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The Zen Way – A Brief Introduction

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This is a clip from The Zen Mind documentary, filmed in Japan. It serves as a nice overview of zen - a topic very few people can fully understand.


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  1. very nice ! ( gives Steve a imaginary pat on the shoulder )
    Zen .. may be you or any other readers of this fine site can help Sir peek-a-lot with this one. I still struggle
    with other peaceful souls that are and have been & are being tortured , I cant just flow with it . Not looking to go all Ann Landers or Dr Phill the thrill knee deep wading threw emotions for answers . It is the one thing that upsets my balance.

    • Nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t fight it but do pass through it and try not to fixate on it. It’s the darkest side of evil. Try to peel away from it. It’s beings with no empathy that can perpetrate those things. Like most of what they do, it’s so foreign to us we can’t fathom it. That’s a good thing. But if it’s zapping your energy that’s not good, they’re getting their way. Get cleansed of it somehow if it haunts you. Contact Edna at earth-heal.com and tell her I sent you..;)) Keep the light on and the darkness has to flee! Love, Zen

      • Super response, Zen, I had to do the same, acknowledge the horror, let it flow through me, lots of tears, when it comes to animals. Last night I couldn’t stop my brain with T-shirt ideas and a few one-liners came to mind about cruelty in any form, and especially about Gitmo, but the trick is to know your stuff before donning the shirt or pasting a bumper sticker. I.e. “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO, it’s Chem Trails!” So when you’re asked, you’re the expert. When people ask me what I do, which absolutely drives me nuts, I smile and I say I’m a research expert on banksters or on frequency resonance or whatever the mood of the other will take. It helps to keep it humorous, but yes, of course, Peek Crackers, there is very little humour to be found in this Now time. Trust that all is well. It may not look like that right now, but as Zen says, it’s a moment in time. We’ll win this battle. It’s just the bad guys are determined to push as many buttons as they can because they’re fucking desperate! And don’t forget, without the horror and the BS, you would not know your own strength. Love to you, Peek Crackers, I know what you’re going through. Soleil, your comment made my day! Thanks, Zen, Love, A.

        • Reminds me of how you feel when you get into the nasty details of trauma based mind control. It couldn’t be more ugly. And then the cold, calculated scientific aspect, similar to abduction stories but way more sinister.
          We’re clearly a special, apparently envied and desired race and need to discover the empowerment of that truth.
          Peek’s honest reaction is nothing but beautiful. It’s what should be. The world should be horrified at the atrocities of war, and the depravity of this, and how are we supposed t handle it. Those who aren’t or have let themselves suppress or sublimate these reactions will develop problems, just as they hope. If someone doesn’t weep at the horrific scenes from Gaza for example, or the monstrous blanketing of DU on innocents as they’ve done in Fallujah, I don’t know what’s in those people’s veins. – Z

        • Thank you Altea !
          Its the children , it is the one thing that will wake me in a the night , The innocence of life. Its the one that will stop me dead in my tracks . not that one life is worth any more or less then another, but taking it or destroying it before it has any real chance, strikes a chord deep with in me . Thank you again its nice to others have this experience and how they cope .

        • Peeks, The only thing haunting humanity is their earthly minds.Once I learned to separate my thoughts from others and stopped believing in all the supposed evil entities that people think are around them, I don’t struggle with their own tortures. I do have empathy for them and help them to to see their illusions(especially my wife and kids), but I don’t get physically or spiritually attached to their Illusions. I have a sister that constantly sends articles and talks about people getting attacked by wild animals. I tell her that I don’t gravitate towards those thoughts patterns. You are where you put your thoughts- If you think you will be attacked-lose your house-get sick-die-become debt free-never age-live a thousand happy and healthful years etc…. You manifest this in your head.

          The other souls around you(peaceful or not manifest their own world). Have fun every moment you are in your body-stay clear of people that don’t like to have fun-laugh at yourself and everything in creation- But Most Important -Have Fun With Your Life and Make It What You Want It To BE.

          No- I am not Ann Landers or (Uncle)Dr Phil – I AM ME.
          P.S. Emotions are important – Control your own emotions and don’t let anyone dictate your emotions.

          You know this shit- Someone else reading this may get some help from it though.

          You know I have one more thing(or a Million) to say- When you feel unbalance – Go to a large mirror and look at yourself nude. This will balance you. I look like a beached whale and laugh every time.

