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They Shoot Children, Don’t They?


by Zen Gardner

There’s no way an irate parent goes around shooting children, whatever cockamamie story line they come up with. I don’t care what they say. Something’s amiss and it’s almost always mind control that’s involved. Legislation and/or executive orders banning guns are just waiting to be signed, so just watch the furor over this horrific school shooting in Connecticut get whipped into a frenzy and unilateral call for gun control.

They’ve been building their case for this a long time, and clearly stepped it up with these staged shootings over recent months.

Notice how they always pull stuff around Christmas every year for maximum emotional effect. There will be more, you can be sure. Usually a false flag phony terror plot “discovered” by the FBI. But this year they may just let one fly. Who knows.

Connecticut Elementary School Shooting: 27 People Dead Including 18 Children

At least 26 people are dead – including 18 children – after a gunman who is believed to be a student’s father opened fire today at an elementary school in Connecticut.

Police were dispatched to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown after they received reports of shots being fired by a gunman in the main office of the school at 9.41am.

There are preliminary reports a student’s father, who is believed to be 20-years-old and from New Jersey, was the shooter. He was killed at the scene though it is unclear if he shot himself or was brought down by an officer. (more)

Not the First Time They Target Children

The Oklahoma City false flag bombing is probably the most blatant use of child murder for the purpose of impact. Again, a mind controlled fall guy was set up to be the patsy while the government’s agents and their handlers who pulled it off go scot free. Again, to demonize a targeted group, that time being so-called “extremist” groups in America.

Look at all the youth killed in the Norway shootings while police conveniently dawdled around as the patsy killer stalked his prey.

But school shootings are a favorite. Look at Columbine. Another total cover up when several professional accomplices were spotted by witnesses and nothing was done about it. Same with the Colorado shootings and the attack on the Sikh congregation. Anything come of it? No. Lone shooter bullshit once again. Same with the JFK murder, the lone gunman is an easy fix. And just to be sure the imagined lone gunman gets killed in almost every case so there’s no finding out what really happened. The Colorado shooter lived so they had to drug him up so bad the world could even see it.

They’re Cold Blooded Killers – Professional Mass Murderers

We live in a world controlled by very wicked elements who will do anything to further their designs. The horror is not as much with those who carry out these atrocities as with  those who orchestrate these crimes.

And war on the innocent is the perfect example.

Here’s the callous CFR witch former Secretary of State Madeline Albright justifying the murder of over HALF A MILLION Iraqi children as collateral damage. Unbelievable.

Need I say more?

Be careful out there. Something wicked this way comes, from several directions. Don’t be part of it.

In spite of that, live in peace. Real peace.

Love, Zen

P.S. Sure enough, another shooter has been reported. Watch that story disappear!

P.P.S. Here we go with the gun control screed… Game’s on…


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  1. Thank you, Zen. It is, in my opinion, the last great battle between Light and Dark in energies that are extremely intense and will both increase as we head towards the end of 2012 and duality disintegrates. There is no doubt in my heart/mind that these attacks are mind-controlled and reptilian-instigated. Knowing that, it is imperative to continue to stay centred, to go in peace, and hold the light/love energies. It is synchronistic that readers here have just spent a few days contemplating compassion and now the test arrives. My heart is with us all for indeed we are all One. Love, A.

    • You’re right, the rift widens. We’ll be seeing this more and more for some time. When things descend into chaos in some places it will be harder for people to see it, but that’s only an outward manifestation of what’s already going on now in spirit. I hope people don’t have their hopes up too high for something major on the exact solstice, as like I said it’s real but essentially a marker. It’s human nature to look to an “event” but life is a series of events of all types and sizes so we’re already in it. It’s like people looking forward to eternal life. Oxymoron or what? We’re already streaming an eternal life, ha! It will just continue on when this density existence is terminated individually and collectively. Anyway, musing away here. Love you, Zen

  2. All I can do is to keep burning the fire of Love and Light…..unfortunately this will get worse before better. But better, it will get.
    Remain fluid my friends.

  3. I’m holding my breath until i can’t hold it any longer to exhale Love, Compassion and Peace. Whew …. Thank you Zen for confirming what went through my mind when i read about this. Did any one see wet tears on the messiah’s face?

