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Transcending Language and the Leap of Faith


by Zen Gardner

Don’t you love dreams, especially the trippy ones where you’re sure you were there? I just had another one, and it brought up so many significant concepts and emphasized something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

Manifesting the next level with all that is in us.

The main impact of the dream concerned communication. Not the message being coveyed, but the more than amazing power of our mode of communication. Both in how it can hamper and contain, or gloriously liberate our spirits.

Something that drastically affects the entire state of humanity.

Into the Library of Light

In the experience I was transcended into this other realm by a series of very touching dream events. It was wonderful. I was transported in that spiritual yet physical kind of way “up” into this other realm. There I was introduced to this modern looking library-ish place with glass walls, and happy people of all kinds and ages. It was hovering over a pristine planet below and filled with awake, beautiful vibrant people, some floating and some walking, with lots of children around this big room with elevated library levels and a hubbub of audibly silent, peaceful activity.

Everyone was effortlessly busy and innately knew what they were supposed to be doing; no pressure, no hurry, and communication was oh so easy and simple.

I was greeted as if I was expected and was immediately accepted and integrated as everyone just kept about their business. I pestered my beautiful “governess” of the outpost guide about contacting my loved ones left behind about what had just happened to me so they wouldn’t worry. I was clearly a novice but even that was accepted blithely and in stride and they were checking out ways of contacting them. If there was “protocol” even that was open for reconsideration.

Cool? It was. But so profoundly, openly communicative.


Conscious Communication is the Key to Conscious Empowerment

The most profound realization and insight of this experience was how everyone communicated. There were many messages and many personal details involved, but the REAL world of conscious communication is NOTHING like what we experience here. Somehow everyone who needed to know something knew it. There was no useless chatter I could “hear”, and it wasn’t silence in between like something was missing.

It was perfectly orchestrated, but naturally.

What struck me as I thought about this experience is that we are all controlled by our very manner of communication more than the content. Because in this life we have this huge buffer called our ego or false self, this mind and voice box controller, we can formulate what we want the other party to hear. This makes for a huge gap in reality and allows for all these false fabrications of projected truth vs REAL truth that we witness every day.

Hence our screwed up world of lies, phony nuances and easy deception. And anyone stupid enough to tell the honest truth gets trampled on like a bug on a city street. Here. But not there.

There Truth isn’t something to strive for, it’s a simple and glorious matter of fact way of loving, vibrant life.

The Medium IS the Message

I’m reminded of the brilliant mind of Marshall McLuhan. He said the medium IS the message. And exactly right he was! Just imagine using binoculars looking the wrong way while a bear is attacking you from your blind side. That limited medium kept you from getting the full 360 degree view.

It’s much like that.

This limiting means we share that appears so essential needs serious investigation. Oh sure, now we have the internet and pixels and holograms and such, but it’s still all based on this seriously un-attached, separating premise where there is no assumed unity, when we all know there truly is. It’s this mechanistic “…Subject addressing other object…Formulating message accordingly…Sending…Message received…Awaiting input.”

McLuhan said some amazingly insightful things. Anyone who says, “I don’t necessarily agree with everything that I say.”..which he did, is my kinda guy! He’s a great study when you get time. Just go to his quotes for starters, brilliant.

Whether McLuhan got the “full picture” at the time of his visit here I don’t know, as mainstream infojerks used his insights to transform marketing, advertising and mind manipulation into the monster it is today. Totally controlling, misleading and sinister.

As usual.

But McLuhan had a very important message. HOW we communicate is profoundly more important than WHAT we communicate. Sounds messy to the mind but again, it’s profoundly true. And at such an ultimately wonderful simple level is a glorious discovery to be had.


The Alternative to Lies – Fearless, Loving Honesty

Go to college if you want to get really screwed up, but this subject of real communication is so profound it’s barely touched on. Why?

It leads to the culprits.

