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They Are Blocking The Sun, Period.


by Zen Gardner

There is a lot of clear evidence, documented science, as well as factually backed so-called theories and seeming speculation regarding the chemtrail program. It is horrifically monstrous and Orwellian at the least. No scientific explanation can possibly justify such an earth and life destroying program.

That’s the bottom line.

The simplest way of seeing this surreal, anti-life phenomenon is that they’re simply blocking sunlight from reaching the earth.

And that’s bad.

Nothing Is As Essential to Planetary Life As the Sun

The global warming mitigation excuse for geoengineering we’ve been surreptitiously slipped by the Powers That Be couldn’t be more lame. Sure, bought off corporate and government spawned scientists are playing along with the idea, giving the little boys a sense of empowerment as they act out others’ sick Machiavellian psychopathic disorders for personal gain and profit.

But there cannot be any justifiable substance to anything so blatantly anti-life.

It’s like turning off all the lights in a building so everyone can see more clearly during an emergency. It’s absurd beyond belief.

It reminds me of today’s fascist medicinal allopathic treatments for cancer. “No nourishing nutrients people, it will cause the cancer to grow faster.” An innate backwards take on the very integrity of creation and its self-healing power.

Similarly, without the sun and its healing and empowering effects, we’re only going to get sicker, as a planet, and as a race.

That’s the bottom line.


No Good Effects

It’s already been proven and admitted that this massive aerosol program is trapping heat and thereby increasing global warming. In addition, a 20% global dimming has been registered, bringing less photosynthesis to plants, less vitamin D to humans and other animal life, and less solar power for those working to lessen fossil fuel dependency.

For obvious starters. That should be enough in itself.

That they’re able to manipulate the weather to the advantage of the highest bidder and heaviest hitter is diametrically wrong. Whole areas with forced drought are then bought up by a predatory big Agra conglomerate waiting for their sickened catch to ripen. Stock market sharks playing on geoengineered crises bet on market changes and manipulated pricing in the face of steered storms and “managed” weather systems.

The fix is in while the public sits reeling from one manufactured weather onslaught to the other.

Still More Deeply Wrong

The planet is undergoing the bombardment of a vibrational surge at the moment. That we’re in a galactic alignment that should have been met with universal rejoicing, yet instead the Controllers seek to fight the natural influences of the Cosmos, is fundamentally suspect. Blocking the sun and other vibrational radiation sources has multiple deleterious effects, some of which are mentioned above.

Coincidentally, knowledge of the sun’s life-giving energy is something held dear in secret societies and occult orders. The very same ones behind the secret cabal ruling the planet. Getting the picture?

It’s understood by many that we’re in the midst of a bombardment of galactic influences. Literally attempting to block this energetic gift is tantamount to global pseudo-scientific fascism, virtually switching off the oxygen supply to a dying lung patient.

Can you tell me how that can have a positive, protective influence on spaceship earth?


What Can We Do?

Scream your awareness. Like a nightmare where your life is being threatened, let it out for your life, and make it your way of life!

We’re under attack and literally being strangled. Fight for your breath, literal and consciously, because that’s what you’re doing now anyway, like it or not.

Love, Zen


[See GeoengineeringWatch.org for more substantive information.]


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  1. announcing the discovery of hidden portals in Earth’s magnetic field. NASA calls them X-points or electron diffusion regions. They are places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, which in turn creates an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun’s atmosphere which is 93 million miles away.

    NASA used its THEMIS spacecraft, as well as a European Cluster probe, to examine this phenomenon. They found that these portals open and close dozens of times each day. It’s funny, because there is a lot of evidence that points toward the sun being a giant star gate for the ‘gods’ to pass back and forth from other dimensions and universes. The portals that NASA has discovered are usually located tens of thousands of kilometres from Earth and most of them are short-lived; others are giant, vast and sustained.

  2. and there was very little about the Seed Vault they built in Svalbard Norway back in 2007 or ’08. William Engdahl wrote an article about the Seed Vault that everyone should read if they haven’t. Its still up at Global Research and written back in 2007. Not sure if I can post a link, but here it is….If link doesn’t show up just search for ‘seed vault norway engdahl’ and a link to the Global Research site should come up.

    They have this vault which is apparently for preserving natural seeds. They do know something that the rest of us don’t. The question is: are they orchestrating whatever it is or is there some outside force?

  3. It’s horrifying to consider that our lives, out loved ones, all peoples and living things of the earth are being traded as commodities. I fully believe this to be true but in my circle of influence very few people have even a clue as to what’s going on. I speak passionately to 6-8 people a day and they just can’t grasp it. Some know but most don’t and don’t seem to want to know. I just ordered those business cards from geoengineeringwatch.org. Meanwhile, I’m stocking up on supplies in preparation for hurricane season, might be a doozy.
    Thanks Zen for another great eye-opening post.

  4. Right on Zen! Today, 3/11/13, started out as a beautiful sunny day here in the SF Bay area. They started spraying heavily around mid-day, and now as I type (6:44 p.m.) the skies look like the picture you have above, and the temp dropped about 10 degrees.
    It makes me quite angry! I immediately went on Facebook & posted some chemtrail videos. Nobody seems to notice or care. The only comment I got just joked about it. Very frustrating to see this happening, and virtually no one talks about it, and even KPFA doesn’t address it. Anyway, keep it up Zen. I checked this site as soon as I sat at the computer, and sure enough your latest post is about chemtrails, er geo-engineering! I knew I could count on you! Bless.

    • Wonderful post!
      To gabereal – I know JUST what your talking about. I live in southern CA and am constantly snapping photos of chemtrail activity – superbowl sun 2013 was the worst I had seen in a long while (pics here http://hermeticindulgences.com/2013/01/29/the-importance-of-growing-your-own-food/). Last month I went up to northern CA and was appalled by the chemtrail spraying; literally the entire sky was varying levels of dissipating chemtrails. I pointed them out and was met with the usual wide eyed stare. Even though it is frustrating we can’t give up mentioning it to people. I always figure that even if they laugh at me now, one day soon some piece of information will slap them in the face that brings back the memory of my maniacal ravings :)
      Thank you Zen for all your hard work!

    • GabeReal don’t give up. I have been talking about this for a few years now. If we don’t try to wake more people up, we have nowhere left to run. This is our home. We need to fight for it !!!

  5. It certainly seems to me that there are several different formulas being sprayed. One batch makes us sick, one batch for the HAARP program, still another formula for dimming the sunlight. Actually they all probably make us sick, but with some of the formulas I think it’s just a bonus added to the prime effect desired. Such a sick bunch. When you ask how could anyone do this to their own planet…you are close to the truth. It isn’t ‘their’ planet…oh, but wait, wait…Maybe ‘they’ figure things differently, because after all, don’t WE just take whatever we want, from those who are powerless to stop us? Hmmmm. I guess if ‘they’ can get away with everything they’re doing a case could be made for it being their planet ~ by conquest.

