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There is No Such Thing as a Safe Vaccine and There Never Will Be

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Paul Fassa, Natural Society
Waking Times

Making vaccines safe by removing their toxins (greening), or telling people they have a right to look at vaccine ingredients before deciding whether to vaccinate or not may be the politically correct form of vaccination resistance. It does help avoid some of the wrath from vaccination high priests. However, the very nature of our immune systems and what vaccinations do to artificially stimulate immunity makes safe vaccinating an oxymoron.

The Fallacy and Dangers of Artificial Immune Stimulation

Bypassing our normal immune system pathway and inserting an artificial immune response stimulant (vaccination) with or without added toxins has inherent dangers. Few articulate this better than Dr. Suzanne Humprhies.

“The doctor was never taught in medical school how to take care of an immune system, so what you end up with is a whole society, from start to finish, that doesn’t know how an immune system works, that doesn’t know how to take care of it, does not know how to replenish the nutrients and minerals that are needed, when it fails, it’s God’s fault. We need a vaccine. They think Mother Nature is flawed.”

Dr. Humphries explains further that the only thing a vaccine accomplishes as an immune response is the appearance of an antibody, and an antibody is only one small aspect of all the human immunity factors. Injecting diseased matter through the skin into the blood bypasses the normal immune system and creates an immune imbalance that can, and often does, result in infection from the disease it purports to protect.

Dr. Humphries also discusses how infants have a developing immune system. A healthy mother’s breast milk offers the most protection during the baby’s first year (as much as 80% protection), largely by supporting intestinal flora. Injecting them with contaminants within the first few months presents both immediate and long term damage to their developing immune systems.

Other immunity disruptions occur from vaccinations. The result of inter-reacting vaccine ingredients cascading through one’s body is often ill health effects hat show up later if not sooner. The facts are that the USA has the largest childhood vaccination schedule, yet ranks higher in infant mortality and poor childhood health than all other developed nations.

This deathbed statement reportedly made by Pasteur is ignored by the medical mafia: “Bernard (Bechamp) was right; the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.” Unfortunately, killing and artificially “protecting” against germs is more profitable. The trade-off for this illusion of immunity is increased auto-immune disease , vaccine injury, permanent disability, and death.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of WakingTimes or its staff.




  1. Any parent who can’t comprehend the likely ramifications of injecting a foreign serum into their newly born child, should have it taken away.

  2. The reason parents have their children immunised Rollo is because they are told by health practitioners without these vaccines their children may die . Another myth is ‘herd immunity ‘ it is just that a myth . Most new parents are so vulnerable and lacking in knowledge they are able to be manipulated easily . There is a trend now to take newborns into the community immediately instead of avoiding crowded places . Lack of breast feeding , obsession with anti bacterial cleaners ,and being too clean so many things that are not allowing a child’s immune system to be challenged naturally . People are generally afraid to question authority as ‘they’ know best! Parental rights being undermined in favour of state interference are all contributing factors to this situation .
    I was not immunised , all five of my children are vaccine free . I had to fight with Doctors and , health visitors . The fact that I am a nurse practitioner myself actually caused problems as I wouldn’t tow the party line , but then I never have so it didn’t bother me as I will always fight against anything or anyone who tries to control me . Not everyone can or will do this though because fear is a huge factor . I have noticed there is a movement away from vaccinating children ,and parents here in England are starting to refuse and question the need for immunisation .
    The response from government and media is to invent some hideous epidemic . Measles is usually chosen as it is thought to be fatal and strikes fear in all parents . Education and faith in our abilities to parent without state interference is hopefully the answer to this problem , telling people this is a eugenics program …. that’s another thing altogether . Kitty xx

      • Yes we have Rollo , I don’t know what is wrong with us , perhaps we’re too polite to argue or maybe too stupid ? Whatever it is we need to wake up !!!! Kitty XX

      • I did Marshall Matt ! :) it was his research I cited when defending my decision to not immunise my youngest children . I was of course told his research was invalid and I was foolish to believe in his findings . This poor man was pilloried by his peers and the government .it was a savage attack not only on his ability as a scientist but his personal integrity , an attack that was absolutely typical of the kind of smear campaign carried out against anyone who speaks the truth . I believe he has been vindicated as his research has been ‘approved’ now by that same peer group. I had to read dozens of research papers for and against vaccines given to me by my then health visitor . In the end I just told her , my kids my decision , go forth and multiply !! She got the picture !! I have no regrets at all my children are fine , so am I . I think it’s a case of just standing your ground having the courage of your convictions and just going for it . Fear is always the biggest factor in every thing I’m sure of that , once we can get over that nothing can stop us Alex :) Kitty XX

        • * Don’t mess with Mother nature!…she’s a bear when it comes to standing her ground …armed with the clarity of the truth…merry x-mass

  3. A newborn baby is born into the world, absolutely perfect. And the first thing the doctors want to do is inject foreign substances into their bloodstream via a needle. How sick is that??? The first commandment of my personal religion: thou shalt not stick babies with needles. I have a three and a half year-old daughter and a son who’s about to be two, and they’ve never had a single vaccine, and they are doing fabulous. Fuck doctors. Luckily I haven’t got much pressure, because I would grab the needle and jab it in their eyeball before I would let them inject that filth into my children.

    • ! Heyzeus I’d hate to cross you Lol !!!! good for you, if everyone had your spirit we wouldn’t be in the state were in . Everything you have said here is absolutely spot on . Lucky kids :)
      Love Kitty xXx

  4. http://www.whale.to/v/rapp.html

    Link to Jon Rappaport interview with a vaccine developer. Western medicine is trying to compromise yours and your children’s immune system, so you are more susceptible to illness, and they can milk you for all you’re worth until you die. Because they don’t get paid for the healthy folks.

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