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Time Will Tell – But Why Wait For It?


by Zen Gardner

Time is quite the marker within the matrix of this world. Most of us wear a “watch” to track the passing and planning of our lives. We also operate within the “boundaries” of time and watch calendars almost morosely.

Clocks are everywhere. Everywhere. Oppressively so. Most everything is scheduled according to an agreed form of “time” measurement.

This seems practical enough.

But something’s seriously amiss. Where did this ever ticking, ever present paradigm come from? Is it even real? Is it part of some sort of overarching control system?

Even “Science” Weighs In

Ironically enough, in the view of accepted quantum physics time is pretty much a joke. There is ultimately no such thing as time. It’s all now and we live amongst parallel universes. Our projected reality is similarly non-linear which we manifest with our intention.

And has that knowledge entered our day to day reality in spite of the dissemination and popularization of these scientific realities?

I don’t think so.

We just keep marching to the beat of the ticking clock, chiming out its call to blinded duty. “Time is money.” “Sorry, don’t have time.” “Hurry up.” “My days are numbered.” “How long will it take?” “Got some time to kill?”

Time is a nasty master, but a great lens through which to view eternity.


Deadlines and the Time Conspiracy

Look at the utilitzation of the time structure on the world today. You want production? “Put ’em on the clock! Check in, check out. Get on that conveyor belt, we have deadlines to meet!” while the controllers lounge about, eat their flesh, and smoke their cigars. “They’re sheep to be shorn, rats in a maze, cows to be milked, chickens to be plucked.” Speed up the time and you’ll get more eggs too.

“Deadlines can be lifelines” is a pretty cool and often practical expression, as there is a time to just plain get something done; no more loitering about when something needs to get finished. Clearly there’s a “time” for that, at least in this paradigm. Once in a while.

But the emphasis in the current here and now is energy production, survival and fear. All constricting and energy extracting, like time. Staying in line, conforming, regimentation.

Why do they sound bells between classes in schools? Factories are rife with audio and visual prompting. Television is all about “programming” and what time what is on. Tension upon imposed Pavlovian tension.

Something to think about. And how is all this affecting you?


People and Time

This one is particularly interesting, as it strikes at the core of “us” and human nature and its response to these imposed paradigms.

Look how things and people change “over time”. You never know how something or someone may change, we’ve all experienced this. Our kids are perfect examples. We watch them grow and “mature” and then watch the grandkids do the same. Some traits stay the same, others morph, depending on environment, parenting, education, spiritual influences etc.

How our surroundings and most importantly spiritual influences affect us “over time” is important to watch and understand. What moves us where? Why are we doing what we’re doing? And then, “what made (me, you they,) move in this direction?”

Time is the yardstick, but continual change is the reality.


Knowing Now What Time Will Tell

What is so beautiful about the intuitive language of the heart is that you can know things now for their potential effects. Either before they’ve grown to show the good they can accomplish, or before they can do the irreparable damage they were either designed or unintentionally set to do.

This is a key to living consciously and helping to create and stimulate the conscious awakening that heralds the evolving world of Love and Truth we’re experiencing.

We are in charge.  And we need to respond to the prompts of conscious awareness. Now. Those who “waited to see” are now under an oppressive regime over mind, body and spirit of all unawakened mankind.

Waiting for “time to tell” is no more. The time is now.

Surely developments will surface later, but the essentials of day to day decisions and judgements more often than not need not be delayed. Time is short and we need to learn to trust our hearts.


The End of Time?

The really profound aspect of this is the spiritual onslaught on our planet that we’re currently undergoing, of both good and bad vibrations. An important time for all of us to be on our toes. We seem to be under attack and it’s clearly more spiritual than anything. Guard your heart, and help guard your loved ones.

The “end of time” just might be on our doorstep. Or is it an ever ready portal to be used?

So what does “time will tell” really mean?

Do you want to wait that long when you know in your heart the answer already? That’s the issue. Operate from the heart.

Don’t hesitate, communicate….with Truth. Follow your heart. The Truth is always loving, even if it hurts sometimes. Follow on.