  6. Great post Zen. I spend a lot of time on my blog trying to shake people out of their fluoridated stupor… so many (and I mean soooo many) are busying staring at their feet, never looking up.. they simply don’t give a shit… I know people who see it, know it and continue to deny it…. I realize we have to keep going and pushing ahead to raise awareness but I have to admit as much of an optimist that I am… it can get down right depressing… thanks for reminding many of us that we are not fighting this alone…

    • You hit it right on Sage..”Fluoridated”. Block the activation of the Pineal Gland and control the masses. Sunlight also is a 3rd eye opener. Block it and the results are the same, a world of apathetic morons suffering from a permanent Seasonal Affective Disorder.
      Here’s a cut and paste from an article by Wayne Purdin examining how the pineal and other endocrine glands secrete other hormones during sungazing, which create not just a high, but greater energy, longevity and experiences of samadhi or higher consciousness.
      “To activate the ‘third eye’ and perceive higher dimensions, the pineal and the pituitary must vibrate in unison, which is achieved through meditation or sungazing. When a correct relationship is established between the personality, operating through the pituitary, and the soul, operating through the pineal, a magnetic field is created. The pineal can generate its own magnetic field because it contains magnetite. This field can interact with the earth’s magnetic field. The solar wind at dawn, charging the earth’s magnetic field, stimulates the pineal gland. This is why the period between 4 and 6 am is the best time to meditate and why sunrise is the best time to sungaze. At these times, the pineal stimulates the pituary to secrete Human Growth Hormone. That’s why sungazers experience rapid nail and hair growth, restoration of hair color, and general rejuvenation. Cleopatra used to place a magnet on her forehead to stimulate the pituitary to restore her youth and good looks. She didn’t know she already had a magnet in her head. Also at dawn, the negative and positive forces interact and become strong enough to create a “light in the head” while meditating.
      This light has been seen by mystics, initiates, prophets and shamans throughout the ages, and they refer to it as the experience of God or of a universal intelligence. Many cultures and mystics have induced this experience through the use of hallucinogenic substances, such as soma, mushrooms, Mescalin, and LSD. However, these experiences tend to be short-lived and require repeated usage to re-live the experience. Most mystics agree that natural methods, such as intense meditation, visualization, deep-breathing, chanting and sungazing combined with physical purification are the best way to induce third eye activation and can have life-transforming effects.”

      • beautiful! I to all of the above

        Omram Michael Aivanhov: “Human beings are so unaccustomed to using their God-given psychic and spiritual faculties that they have no idea what to do when they see the sun rising. They soon start yawning with boredom. They are tired of watching that brilliant sphere in the sky. So they leave the sun and go to take care of more tangible, more important things!…
        What is so extraordinary is that many people, finding themselves by chance in front of the rising sun, acknowledge that it is one of the most beautiful sights one can see, but that does not mean they are ready to make an effort to renew the experience. Yes, how many would feel impelled to get up early to greet the dawn, to welcome that light into their hearts and souls so that the whole day may be luminous and pure?”
        “The ego is the ultimate black hole. It sucks in light but emits none. The Sun is the exact opposite of the ego. It ceaselessly bestows life upon the world. Its life is a true sacrifice. This secret message was clearly understood by the ancient rishis.”
        “You will understand how important it is for you to receive these particles of sunlight that vibrate with such intensity, so that your etheric body may become strong and radiant and safe from attack by disorder, illness or dicouragement of any kind.”
        “In your thought, with your imagination, try to draw some of these divine particles [of the Sun] into yourself. In this way, little by little, you will completely regenerate all the materials of your being. Thanks to the Sun you will think and act as a child of God.”
        “When we focus our attention on the sun, the centre of our universe, we draw closer to our own centre, our higher self, the sun within; we melt into it and begin to resemble it more and more.”
        “The world needs more and more human beings capable of dedicating themselves to this work with the sun, for only love and light are capable of transforming humanity.”

        • Excellent way of putting it – especially about the EGO being a black hole, indeed. The challenge of this world today and a major reason for the apathetic state of people is that the majority of all people are suffering from SWITCHING OF THE BRAIN without knowing. It’s due to the extreme EMF/radiation from our so-called SMART society. I interviewed the German doctor Manfred Doepp about it in May 2008 and if more people would understand this, they might take back their power by using technology with greater awareness. Learn to do the DESWITCHING exercises and teach as many as possible – it’s free and easy to do. Also find the interviews at the buttom of the page which is being done at the moment to create more clarity about the subject. Find it at http://www.Deswitch.com

          • thank you for posting this, julius
            can’t wait to check it out.

            holy smoke!!!! — brb

        • Excellent quote. Omram Michael Aivanhov is the man. He has a teaching that suggests wacthing the sun rise every morning from March 20 (spring equinox) to Sept 22 (fall equinox).

          • Wow, funny how replies to our skies being decimated with toxic poisons not fit for man nor beast spiraled into a new age religion about 3rd. eye expansion!! First I need to say I love you all and yes sunlight is beneficial to our bodies but, turning it into a sun worship religion is not the answer.

            We are to worship the Creator, not the creation. P.S. Stay away from all the gurus that promote ascension of spiritual self we are not nor will not be gods. God bless you all.

        • Nice one Jersey.
          I’m a cynical outlaw as well. As many times as I heard while growing up, “Don’t ever look at the sun, you’ll go blind!” I always wondered why. After many years of sun bathing during the UVB (Vitamin/Hormone produced D) radiating time, between 10-2 which, according to mainstream are the very hours you are supposed to stay out of the sun or lather on some chemical creamy cocktail, only recently have I been allowing the UVA and B to flow to my retina. Amazing how sensitive to that light we are at first! But I feel the benefits already. The B intensity, due to the atmosphere and angle of the sun, only reaches the earth during certain time periods, in some places not at all in the winter. What better way to reduce the UV rays even further than to cloud the sky with particles via spraying, not to mention the other toxic brew the Chemtrails are made up of.

          Mainstream Opinion from the website infoplease.com says this about the suns rays. They can cause;
          Eye damage. The sun can cause cataracts and other eye damage. Cataracts are one of the leading causes of blindness.
          Immune system suppression and disease. Short periods of sun exposure can damage the human immune system and make the body more susceptible to infections and cancers. Also, some diseases can become worse with sun exposure. These include herpes simplex (cold sores), chicken pox, lupus, and certain genetic problems.
          Skin cancer. Skin cancer is caused by too much sun, both long-term exposure and bad sunburns. More than 90 percent of all skin cancers occur on parts of the body exposed to the sun. The face, neck, ears, forearms, and hands are the most common places for skin cancer to develop.

