough about to rise in bread. The unseen god.

    It is amazing, we have been conned into needing jobs, wordly gains and other garbage ignoring our true needs to raise spiritually sound children and lead the family in an unseen manner in a positive direction without anyone knowing.

    All of these blogs rattle on about woman power shifting over with this Venus transit, women are going to become powerful goddess unleashed, but these women are so deluded and spun full of illusion they have no idea what their power truly is because they chase ghosts of past instead of forging souls into bodies for the future. So while these liberated fritter and waste their time becoming more like a man and write extremely bitter masculine blog entries and posts some of us are still adhering to the divine rights and path of the woman. Aka put your money where your big blog mouth is and woman up.

    These “women” post blog entries about seeking their “twin” and claim souls are neither masculine nor feminine. That’s the biggest load of phooey ever, if souls were not male or female broken in half there would be no twin of the opposite energy. Well here is news for you, you will never find your twin when your overly masculine and buy into “feminism” as youve been brainwashed against your own best interest. We naturally seek a Male to lead and when the wrong ones are picked you end up like “sis” and others who are/have been damaged and overly masculine in strange ways and areas to compensate.

    The only twin to be found then is a twin damaged female just like yourself still clawing and pawing at reality with a head filled with illusion, because you lack the proper male energy to ground you.

    I am in full submission and trust with my twin, he leads because he is the male half and has shown his judgement, wisdom, sight and love are sound. He would never lay a hand on me in anger, love me with hate and resentment fueling, and keeps me grounded and aligned on the path.

    He is fully masculine and works in ways I do not while I work in ways he does not.

    Oops!!! Must return later, breakfast muffins are burning. The divine feminine and good mother of all can not heal and prepare her family for the world of they are not fed! Take notes ladies, do you have a family to feed? If not ask why. Likely because you are far too masculine and your twin should he find you would run kicking and screaming from your off putting false masculine energy used to affirm your ego!

    • Amen sister. Such anger is deafening these days. People should realize however, that there are no souls, no “YOU”, and no gender. This is a great movie with a front row seat, but believe not that you are the director or actor. Surrender (an impossible term for Americans to get their heads around, I know), and be free. Its an illusion anyway that you have any control to surrender in the 1st place though :)

      • Beg to differ slightly. The movie matters and deviating from the script being hard lessons man and woman alike. There are differences. It’s evident all over. If there were none, woman and man would not be made complimentary for each other.

        Letting them divide and letting them unite is key. Your given material to work with and what you do is up to you and your level.

        Unless you are proper and following that script the powers that be and universe will surely let you know in many obvious and subtle ways.

  6. Another good one Zen!

    Check out ‘The Thick Dark Fog’ by Walter Littlemoon. It will show you the game plan of genocide. It always follows the same pattern.

    The Lakota wakan wicasa’s [medecine people] were rounded up after Wounded Knee and taken in shackles to a lunatic asylum near Sioux Falls where they were murdered and buried in a mass grave. The site is now a golf course. There is no plaque to tell you what lies beneath.

    The sundance, the night cult ceremonies and the sacred language were banned. The musical scale was changed from 444hz to 440hz. I had first hand experience of what the change in the musical scale actually did to Indian spirituality. It was a disaster. And it was deliberate.

    I was taking an old ceremonial singer home one afternoon and along the way, he pointed to the hills and said. ‘When I was young, our people would go up onto the hilltops and fast. Hanbleceya–crying for a dream. The spirits used to come in those days, he told me. But Tunkashila[ the name for the grandfathers of the four directions] has swept the hills clean of power with his wings. The spirits, they don’t come no more.’
    He was depressed and so was I.

    The small change of 4hz. meant that Indian people could no longer sing out the language of the planet. No longer could they punch out the sonic telephone number to the spirits. No longer could they pray and be heard.
    The enemy of humanity has to kill the spiritual knowledge of indigenous people. Their oral traditions and knowledge of geometrics go way back in the past to Atlantis.

    The last frontier of indigenous knowledge is a few south american tribes in the Amazon and their days are numbered. We dance to the sun to mend the broken hoop of the nations. June 27-30th. Pray with us in spirit.
    One Love528hz.
    Mitakuye Oyasin. All my relatives, animal, vegetable and mineral.

