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Transcending the Love Conditioning in Morph City



Love seems confusing to a lot of people these days. I touched upon that in “The Heart People” and love asked me: “Is this universal love or is it romantic love, we’re having? I’d really like to know!”

I answered: “It’s both”.

I think it was a fair answer, since I in that moment heard the chilling toll of the division bell as its somehow hollow and blood freezing tune set in. And I thought: Why divide?

Every love affair on this planet is a love affair with God, God being the word for the high zap cosmic touch-down.

The problem could be, whether the love we express and feel, is inclusive or exclusive.

That problem could be a hybrid between the division bell and the tune: “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with”. The tune being from the Woodstock ambiance and the division bell – both being a Matrix construct.

The Matrix loves both. Exclusive love: “Only you and me” and “ Everybody else”, sort of in the body fluid department. So that’s a poor bipolar compass.

Exclusive as in: I only love appearances.
Bad idea, since a lot of people need love to thrive on. The etheric heart charger.

Down to earth decode: Being a man you wouldn’t only help the hot chicks with their groceries at the parking lot. You’ll happily help everybody.

The Love inclusive test: If we can feel inclusive love some aspects become quite dull and uninteresting such as: Age, looks, gender, color and whatever. And there is too much elitist exclusiveness on this planet.

If we can stop that, we have stopped the division or the distinction in our “ I love you software “ and transformed into: “Just” love, no matter the conditions.
The process being: we become more and more vibrant in the exclusive and morph into the inclusive field of vibrant high frequency love.

We stopped the matrix division programming. And become lovers in-clusive, in-love, not lovers ex-clusive, ex-love.

It seems like a hard task, since the division is so well programmed through the tentacles of the matrix, sucking people dry in perception of love, as we would know from the media, Hollywood “exclusive” love programming, written media and further on.

More esoterically that would be the emotional nervous system and the brain kicking in and ohh boy are they ever so fearful and programmed. Don’t give in.

If we are at that point where our love is expanding into the inclusive, and zapping the thirsty desert people in the matrix, it can be somehow confusing, which probably was the reason to the question.
Since, when we meet new people at that level, and the heart people are somehow about to gather and meet, loving inclusively would cause the effect:

Whoa, should I engage in french kissing and spooning here or avoid that?

New coordinates:

If you are in that place and you feel that this is a thousand kisses deep, please dive in.
The concept of soul mate here really doesn’t cut it, it’s way deeper. It’s total surrender outside the Matrix conditioning the emotional architecture of the blueprint of romantic love.

To put it bluntly:
It’s so obvious, so clear, it doesn’t make sense and it would require a tremendous amount of guts, dodging the programming and: Surrendering to it. And stop making sense.

Both exclusive and inclusive love have entered an alchemistic marriage here: beyond any resonance of the division bell´s ringing through our matrix programming of color, age, looks, gender and so on. It’s appearances!

That Morph would make you go:
“Yes I love you like mad. I´m humbled by your presence in my life, I’m humbled by the synchronicity that has made us meet and I would very much like to spoil you silly”, then you’re entering the realms of transcending the love conditioning in Morph City.

We will find ourselves in a “Rumi-state-of mind”, healing every fiber in our being. And that would be the secret in this, because if you can heal yourself within every fiber, you will actually find out, that it is the other person you’re healing.
Since the concept of “You and Me” is no more, and Rumi is not just beautiful intoxicating words anymore, he´s describing an experienced reality quite within reach.

That love will blow you to quantum pieces by the high frequencies love zapping device that is becoming the more and more obvious clue in this universe.

All Inclusive.

The Heart People

Edit: Zen Gardner

©2012 Soren Dreier / Full repost with permission.



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  1. Lovely post. Thank you. The programming runs deep. Consciousness is the knife that cuts through. I notice when I see people looking for handouts. My first reaction used to be “Ugh” and avoidance. Now I am happy to find someone in need of help and I give them money before they even ask. The response back from them is incredible, beautiful smile, shining eyes and they always say “Bless you”. It realy as if god is looking back at you when you help someone with your heart. Little children are born into this world full of love for everyone, before the intense “stranger danger” programming starts.

    • I agree about babies being born full of love. i think thats why we love to hold them so much.
      I used to wonder why the men didnt seem to want to hold babies as much as the women but I’ve seen that change over the years and its wonderful.

  2. A tapestry of harmonic interweaving
    Unfolding in patterns of pure ecstatic
    raw meaning ,,,,
    Awared and magnifying flavour in the colours
    Of all understanding,,,
    Written by the sun the earth and the wind

    Just a thought,,,

    Beautiful post, as always

  3. I love you get this Zen – as we all can morph into the inclusive field of vibrant high frequency love – I get that, more people should really take a minute and understand how we are all connected..What we all do and think, matters. Love is not meant for the few, it is meant for ALL.

    Zen Bro, can you make this comment area Larger, it only lets us type a few lines, and it would be better if we could see at least 5 lines or more….tks lol…

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