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The Way of Waking Up – Alan Watts


Another great talk from Alan Watts. He touches on some extremely revealing points here you don’t want to miss. Just love his lucidity and exposure of the human psyche and all its machinations.

As he says here, “Do you define yourself as a victim of the world, or as the world?” Enjoy this revelatory short talk. – Zen

[Hat tip: Neithan -tx!]


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  1. Thank you! I can’t get enough of Alan Watts.

    I have a folder just for his links in my bookmarks. Sometimes, though, I’ll go to YT, put his name in the search box, and choose random videos to listen to. It’s great for when you’re doing something mindless, like cleaning. I’ll even put him on in the car instead of listening to music.

    Much love,

  2. I have no problem with idea of the universe as oneself. Its a failry new idea to me, and importantly it only adds to and does not contradict any of my previous beliefs.

    Theory of the Holographic univers vids on youtube educated me in more detail about Allans watts teachings.

    This does not mean i have given up the monastic view of the universe that i grew up with, but it means i have come to conclusion that
    there is some truth in every statement. And in fact i now beleive both monastic and hologprahic views of universe are simetotanously true.
    Inluding any other plausible views that may come up in future, such as the organic view, the universal organism.

    This means i am also open to the idea of totally abandoning my current believes about the monastical holographic organic universe, if
    future or further understanding comes to light.

    From Allan Watts teachings i learnt something that was always in me, and indeed everybody searhing, that is, the right view of religious belief
    need to be as fluid as water, change with evolving universe. I dont stand on any ground, but i am always me.

    Jiddu Krishnamorti says it best with his line “I dont know anything”, cause anything i accept to knowing, will limit the scope of the vocabulary
    i am entertatain.

    In same way maybe there such a thing as transcending the idea of there being a way forward, and just instead going with the flow. The flow
    of not being boxed in by having a definate religious or cosmic view that defines your spiritual perspective.

    It was at this point that Allans watts lecture on wisdom of the ridiculous started making some sense.

    The sense being that freedom also includes being free from having a perspective or being defined by an opinion in any matter.
    My opnions today are shaped by who i am today, so i could win a public debate today, and tommorow argues a case against my view yesterday before the same, but now confused odience.

    Thanks Zen, for the Allans Watts season, i also checked out terence mckenna in my journey, but every other statement was about
    psychedelics, so turned off that. I have made humbling spiritual progress without using psychedelics.

    The greatest thing about the I DONT KNOW or FLUID view point is, its reducing your intllectual pride to that of a stone, but also freeing the mind
    from attachement to ideas or suggestions of ideas. In meditation, returning to center after being succesfuly mentaly distracted is easier if you always
    carried the banner of not being an originator of ideas, or even intellect.

    The unspoken part of truth movement is the real defination of Freedom, cause it includes freedom from intellect, much as you cant ask a tree what its religion or view of the universe is. That makes the tree free. And so i am with the tree on that view, atleast for now.

    So for man in search of waking up, he has to seek freedom, but what is freedom. The truth will set you free, and maybe that truth includes the fact
    that i dont know anything about the universe, or even if a universe exists at all, since as Allan Watts rightly said, i cant see my own eyes as i look out into the world.

    The double slit experiments show particles that secretly turn into waves when no one is looking, that is where i take the fifth.

    So freedom includes being free from having a credible opinion. Straight out of wisdom of the ridiclus

    Thanks for sharing Zen

  3. After I got to know about Alan Watts from this site a few days ago I have been listening to him for many many hours already.

    He says exactly what I feel.
    Makes me feel a little less alone in this place knowing others too see it the same way.

    Waking up is both a blessing and a curse. A curse because you see the world in a whole other way, and there is almost none else that does. The unconditional love inside that you carry and knowing everybody else has too, but doesn’t remember yet. So much drama we put out because we identify with our egos.
    A blessing because the burning thirst to know has been quenched. You are home. <3

  4. the search for the absolute eventually reveals there is no absolute… only infinity… Love this guys stuff…really puts into perspective the fact that all the hogwash going on these days is at its core… just distractions…. keeping us away from the truths of what Watts speaks…. we already have and know everything… the layers of illusions is what makes us forget…

  5. Even after 66 years (!), I count Alan Watts, his written and spoken work, words and other artistry, among the most important, life-redirecting milestones I have encountered. Toward the end of his life, I saw him in person in Berkeley, California, giving a lecture, besitted upon the stage amongst flowers and incense, his occasional (then) sickly cough interrupting otherwise sonorous Truth.

    Highly, highly recommended to all!

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