          Then another website, sciencelearn.org.nz, puts it a little differently saying that the benefits are that it;
          Triggers vitamin D – UV from the Sun is needed by our bodies to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D helps strengthen bones, muscles and the body’s immune system. It may also lower the risk of getting some kinds of cancers such as colon cancer.
          Helps some skin conditions – UV is used in the treatment of skin conditions such as psoriasis. This is a condition where the skin sheds its cells too quickly and develops itchy, scaly patches. Exposure to UV slows the growth of the skin cells and relieves the symptoms.
          Helps moods – Research suggests that sunlight stimulates the pineal gland in the brain to produce certain chemicals called ‘tryptamines’. These chemicals improve our mood.
          Helps some animals’ vision – Some animals (including birds, bees and reptiles) are able to see into the near UV light to locate many ripe fruits, flowers and seeds that stand out more strongly from the background. The fruits, flowers and seeds often appear quite different from how humans see them. For example, when seen in UV light, some flowers have different line markings, which may help direct bees and birds to the nectar.
          Aids some insects’ navigation – Many insects use UV emissions from celestial objects as references for navigating in flight. This is why a light sometimes attracts flying insects by disrupting their navigation process.
          Useful for disinfection and sterilisation – UV has positive applications in the fields of disinfection and sterilisation. UV can effectively ‘kill’ (deactivate or destroy) microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, for example, when hanging cloth nappies, underwear and tea-towels outside on the clothesline. To destroy the microorganisms, UV rays penetrate the cell’s membrane, destroying the DNA, and so stops its ability to reproduce and multiply. This destructive effect explains why we can use UV antibacterial lamps for disinfection and sterilisation.

          Think I’ll just use my cynical free will to chose.

          BTW loved the lead from Julius about Deswitching. Thanks

      • I see a light in my head while meditating. It is alternating green and purple circles moving inward. I live by the sea in south Italy and see the sun rise over the sea almost every day.

        • I generally see dark, with green and purple.

          I’m not sure what that means, but you aren’t the only person I’ve heard say this. It’s good to know it’s not just me. (I think!)

          Much love,

      • very interesting Thomas, thanks for the info. I do this already, but did not know the importance of doing it between 4 and 6 am. Thanks again. To everyone, it is up to us to keep up the chatter about chemtrails. My family loves me but they all think i am a weirdo for talking about this. Oh well, I love them still.

  7. Today in SW Utah I counted at least 4 dozen chemtrails. Then this afternoon, they actually made 3 big circles above St.George…..normal flight paths, right? I sent pics to KSL news in Salt Lake City to see if they would even touch it ……….FOR THEIR CHILDREN!!!!!!

  8. Papa sun shine ..Looks like it your rays again braking threw the Gloom of the aluminum.. Great Post .Its sad people are that dumb down they cant look up .

  9. I first became aware of this insanity in early 2001 when I lived north of San Francisco. I bought video tapes about Chemtrails, made dozens of copies and gave them away. Most people looked at me like I was from Mars. Some would get angry when I had the nerve to point out the trails right over our heads. I’d tell them, “Hey, I’m not the one doing it. I’m just pointing it out.” It was an interesting exercise.
    A year ago I moved to central Mexico and a part of me thought I had left the stench of chemtrails far behind. Boy was I wrong.
    Nearly every day we are pummeled into imbecility down here. Perhaps the pace and sense of urgency of the program has picked up. Maybe it’s beginning to look like this everywhere. If that’s the case, I say let’s all go in together and open aqualung rental shops!
    The depth of the height of the insanity and psychosis behind this Greatest Crime Ever Perpetrated in Plain Sight, is truly mind boggling.
    I will be 63 in August and I never thought I would be happy about getting older. But I also never thought I’d see the day when unnamed forces would deliberately and diligently work so hard to destroy the atmosphere of our planet.
    After this, nothing will surprise me.
    Thank you, Zen.

    • I too live in Mexico. Living in the Tepic area now for 3 years and I have watched them spray this valley on numerous occasions(Metatipac Valley). Nowhere is exempt I guess. I figured that this was done mostly over populated areas but was wrong as I’ve watched them spray over Lake Aguamilpa which is in the Sierras and probably 30 miles from Tepic.

    • Ken, a few years ago I left the states by containership, a few day out into the Alantic the skies cleared and stayed that way till about three days from the Med.
      I debarked in Egypt, went to many countries in the Med, Middle East, north Africa.
      central Asia to the far East Chem trails are like Chickenman their everywhere, their everywhere!

    • I first seen it around the late 70’s early 80’s in Michigan. I as a kid in the early 60’s was a airplane nut, always going to air shows, always outside looking up at them in the skies. Contrail, or Chemtrail, if you’ve studied the sky years ago you see them right away. It’s funny, I’ve pointed it out to a returning vet from Iraq, and now he see’s them where as before he did not.

      When I was a kid, you could only see a jet in the summer high in the sky if the sun glinted off it’s body, no contrails in the summer as the air was too warm. Spring, and fall sometimes had very small ones that dissipated right away. The winter had the longest, but they too disappeared fast.

      What’s a hoot now is having watched a lot of Anime this year for the first time viewing of such material, is they will have a scene in where a jet goes across the sky with a big white trail behind it ! WoW, and it’s also in movies now, you see jets in movies laying a trail behind it, whoops there goes the memory hole.

      When I first seen chemtrails, I freaked out the people I was with, by almost shouting it out, and saying what are they spraying. It was huge in my mind, but even then people said it was contrails ! I could not believe it, but I had been looking in the sky all my life, so I seen it right away. People born since the early 80’s will never know the difference, they have not seen what it was before.

      • Just wanted to say I was born in 83 and I do remember seeing legitimate contrails in the country when I was younger. Can’t say I recall chemtrails back then but I wasn’t really looking for them either.

        I live in Phoenix now and have been mentally keeping track of chemtrails for the past 7 or 8 years and have noticed that they tend to increase spraying on days when they know lots of people are going to be out, around the holidays or social events especially.

        I’ve been sungazing off and on for the past few months and the chemtrails are definitely an impediment. I can see a big reduction in the effects between gazing on a clear day and looking through even a thin chemical haze. Because of my work schedule I have to wait until sunset to gaze but after reading Thomas’ comment I’m going to look into doing it in the morning instead.

      • I hear you, growing up above the San Gorgonio pass in the sixties would watch the vapor vanish and the Los Angeles smog pump back and forth across the valley toward Palm Springs. The MTBE’s changed the smog but poisoned the water.
        I have always worked outdoors and was building pools in about ’98 when I first noticed them. I too went crazy telling everyone, because it was SO EASY TO REALIZE, got the same blank stares. Sadly they fret over a golfers private life but are oblivious to their offspring’s demise.

