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The Whole, Sordid Story of the Zionist Conspiracy


Disgusting truths about the bloodthirsty Zionist invasion on conscious humanity. Some religious overtones but walk through it, the research is remarkably insightful and contains detailed documentation of this wicked cult of destruction and oppression.

Be fully aware, these are real forces at work in the world today!


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  1. Zen, the video won’t play. I tried twice now. Don’t know if its the powers that be or just a problem with Utube.

  2. “Some religious overtones” is putting it mildly. Still, it was interesting and informative, but obviously the message didn’t spread as widely as the creators of the video hoped it would. Looks like it’s going on 20 years old now and things have only gotten worse.

  3. * Zionists invented ‘cognitive dissonance’…the original “forked tongue” of division/separation justification…did you notice the babies being offered for sacrifice, to the fiery horned ‘Moloch’ icon?
    ( ‘gottaluv’ the presenters shiny beatitude & the ‘stepford’ wife tho-lol)

  4. There’s only one problem with this video – the entire Bible (Old Testament and New Testament) is a Semitic tribal FAIRYTALE designed to elevate Jews as “God’s Chosen People,” and to turn Gentiles into their docile, obedient slaves. None of the Biblical characters (Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jesus, etc.) ever existed – they are MYTHICAL CHARACTERS invented by Jewish scribes, and these characters have no basis in historical reality. While in Babylon, the Jewish scribes borrowed and cobbled together the religious myths of other peoples, such as the Sumerians and Caananites, to create their mythical “Torah.” Noah is the Jewish version of the Sumerian Utanpishtim, who supposedly built an ark filled with animals to escape the Flood, thousands of years earlier. Yahweh / Jehovah is the blodthirsty Semitic tribal god of the Israelites, formerly known as the Caananite Baal, and it is this “god” who is also worshipped by the mythical Jesus in the Gospels. The Gospels and Jesus were invented by a Jewish healer-physician sect based in Alexandria called the Therapeuts, and their “colleges” throughout the Levant became the early Christian churches. Christianity is “Judaism Lite” for Gentiles, because it tells Gentiles to worship a mythical Jewish God-man called Jesus, and that Jews are indeed “God’s Chosen People.” Anyone who believes Christianity will ever stop the Jewish takeover of this planet, or that Jesus is going to come back riding on a cloud to “Rapture” them to heaven, is a credulous fool with the mind of a 5-year old. The Talmud plays along with the Jesus deception by graphically defaming the mythical Jewish God-man, even though the top rabbis surely know that Jesus never existed. Christianity is extremely useful to the Jews, and they want to preserve it – Christians are the Jews’ “useful idiots,” who can be manipulated at will to do their dirty work, like fighting and killing Muslims in the Middle East. Christians are also encouraged to “turn the other cheek” while Jews take over the entire world and steal everything they own. Christianity also caused the Dark Ages of Christian superstition and ignorance, and held back European progress for 1000 years while the Jews infiltrated Europe and took over European banking, commerce, and trade. If the Christian Church had had its way, we would all still believe that the Earth is flat and that belief in other planets is a heresy. God exists, but He certainly isn’t the bloodthirsty Jewish supremacist Semitic tribal god called Yahweh / Jehovah.

  5. I forgot to add that Abraham is the Jewish version of the mythical Indian Brahma – something which can be clearly seen in the similarities of the names. So, the glorious “Abraham,” father of the Jewish people, is, like everything else in the Bible, a myth stolen from earlier, Gentile civilizations.

  6. Zen,
    Thank you for all that you do. I read your blog every day and receive much joy from it. i know that i am not alone with soooooo many fellow cognizant souls out there. This is very interesting. When you mention “wicked” cult, you could not be more accurate. Read the below link which describes the hellish odyssey of the couple who created the video. Alex mentions that the wife is a “stepford wife.” This might clue folks into what was going on. Although i have no firsthand knowledge of any of these events, it certainly gives one pause.
    Infinite love to all.
    Om Nama Shivaya.

    • * actually I was being facetious (lol)…small attempt at humor, as a release valve for the unfathomable horror of even the contemplation of 3yr old toddler rape…If you ‘grok’ with enlightened souls coming to Gaia at this time, as (reincarnates)…they/we/us…bring a universally innate set of high moral & ethical virtue/values as being prerequisite of an eternal penultimate ‘truth’

    • I also found the above link to Ted Pike’s account of his wife’s bazaar attacks..and ultimate death…only last year in 2011 BTW…http://www.truthtellers.org/alerts/tedpikewifediedmartyr.html ..Even though this is a ‘Christian perspective’..this man did dedicate his life to studying this and informing people of ‘The Great Deception’..as many of us know…the rabbit hole is even deeper…but this ‘Christian Support for Israel’ is REALLY rampant…”People see what they want to see.’..how long will all of this continue??? Yikes!!! It is getting OLD!!!!

    • * I’m open to any & all elucidation of this ‘dis-ease’.., as I perused the blog site given…could it be that obvious?…& could you suggest any other corollary sites for further edification?…thx

  7. I liked the first 40 minutes. got very preachy for last 10 minutes, even flogging books. 30 year old video? The pastor’s voice seemed slick.

  8. How dare you post such RACIST CRAP under the title of zen! This is NOT zen at all. It’s what causes mass genocides! WAKE UP!!!

  9. Pike’s videos have a Bob Ross vibe to them . Ok lets take the Talmud brown and a little start of Israeli blue and we put a Central bank right here .

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