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Tornado Heading for Air Force Base Terminated by Nexrad Weather Control

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If you’ve followed Dutchsinse at all you’ll know how these so-called weather tracking radar installations are used to direct the weather patterns in conjunction with HAARP and who knows what other technologies.

This is an excellent catch by this researcher and again proves these pathological bastards are playing us like unwitting fools with all of their geoengineering and weather manipulation. Keep your eyes wide open and document everything you can. We certainly won’t get the truth from these maniacs. – Zen





  1. i have already been checking met office satellite images for 2 weeks, and photographing them, i would post some, but i dont know how to submit photo’s on this site.

  2. I would love to get a look at the power grid taps of these sites. That would be the smoking gun. Bet they are well-supplied.

    • They are probably not on the grid, i,m collecting parts to build a free energy motor, i will post a video when its complete, i am already building a free energy heater that will be run by the motor i am building, i got the plans 3 weeks ago, you can view what i am building if you type “creative science and research” in a search engine, and click on “fuellesspower.com”. imagine the motors these bases have built!!

  3. I think one of the biggest obstacles to get through, is that many, in the government, know exactly whats going on. Many, like the researcher above, simply can’t believe, that they do all these terrible things. It speaks to their {politicians]mental states. They are being manipulated, like the puppets they are, having signed on to this destruction. Mind Control, the most maniacal, device, has wiped their Humaness away.

  4. * Unbelieeeevably-beeleevable!…how stupid do they think we are?…whoops!…Oh yeah… they DO think we’re stupid…

  5. For those of you who are still following Dutchsinse know this. I used to follow him quite some time back and his analysis and predictions using siesmic data, harp etc was spot on. Then suddenly he went offline with his youtube account shut down. A week or so later he was back except it wasn’t him, this new guy had a different voice and his analysis was meaningless. I have no doubt this Dutchsinse is controlled opposition and therefore the information he puts out is to take our attention from the real truth going on out there.

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