Tell it like it is, live it like it is. Because IT IS!

Much love, Zen



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  1. I have been tired of time “for a long time”. It is a shoe that does not fit. Maintaining the illusion is like wearing a hair shirt of old. An end to it here will prove truly refreshing. See you there.

  2. Great work Papa sun shine, Nice to read on a topic that is just as controlling as the Illusion paper money that hold us bound.
    Greenwich Mean Time Bitches! Just think If the holy roman empire can set the worlds history ” encyclopedia Britannica” oh remember those door to door sales people and all university’s except the information.well same thing with time its whats excepted
    Greenwich The Domesday Book records the manor of Greenwich as held by Bishop Odo of Bayeux; his lands were seized by the crown in 1082.

  3. It’s nearly two o’clock in the morning PDT. There are things I can do and can’t do at this time considering that others are sleeping. But one thing that is true, whatever I decide to do, wherever I decide to go, with whomever, someone is going to write an internet article about it making me look to be a lesser person for it.

  4. I haven’t read the post yet. I don’t have enough time at the moment. My first experience with a clock was the one that hung over (or was it under…) the EXIT sign to the hallway from my kindergarten classroom — I don’t think I need to say anything more.

    Once I stopped wearing a watch — especially my sweeping second hand one I wore during my nursing stints to monitor heart rate, my how things changed. I think that’s when I really really woke up. I realized I could tell “time” on my own within a minute or two of “real” time. Never needed an alarm clock to get to various jobs and if “my clock” wasn’t in the same time zone as theirs — I quit! “Time” has always been on my side, never on the flip side


    UNTIL — Sting

  5. RHYME time…
    In this grime time
    of organized war crime
    with their nursery chime
    and caustic rhyme
    I take break time
    for I won’t get in line
    for that soda lime slime.

    • Peek juggles clocks as he walking in.. RhhYYYYYYYME TIME!
      about the clock that keeps you prime like snorting a line with a glass of wine on somes ones dime and look now your flat on your behine ..

      • Peek, why are your rhyme
        always better than mine.
        In this garden’s time,
        can we be partner in crime?
        Show me the line
        and we both could chime.
        Lol 😉

        • Listen here, kids, if you follow along
          Life and our living is just singin’ a song
          There may be a right, and there may be a wrong
          But truckin’ for Truth is us kickin’ the gong!

          So don’t be dismayed, and don’t feel betrayed
          The snakes and the lizards are clearly displayed
          And whether you feel like a bein’ afraid
          Consciousness conquers and the uglies are flayed…

          Yadda dat datta and a yatta dat dee…
          Can’t take the Love for the Truth outta me!

          Love you all! What a great bunch here!! Group hug! Ahhhhhhh 😉

          • Man where fuck did that come from ?????? ( bows down ) That was bad ass! Raw food kicking big time i see .. Loven the rhymes out ya..Killer good

  6. “Everybody’s worried about time, but I just keep that shit off my mind.
    People living in 24 hours clocks, yes we’re on a ride that never stops.”

    Enjoy Dragonfly by Ziggy Marley! :-)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaVxcpefX-0&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    • …a clock ticking. If we had no clocks and mirrors, hoe much happier we would be? We would Watch the Sun Rise and Set, and Life and Death would be the rhythms of breathing in and out?

      I went onto Waking Times today and read the comments related to the articles and guess what?
      another Drew turned up! coincidence i guess, only now i’m starting to think someone is? need to more creative! although i’m very attracted to “My Name is not Normal”

  7. Watch – strange name for something that controls? Watch what? Watch how? Who? Why? Where? and oh, the best one, Watch when? Love, A.

      • Hey, Peek, now tell me, my friend, how can you miss someone whose in your heart? Mmmm? I’ve been watching the Matrix trilogy for the tenth time and freeing my mind! Always here for you, Peek, in the Now. Love, A.

  8. As a kid I had a very hard time learning to tell time. I have only worn a watch for one period in my life for a job I had. I have never liked the digital clocks. I’m always adding the numbers together. I do like the battery run clocks that have hands. I don’t have to put my glasses on to read them. Over the last year or so it seems like time is speeding up. What’s that all about? The clock in the bedroom where I stay when I visit at my mother has one of those Baby Ben windup clocks. Those are the best!