      • “What’s a hoot now is having watched a lot of Anime this year for the first time viewing of such material, is they will have a scene in where a jet goes across the sky with a big white trail behind it ! WoW, and it’s also in movies now, you see jets in movies laying a trail behind it, whoops there goes the memory hole.”

        I really don’t understand your point. They don’t have “stunt” or movie planes in the movies; those are actual planes in the sky. To say that they’re staging it to fool you with total consistency is the height of absurdity. They don’t need that; the chemplanes are ALREADY THERE.

        • Hey Willy , Anime are japanese cartoons..lol

          also you see them big time in Magazine Ads especially Mercedes Benz ads.

    • Ken, I commented to someone else already. I am totally with you. I learned of chemtrails a few years ago and in that time, they are stepping it up. Depopulation, HAARP or whatever, nobody is stopping them. Don’t give up. Keep talking, keep educating the sleeping ones. What happens to us and our children if we don’t? There are more of us than “them”. Keep fighting.

  10. I live in southern Portugal and it’s a daily ocurrence here in massive quantities, even when it rains and there is an opening you can see it above the rain clouds. Of course the sheeple are totally oblivious to the issue as they are constantly fed soccer and other bs. Thank you Zen for being a light in this world of darkness.


    First, I’ll weep along with this hauntingly beautiful melody, played by my two favorite artists…
    Chris Botti & Yo-Yo Ma – Cinema Paradiso
    Plug in for a an incredible listen….

    OH MAN O MAN oh man! (dave….) Any instrument well played will open my heart, but only the heavenly scream of a trumpet will rapture my Soul
    ~ Joe Correia

    NOW let’s do some CRYIN’ with Chris Botti & Steven Tyler

    SWEET MISERY baby – baby BABY

    I think so…

    great post, Zen

  12. I read somewhere that; historically, in ancient Egypt, only the Pharaohs and high priests were allowed to gaze at the sun and that this practice has been downright forbidden for common people to engage in, and the Romans outlawed it on the pain of death.

    Humm, I smell something fishy about this…

    • Humm you think they were Blinded By the Light
      revved up like a douche ,another runner in the night ?Indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat
      In the dumps with the mumps as the adolescent pumps his way into his hat
      With a boulder on my shoulder, feelin’ kinda older,
      I tripped the merry-go-round
      With this very unpleasin’, sneezin’ and wheezin,
      the calliope crashed to the ground

  13. Go to Wikipedia and put in “Songs of the Century”
    Reading this blog “You Are My Sunshine” Came to mind. Those waking up. I am one. Have a ball.
    It;s all about the music my friends!!!!

          • phew – I was getting nervous – that article about excilation talks about chemicals used by jet engines to reduce vibration!

        • Ok Jersey, My mistake with spelling. Ok so here is one take on excitation
          Addition of a discrete amount of energy to a system that changes it usually from a state of lowest energy (ground state) to one of higher energy (excited state). For example, in a hydrogen atom, an excitation energy of 10.2 electron volts is required to move the lone electron from its ground state to its first excited state. The excitation energy stored in excited atoms and nuclei is usually emitted as ultraviolet radiation from atoms and as gamma radiation (see gamma ray) from nuclei as they return to their ground states.Maybe not so different from exilation. We are cheering a song rom the beach boys with words in it that we are not even thinging about. My thought. I was into the moment ut I was not thinking about where we have arrived.

          we are being told where we are going by the perpetrators. But we are starting to get it. So as I close, My God the sun has broken through. Warmth at last.

    • To continue with this thought. Our sun is being hijacked. will there come a day that the powers that be will tell us we need to pay a tax to see our son or benefit from it? The blue skies are gone my friends. this gray matter up there is what I’m seeing most of the time. Our kids don’t know what a beautiful BLUE SKY is. Shame on us. Better start looking up to heaven. When and if you pray, do it looking up, because the sun is being hijacked. Without the sunny days we are on our way to destruction by design.

  14. hi there, hi zen.
    thank you for another to-the-point-post.
    i enjoy your blog as often as i can.
    nice people around here and some good news even these days.
    recent weeks i felt really depressive about the tragedy we as humans are thrown into and the
    horrific scenarios we and our beloved Mother earth face.
    i know it´s not quite spiritually evolved, but damned i hate those who have crippled us and put us into their scheme which we know as “our history” and who do wrack the planet by fooling us into consent or simply forcefully taking whatever appeals.
    i feel sorry for each and every soul, drop of water, square of soil and breath of air. IT HURTS BADLY!!!
    after having read the article above a picture of dozens of protesting pilots came to my mind.
    don´t know where i saw that but it was 2012. as far as i get the picture, there´s a faction of military bombers that spray as well as a lot of civil planes, that are just fueled up with poisened
    kerosin. it is like that in germany as far as i know.
    probably it would be a good idea to connect to the pilots and empower them to refuse and to strike, faced with the responsibility they have. pilots can´t easily be replaced.
    there are so many infos to pick up about the matter and it is so easy to look and see but still the people do not in numbers. the pilots are the achilles´ heel of the perpetrators in this game and they are relatively few. i guess the inevitable public notion would be enormous considering the impact on tourism, trade and transfer.
    they need to be informed, empowered and backed up with real money or whatever they need to be free to strike and even loose the job. what about that folks?
    and by the way: have you noticed their latest programm:
    look up for yourself.
    much love

  15. Last week, we got hit with the most massive 2-day spraying operation I have ever witnessed. Planes continuously back and forth, skies a thick gray haze. Everyone in this area got sick, lost their appetite, and was nauseous for a couple of days. I was tested and my sinuses were saturated with aluminum, barium, and some other toxic substances. There have been many wars in history, but none like this, as these Illuminati, or whomever, are killing the entire planet. The Earth’s biosphere is an infinitely complex, dynamic, interconnected web of non-linear systems. We do not even begin to understand the natural balance of the biosphere. Those who are behind this are destroying the soils, the waters, the atmosphere, the forests, the plains and deserts, every biome, the sources of sustainability, from the base to the top, all the while screeching about “sustainable development.” As with all non-linear systems, there is a threshold which may have already been reached, and there is no going back. A group of hubris-filled, egomaniac, psychopathic, sociopathic, educated morons think they can kill the planet and some seed vault will save them? HaHaHa, think again, morons. They had better have prepared a fully functional, self-sufficient, life support colony on another planet if they plan to survive what they are doing. The perpetrators are doomed, killing themselves along with us. The pilots and their families will die of this. The government agencies with their fat paychecks and endless planning meetings and conferences, all will die. The corporate monsters who design and manufacture the nano-aerosols will die. The “Illuminati” will die. They have been in control for centuries. They were born into this so-called “power” as so-called “elite.” They are surrounded by “yes men” who tell them what they want to hear, and their yes-men are arrogant cowards and fools. They are making the biggest mistake ever in history of Earth and humankind. They are killing the planet and themselves along with it.