  4. Magnetic Ribbons and the Yellowcake of Faith

    When we wake puking shame
    at last, and know the dream
    for sham, embraced en masse…
    When bells that rang victorious
    hang mute, their tarnished claims
    ignored in disrepute, and
    bitter sons, having been all they
    could be, can’t wish back innocence
    or the leg below the knee…

    (This brash regime’s trimmed reason
    from its ranks, its black guard
    in the street, protecting flanks.)

    …then will we heed the schemers’
    gloating leer? “There’s no future,
    for dissidents, here.”
    Row on row, with hand
    in trembling hand, it’s come to this:
    We dreamers need to stand.


  5. Gentle people, remember; evil is fundamentally stupid. Why? because it lacks heart, where the real intelligence is. Whatever they do, they are at a distinct disadvantage. It takes courage to embrace compassion in the midst of the onslaught, courage born from the heart.
    I’m so happy to be here among you right now!

  6. it’s obvious that hidden hands are at work here. there is no way that one person was involved here. and yes gun control is the agenda. once that’s established then population control is next. do you think americans are going to sit silent when economy collapses and their lives are ruined. the only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because the amount of arms available in the hand of ordinary citizens. if americans weren’t armed we would have been in FEMA camps years ago.

    • The fed’s have been arming themselves to the teeth. The PTBs want civil war over this, while they scoot the scene. Kill and bury each other. Their stated plan is one will bury 9. Sick bastards. Hope people wise up, but they have too many in the slosh wagon…drinking their swill like it’s food for thought. Sad sad sad. Be prepared. And maybe get the hell outta here.

  7. These “people” are not called “The Masters of Illusion” for nothing. How much is actually “real”, or at least as real as our so-called reality gets, and how much is stage magick for the benifit of the profane “masses” used to control and herd them all the better?
    Time is short and getting shorter all the while. Desperate people do desperate things, and these “folks” are desperate indeed to achieve their one world and at the same time, feed energy to their dark masters.

  8. Sorry, I don’t agree with this…Even when Americans have all their guns “NOT TAKEN AWAY” they are losing their freedom, every day…The biggest mistake we make is to “THINK ELITES ARE STUPID”…don’t you think…they would have thought this already?
    Lets think this through guys….What can guns do in this age of asymmetric warfare..Nothing…..The elites are 1 million years ahead of us….”They take your freedom away by giving you the guns not taking it away…They control you by spraying chem trails, fluoride and GMO’s…thats how the battle is won, while we stick to the old age grandpa notion that guns will protect us…

    We need to really wake up and be smart. Guns have NO power, in this day and age….They are taking your freedom away by the minute, while you hold on to your guns…The game has changed my friends….The war is not fought with guns anymore…

    • freedom was taken away along time ago threw taxation.Remember there is a steel cage with your name on it if you don’t pay , a man with a gun will come get you! The gun in your face is on of the greatest system built on faith. Question is do you have faith in your government? Stop buying the illusion and you win!

      • brian You know I and I beieve all childred are sons of God. The Iraqi childred the afganisitani's childred, the palestinian children


        Good God
        God good luck to you all!

    • Ahem.
      If the firearms in the hands of the people were not a threat to the elite, there would be no effort to remove them You are flat out wrong, these “people” want the guns very badly- Blood, fire, death; these are their calling cards.


  9. I’m a long time reader of Zen and have thoroughly enjoyed many articles written on this website. However, to politicise the death of children in this manner is absolutely appalling. You are suggesting that this tragedy had pre-meditated organisation from a centralised command structure. You are then using that assumption to attack gun control; a political agenda. If you are going to make such assumptions regarding the death of innocent children to push your own ideaology, it would be nice if you could provide a shred of evidence for your contention. If not, you are comitting the kind of warped manipulation you so strongly decry with the most vulnerable as the currency of choice.

        • Oh and Zen I should say; take a hike? Iv’e read many articles on this website and strongly agreed with them. I disagree with the tone and construction of one piece and I’m no longer welcome on the website? What kind of organisation are you running?