Those that manipulate HOW you communicate manipulate YOU! When we’re forced into and restricted by crippling language based channels of communication and think that’s all there is, we are duped into a lower density reality, just as they want. And we all have been at some point because there apparently has been no choice. At least that’s what you’d think from the possibilities we’re given.

Sound paranoid? You bet. And rightfully so. We’re under incessant attack, and our most essential life tools are where they strike the hardest. Our health, mental conditioning, and spiritual state.

What we’re grappling with is a profound idea of how we interact. If it were honest, we’d be in one heck of a different place. When we know what others are thinking the jig is up. The truth is known. While it would wreak havoc if applied in this current world, apparently in this other level it generates natural homeostasis of peaceful, harmonious honesty.

(I know. If you’re like me you’d like to see an online lie detector strapped to every politician and other corporate, media and banking whore out there. Universe knows…)


The Other World

Communication is a life force. It is a life giving interaction. To constrict or limit it is as wicked as turning the lights off in a dark, dangerous crowded room. Yet that’s exactly what the extra-dimensional controllers have done and audaciously continue to do.

Here in this new realm I visited, everyone simply knew. What was a concern to you, you knew about. Were you introduced to somebody? “Hi, I’m so and so” etc. but not nearly that clumsy, and it’s transmitted with immediate understanding. Something pertinent to your situation? You and whomever needed to be included/involved were in the “conversation” although it’s more like a poetic catalytic information process…with a soul.

That simple, that direct, that loving. No froth needed or phony touch ups. Just the loving truth.

Our current paradigm? What comes at you, or you formulate to fit the outside projection, is all you get. There’s no “shared” information except what the controlled “media” deems to broadcast or you as an individual volunteer. Or are able to dig up. Can you say “ripe for corruption and abuse”?

Central Command?

The really freaky thing is the communication is “moderated” naturally. You don’t worry about how it happens, it just does. If you’re supposed to be in on the conversation, you’ll be in on it. Something comes up and it’s within your ‘jurisdiction”, you’ll be informed.

It’s all natural and normal and cosmically directed in some way, as it should be. You don’t look for the big eye in the sky, it’s the nature of things.

The akashic records could be another level from what I experienced, or a central storage area. Here was a working station but a home at the same time. I wasn’t there very long so these are all from impressions I had there and then analyzing the dynamics as I understood them.

Another thing. In such an honest open medium you can imagine that if someone had bad intentions or was doing something out of synch or had a serious need or problem, those around would know. The fabric would be disturbed and the issue would get immediate attention, and the potential problem could be addressed.

A loving fully open society would therefore heal itself should the need arise, by whatever means necessary.


It’s Time to Transcend and Trust Our Hearts

This wonderful intuitive power of communication is where our strength lies. If we can develop this “6th sense” and learn to trust it more than the other matrix-driven information channels, we’re on to something! We know we want to bypass the programming but are reluctant to step out and really do it.

There is no other way.

It’s time to trust your heart instinct, your intuition, the conscious understanding you sense. And learn to act on it. Might seem scary at first like ol’ Indy Jones above…..but the payoff is next to supernatural!

Exercising it will bring it into our realm.



Synchronicity and Intuition are Leading the Way

This “telepathic” communication concept is nothing new. What’s wonderful is how it resonates and how many have had experiences with it. The inspiring synchronistic events I experience and hear about everyday from friends is extraordinary. And that’s good–outside of ordinary. We need more people to see more of these wonderful events and “coincidences” happening around them. And learn to expect and utilize them.

My concern is bringing this into our current paradigm as there are choices to be made. By all of us.

We can do this on a grand scale with intention. We just need to “step out” and get the hang of it. It’s already there and we’re all practicing it to a large degree in all kinds of ways. But we need to see this form of deliverance for what it is. It scrambles their signals, screws up their thinking, freaks out the control boards, and blows up their paradigms! …all while empowering a fledgling Truth community that so desperately needs encouragement.

So why hold back?