  16. Chemtrails are absolutely EVIL! Blocking the sun and its healing/life power is just one of the many fronts these beasts use to destroy us. It’s literally in every aspect of our lives these days, and the most incredible part is, many don’t seem to care, or to accept that this is happening. But Chemtrails hold an especial spot in their dark souls; they know it is their most powerful attack against life on this majestically beautiful blue planet. I am crazy mad, and feel powerless. There are pilots, chemists, mechanics, researchers, and many more involved in this madness, and yet their consciousness doesn’t stop them cold. How is this possible?

    • Hence the mindfuck. And it’s getting worse Gus. Panic stations going on so keep your eyes peeled. Not quite rats in a corner but similar mentality. Not sure what motivates them any more other than frenzied fulfillment of their masters’ orders…a gleeful cackle while the earthship goes down…really otherworldly dark….transcending this bullshit is no mandatory…:)

  17. Since I like to howl at the moon around 4ish in the morning .. I have been seeing more Night spraying . Its more and more prevalent. The pricks just are bug spraying the fuck out us .. I think its the new gig hide the morning sun , because it goes on till 6am or so. I Starting to recording it for a Vid I am putting together Noting takes away the pleasure of hanging a leak on my fave Pine tree knowing there is nano fibers making their way on my shish kaknob ( shrugs ) one more tin foil hat

  18. Truly adhere to sun’s positive vibrational effects, but in NW GA only receiving one or two days weekly. The fungal growth has got to be a phenom! Partly-sunny now means a few brief flickers.

    Aside from emotional downside, the chemtrail poisons are running my physical body into the ground. Nervous/ skeletal systems are playing Twister, Limbo and Whack-A-Mole in very unparty-like assault. Completely unacknowledged by Corporate Medicine who are surely raking in the cash for meds that do nothing to deflect the genocidal concoctions.

    Another concern is “forgetfulness” – seems to have tremendous impact. So new reality will just be accepted cuz we can’t remember the old one?? Only upside is planning to hide my own Easter eggs.

    • purrsun – get yourself a dose of doxycycline for treatment of mycoplasma infection. it’s cheap and I hear you can get it OTC now (go figure) . anyone you hear with a dry cough probably has a mycoplasma infection – as with most fungal infections.

      it’s all about the fungus..

      there’s more than a fungus among us…

      here’s some more items you can take to keep yourself healthy

  19. If you ever want to look deeper into geoengineering, past the blocked sun, the heavy metals, the cough and the vague illness, please, on a day when your gut is like steel and your heart is stronger than that, please look into the correlation between geoengineering and bioengineering (synthetic biology…) Clifford Carnicom has the raw science proof of this link between geo- and bio- engineering, but to really understand the whole picture, (and go where few researchers dare to go, weeding through the mis-information) Skizit Gestures videos and website are a good (scary) place to start…but remember to do it on a “strong” day…it’s a very complicated but real predicament we are in. We must seek the whole picture.

    • Thank you for this, I appreciate you suggesting a ‘strong’ day. I’m so grateful that I have found this site Zen, I’d almost thought I was crazy and all alone but feel so much stronger in talking about this knowing there are others who are also aware of this greatest of danger for humanity and Mother Earth. Do these people not realise the fragility and miracle of life.

      • They have no empathy, or have been cauterized by the overlords. We’re in a dark scifi flick. Keep digging, the empowerment is in information and conscious awareness. All is well. Keep on Fiona, our team is strong, alive, vibrant and rejoicing! 😉

  20. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message436975/pg1
    Ted’s tips on mycoplasma infections

    Of course, mycoplasma as is in all cases of fungus are the single most difficult organism to kill. The ideal bioweapons is not the anthrax, it is not the bird flu, or any supervirus, as what Hollywood movies imply such as Aeon Flux, or Ultraviolet, etc. It is the mycoplasma or the fungus. In the event of a nuclear holocaust, only two organism survives: the cockroaches and the fungus.

    Of course they have an achilles heal. It is alkaline diets, ammonium salts, chromium chloride (through supplements), copper chloride (through supplements), zinc acetate, and some others. The key is to disturb their protective shell, which is heavy metals through chelation, ammonium compounds by virtue of penetrants, and alkalinity since they can’t survive there.

  21. Yes they who have come from the Tower of Babylon are up to no good!
    and who is going to do something about it? They have created Blue Steel, floating cities with out laws or taxes. They are poisoning the planet and what is anyone doing about it. They with the industrial military complex that has no ends seems to have no one to stop them.
    They control the military, that will control the people, who is going to stand up to there military might?

  22. Excellant observation, I believe the Heliospheric Plane with regards to a ??Galacticspheric Plane?? had much to do with all the increases of solar activity. [[[ELECTRIC UNIVERSE]]] Think…. Induction. 😉

  23. The desecration of our once magnificent, beautiful and eternal skies.
    And the saddest thing of all – hardly anyone notices.
    Some years ago, I was filming a dramatic cloudy sky in London on time-lapse. And a few teenage girls came walking by, eating chips. They asked:

  24. All day for the last 3 days over Miami. I’m consuming Manuka honey for my pulmonary, gastrointestinal and sinus inflammations. It may not save me but I feel better.

  25. Interior Alaska has been under chemtrails for years. Vapors from high-flying aircraft persist and spread out, blocking the sun. Today, March 12, was a rare day. Cloudless, deep blue sky 360 degrees. No one was mucking with the sun this day; we’ll see what comes with the next.

  26. Interesting you mention this Zen.

    I first noticed this phenomena a few years back – the blocking of sunlight by a weird haze. The spraying is especially prevalent in the warmer seasons, and in places where crowds of people tend to congregate. In fact, I don’t recall seeing chemtrails at all in the autumn and winter months.

    This blocking of the sun, imo, is no coincidence for it’s ramifications are not purely physical, but have their origin in the spiritual. When one ponders that this ‘age’ we’re living in has been referred to as the ‘Daylight Age’ you get a better understanding of what I mean. The slimy forces at work want to maintain as much control of this world as possible, and they’ll use everything at their disposal. Much of this manifests in the type of tech they use (UAV’s, HAARP, Smart Meters, et al) but again, its origins are really spiritual in nature, imo.

    They think they can keep the light at bay. but those poor little pustules are just fooling themselves. I almost feel sorry for them, but when I think of all the pain and suffering they’ve caused I look forward to their inevitably ugly COMEUPPANCE. “The FIRST shall be LAST”, and so forth.