          • Ha..you are a crack(er) up! See my response just up. If he’s free and clear then he was channeling…must be a reason. – Z

          • OK, Max—let’s deconstruct this:
            “I’m a long time reader of Zen and have thoroughly enjoyed many articles written on this website. However, to politicise the death of children in this manner is absolutely appalling. You are suggesting that this tragedy had pre-meditated organisation from a centralised command structure. You are then using that assumption to attack gun control; a political agenda. If you are going to make such assumptions regarding the death of innocent children to push your own ideaology, it would be nice if you could provide a shred of evidence for your contention. If not, you are comitting the kind of warped manipulation you so strongly decry with the most vulnerable as the currency of choice.”
            #1. I have politicized everything from A to Z. What bugs you about this one? Follow the logic. You’ve been bitten by the emotional bug just as they wanted a la 9/11.
            #2. Suggesting “this tragedy has premeditated organization”. Are you kidding me? What’s the new world order or elites or PTBs all about? Please! That’s all over my site.
            #3. Making “assumptions regarding the death of innocent children to push your own ideaology”. Again, you read this site for real? Can you see how that’s hard to believe? But since the readers here will see this conversation I’d like to make it plain and simple and expose this whole argument.

            Did you even notice anything about Gaza, Oklahoma City, and the use of killing children? It may seem I’m missing your point but I’m not. You’ve got to understand all this from a much larger, more informed perspective, and approach everything from a sense of knowledge, which is why I refer to the incidents I site in the article.

            Again, if you’re sincere I apologize for being so strong worded, but you’ll just have to understand. There’s a very real world in need of very real help and screwing around with semantics or hurt feelings really have no place. The powers that be have no scruples, pls. get that.
            Sorry if you were innocently asking, I don’t go off like this normally, but you hit a button.
            Love, Zen

          • Max , I am just going to point out the “tabasco sauce on your fish dish you served up .1″You are suggesting that this tragedy had pre-meditated ” just (accusing).2″You are then using that assumption to attack gun control;” (direct finger pointing)!3″If you are going to make such assumptions regarding the death of innocent children ” (full out aspersion).4″you are comitting the kind of warped manipulation you so strongly decry with the most vulnerable as the currency of choice.” (thrown under a bus ! ) That would leave my cornhole burring too

    • * …another shining example of our ‘dark passenger’,…ye old “cognitive/dissonance”-at work here, obfuscating the ‘BIG’ picture again.
      …ie: two conflicting thoughts to chew on & drive you crazy….time to finally “GET IT!”…OK?- Max!

  10. ……..!!!!????:( We are up against monsters! Remember that should you ever look into their eyes!

    Peace and Protection from the Source!!!! Please, Please, Please, take care of yourselves and eachother!!!!

    Sean (Eaglehart)

  11. Zen, thanks for not “forgetting” the past. I am constantly stupified by how TPTB can continue to go on record, on video with frightening statements, yes on camera, and spill their fanatically evil souls to absolutely zero blowback from the MSM/comatose population.

    Ah, yea, did anyone remember Madeline Albright’s wicked confession? Response from the world? Zero. Hillary Clinton – “We came, we saw, he died” a la Gaddafi and that other freakshow interview with James Baker. Response from the world? Yea, again, Zero! Lucky Larry “Pull It” Silverstein. Ah, no, I didn’t mean pull the building, I meant pull the firefighters. Yup, sure you did Larry, cause that makes sense. Response from the MSM/the world? Zero. One of the few brave souls willing to confront these demons head on – Luke Rudowski – confronts Albright, Silverstein, et. al and HE is the one that gets forcefully carried out by the gestapo protecting the very demons who are destroying the planet and its inhabitants.

    So thanks Zen for picking up the slack for the cowards of the universe. This stuff needs to be put in permanent record so that many years from now our progeny knows the full truth about what happened, who fought for truth and who tried to circumvent it.

    Much love….

  12. I’m very relieved to find Zen and others have the exact same suspicions as I. Because the rest of the media is trying to fabricate the ‘Lone Nut’. I totally agree. No parent would ever EVER EVER think of killing a classroom full of children. And I don’t need to explain the Hegelian P/R/S modis operandi to have the citizens demand that the second amendment be altered.

    • Watch a whole lot more get rammed through than just gun control. Keep your eyes peeled, this is a whopper and they’ve got the emotional imprimatur to “get away with murder”..

    • In Germany we have strict gun control and still we have shootings. Not as much as in the USA but we have them after all.
      Who really wants to run amok will find a way.

      Another thought: How often do the news present terrorists who could be stopped by the Secret Services (who were hired/supported by them in the first place…)?
      Just thinking of the German NSU-scandal that’s not cleared up yet.

    • “Curious, you humans glorified organized violence for centuries, yet you imprison those who employ it privately”.


  13. I had heard that in Nazi Germany, one of the ways they were able to abduct people so easily is because they got people to turn in their guns. Has anyone heard that?