The dynamics I feebly attempted to describe here are amazing. When this medium is let loose everything else the manipulators are using just mushes into cosmic jello. It’s like the ultimate enzyme, or the perfect catalyst. One drop and zappo! Ha!




I’m very serious about this. Amongst our enlarged community are many great minds and wonderful hearts. Critical mass has occurred on many levels, but we need to keep the attack up. We cannot sit still or space out into all the wonderfulness when we have brothers and sisters that need our help and a paradigm about to implode on the innocent.

That’s how I see it.

Call me semi-conscious and untrusting, but it’s up to us to do everything we can…in peace, in love and with full conscious intensity as the situation warrants…which this does. Within each of us are so many untapped resources we’ll kick ourselves when this is “over” because we didn’t use them. Philosophize this all you want but responding to the call of the Universe is imperative.

That’s all nature does.

Do we?

Go fully conscious, any and every way you can. It’s a life worth living. Hesitation and hanging in the fringes is for cowards in twisted denial.

It’s time to transcend this outdated, manipulated prison matrix muzzle and communicate in Spirit and in Truth.

Time to tap in. And do it with glorious impunity.

Love, Zen

“Whence did the wond’rous mystic art arise, / Of painting SPEECH, and speaking to the eyes? / That we by tracing magic lines are taught, / How to embody, and to colour THOUGHT?”  – Marshall McLuhan




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  1. As a Zen Buddhist (or any stripe of competent metaphysician), I do not take Marshall’s assessment that “how” we communicate is more important than “what” we communicate as an absolute. To mistake the media for the message is what in Zen has long been called “mistaking the finger pointing at the moon for the moon itself”. Communication is about collective mind and being, about achieving integrity, integration. The medium and the message are ultimately one and the same. Direct transmission of experience, of knowledge, through any manner effective. There is really no separating how we express and what we express, in a zen sense, in an existential sense, in a quantum sense. Our perception of duality, of separation, is truly only a delusion.

  2. * I had just turned 16 & banned from ‘every’ high school in my hometown of London Ontario Canada …not for any kind of violent behavior, but deemed as an unrepentant, obstreperous & recalcitrant burr under their saddles(your atypical round peg/square hole)..that was fine with me. I was reading Marshall McLuhan’s book -“the Medium is the Message” & by happenstance (1966-7) he was giving a lecture at the Univ.of Western Ontario, to which I dropped in to listen.I was seated in the back row & all the professors in attendance were wearing their black robes & black mitre board square hats & tassels. These they wore with tassels on one side or the other, depending on which wing of the eagle their smug allegiances conformed.I noticed how they were derisive & poo-pooing his lecture (gout ridden fat- f**ks that they were, like 19th century political cartoons come to life) as he was presenting… but what was hilarious, is that he delivered his speech with the tassel firmly in front of his face! lol lol….I talked to him later & we both laughed at the joke, as he was pleased someone of my age took the trouble to come & see him.
    …I’ve had the same dreams of presence as you, which also echo Alex Collier & Bob Dean’s descriptions so I welcome your clarity of vision as being irrefutable & absolutely plausible & therefore ‘REAL’
    …Not much has changed regarding the inflexibility of those entrenched in the Big Lie…but I feel even tho the hour is dark & oft foreboding ,what you just expressed… is a REALITY who’s time has come. I concur & ‘Grok’….Cheers

    • Yo Alex , Just down the road from you . Dint know you lived in turtle Island. If you head west you cant miss the over size tumors and carcinogenic toxic glow of the city , that is were I am at .