  27. Could it be that they are blocking out the sun because the creatures that are living underground, unused to the sun, are ready to surface? Imp these”creatures” occupied this earth before Adam and Eve and because of great cataclysm lived in bunkers underground. If they were there for 1000’s of years, they would have adapted to underground conditions and not feel comfortable in full sunlight.

    • ps. “as above so below” could also mean as us above the face of the earth so those below the face of the earth.

  28. Geo engineering ( iPad corrected to Ego engineering!) awareness growing in Australia. Personally I am finding myself wishing I were a child again who knew none if this and felt safe. I can’t remember the last time I felt safe. To be robbed of our connection to the great external light and the infinite blue sky is a reflection of the loss of wisdom and rise of ignorance/darkness. Everyday I face my own self destructive thoughts and am losing the battle, the energy, the hope.

    • You are eternal consciousness having this experience. You are not the experience, remember that. Let all this pass while we do what needs to be done. All is well. Keep heart. Love, Zen

    • whenever I’m out and about where ever I see kids, I ask them to look up at go home and ask their parents what they are spraying in our skies. KIDS LOVE LOVE LOVE to stump their parents!! I’m going straight to the kids now, DKBlue. Unfortunately there is no such thing as childhood innocence anymore. They need be told the truth. they need to be empowered. they need to know there is nothing to be afraid of when you start asking questions.

    • Speak up, pass out information. GeoengineeringWatch.org has flyers and “calling cards” with info. One day, one person at a time, but act.

      • hit the playgrounds on a heavy spray day. point up and tell the kids after recess to go and ask their “science” teacher what chemtrails are. NOT contrails that disappear right away — don’t let the teacher end the conversation there — make him find out if he doesn’t know.

        Hit the bus stops too!!

        • I’ve noticed that the trails are being made to look like regular contrails when they spray the smart dust. You can see it after the plane passes and it looks light and whispy. Make the scenery look like white haze.

  29. Great post Zen. Here in Ireland they’ve ramped it up to the point that the sun is NEVER seen. We’re also a fully fluoridated country and the level of apathy (indeed anger in many cases towards those who try to expose the wrong-doing) is staggering.
    Keep up the good work.

    • I’ve heard that about Ireland. Must be too green for their sick taste. So sorry. Keep plugging at raising awareness, never wasted!

  30. Thank you so much for this excellent article and all of the very informative and heartfelt comments and references as well. I live in Las Vegas where it is sunny most of the time but even here, the spraying goes on almost daily and we have had many more cloudy skies in the last several years. So much so, that it reminds me of san francisco when I used to live there. It is disheartening that there are so many who are unaware. I find it hard to believe that people don’t even look up at the sky. I have made it a practice to look at the sky daily, every time I am out. Thank you for the websites. I will definitely go to geoengineeringwatch and print out those cards. I still want to hold on to the fact that we can change things too with our consciousness and love. That is our essence and hopefully, eventually the light will overcome the dark. Namaste my friends.

  31. I have read your blog, Zen and all the comments and your comments to the comments. Bravo everyone, as depressing as it is, I refuse to give in to the dark cabul. Thank you so very much for your enlightened posts. I am so very grateful. I will be looking into the geo engineeringWatch.org to see how I can practically help. BTW, I know a guy, a self taught scientist in Racine WI who has devised tools to ::”Cloud bust” and dissipate the chemtrails around his area and Chicago. with orgone tools he created himself. What a champion!

    • one has just flown overhead, here comes the Haze! easily 100 miles long in ten mins.
      i like the idea of opening clouds, and letting the energized particles flow down to Ground, here comes another, yep its a Cloudbuster for me.

  32. I nearly cried when I read this chemtrail post as I often feel ill from lack of sun. Our Alberta winters are becoming grayer and grayer no sunshine for days. When I was a teenager here in the 70s the winters were one sunny day after another. What has changed? The last few days I have noticed numerous trails in the sky. And no sunshine. Yes people are sheeple and in a dead dead sleep, only thing I can think to do is keep talking and emailing the various psycopathic CEOs and government members just to remind them that despite their efforts some of us are awake and aware. I will hold the line until I drop.

    • Rt on, C. Be sure to get at least 8 to 10k mcgs of good quality vit D3 every day! Ubiquinol and astaxantin on top of other super greens. And detox. Lotsa sites on this. Regular chlorella, spirulina, milk thistle, etc. Eat well, exercise. If too chemmy go to gym or yoga studio. Fight for your life and keep telling others. Love you, Zen

  33. The life cycle of the Sun is the reverse of what they tell us. It is currently moving from Yellow to White. Look (carefully) for yourselves, it IS whiter than before. This will upset nature on the planet. Living on the surface will become increasingly difficult, that’s why they are building the underground facilities. They spray the atmosphere with relective elements like aluminium, iron and barium to give themselves more time to prepare for the inevitable.
    We’re fucked.

    • Still looks might yellow to me, pard. The notion that such a change could be noticeable in a human lifespan in absurd. Unless you think the Cosmos is only 6000 years old, I guess. I don’t see any particular “inevitable”; they are spraying for many reasons; that kind of expenditure must scratch many itches if it’s implemented.

      One of them, I’m pretty sure, is killing us off.

  34. So, so you think you can tell
    Heaven from Hell
    Blue skies from pain
    Can you tell a green field
    From a cold steel rail?
    A smile from a veil?
    Do you think you can tell?

    Did they get you to trade
    Your heroes for ghosts?
    Hot ashes for trees?
    Hot air for a cool breeze?
    Cold comfort for change?
    And did you exchange
    A walk on part in a war
    For a lead role in a cage?

  35. You are all being systematically eliminated not only by chem-trails, but by your food, your drink, and your mind-numbing TV has made it so you will NOT EVEN DEFEND YOURSELVES!

    Your planet is being made “more like the planet of your new hosts”, in front of your very eyes! They, the new inhabitants, have increased background radiation tremendously, cooled down the planet, have sterilized and neutered your so called ‘Western Civilization’ populations, which are not growing. They are shrinking!
    You are being “conquered” by the ‘soon to be here in mass numbers’, new inhabitants of this planet.
    NOT ‘your’ PLANET! This planet, for the taking!

      • R. Manninski can i get one your tin foil hats sounds better then mine, I really need 2 its not much to ask . Cheers

      • Dear, dear Zen, I feel that I am a fellow traveler from another star and that this war has been going on far longer than anyone would care to remember. I believe these beings all would rather destroy beautiful earth if they cannot control and dominate her.At least we are still here for now.I am Christian and I do give thanks for Jesus Christ showing us the way and dying for us.I happened to open the bible at Leviticus 26:19 and found this”I will break the pride of your power; I will make your heavens like bronze and your earth like bronze” if we do not walk in His ways and turn from Him. It also says in 26:29 “you shall eat the flesh of your sons, and you shall eat the flesh of your daughters”, which is apparently what is happening in North Korea right now.Now I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I do hope and pray for a global repentance , and that all would receive Jesus Christ. Could it be that all of these pilots are actually doing God’s will and that only He can stop them?