  7. Congratulations on your new baby to the family. I am curious as to what the wise old midwife has to say about the radiation in Fukushima.

    It’s always been interesting to me while doing astro charts to do a F/M survey of all the planets in a chart. The woman I like always have a higher ratio of Male planets and the men I like always have a preponderance of female planets in their charts.

    When the illegal invasion of Iraq was in its prep stages I noticed that, once again, the psychopaths in charge were after an ancient land with ancient bloodlines to slaughter. Wholesale slaughter.

    Like the old car rebate upon proof of wreckage they do not want any evidence of real ancient bloodlines left on the face of this earth. The first thing done after the invasion was the looting of the Museum of irreplaceable antiquities-probably many with magical powers and that were never meant to be SEEN by the unclean, let alone touched or in their ownership. Very very bad for humanity that this has happened and all involved have been seen and will pay for what they’ve done in ways that can not ever be rectified here on earth.

    the gardener

    PS-sandwich maker and scott-your misogyny is showing. *wags finger*

    • Ha! I’m rather fond of females having a wife and daughter. I do however, have a total repulsion to rats like sistertongue. Had the misfortune of knowing too many overly angry, nutjobs like her, before I left the States in 1998. I occasionally run into her type abroad, and it still makes my skin cold. You would be amazed at how these “ladies” are perceived here. Just seem wholly unbalanced and self destructive. I actually would love to see all of them self destruct.

    • Sister and Sandwich maker are just two side of the same old boring coin. Can we get past this divisiveness already? I’m ready for a New Earth with those types out of here.

  8. Everything is synthetic nowadays – even Life; or at least that seems to be the aim.

    Warm wishes to the new baby.

  9. The universe is not expanding – another silly myth. Big bang and inflating universe concepts have been crushed by observable phenomena. Google Halton Arp.

  10. It is a fact when north Native American tribes would gather for their pow-wows that they would slaughter the animals living nearby and trash its environment, taking many years for the area to regenerate back to its former self. This is one reason why many tribes were nomadic, because they trashed the land and killed all the animals living in these surroundings.

    The Anasazi of the 4 corners area were walking distances of over 30 miles for wood because they had clear-cut the areas near their dwellings.
    They depleted the soil of nutrients due to their planting of corn and not allowing the land to remain fallow.

  11. always enjoy your articles zen. i’d love you to do an article on the races that have begun their decline/demise when venus transited the sun. history is not my strong point but 3 incidences are apparent, i’m sure there is more.
    1. the mayan race when cortez showed up during a transit.
    2. the oz aborigine race when cook showed up during a transit.
    3. the japanese(perhaps the whole planet) during/after the 2012 transit.

  12. Congrats on Grand daughter.
    Speaking of the mosquito – I have seen them in visions…
    some fluro green and some fluro blue….
    I posted to Stuart Wilde about them, but never received an answer.
    Not that it matters, as I know what they are….Keep lots of Lavender oil handy…
    Another wonderful article…thankyou Zen…

  13. This is perhaps your best essay, Zen Gardener! What passes for “civilization” is killing us, and is really sophisticated barbarianism!
    Christ set the example for a truly civilized man, wherein love is the basis of all law.

  14. So first I want to say congrats and blessings on the new granddaughter Zen. Cliche though it may be…children truly are our most precious natural resource. For the past two weeks I have been tuning in to the Conscious Parenting Summit hosted by the raw food world folks and it has been awesome! They interviewed numerous experts in the field of gentle birth choices, natural fertility, home schooling etc. While the free aspect is now over any interested reader can go to the website and click on resources for dvd copies of interviews or transcripts and books-well worth the investment!:


    An interesting personal side effect of listening to these interviews was an intense experience of grief and emotional release regarding the birth of my son twelve years ago which was a cesarean in hospital when I had planned for a home water birth. This unexpected reaction was powerful and cleansing. I also plan to get the hospital records from my own birth 46 yrs ago to see if there was any trauma/complications that might help explain life long struggles with depression and other difficulties I’ve had being incarnate. This consideration was prompted by my current reading of Stanislav Grofs study with LSD therapy and holotropic breath work and the birth educator Elana Vladirinova on how prenatal/birth experiences can have life long effects on our psyches subconsciously—really fascinating stuff and ultimately a huge endorsement for returning birth wisdom to women primarily— especially the knowledge that it is a sacred natural act, not automatically a medical procedure!