      • Oh you poor soul!…no wonder you seek solace in the spirits (lol)…I moved to the west coast 30 yrs ago & now reside in Prince Rupert B.C.-a little fishing village below the tip of the Alaskan Panhandle.It’s doomed to become another Big Oil Orifice for the Orient…so it’s just a matter of time until we have another Exxon Valdez…’Gottaluv’ corporate dictates, trumping natural eco-systems…Hoping the tech from the Keshe Foundation trumps them…cheers

  3. I all ways try communicating with out using my mouth . you be shocked how well you can communicate with out saying a single word,In fact I did 60 minuets ago with a bartender , I look at my empty glass raised one eye eyebrow with a half cocked semi non-aggressive smile and The bartender raised her eyes in amazement and disarray the look back in my eyes with snap of her lips to the right blup blup blup cold cocktail magically served Her reply was a dainty nod with bashful puckered lips and a wink .My thanks was a raise of my glass small sip followed with a deep inhale and eye close for quick second with subtle head boobing motion after my drink we both smiled and parted ways . Not one vocal cord moved the best part is “happy trails” was playing softy in the back grown over TV. I remember once when I was child picking up a chicken and thinking I wonder if it can read my thoughts telepathically so I held my head closer to the chickens head , and TACK! the basted pecked me big time dead square in the middle of my forehead , like he was telling me to shut up . The controlling powers with all of they’re ms-leading info, re written history and forced grid lock systematic thought implants in per-trans humanism agenda will never stop one would think they will kill them selves off. They are like a STD looking for then next set of genitals to be passed on by one ego driven lust. Well I can tell you this fellow is not attending the cow boy party at rope-back,mountain .Return to sender address unknown.

  4. Thanks, Zen,
    You did it again, amazing. I have experienced this my entire life, now more than ever as things speed up and we head deeper into this insanity. I have always seen through the lies and the false reality, and even though I never fit in was more than grateful for that fact. My awareness of how lucky I was to have had such a loving mother and brothers who were not trapped in this matrix kept me strong giving me the self-esteem one needed to reject this system of mind control. Another consolation/gift, and I believe this applies to all of us, is have met so many wonderful enlightened and loving souls during this historical time of insanity and manipulation. It has also brought my younger brother and I ever so close as we have shared this total awakening together. His insights have, and continue to astound me these past 3 years.
    There are always unexpected and positive outcomes even in the worst of situations in this life which give us the courage, strength and heart to keep on going—if only we are open to them.

    • Wow, you’re very blessed Betty. Not that many get that much support around them, good karma going on there and you’re clearly strengthened to help a lot of people, as are your loved ones!! Send my love to them, everyone sounds just beautiful!!

  5. What a privilege to have such a wonderful, meaningful dream! And what a great subject to contemplate and write about (and beautifully done, btw).

    I have a friend who understands everything I say, no matter how vague or economical with words I am. It is a pleasure to be in each other’s company because conversation is easy. We are very different, and don’t agree on too much, but it isn’t a problem. We understand each other and don’t try to change each other.

    I have a family member who is overly pedantic, and is always asking me to clarify what I mean, even when I couldn’t BE any clearer. This is energy-sapping, and almost every encounter is hard work / a drain.

    Communication isn’t only the most important thing in a relationship – communication IS the relationship. Obviously, it’s more complex than ‘you speak, I speak, you speak, I speak…’, but that’s a start. Reading body language and using intuition is more important.

    Oh, and no need for a lie detector for politicians, bankers, corporate and media people – if their lips are moving… they are lying.

    • :) So true about the drain of a non-communicator. I find they don’t want to understand is what they’re saying. Under-stand–stand under the same thing together..the closeness freaks em out whereas we take it not just naturally but as a requirement for honest communication. Love you…and yes, it was very much a privilege to go there! I can still see and feel the whole scene..like having family I can visit anytime. BTW, the library I had the impression if you wanted to know something you just touch a subject and get a full download…history of the earth, etc. Totally cool? Love you..

  6. ” Whence did the wond’rous mystic art arise, / Of painting SPEECH, and speaking to the eyes? / That we by tracing magic lines are taught, / How to embody, and to colour THOUGHT?” – Marshall McLuhan

    Written words have power.
    And every day, like you, I look to the ‘net to see if there are those words that will rock the world anew.
    Who will be the one who writes them?