      • Here I go again.
        We have a sundance on our property and we stare at the sun for long periods of time. When I had my eyes checked four years ago, the optician said I had scarring due to sungazing.
        Last year, there was no scarring. Crazy!
        You know why?
        The sun is spiritually alive and responds to loving prayers.
        Some Indian people, I know have been sundancing for fifty years, they have great eyesight.

        A word of warning, sungazing requires a special state of mind and an understanding of what your are doing.
        If you go outside and stare at the sun, it will damage your eyes. It is a spiritual state of awareness that protects you.
        Pray to the sun, the sun of god.
        One Love528hz

  36. Chemtrails block the sun, yes, but it’s much worse than that. The earth’s atmosphere is now an electrically charged plasma full of metals, and so are our own bodies from breathing in these unnatural substances all these years. Worse yet are Clifford Carnicom’s latest findings that the nano toxins in chemtrails in our blood are REDUCING OUR ABILITY TO ABSORB OXYGEN. In other words, a long, slow kill.

  37. Here in Austin, Texas the spraying of aerosols is now heavier than I’ve seen over the past five years. There are many days that start out clear and end up with a manufactured mass of “something” covering the sky. I’ve identified 12 jets involved in this operation at any given time. This is just during the daylight hours. When night falls the aerosols spraying continues well into the early morning hours. After many years of this it appears to be causing huge drought areas all over Texas. If it is meant to be cloud seeding to cause rain, it’s a total failure. If the objective is to create drought, then it’s a total winner. Obviously it’s not an operation to kill people fast or I’d be dead already after five years of observing. Whatever the case, it is very bad and getting much worse in this area.

  38. all right folks — need your help again.

    this BRAVE mother is not buying da switch (I can’t convert currencies! maybe it’s a good $eal – I don’t know – looks expensive)




    I don’t know. I’ve been gullible most of my life — too trusting, I guess. then I get paranoid to try to balance the gullibility…. hell this MOTHER got a bad vibe from the baby monitors when they first came out. I shut that thing off after one day!



  39. finally figured out how to upload some pics I’ve taken. I know there’s a message in there somewhere. Most of the time it’s just straight lines that slowly turns the ski into various shades of white…

    “at first just ghostly, then turns a whiter shade of pale..

    check out the pics here: http://blondesense.blogspot.com/

  40. I have heard that many Seniors in Florida are dying or bing killed because of these dangerous chemicals being dropped over head on the. Those with weak immune systems are developing serious RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS WHICH LEAD TO DEATH FOR MANY OF THE.

  41. It’s simple. FAILING MAGNETIC SHIELD and SHRINKING ATMOSPHERE OF EARTH is what they are trying to mitigate. Look Up a Youtube video called “Energy From Space” by Suspicious0bservers and it will explain this all. SORRY THEY ARE NOT TRYING TO KILL YOU doomtards. By spraying metallic aerosols in the air they help shield the Earth from harmful solar radiation that pours in during solar storms. We wouldn’t need chemtrails if we were getting proper amounts of atmosphere expanding flares from the sun. Currently the sun is suppose to be in Solar Max but it’s acting as if it is in Solar Min. Please do your research. Thank you to all those that seek real truth.

    • Well, they are barking up the wrong tree. There is a shift underway and the sun is changing and we have to vibrationally change with it. Spraying poison is not going to help.
      Temper your vibrations. There is going to be another Separation.
      Last time we fell, we lost the Faerie worlds and our multi dimensional consciousness.
      That’s what Jeshua came to show us, who we really are. He has nothing to do with the demonic religion in his name.
      This timeline is heading for Mordor.
      One Love528hz

      • Yes the sun is changing and it’s caused by an energetic change in our Universe. Regardless of what you believe of another seperation… What I’m here to say is that when we run around telling sheeple that chemtrails are real and they are intended to kil/poison us, we look crazy and they refuse to believe anything associtated with that lunacy. So we would all do this community a service if we did research and came to logical conclusions. Then you could show them with SCIENCE why they are spraying. Then sheeple will believe and that’s when progress will be made. By yelling “THEY’RE TRYING TO KILL US!” we are playing right into these elite’s plans to discredit this information. Thank you.

        • The research is done. Belfort Study, a big one also called ‘don’t talk about the weather’ at archive.org is huge. It’s four hours but you can start at any point in the vid unlike the yutube. I Send people to the site geoengineeringwatch.org as this article says. Put it on notes to give people then you don’t have to yell. Also put on a link to this article. That’s easy enough. Do your part to get out the information.
          Thanks for this zen.

      • I wonder if ‘Jeshua’ is also the same one of whom the Inca’s referred to as ‘Viracocha’? Wouldn’t surprise me. Whatever, whoever he/they are, we need them back, stat.

        I don’t think we’re coming to the beginning of Mordor, but rather, to the very end of it…. the conclusion of which ain’t gonna be pretty by a mile.

      • Elva is on the money. Read my comment: 42. The sun is undeniably changing (sunspot norms are GONE). Schumann resonance is changing, going up. Frequencies raising. The north pole isn’t anywhere near north any more, and it is moving/dissipating fast. The Matrix trying to keep us down low with it/them. it won’t work, but it WILL make the shift more uncomfortable. it is self-selection time: learn to love or stay here with the Gargoyles as it falls apart and some folks simply disappear.

    • That’s nice an all, but your explanation of their motives is still just a theory, no more or less than the others offered here. And yes, I watched that video; the maker of which was simply presenting a hypothesis.

      I’m going to guess you’ve never been to Clifford Carnicom’s site? If not, you’ll see there that he doesn’t rely on theory (or what ifs), but empirical, scientific evidence & data which shows that much of what’s in these ‘chemtrails’ happens to be HARMFUL to ALL biological life – that is to say that most of it is indeed TOXIC.

      You are the one who needs to do your research, doomtard/truthseeker.

  42. Zen, I am thankful for your website, and am heartened that so many on this site are awake to the reality of geoengineering and its pernicious effects on all life on this planet. I have lived in Alaska since 1970, and as a 57 year old woman, know the changes in our skies over the past several decades. Alaskan skies are more heavily polluted with chemtrails by the day, as as a teacher of small children this distresses me greatly. Everyone I speak to of the matter thinks I am a quack for suggesting such a conspiratorial idea as the TRUTH above our very heads. God bless us all, and yes I too believe in the healing power of our wonderful sun which is being veiled from sight.