    So along this theme I have to say that I love your first photo choice on this post. The artist Willow Arlenea is one of my favorite’s and the main reason I chose The Tarot of Transformation for my personal deck as she did all of the artwork. This image happens to be on the Master of Disks card..the tagline of which is “Gracious Abundance” and I’d like to share a bit from the description that resonates for me and possibly others too:

    “Abundance here means that there is a match between what we need in life to support our unfoldment and the material conditions provided. There is neither too much or too little. It means being free of a constricting, binding attachment to particular things. The Master can now direct his or her energy in any number of ways. Mastery in this realm is less about acquisition and security than about enjoyment. This is the truer wealth: to enjoy and feel nourished by the physical objects and conditions that constitute your environment and daily life. Being able to appreciate beauty is part of this. When we don’t take in the beauty of our world, we feel a sense of poverty. In the card a variety of animals appear in the foreground. The woman feels at home with these animal energies, as well as at home in the larger universe. Being Master of the material plane doesn’t mean she has become a materialist. Quite the contrary! She uses her material base (the Earth in her belly) to ground her connection with the heavens. The Master’s abundance is shared with others, whether through philanthropic giving or simply by sharing the beauty of home, family, or personal being.”

    Phew well it goes on but I wanted to share this because it speaks to what my earlier comment alluded to regarding Zenji’s vision. What is clearly evident to me and why I enjoy hanging here in Zen’s Garden is the beautiful vision for humanity and our future if we but embrace the beauty within and all around us that he offers so freely. Sure Zen also points a spotlight on that which is not beautiful but the aim is to…shed light… and let us see where we still have work to do…not to fear monger or create negativity. Just realistically say okay here’s a bunch of shit so how can we add some good nutrients; love, compassion, light and fresh air to turn it into amazing fertilizer for growth! Does not the lotus spring from the mud? Well that’s how I see it fwiw.

    Anyway, hope that makes sense. I am grateful for your oasis of beauty in the world Zen. I also thought it cool that your second image by Susan Seddon Bolet is hanging in my bathroom and the last image of feathers had a personal meaning too.
    Love those mystisynchs and woo woos.

    Also, just wanted to caution Sandwich, Scott and others that while I myself chastised Sistertongue for her comment, that is what I focused on…I did not extrapolate into armchair psychoanalysis and sweeping generalizations or assumptions about her personal life and motivations. Be careful of projecting aspersions or bearing false witness. I know from recent experience being guilty of such knee jerk reactions myself and it really serves no higher purpose but rather reflects poorly on oneself.
    We’re all just trying to figure things out and it is easy to point out others faults while ignoring our own shortcomings. I try to keep in mind the analogy that just as it would be ludicrous for a freshman in high school to expect a third grader to understand algebra or whatever that instead of being arrogant and condescending at how far behind another may be it behooves the one “ahead” to meet them where they are and lend a helping hand along the way. Something like that.

    Okay enough for now. Sorry for going on so long and thanks for the opportunity/place to connect and share.

    Enjoy the Grace!


    • Wow Jo, very deep and wise.
      I’ll look into the full reading of that Tarot card. Tx! Yeah, that artwork is astounding! I’ve been drawn to native American culture since I was a small child. A psychic said I was a Mayan before. Don’t know, but it’s drawn me all my life. The deep love and simple reverence and coexistence with our world and universe is just right on so many levels.
      I also agree about sistertongue. I lose it at times too, and I don’t think she means ill. We all fight out of our own paper bags at times and don’t realize who we’re hitting on the way out.
      We should live the love we know to be.
      We’re learning.
      What a wonderful bunch of people have gathered on this site, I’m so touched to be part of it.
      Much love, Zen

      • Yeah I’ve been asked if I have Native blood and while it is rumored but not proven that there may be Leni Lenape in my ancestry I always just say “white body red spirit” :-) The first time I heard the heart beat of the big mother drum at a pow wow I was called home so to speak, it awoke something in me that I could never find in the matrix of normal society and I’ve pretty much been a loner ever since.
        When I was preparing for my Vision Quest, I came upon Willow’s piece “Medicine Mandala” and it resonated on many levels in rather magical mystical ways-I invite you to explore her website and be delighted!