  9. And I just thought of “alarm”. Have you set your alarm? Blasted yourself into wakefulness? It’s not called “alarm” without a reason. Supposed to scare you? Yes, it’s “alarming” out there and Zen is right, What are you waiting for? And about that “fence”, if you’re sitting on it, Morpheous might say, “The fence is in your mind, Neo.” Think “potential realities” instead of “parallel timelines”. We’re always in the Now in 3-D. Don’t have any other choice that I’m aware of, at least not yet. Love, A.

  10. The father opened a small book and began to read the spells listed in their appropriate order, with great care placed upon tone and pronouniation. The father spoke in many tongues, the voices of the demons that inhabit those pages. After 5 minutes the spell was complete. His child was asleep.

    Everything everyone does is magic. People don’t see it because they don’t believe it is magic. People misunderstand. Magic is like a plant that grows, it develops over time. The movies show an immediate result from magic, this cannot be more opposite. The misperception about our true power over magic underlies the power that is given to others.

  11. “Time is the yardstick, but continual change is the reality.” Oh my, the last few years have been nothing but change for me and I’ve been fortunate to be able to live with very few time constraints. As far as “keeping time”, I could never wear a watch – they would lose or gain time and then die after a short period. Same thing with the charge on my phone and computer batteries; they die soon after they’re charged – even when they were new. I’ve also had lights go on and off when I’m around. And I can’t even relay what happened one night when I was getting a fire going in our fireplace. Thank goodness my QT was there to witness it. These phenomenons occur more often now; big uptick in the last 3 years. And my intuitive energies are spot on. Funny – this all really jumped about the same time that my heart palpitations started. It scared me at first, but now I realize my energetic heart is guiding me just fine. Finding our true selves is REALLY fun.

    • Wow Sand. So profound. I hv atrial fibrillation since I was a kid many decades ago. More prominent now in this jacked up society but under control now. Magnesium Taurate is a great suppliment. I’m sure you know lots of electrolytes…fruits and veggies etc. Keep on, you are soooo needed here! Love always, Zen

      • Thanks Buddy. SO sweet and your timing is perfect. It’s good to feel needed. And speaking of being needed, you have Atrial Fib? Well now, that does NOT surprise me one bit, since you’re our little pacemaker (I bet that’s the first time you’ve ever received THAT compliment). You’re heart energy is working overtime. I’m happy to hear you have it under control. I had intermittent palpitations as a kid (many decades ago) too, but was told I was being melodramatic – now I suspect the “intermittent” was post-vaccination or post-dental appointment. Once I discovered I was mercury poisoned, I started taking ample amounts of magnesium (I spray it too). The PTB know exactly the effect mercury and aluminum have on our glutathione production, but I’m onto them. And the veggies? Yesterday, my organic farmer questioned the amount of veggies I was buying, stating, “That’s a lot of produce. You must have a big family?” Hah! Very few of their customers buy 6 lbs. of carrots each week. Let’s just say we love our greens (yum on kale) and carrots.

        Love, love, LOVE all around.

  12. _ the suprachaiasmatic nucleus is purportedly our inside- brain, biological timer…according to our ‘white witch doctors’

  13. Time keeps disappearing and I want to know where it goes. It usually takes a couple of minutes to go up two flights of stairs. These days, I can glance at the clock before going up and take another look at the top and sometimes an hour has gone. It can take a couple of hours to peel and apple. It’s just crazy.

    I’m used to moving outside time when meditating formally but now this time-jumping can happen in any circumstances. Sometimes, it’s downright dangerous. I had a broken wrist and a collection of bruises to prove it. Sometimes I can be aware of coming back in. It feels like flying. Hitting the road surface does not feel like flying… ouch!

    Does anyone know what happens in those missing hours? Is it a form of dimension hopping? I‘m pretty much in the present most of the time but these phases of missing time are happening more often and it’s getting very disconcerting.

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