    • Go to geoengineeringwatch.org – he explains why the northern areas get it so bad, moving the jet stream to create ice in the polar region, or so they think. Making a right mess of everything. aircrap.org is good too, and carnicominstitute – lots of great folks with things you may be able to show some of those folks.

  43. I agree with the global dimming issue which is anywhere from 20% to 60% based on the geographic area. However Chemtrails and Geoengineering are cooling the planet NOT warming. It is a known fact that volcanoes eruption that cools the planet. Chemtrails and Geoengineering have the same effect.

    Please note that Contrail science does not apply to chemtrails and or geoengineering since they contain different composites.

    For more please see this:


  44. This is, as usual, a multi-tiered operation full of misinformation, disinformation and half truths. Nothing happens in our skies or on Earth without God’s permission, so most importantly: this is allowed to happen.

    That said, our skies first and foremost are being sprayed to block God’s miracles of creation from the inquisitive and philosophical minds that look up at the them.
    Second, it is to create a reflective “TV-like” layer in order to project images to stage some type of faked global event (UFO invasion, the Apocalypse, etc). And third,
    to kill the planet’s natural life cycle and replace it with a sentient quantum computer that will run global finance, education, weather and agriculture. With genetically modified crops that don’t need bees, rain on demand and micro chipped population for full financial and educational control. Someone is trying
    to simulate God on His own turf, so…good luck I say. Look what happened to every other civilization that tried defying God. All you have to do is roam the planet and look at
    the ruins found everywhere.

    Good news is that evil (which is what goes against God’s system) will not win. So relax. There will be no dystopian future with a completely controlled and fascist global
    government with a small elite served by the mind controlled slave masses. Be sure that our foolish leaders are only allowed to go so far (most likely longer than most of us can handle)
    to test all of our faith in the only One and true God. Just always remember that there is only one true Creator and God, so don’t be fooled by these technologically fantastic antics performed by
    our so called brethren/leaders. They are foolish, scared and deluded by their own so called greatness. A greatness that was created with lies and deception.

    Sounds like someone else we know that was the cause of our fall from heaven that has again deluded them/us. As above so below, right?

    Well, history is about to repeat itself, except this time we are on the inverse of what happened in Genesis. Who knows, this cycle/process might be a forever-repeating-cycle that
    the secret societies among us have found a way to pass this knowledge down throughout the times and ages. The whole scenario and cycle might also be just part of the “program”. We can only speculate.

    Whatever the Truth is, I choose God and not the godlessness fed to me by the modern education system that monopolizes philosophies and forces us to filter all observations of the
    cosmos through the Copernican model and all observations of biology through the Darwinian model. We are not allowed to choose our own perspective or philosophy when conducting scientific
    observational experiments. That is how our reality is controlled at the ultimate level: Human observation is filtered through controlled philosophical systems dictated to us by our overlords. Besides that, the beauty about our place in the Universe and the minds we possess is that we can prove anything. We can connect any series of events to prove a specific theory, conduct thought experiments to preserve a system, but also use mathematics to prove that all perspectives are mathematically equal. Choose a perspective and watch it flourish. Isn’t that a miracle in itself? Isn’t that what creation is?

    There is a reason why everything in the cosmos is pointed towards us. Someone wants us to see these miracles and signs of Creation. Someone wants us to question because questioning invites deep thoughts (mathematics) that progress Humanity into even deeper mysteries (science) which ultimately bring believers only closer to God, while it repels and scares the unbelievers to figure a way out of God’s reach. Nevertheless, both strive for more technological progress. As one tries to get closer to God and the other tries to escape God, civilization
    reaches a point where it’s time to reset…again.

    When a new civilization roams the new Earth, will our remnants still be around for them to see? Probably. Our past civilizations were used as an example for us to observe, so will the remains of ours be used as an example for the newbies to see?

    Again, I choose God. He is the only Infinite Truth that continually creates the Universe for all of us to be born, live, enjoy, co-create and then rejoin Him. Do we become Angels, live in heaven or hell or come back to participate again?

    All I know is that even if there is no life after death like we are told and we encounter a dark and cold void, it will only be temporary. Very soon we will remember there is no such thing as a “void”, and it
    will be filled with the omnipresence of God like it always has been and always will be.

    God bless you and protect you all.

  45. I have noticed that there is more moss/mold around than in previous years. Evidence of sun-blocking.

    And this – what frequency range do the nano-particles of metals in the chem aerosols block?

    It is of course the UV band around 40 Angstroms, which is the “violet” color range.

    Interesting thing – the violet ray is the love frequency, the higher, evolutionary “awakening” frequency that moves us out of fear and into harmony.

    they are blocking the violet ray, people. IN fact – 42 Angstroms in particular is being blocked.

    Now – homework. Go out on the web and start looking at “42” as a metaphysical/esoteric number and you will be freaking AMAZED. You will also learn WHY they are blocking 42 Angstroms specifically.

    Hint – Tin Man / Rainbow Bridge / Oz

  46. The real reason for blocking the Sun is because of the fear of

    melanoma. Melanoma is increasing. Now many may not know that the

    “elite” hate any people who have more than their designated amount of

    so called “black blood”(ability to produce melanin). Most white

    people fall into this category as of course all of the visible darker

    people on this planet. They are already killing the black peoples

    everywhere they go, using biological warfare(started in those days

    with the “smallpox blankets”). This warfare is carried out by

    apparent help groups like the World Health Organisation who

    surreptitiously inflict darker peoples with a varying amount of

    diseases. Tasmania is a result of their devious practices, and they

    intend to do this world wide.

    They intend to clean the Earth from black people and those white

    people who they deem to have too much “black blood”, leaving only a

    certain (more controllable)amount to be used as modern slaves.

    If you think i am crazy, all you have to do is really research the

    real history of this planet, and you will see a war that has been

    going on for a very long time. Be aware that white skin is not a safe

    passage, they determine who they class as “pure”, that is having the

    minimal amount of so called “black” blood for their survival. Yet,

    they need it to survive. The thought of this need is really making

    them psychotic as they really hate with a vengeance.

    All you need to do to realise this, is to just open your eyes, and

    shut them to the propaganda that is broadcast daily, weekly, yearly

    into your brains via controlled media. Through this they create a

    sort of buffer using the lighter skin colours to keep the darker

    skin colours from them the so called “pure” ones.

    If anyone thinks that Hitler was acting alone, then you have not

    studied history, the same agenda is continuing, just a little more

    secretly. Most do not know that the main people who were burnt and

    gassed were so called “Gypsies”. Just check out the real story of the

    origins of these people and you will start to realise what is really

    going on.

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