    • Yes. Do a search on that. There’s a poster showing the genocidal totalitarian regimes that banned guns. It’s part of their process. The 2nd amendment was to prevent another tyrannical take-over.

    • Yes, I have read this and also remember that it was neighbor’s tattling on each other in many cases and they had no intention of saving the neighbor from being taken away. It took the Nazi’s 3 weeks to totally own Poland. They zipped through almost every every European country except Switzerland – in which most of the homes had a least one rifle, since most of the people were part of their defense. Bad guys stay away from people and things that may kill or injure them and go for the weak link.

      I am not for guns, but until the PTB’s are disarmed and their kind is eliminated from Earth, the guns unfortunately will serve their purpose.

      • People never study history, they act as if bloodshed and violence began when guns were invented.
        In one of the Punic Wars (when Hannibal advanced nearly to the gates of Rome) some 50,000 Roman soldiers were killed in a single day’s battle- nearly as many as the USA lost in 10 years fighting in Vietnam, and that last with modern weapons.
        Look up the “Crusade” against the French Cathars, tell me how many were slaughtered…

        • I was just referring to what is happening now. The possible threat from attack by the PTB’s will come with automatic weapons in hand mounted on modern armored vehicles or planes/ helicopters of which someone with a computer and joy stick thousands of miles away from you can unleash it’s payload on you, where you won’t have to be buried, the animals can eat your bite sized scraps, is what we are dealing with today.

          Killing and war are gruesome whether it was with laser and sound weapons a hundred thousand years ago,swords and arrows 2000 years ago or guided bombs and nuclear weapons of today that keep on killing for many generations to come.

          Keep focused in the Now, the past is good to know, but use it as a reference of what not to do. now.

          Over 37 million deaths were attributed to World War I and 66 million deaths were attributed to World War II. This includes civilian and military. The next World War will be in the Billions.

          People have not had this kind of killing power at their finger tips since way before the Roman’s.

  14. For what is worth – and I am female (for what that is worth!) My first reaction to this latest shooting was, “Here we go again – who did they mind fuck this time” and second thought was, “They are trying to push the gun control thing again”. I am learning to trust my intuitions, they don’t lie. First gut feeling is usually right on the money. Peace, Love & Awareness – don’t buy into their game – be an observer and keep radiating love & light.

  15. Zen, notice that I have not at any stage disagreed with your proposition. I am open to the idea that this attack was a random psychotic act, just as I am open to the idea that it is an orchestrated attack. I have only questioned whether it is appropriate at this stage to assume for certain that this attack is of a false flag nature. Your belief that it is CERTAINLY a false flag attack fits your agenda. So whether you are correct or incorrect, it is potentially grotesque to use a crime of this nature to run a personal agenda. To awnser your question it is the fact that this was a crime against children that would make me reluctant to immediately use it to fit my agenda. I would want to be certain (evidence) before making such insinuations. This attack has only just passed: how can you hope to fully understand what has happened immediately? If I am ignorant, you tell me: How thoroughly have you looked into this? Inform me and send me some evidence.

    • Funny, “I would want to be certain (evidence) before making such insinuations.” You didn’t even say conclusions, I can’t even insinuate now.

      Bin Laden was declared the perpetrator of 9/11 half an hour after it happened, and a staged “bystander” had the pancaked towers meme on air the same morning. You think I have an agenda? Ha! Well, I do, to expose these bastards. And if I applied their MO and blueprint on this event prematurely for you, I’m sorry it ruffled you. I think most will see I’m making a point, as well as most likely right.

      No, I don’t have the “facts” nor will they most likely ever be known in this manipulated matrix, which is another part of my point. It just struck me that shooting small children is way off the charts and with the timing after the football player murders and media machine kicking up the way it did I went off on it. And don’t regret it. In this manipulated millieu that’s a pretty safe default position.

      The main thrust of that short article is how they have murdered children to get this emotional impact in the past, many times over, so it’s not beyond them in the least to do something this horrific. The shock value is what they’re looking for and using, similar to 9/11. “How dare you think our own government could do this to us? (Clinton’s words literally one time a 9/11 “Truther” challenged him —“How dare you…” playing on that very vibe.) Similar to “How insensitive at a time of such tragedy?!” And he’s the guy under whose watch the massacres in both Waco and OK City were perpetrated. That’s how they work it. We’re up against unfathomable evil, and mowing down innocent children in a peaceful little town is well within their scope of operation, whether the guy was on drugs, mind control, both or what. He’s dead, conveniently. And if it’s a random act of insanity, they’ll use it just the same. It just reeks of Columbine and host of other such incidents.