  7. Thanks for the motivation Zen
    Telepathic communication is usefull for those who know the how of it, but more importantly all must be aware of it, else you be thinking someone elses thoughts.
    Recently i came to conclusion, that, the fact that 6th sense awareness is not an offcial form of communication in society is a sign how very far away from human nature, human societ’s communication is, but that is by design.

    Over the years, living amongst aquitances and others within social range for whom telepathy is used as should be, i was forced to investigate how i could learn the language, so that i too can conform if not yet communicate fully in the social circle, else you always last to get the joke, or repeating what’s already been said.

    For me, solution and simplicty is the same word, complex solution is fault in waitng, and as such i have come to beleive the only way to learn the language of the mind is to take it seriously, and always afford most important bandwidht of concentration to it as you traverse the day.

    Immediatly this will change the way you drive, eat , talk, work,type, in general you will go slower and more gentle, cause you multitasking listening to the mind and going about the day.

    And the strangest thing starts to happen as a result, what you hear in the mind, starts to correlate directly to the world outside, so for example perception of events often shortly befor they occur etc.

    In short those who take the 6th sense serioulsy are on a path to understanding its language, no human being should take this communication for granted, else you are yet to join the real world.

    Through meditation over years, i have experienced previously minute evasive negative feelings, become unable to hide when 6th sense is better tuned, so that some of those feelings become an audible voice. No way any external can convince your mind when its a voice you heard, not an inspiration or urge you felt. Cause feeling, inspiration is easier to fool you , than a voice.

    So i feel sacrifices need to be made to learn the 6th sense, but nobody can afford not to learn it. You have to give up the urge to constanly wanting to think, and listen more often instead. I am 20 years robotics engineer, but i still carry pocket calculator for some not so simple sums. Avoid the urge to think fast if you dont have to. Those who have to think fast and are good at it, do so cause they have false illusions to maintain. If thats not your thing, then being slow is bliss, but also attentive.

    I read on this forum a lady said, the mind is for remebering to breath, wow so true. Follow that road, and you gradually arrive were the 6th sense merges with the real world, so that no more miracles, spooky stuff, ghosts, etc, just all one real world where anyhting in universe is on the cards.
    One has to learn the language, but you must afford the mind important effort of listening to the mind, as a sacrifice for this prize.

    I believe that society that Zen describes is what a human society should and is able to operate like, not much words need be said, cause in the mind is a social mutual feeling, but for this, even the noise of vehicle traffic must be removed, else the society will not reach the state of mind required for this. The reason why distractions are so important in the current matrix, and that includes news.

    • Wow Jaskan, great points. So true about slowing down being a requirement. It’s like paying attention. That’s why people’s minds get blown when they take psychedelics, they focus on one thing at a time and finally appreciate the wonder of each and everything. So many good points there, we have to reel in our old patterns that have filled our heads for years, and turn off or learn to ignore the stimuli that the matrix throws out incessantly for the very purpose of distraction. Thanks for all that. Love, Zen

  8. “I too have the same dreams as you, but not exactly as you described.
    As I am waking in the morning, I try to latch onto, and pull the complete experience back into this physical realm with me, but to no avail. It slips from my grasp, and I end up back in this beautiful little world, with out the perfect mode of communication…again. I know I am getting in my way.
    In the other realm, everything is a function of pure mind energy, so I assume we will have to be happy with what we can develope here and now, learning to set aside the distractions of the flesh.
    I am working on it.
    Thank you.

    • Keep a notebook by your bed…better yet, on important dreams get to your computer and pull it in while it’s fresh. Doesn’t always work but I’ve learned to get out of bed and start writing quick or it slips away..except the super profound ones, like this was…hang with me for a long, long time.

  9. Sunrise is when the life-changing ‘dreams’ hit me. As the sun lifts above the rooftops, waves of heat start rising up my body ‘till I’m burning up and – sometimes – having gone through the fear barrier yet again, the dreams come.

    A recent sequence seems to mesh in some way with the one you so vividly described Zen. They concern how intention eventually manifests as form. In that dream sequence, the manifestation was all but instant.