          • I read your comment more than 10 times and I found it very helpful. Thank you very much for sharing it. I’m struggling with similar problems to your sister and I’m really trying to get over it but it’s very difficult for me to control my thoughts and direct them in a right direction.

    • Sir Peeks~ Myself and no doubt many others share your sentiments on this issue, you are by no means alone. When it starts getting to my soul I remember what my mentor told me some years back when I asked a similar question. What he told me was that before we even incarnate we choose not only our parents, but also the major issues we need to integrate. We agree to come here and to experience the things we do in order to progress as a soul. By way of example; someone who in a past life had tortured others, must at some point of their choosing, agree to experience what that feels like, and to live with the same trauma they once inflicted on others. Many think of it as retributional karma, or maybe living by the golden rule, but from my perspective it does seem to be the way of things. Hope this is of some help or solace brother Peeks, Namaste :)

      • Chau–At the least it’s a spiritual nerve being hit, and different things resonate with different people as you well know. Whatever the issue, people need to know we can transcend. Not by denial but acceptance and then releasing. The really big picture is nothing but beauty and magnificence, and to resort to that perspective for all of us children of light or whatever we are, is nothing to be ashamed of, feel reticent about, or small about. (Musing here…)
        It’s a lot like Tai Chi, accepting whatever the energy and turning it around into a force of true nature and for true nature, and learning to handle this experience.

        We, humanity, are the true alchemists…just awaitin’ to be free!!!…;)

        • Thank you Chautauqua for your kind words & compassion .Testing for echo on my thoughts is never easy .Being apart “all “but knowing that parts of “all “are being slaughter and tortured can be a real snfu in the heart. I have nothing to gain from feeling the void from each life that is taken and i don’t jump on the trend of the week , so the attachments and attractions have nothing to do with the sorrow that snags my soul like a rusty hook. Zen hit the nail on the head ( pun intend) “Not by denial but acceptance and then releasing. “

      • I think you’re right, Chaut, and I take it one step further. The pre-incarnation agreement is not only to expunge karma, but it is a huge sacrifice by both abuser and abused to raise compassion in those who sleep. Once the sacrifice is recognized, compassion is aroused, then forgiveness of BOTH can follow. Why? My thinking is because, as the song goes, “We’ve got to get back to the garden.” Love, A.

  2. Zen, the picture of the frog on the lilypad is so awesome! One can just imagine this little guy laying there thinking ‘who am I? Where am I? What am I doing here?’ Kinda like us!

  3. * …”the wild geese flying over the lake, do not intend to cast their reflection….because the lake has no mind to receive it.”…zen koan

  4. Very few people fully understand their beliefs and practices of their belief. If one could only be more like Jesus of Nazareth….

  5. Dear Peek,
    I didn’t put my reply above because the column has reduced to single words.

    There are time-honoured gentle ways to help us to be aware of all aspects of experience without being emotionally shredded by them. I came into this existence with memories of one very effective way of doing that and since then I’ve taken whatever opportunities have arisen to share it with others. I think you are probably half a planet away from where I live – but in mind there’s no distance. You can, if you wish, check this link for a simple account of this way. http://houseofdhamma.com/howto.html

    I’m happy to correspond with you on this if you wish. There’s an e-mail address on the site.

    May the warm peace deep in your heart hold you gently.


    • Solie A Thank you warped in honor. I am not emotionally shredded by thought’s of past and present genocide of life all around this clump of earth . But the struggle in my (awareness ) of knowing about it and not acting to prevent or stop it is my ying and yang not to sound tacky .

  6. Oh, Peek, I know how you feel. Having been all round the houses with this issue myself, I can only conclude that we need to look after ourselves first and foremost if we are to be of any use to others.

    Work on self-preservation. This is a one-way spiritual suit of armour – pain gets through less, the more we practise, but Love still goes out.