      As far as personal agenda, that strikes me so strange. Again, if you follow my site I think anyone would agree my agenda is to get the truth out in a backwards world, to expose the workings of this manipulated lie we’re living in so people can be free from its entanglements, while trying to encourage and help people see the ever-present “happy ending” if you will. If I have some “agenda” other than that you wouldn’t see the people you do who visit this site. They have really good bullshit detectors which is what brought them here in the first place. And I don’t have to “prove” anything regarding what has already been made manifest. And once you’ve seen the pattern, the whole idea is to apply it to spot other manipulations. Not just so I can say I’m right, it’s to bring conscious awareness to new levels. That’s where our empowerment comes from.

      Again. Put the whole article in context Max. The point is, they murder children, and then like Obama or Clinton or whoever cry crocodile tears to take it to the house. Just about anyone in the alternative community will have the same reaction as me. Yeah, I stuck my neck out on it. Maybe it was a guy gone nuts and an isolated case. But I seriously doubt it, so much so I said what I said. As soon as I saw that story break it stank. I feel sorry for the innocents too, Max. It’s horrific. And that’s exactly how these bastards operate, which is why I put in that list of atrocities capped off by that evil callous Albright saying 500,000 dead Iraqi children is worth it. That’s how they operate.
      That’s the agenda you should keep your eyes on Max.

      Anything goes wrong in their point of view and they’re the first to scream “terrorists did it!” We scream “it was orchestrated” as was clearly the case in Colorado and the Sikh temple shootings, Ft. Hood and so many other similar incidents where multiple shooters were reported yet the lone gunman gone nuts meme prevailed every time, and we’re hooted down for being “oonspiracy nuts”.
      See how it works? Watch your mind and emotions, don’t let anything manipulate you with them…..including me.
      You got your emotions played..as intended…as will most Americans. It keeps you from clear, conscious awareness. Same with this “we need all the facts first”. Don’t you know we’ll never get them? We’ll get what they want us to get, period. If a big black SUV drives up and a bunch of guys in MIB outfits step out, I’m not giving them the “benefit of the doubt cuz I’m not sure”..I’m outta there. We can’t be like deer caught in the headlights like the rest. We have to operate from the heart. The whole matrix is a lie.

      Now watch the gun laws come in and a host of other draconian control measures. All for power. Talk about capitalizing on the death of innocents.

      • Yes Zen, yes. This level of evil can no longer be afforded any level of slack. Look at 9/11 – 11 years on now and we’re still “asking” for another investigation after about 3456 inconsistencies/outright in your face lies. And we’re ASKING for an investigation? Right. You gotta be joking me. And yes, again just like 9/11 look how quickly the official story came out from TPTB/MSM. They somehow know everything and exactly how it happened in about 13 seconds. To me that’s a bright red flag and as soon as we see those flags we need to call them out on it, period. Oh, and may I add GWB’s words to your citation of Clinton above: “We cannot tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories”. Sure Georgie boy, sure.

        • Yeah, another investigation. As if. Would be like the OJ trial anyway–they’d find something to hinge their anti-theory on and “if the conspiracy don’t fit, they must acquit”. But it would air a lotta stuff, that’s why they’ll never do it. The world court might do something, but again, everyone’s in the cabal’s pockets so if that ever happened we’re talking a major political shift will have had to take place. Maybe after the crash and coming take down.
          But who needs a trial? The evidence is clear. I ain’t waiting on any jury to weigh in, not on anything. We’re on our own and need to operate by heart radar in this surreal dystopia.

          • Again Zen, exactly. That’s the sobering yet utterly refreshing conclusion one must draw – we are completely on our own. I have not so recently realized that we will never be told the truth about anything from anyone in any institution anywhere on the planet. Think about that for a moment and see if it is not indeed the truth. Everyone is lying and no one will ever tell us the truth – the bankers, the politicians, the MSM, big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Bio, Big Oil, all the other billion-dollar corporations, our educators, our religious leaders, law enforcement, the judiciary. It’s insane – we are completely on our own here. So, for the 6 billion plus of us that are not corrupt, those who don’t have “distinguished” titles, outrageous levels of power and fantastic amounts of wealth, it’s time we acknowledge that and reach out for each other’s hands to unite in unconditional love as one humanity and end this super sad period in the planet’s history. It will never come from them, it must come from us.