    Some call these experiences ‘lucid dreams’ because the dreamer is aware of dreaming as well as the dream. Because the dreamer is aware of what is happening and how s/he feels, s/he can change things if they don’t feel right. You can rewind and start again with the differences you would prefer. Also what is experienced in the dream has clarity, precise detail, radiant colour and carries vast energy.

    Here’s an excerpt from a recent one.

    I was travelling somewhere through an arid open landscape with few trees. I went into some buildings that seemed university-like. There was a seminar going on. I tried to assist with an experiment and got wet and dirty. I wanted to change and wash my clothes. I wanted to go somewhere where I could do that. In a mind moment, I found myself near a primitive box-like stone outhouse building. I understood there was a washing machine in there. The building seemed only semi-formed. As my attention moved around, the details would come into firmer focus. The angles of the corners and the ceiling height were malleable. I went inside, found the ‘washing machine’, put the clothes in, found or rather ‘made’ the controls and switched it on. Simultaneously the walls, ceiling, etc. were contacting and expanding according to how much attention was paid to them.

    I was about to go outside when I realized that the ‘room’ was moving along unseen rails – fast. Whole landscapes were moving past in a flash. I was neutral about all that was happening. There was neither fear nor expectation. I had an understanding that I was creating the ‘show’. I was also making mind comments to unseen companions. There was a telepathic communication going on.

    It was a nurturing place where I could heal myself and choose a new time/space location. It was calm, creative, cool but with a sense of positivity. Things happened but I did not cling to them.

    In dreams, we can easily test out possibilities. In the physical dimension this is also possible but the process takes longer as we are manifesting through greater density, unknowing, an onslaught of distractions and beings that can drain energy. When you are awake and aware, none of those factors can hold you back.

  10. Oh Zen…. Can we talk!

    The little things in life are most worthwhile – a quiet word — a look — a smile.

  11. I had this Dream that i was on a Path, and if you strayed off, these??? would hit you over the head, so wisely i stayed on the path, there were unsavory types on the path who kept strayin off! and so around and around i went meeting and warning everyone to stay on the path!? Just before i awoke The Dream impressed upon me these words STAY ON THE PATH, I know i’m on the right path because it is Magical, and our controllers?? would have me step off.
    So in the words of my Dream?

    • I have that dream about fresh crepes . The veggies in my diet keep telling dont eat the fucking thing jack ass!

  12. YES YES YES!!!! This IS how it is. Communicators of the truth, of the heart – know it! Thanks Zen for an awesome train of thought….

  13. This piece reminds me of Paul in Athens. He saw an altar to The Unknown God; and declared Him to the Athenians. The Unknown God is He of whom ZG is speaking; and he describes very well the realm of heaven; the kindness, the inbuilt justice and judgement, the perfection. The angels, even.
    “In Thy presence is fullness of joy, at Thy right hand are pleasures for evermore”.
    “But let him that glorieth, glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth Me, that I am the Lord which exerciseth lovingkindness, judgement, and justice, for in these things I delight, saith the Lord”.
    Wrt the corruption of language, again, a quotation; “For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the Name of the Lord, to serve Him with one consent”.
    The tragedy is that this realm is open to us all today; we have each one been given the invitation to partake of the coming new world, but in our hubris and folly we have rejected that Holy One who offered it to us, and have crucified the One whom we most, and desperately need, the Son of God.
    “Every on that shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved”.
    This is liberation.
    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and to depart from iniquity is understanding”.
    “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear”.

  14. I must have missed this Zen .
    This is so remarkably similar to my own NDE experience . The library , people, children knowledge freely lovingly shared purposeful but no pressure .
    No barriers at all, so instant understanding
    Communing in the most pure and honest sense of the word . Maybe astral travelling for you ? This is a model for how we could should be living .
    I still visit occasionally in dreams maybe ,
    I travel further’ in ‘
    It is all possible, you know , to live this way
    It will come , one day :) X!

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