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Step back and enjoy Max Igan’s powerful take on the big picture. Wonderful food for thought and transcendence. And as Max says, In lak’ech. – Zen



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  1. The coincidence is this society was predicted, planned, engineered to be exactly like it is, by those doing this to us and it was done as far back as 1897. That is why we are trapped. Our problem was trust. No more. A transformation is taking place as we speak. I am seeing more and more people showing caring, helping, giving and a sense of community that we did not have before. So not all is lost. We are also staying united like never before and doing so dispite all efforts to the contrary.

    • Hi Prophet and Zen:

      ” A transformation is taking place as we speak. I am seeing more and more people showing caring, helping, giving and a sense of community that we did not have before. So not all is lost.”

      I wish I could say I agree with you, but I 100% disagree. This helping, sharing, sense of community thing is really “NICE” but it has nothing to do with a transformation. It has to do with growing poverty. Everywhere on earth where people are down and out, people help each other. Its natural. These days in america, everyone feels they are in the end of days, or like the world is coming to an end. This is not the case in other parts of the world, like here in China. America is breathing her last breaths as the preimminant power on earth, and that’s why it’s citizens feel the end is near. But the end is not here for humanity. And if americans need to resort to the mean, and suffer like the rest of the world without easy credit, then I say its a fine thing. The amount of blood shed in our names throughout the world, will be remembered for eons to come. And the citizens who stood by and let it all transpire, without lifting a finger, will be remembered as the most calloused population in modern history.
      Also. enlightenment has nothing to do with charity and feel good hippy moments. Becoming enlightened is a wholly selfish endeavor, as it should be, because you cannot drag a population that has not suffered enough, with you. Its purely an individual path, anda lonely one at that. You needn’t hold your breath that a great spiritual awakening is upon us. It sure sells well now, but is all a bunch of poppycock.

  2. This is a powerful film to add to it’s predecessors. Max has great insight and spiritual awareness. Last I heard, he was in Lima, Peru.

  3. Zen
    “Love is the most important language we’ve lost” and “The only answer is consciousness.” Powerful stuff, true stuff, a most rewarding 90 minutes. Does wanting to download this film into every human mind (in it’s native tongue) make me a trans humanist?
    Lamentably, most folks simply would not devote the time to watch this, no matter how great. Like the old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Here’s to waking up thirsty!

    • no Alec, Max has some amazing vids outlining the current sh*t on his site, not the mkultra stuff, just watch a couple videos and see..go to crowhouse

  4. Max makes a common mistake when he says there are 5 senses. This is what all slaves are brainwashed to think throughout life. There are 6. The 6th one is not some magical fantasy land power either. This is what the meme, including Hollywood reinforcing the meme through movies (The 6th Sense), attempt to do to fool and distract us from realizing what it is.

  5. Zen, How truthful is what Max said about the contents of the chemtrails? are they really carrying nano particles that are capable or reproducing on their own and can survive practically anything? I found that really disturbing, and I’ve come across my fair share of messed up stuff, but that really made me feel like I had been violated!

    • Very sad to report that nanoparticles are being sprayed…look up morgellons disease, these fibres actually grow in people’s bodies. We’re up against some sick stuff. Stay informed, but don’t fear. GMOs are just as nefarious, as are vaccines etc. etc. Keep up on it but keep positive and most of all conscious. That’s the key. Love, Zen

  6. I love this site and the views it presents. I actually came across Max a few years ago via his Youtube channel and am glad I did. For those who want more, go to his website, crowhouse.com, and look up some of his archived shows. They’re awesome. BTW, his name is Max Igan, not Egan. Bless.

    • Tx Gabe—fixed…yes, Max is amazing. Love what he’s done! His is a great story for any new or old researcher, how his awakening evolved. Love, Zen

  7. Love Max Igan. Your reality is what you create it to be! Only you have the power to change it, if you so choose to do so. You get out what you put in, depending on the frequency you choose to vibrate on. It is your choice, you chose to be here. There are 4 laws to creation that’s it.
    1) You exist, and always will in one form or another.
    2) Everything is connected, one is the all and all is the one.
    3) What you put in is what you get out.
    4) The only constant is change, except for the three previous laws.

    Love and light to you all, we will make it.


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