  16. I just started sipping my first cup of coffee and reading these comments when a couple of thoughts came to me. One, in discussing the event with my religious wife I gave mind-control as the only logical explanation for the slaughter of innocents. Why? They feed on fear and control, their timing is always to cover something up that we should know about. The headlines will take care of that for days.
    The second thing was a dream I had in the night. There were four persons in a room, a mother with an adolescent daughter, myself and Obama. O was naked and strutting about the room fondling himself in front of the mother and daughter. I screamed at him that I would turn him in because of his public exposure. I then woke up.
    I don’t know if this was prophetic but it might have been–we’ll see.

    • Exactly, Hal. Always look around when they’re obviously capturing our attention. You can bet there’s massive moves towards the coming Syria invasion, political and financial goings on, and tons of documents/laws/executive orders lining up to be shoved through.
      Interesting dream. How apt is that picture of the “cocky” Obummer. He’s very likely had mind control programming, having been with the CIA and hand groomed all these years. Most of those turkeys are to varying degrees, and probably don’t even know it. That’s how they keep the leash on. Getting Obama to cry about those kids is just a trigger word away. Clinton’s a doozy of a subject. Ah, the matrix. A very bad joke.

  17. Zen, saw a video report that police believe over a 100 shots were fired. From 2 hand guns? The plot thickens!

  18. Am I the only one who points out that most if not all these “shootings” are sanitized, maybe even drills? No evidence ever emerges other than testimony doled out by shills? No audio,video photographs are shown so we can know these things actually occur? It seems likely that staged operations are overtime pay and bonuses for the security professionals to practice “forensic” case making? It stops people from thinking about fiscal cliffs and the proliferation of surveillance and proto fascism for sure. Back to the boob tube to await the next horror STORY.

    • See Orson Welles Mercury Theater broadcast of “The War of the Worlds” aka “The Night that Panicked America”. That was done as a trial run with radio in 1938. How much have they advanced since then?

  19. Has anyone heard of hyposis via video game? There’s a video on YouTube of a British hypntotist who convinces a youg man he is a zombie in a video game. Easy enough to convince him he’s a zombie killer, don’t you think?

  20. Thank you for commenting on this, Zen. I instantly knew this had to be a false flag or “staged” act. My radar went crazy! These people are beyond sick. I’m glad to know many of us could see this a mile away, knowing how these monsters operate.

    • …I mean mind control like the “batman” incident. Btw, sorry about the double post. I thought the first one didn’t take.

      • Goes all the way back to the “Texas Tower Sniper” in 1967.
        ALL of these events are staged and a part of the “Ultra” program, our current fuerer is a card carrying member of it.

  21. Hello all. I’ve been reading/lurking on this site for a few months now and I have felt a persistent resonance with the comments and the articles posted here and subsequently keep returning. This thread convinced me that you are the real deal Zen. Thank you for your efforts. May the creator Bless You.


    • TX Steve-the reality is in you. You are the presence/reflection of that Truth. Keep on responding to it. It’s a blast! Much love, Zen (way to go jumping in! Just a start!..;)

    So, the “Sandy Hook” & “Aurora” Theater Shootings & the LIBOR Scandal are all connected? Well they are.

    The father of Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza, “Peter Lanza”, was the tax director for General Electric, a corporation that paid -0- taxes on 14.2 billion dollars in profits last year, and He was scheduled to testify in the ongoing global LIBOR scandal.

    The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO, and He too was to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal.

    That’s right, BOTH men were to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal.



    This coincidence is impossible to overlook.
    Two mass shootings connected to LIBOR!

    Will the link be investigated,…will it even get a mention?
    So, the “Sandy Hook” & “Aurora” Theater Shootings & the LIBOR Scandal are all connected? Well they are.

    The father of Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza, “Peter Lanza”, was the tax director for General Electric, a corporation that paid -0- taxes on 14.2 billion dollars in profits last year, and He was scheduled to testify in the ongoing global LIBOR scandal.

    The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO, and He too was to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal.

    That’s right, BOTH men were to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal.






    If we are rendered powerless, what else can we do to confront the tyrants?


    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    ? Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

    “In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”
    ? Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

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