        Another thing I wanted to share regarding the theme of a bridge between heaven and earth is a wonderful piece by Max Ehrmann that you probably already know called Desiderata.

        There is one particular notion that speaks deeply to me: “you are a child of the Universe no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here”

        It was a favorite piece of my Dad who recently passed and it inspired my son’s name too; Rion Forest (for Orions belt/stars & trees).

        Talking about it with my brother after the funeral last month he mentioned the song version our father played so much in our youth that I had no memory of. I found it on youtube and was instantly brought to tears with the recollection of the music and felt like a lost piece of my childhood and loving connection with my Dad who’d I’d been estranged from was restored-what a blessing and another kiss of Grace from the Great Mystery!.
        Enjoy the simple wisdom and lovely message:


        I love singing it again…kinda reminds me of the song “Age of Aquarius” from Hair

        Anyway, remember to be gentle with yourselves. We all have ideals we strive to live up to and then there is reality where we stumble and fall short of being/doing our best. Gotta learn to accept being perfectly imperfect! I’m constantly having to learn this, no doubt in part due to having Coyote for a totem ha ha!
        So as my Dad liked to say: “Keep Smiling”
        Mitakuye Oyasin~All My Relations~xojo

  15. Congratulations Zen, to you and your family.I believe that you DO live the change you want to see. Therefore, wonderful happenings for you. Much love begets much love.
    Now, on accounta Sandwichmaker, I’m hungry.
    Is it all just the power of suggestion since nothing is real? Love isn’t nothing and is all that matters. But, I would love a sandwich before I mow the lawn.
    Think love, all ways. It shows on ones face, and can be infectious.

    • Todd…tx bro. Thanks for thinking love….it does show…and is clearly infectious. Some say God is Love…now that clears up the religion issue…ha! Love, Z

  16. With Venus and Sun sign both Aries , I am the baby girls fairy godmother.

    Gift for all —be sure to take 3mg of iodine daily .

    Multivitamins don’t have enough iodine for health…with just enough to STOP the thyroid from warning you that everything is really dragging.

    And since the thde. yroid can’t distinguish between iodine— and toxins like bromides, halides, chlorine, flourides—

    When the thyroid is lacking iodine, it stores up these bioweapons .

    Brought to you by the bioweapon medical science of the AMA, which has always been a main Nazi tool, like NASA, ad infinitum.

    A blog has to be kept like a temple for me to visit.

    Grampa Zen, thanks for being the cleaning man, and even flushing the toilet for those who aren’t well.


  17. Zen keep the little one away from the white coats with the needles. Lest you end up with a moron like my neighbors.

  18. Just want to respond to your comment on indigenous people, especially the Maori in New Zealand. It’s actually incorrect to sight the Maori as living harmoniously with nature as they are known to have destroyed vast tracks of New Zealand forest through fire, and were responsible for mass slaughter and the extinction of the largest flightless bird, the moa. This also led to the extinction of the world’s largest eagle because its number one food source was depleted. Yes, New Zealand was the home to the two largest birds. The maori are not treated unfairly. In actual fact they get special advantages not granted to the “evil” white man in this country.

    The Maori people also originated from somewhere else in the Pacific, not New Zealand. The Maori people also warred amongst each other raping, killing and eating each other -very tribal, did not live in harmony with each other at all.

    It would help if people such as yourself would do due diligence in your research before you harp on about how these “poor” people have had their rights and land taken from them. It simply is not true.

    • Wise man! Not all is as it seems! Would you like a lemonbar? The beautiful indigenous people would still be barbaric!

  19. Beautifully written…Congrats on the beautiful new baby….Came by to say hello…Your a great writer Z man.

    May the wonderment of Planet X make you dig deeper into more Space.

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