  7. A Warriors Creed
    I have no parents: I make the heaven and earth my parents
    I have no home: I make awareness my home
    I have no life or death: I make the tides of breathing my life and death
    I have no divine my power: I make honesty my divine power
    I have no means: I make understanding my means
    I have no magic secrets: I make character my magic secret
    I have no body: I make endurance my body
    I have no eyes: I make the flash of lighning my eyes
    I have no ears: I make sensibility my ears
    I have no limbs: I make promptness my limbs
    I have no strategy: I make ‘unshadowed thought’ my strategy
    I have no designs: I make ‘seizing opportunity by the forlock’ my design
    I have no miracles: I make right action my miracles
    I have no principles: I make adaptability to all circumstances my principles
    I have no tactics: I make emptiness and fullness my tatics
    I have no talents: I make ready wit my talent
    I have no friends: I make my mind my friend
    I have no enemy: I make carelessness my enemy
    I have no armour: I make benevolence and righteousness my armour
    I have no castle: I make immovable-mind my castle
    I have no sword: I make absence of self my sword

    Annonymous Samurai, fourteenth century

  8. The frog is female and is giving birth any second. A attribute of a happy frog is one dipped in chocolate. No kidding, I have a frog in my garden, and I love to see it jumping around, it is so tiny. Lives in the bottom of my aloe plant. When I water it jumps out and and says hello! The Zen way of the frog says – jump and you will be seen, or be the drippings of an overwatered plant.

      • There was an ugly sulfur smell outside my house last night.(Not Kidding) No wind last night with no manufacturing or chemical plants within 10 miles. Always a sign of something that crawled out of the Earth is nearby. Could be Reptilian or just the everyday Big Foot. I have only come into contact with one reptilian face to face in my life. He was angry with me and it was amazing how his head shape shifted.

          • The Lower Vibrating Creatures on this planet stay in the Shadows and do not like the light. They used to come into the homes where I would be – Now with my knowledge of the Light, they stay far away from me and find others that keep their Illusion alive.

    • You need Cocoa Plants for the frogs and then they will be in Bliss.
      We will have to watch Maury Povich on TV today and see who the father is.

      I have toads in my garden which eat many bugs, but they get snatched by the Garter Snakes or raccoons every so often. Life is interesting.

  9. The lesson to be learned about Zen is detachment. Truth is the ground of eternal being. It is not to be strived for or won. There is no thing to be done, the perfect already reigns. We must find the calm dimensionless point and center it. Many are lost to ego. Instead, lose the illusion of self and resolve in love and peace. Aloha

  10. Nature itself is subject to Reality, which serves the dual-agenda of Victory and Vengeance. It is a hierarchical foodchain of survival akin to Civilization. However, the Resource of holographic data is a hyperlocality agreement between Appropriate Mindset and one’s Benign Intention such that the Resource can support one’s physical existence. The mindset is meditative and unpresupposing, intent on Sufficiency not ambition or competitive advantage. Because the Hologram is benign it can support a culture of peace and equality. This is zen-like, and psi-like, and synchronicity-like, and prayer-like, but it is not any of those mindsets. It is an insight into the anomalous aspects of Reality that indicate an alternate perspective that transcends the so-called laws of nature. Hyperlocality can inspire an awakening to Truth, the realization that there is a bigger picture than Reality’s programming.

  11. I have read the comments above and there are very special people that come to this site all though they would probably be to humble to admit it. But remember this for all the negativity our souls have endured these past few decades. After December 21st of this year the good/postive light will only get stronger and that to me gives me my peace of mind. And yes we have got to get back to the garden.

  12. The Zen way….Yes, true enough. It lends itself wonderfully to confront so called “tragedies” like the shooting in CT today. Or perhaps the saturation bombing of Dresden, the Bolshevik revolution, or 9/11. Just as their animals who kill
    and sometimes eat their own young, there are humans who plot genocide, infaticide, homicide, and suicide. This too is “the way”. For too long we’ve willingly and unwillingly held ourselves accountable to….”him”….you know, “the big guy”.
    An exceedingly wise and fab guy who is allegedly pissed off with “idolatry” and murder. Conceptualizing “him” is also part of the way, as were all precious inquisitions launched in his name.

    • Are you talking about an all encompassing God like most of the religious organizations of the world worship?

      The religions are a control tool and have been used since Time began all over this and many other Universes.Time was created to control us. Wake Up!

      Oh Yea, The Devil is made up too!

      • I didn’t mean to jump on you, torus on, but the religious crap was poured into my mind all of my youth. I am elated to be Free from it’s shackles.

        Peace and Love – Party On – Dude.

  13. JB- I feel your elation at being freed from religion, and I have David Icke to thank for it. A true hero in my book! Take care,Tom

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